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MoEF suppresses report on Ganga to promote Power Projects: Sarad Yadav: The issue of hydro power projects in the State of Uttarakhand has often been debated and raised in Parliament several times. Hotnhitnews Desk >>> Read More

As big dams fail, more conflicts over water are expected: Water crisis seems to become critical as the storage position in 85 important reservoirs of India is less than the corresponding time in 2013. Hotnhitnews Desk >>> Read More

Should India allow Metahistory in school curricula?: The RSS attempts to rewrite India’s history from a different perspective raise the question, if history should be altered, revised and restructured. Basudev Mahapatra >>> Read More

Labour condition appalling in Indian Textile Industry: Workers in the export-oriented textile industry of the south India are still facing appalling labour conditions that amount to forced labour, says “Flawed Fabrics.” >>> Read More

Can Modinomics address the issue of inequality: The gap within the rural poor and rich and urban poor and rich is increasing. Can Modinomics deal with the issue of inequality and narrow down the gaps? >>> Read More

Food wastage still an issue though India ranks better in GHI: World Hunger Report has come with a reason of relief for the government of India as the number of hungry people in the country has declined. >>> Read More

Shocking: Odisha minister attempted to physically assault journalists: The news of Odisha’s revenue minister Bijoyshree Routray behaving with media persons in an assaultive manner was really shocking. >>> Read More

Kashmir floods have strong link with climate change: Floods to the scale of a “national level disaster” caused by torrential rains in the state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) in India have links with changing climate. >>> Read More

Odisha government apathetic to water issues: WIO: Odisha government is still apathetic towards the issues relating to water conservation and restoration of water bodies. HNF Correspondent >>> Read More

Modi should work to build a lawful India: A large number of Indians live in extreme poverty and the only education they receive is what their uneducated elders can teach them. Kamal K Mahawar >>> Read More

Climate change made classic civilisations to collapse: A new study came out with evidences confirming that the ancient civilisation of Mesopotamia collapsed due to drought resulted by climate change. >>> Read More

A letter to dear Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik: Despite a part of responsible media is genuinely critical about Naveen Patnaik and his government, this letter in form of a satire intends to hail Naveen Patnaik. Basudev Mahapatra >>> Read More

Medical overuse emerges as healthcare issue in India: WB: The trend of ‘Medical overuse’ is emerging as a serious issue in India too, especially as more people can afford to pay for medical interventions. HNF Correspondent >>> Read More

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Indian History Needs to be Reinterpreted and Re-written

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