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BIG resolves to hold Pledge Festival in Odisha


Posted Wednesday July 06, 2016

Odisha, Build India Group, BIG, Pledge Festival  
BIG intends to pilot the statewide programme in Odisha where all the students, right from class VII to post graduate level, are to give a written commitment of keeping country’s interest paramount in all their thoughts, words and actions in a unique method called Integrity Building Exercise.  

HNF Correspondent


Civil society body Build India Group (BIG) plans to impact the youth of Odisha by holding the pledge festival in the state as part of its nationwide activity.

“The Government of India is actively considering celebration of pledge festival across the country on November 26th,” said Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) Sri Rabi Narayan Mahaptra in the conclave organized by Build India Group (BIG) Odisha chapter on 5th October at Bhubaneswar.

“We a group of MPs had appealed the Prime Minister’s Office to adopt the concept and we have received the response letter in this regard from the PMO that the same is under process”, Mahapatra added.


“This is a unique and inexpensive model in which students and youth in their mother tongue writes the pledge and recite the same in their respective institutions and organizations and after its recital, they would sign the solemn document of affirmation “, Social Activist and BIG National President Biraja Mahapatra explained.

BIG is to appeal to the Government of Odisha for celebrating November 26th as Citizen’s Pledge Day, when students and youth across the state give a written commitment to become good citizens and shun violence against the state. Attended by MP R N Mahaptra, BIG founder Biraja Mahaptra, core group members of BIG Odisha Chapter Priyadarshi Misra, Bibhu Prasad Tripathy, Deepa Chaudhury, Pramod Ray, Jagnyadutta Mohanty and Pradeepta Tripathy, principals of different schools and colleges, advocates and social workers, it is resolved in the conclave held at Utkalamani Sabhakakhya, Bhubaneswar, that an unanimous move be initiated to celebrate the pledge festival across the state.

Social activist and BIG team member Jagnyadutta Mohanty shared the experience of the large scale campaign organized at Puri during last Rathyatra. Journalist Durga Samantray, BIG team member Pramod Kumar Ray, Representative of Kendriya Vidyalaya and Venkateswar English Medium School also shared their experience of this nation building exercise.

This year, it intends to pilot the statewide programme where all the students right from class VII to post graduate level are to give a written commitment of keeping country’s interest paramount in all their thoughts, words and actions in a unique method called Integrity Building Exercise. The integrity building exercise involves “write-recite and commit” technique in which participants are expected to write the pledge of allegiance to the constitution and put their signature in their respective document of affirmation after its recitation in unison.

November 26 is being chosen the date as on this day in 1949, the Constitution of India was adopted in the constituent assembly. In fact Build India Group believes that the health of any democracy primarily depends upon the quality of its citizenry and, in India, this is the first time that an integrity building exercise is being undertaken in such a large scale. This programme is expected to carry messages against violence against the state and focus on sensitizing students towards their fundamental duties and inculcate in them a sense of belonging to the country.


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