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Monday, June 09, 2014  
G20 pledges to help Poor meet MDGs: Emphasis given on Financial Transparency
"The Task Force on Financial Integrity and Economic Development addresses inequalities in the global financial system that penalize billions of people, and advocates for improved transparency and accountability."
A Financial Task Force Release

The world's largest economies hinted today that they will consider increasing Official Development Assistance to poor countries as a way to help them meet the Millennium Development Goals. The Task Force on Financial Transparency and Economic Development calls on the G20 nations to institute financial transparency measures which will result in additional resources that can be used to meet those development targets. 

In the Toronto Summit communiqué the G20 countries pledged their commitment "to meeting the Millennium Development Goals by 2015" and noted that they will reinforce their efforts "including through the use of Official Development Assistance."

"By pushing for transparency measures such as beneficial ownership registries, country by country reporting for multinational corporations, and automatic exchange of tax information between governments, the G20 can help curtail tax evasion and massive corruption which drain resources for development from poor nations," said Raymond Baker who heads the Task Force.

 "Transparency equals more resources for development," he noted.

Indeed, up to $1 trillion in illicit money is drained from developing countries each year according to research by Global Financial Integrity, a Washington, DC-based research and advocacy group.  Current levels of Official Development Assistance, at $100 billion annually, pale by comparison.

"Given the ratio of aid inflows to illicit outflows it is highly unlikely the MDG targets will be met without significant new resources of revenue," Baker noted.



- Over 50 MOU for Industries but no substantial progress. But government says, each and every project is making progress.

- Mafia-Officers nexus engineered and operated Multi-million rupees Mining Scam. Government says, it must be credited for bringing the scam to public after 10 years of its rule.

- Death of farmers due to crop loss and distress sell hit the headlines of newspapers and TV Channels. Government says, these are all nonsense because all farmers' welfare schemes run well across the state.

- Continuous attack on media professionals by police, corporate goons, criminals and mafias is on to suppress the voice of people. Taking no action to stop it the Government only says, it is very bad and it should not be.

- Harassment to tribal communities and over action against people has given the state police a demonic image. Government says, we are making it the most people friendly police.

- Hunger deaths in KBK and a few other districts in spite of Rs.2/- per kilo Rice to the BPL families make national headlines. But government says, these are not due to hunger but diseases (caused by chronic hunger!).

- Maoist violence have been more than ever in the state making the political leaders feel insecure to move out, leave apart the security of common men. Government says, such acts won't be tolerated in a civilised society (what we are still to be?).


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