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Nandigram Issue goes out of Control

"Nandigram is no more a village in West Bengal, nor is the place where the SEZ planned by the government is facing strong public resistance, but has become a political card that rules most of the political developments in the state."

HNF Bureau : November 21, 2007

Nandigram is no more a village in West Bengal, nor is the place where the SEZ planned by the government is facing strong public resistance, but has become a political card that rules most of the political developments in the state.

The capital city Kolkata has also become a part of the Nandigram tension with deliberate police activism like lathi charge, application of tear gas cells and firing on the agitators. Now the violence is spreading across the city and the state. As per press reports, the agitators had declared to display their protest over Nandigram developments on 21 November peacefully which turned violent with lathi charge started by the police force deployed to maintain law and order. Although opposing to various projects and facing police activism it is not a whole new phenomenon in India, but cadres killed by police force at the consent of a cadre-based government is definitely a new political development in India.

After a short span of silence Nandigram was brought to flames again with bullet sprayed again on its people by the CPM cadres on November 10 last who turned red against the peasantry unwilling of sacrificing their farm land for Industrialisation. The incident was not an accident but a planned attempt by the Marxist cadres to take Nandigram into their complete control like medieval feuds and imperialists acted to take control over India. The cadres attacked the unarmed members, including women, of anti-land grab body Bhumi Uchhed Pratirodh Committee with bombs and bullets while they were in rallies. Since the incident, Nandigram is experiencing the horrors of March 14.

The heinous act of the cadres of a party that is leading the state government has raised many questions about the political culture and rule of law in West Bengal. When leaders across the country were vehemently criticising the brutal act of the CPM cadres, the cadre leaders of Midnapore were celebrating freedom of Nandigram from the clutches of people! What does freedom meant to them? Is it a government elected by people declaring a war to free the state from its citizens? Is this act of the left government any less than the British attempt to capture Chandernagar? The shocking thing is that a government that claims itself to be the peoples’ government is supporting such anti-people activities by its Cadres. Critical to the activism pursued by the Maoists, doesn’t this government find its activities similar to that of Maoists?

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The Nandigram incident and development across the state thereafter have put the CPM and the left government of West Bengal in a fix. The rule of the left coalition started in the state 30 years back with the overwhelming support from the peasantry, tribal and backward communities. But now the peasantry of the state has become the greatest threat to the government in pursuing its capitalistic policies in the state.

While the same CPM is opposing industrialisation in other states as its struggle to safeguard the rights of the farmers, dalits and downtrodden, why they are so unsympathetic to the peasantry of West Bengal? Why the Chief Minister and his party men are so aggressive to pursue industrialisation of West Bengal at the cost of the livelihood of the farmers who form the backbone of the communist regime in the state? How a party that believes in economic equality in the society and equal rights to everyone is empowered to kill people who fight for their rights?

The party that shouted against the nuke deal branding it anti-India and anti-people is now into the most inhuman act of killing people. We don’t say nuke deal is good for the country. But now Prakash Karat and his communist colleagues must be asked if the left government is doing right in West Bengal? Does true communism mean seizure of peoples’ right? It clearly seems that the Marxist Communists of West Bengal have been largely influenced by capitalistic culture of the day.

In fact, people of Nandigram have become the third priority and the worst victims of political ego and adamancy. When the state government is adamant to curb their opposition to industrialisation, the UPA government at the centre is also maintaining silence regarding the Nandigram incident. It seems, a political game is on outside Nandigram, where Nandigram would be the major trump card. Even though its own problems remain unsolved, Nandigram would help diluting the Congress – Communist differences over the 123 nuclear deal. So, when people across the country are shocked with the politically motivated developments in Nandigram, the congress led UPA is keeping its lips tight. If such attitude of political leadership continues, people of Nandigram will not lose their faith on the left parties and government in West Bengal, they will also loose their faith on Indian democracy that cares for the interests of wealthy outsiders at the cost of its own citizens – the poor people and true owner of the land.



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