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Lord Jagannath's chariot drives across the globe on ETV portal

"As a celebration of Lords’ entourage to aunt's house, ETV Oriya Channel has launched a series of video capsules based on the history, mythology, rituals and traditions associated with Lord Jagannath."

HNF Bureau : July 2, 2008

Lord Jagannath, the humane god, is taken on a disciplined portal tour where anyone across the globe can have a glimpse of him and an idea of the history and legends related to Jagannath Cult just on the click of mouse over the net browser.

As a celebration of Lords’ entourage to aunt’s house, the oriya channel of the largest regional network of the country ETV has launched a series of video capsules based on the history, mythology, rituals and traditions associated with Lord Jagannath and 'Ratha Yatra' – the famous car festival under the title - 'Jeebana Jagannath'. In order to make the capsules available to the devotees worldwide, the whole series is made available on the networks web page

Info-packed capsules on various themes drawn from myths, legends and history are now on ETV Oriya’s newscast 'Aamari Odisha' and the web page both. Global devotees can view the capsules on Internet while local people watch the comprehensive package on TV.

The capsules are based on themes like - Lord Jagannath and his siblings... their manly behavior... the daily routine of deities resembling the human practices... their ceremonial bath to beat the heat... falling sick after taking excess bath... the supreme lord being treated with herbal medicines and light foods instead of the usual multi-course Chhapan Bhog... the annual visit to the aunt's place as a break from the routine and return to sreemandir... the special segment 'Jeebana Jagananth' presents these rare and devotional moments in the form of beautiful television packages.

‘However, the idea and packages are result of constant brainstorming and efforts of the whole Team that worked hard to bring a show that respects the expectations and trusts of the audience’, said Nilambar Rath, leader of ETV Oriya News Team.

Using its widespread network 'ETV News' is also bringing the car festivals observed worldwide in one package to its viewers.

Although lord jagannath has been used by television channels as a TRP booster and thus money spinner, the organized efforts to serve afresh the shows with various themes that are fading from the mind of people is definitely praiseworthy.

It's not only media and the television channels. Oriyas living across the globe are celebrating the car festival in the cities they live. In India, Car Festival is celebrated with all traditional flavour in the cities like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and many other cities.

Since last few years, Oriya association in Bangalore named 'Nlachakra' has been celebrating the car festival starting from Sri Gundicha till the Bahuda Yatra and Suna Vesha.

ISKCON also takes a major role in the propagation of Jagannath Cult by observing all occassions and celebrating the major festivals of lord Jagannath.



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