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MCL partners in development of Odisha, claims CMD


Photo by: Tarsh and Tariq Thekaekara
Photo by: Tarsh and Tariq Thekaekara
Photo by: Tarsh and Tariq Thekaekara
Photo by: Tarsh and Tariq Thekaekara

Bhubaneswar |

Last updated 09 Apr 2016 10:56 +0530

  MCL, Mahanadi Coalfields, Odisha, Development

Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd. (MCL), the public sector company and a subsidiary of Coal India engaged in coal production and distribution remains India’s number one producer in its domain and has actively engaged itself in the development process in Odisha, a coal bearing state, says its CMD.


Highlighting the growth of MCL, a central PSU of India, its CMD Anil Kumar Jha mentioned while briefing media persons in Bhubaneswar that “MCL has produced 137.90 MT coal in the Fiscal (2015-16) by the end of Mar’2016 over 121.38 MT produced last year registering a growth of 13.61%, removed 98.41 M CuM of OB compared to 89.22 M CuM last year recording a growth of 10.30% and dispatched 140.22 MT of coal to the consumers compared to 123 MT last fiscal indicating a growth of 14%.”

Matching its growth, MCL has also actively engaged itself as a partner in the development of Odisha, the CMD added.

Rail Infra Development

With the objective of railway infrastructure development in Odisha, MCL has partnered with IRCON International Ltd. & IDCO to jointly form a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) – Mahanadi Coal Railway Limited, which has been incorporated since 31st August 2015 with an equity ratio of 64:26:10 respectively among MCL, IRCON & IDCO.

The projects in priority have been to develop the Angul-Balram rail link covering around 14km length in the initial phase with a capacity to transport 92 million tonne of Coal. In due course this rail link will complete the loop Angul-Balaram-Talcher Angul to facilitate unidirectional movement of wagons. This project would boost coal production in the state while catering to the current evacuation constraints and impede the growth of MCL.

As per information provided by the PSU, MCL has produced 137.90 Mt of coal in 15-16 fiscal and is planning to leapfrog to 250 mt by 2019-20. Improved coal evacuation in future through this SPV will help minimising gap between demand and supply, which the country has been grappling with since long.

In the second phase, as said by the PSU authorities, MCL is expected to take up the Jharsuguda-Barpali-Sardege Rail Link, which will boost coal production at Basundhara Coalfield from its present capacity 10 MT to 85 MT.

Both the rail projects are very critical for MCL for achieving its higher growth potential.

Medical College and Hospital

MCL has made significant progress in setting up its proposed state-of-art Medical College and Hospital in Talcher Coalfields of Odisha. The project work is scheduled to be completed in two and half years time from the current fiscal and the academic session will commence from 2019-20, the PSU said in a press release.

Quotation starts

MCL earmarks 2% of its profit towards CSR projects and has been targeting an expenditure of Rs.100 crore per annum. During last 5 years, it has spent Rs.373 crore out of the total sanctioned projects worth Rs.1200 crore.

Quotation ends

The largest coal producer in the country and a major contributor towards social upliftment in Odisha has envisaged the 100-seated medical college with 500-bed modern hospital in Talcher at a cost of Rs. 494 crore, as its ambitious CSR project. The state-of-the-art medical college of MCL on 20 acres of land in Talcher will have separate academic and residential blocks with 300-bedded Nehru Shatabdi Central Hospital of MCL in Talcher will be upgraded to 500 bed linking to upcoming Medical College.

The construction work for Rs.491,62 crore 100-seat Medical College at Talcher, which has already been commenced, is in full swing now.

“MCL earmarks 2% of its profit towards CSR projects and has been targeting an expenditure of Rs.100 crore per annum. During last 5 years, it has spent Rs.373 crore out of the total sanctioned project of worth Rs.1200 crore,” the release added.

SILO at Bharatpur OCP

Bharatpur OCP with a production capacity of 20MTe with Silo loading and departmental OB removal was approved on 12th February 2007. In this OCP a SILO of 2400 ton is in operation since 1989 with automatic sampler and electronic weighing system for NALCO. Coal from this project will be transported to receiving hopper of rapid loading system and will be loaded into wagons through two numbers of 4000 ton SILOs. The rapid loading system is expected to be completed in 2015. Another significant feature of this SILO is its automatic sampling and pre weighing system. This will be model mine and same system will be replicated in all the mines of MCL.

As per production plans, Coal India has to produce one billion tonne of coal by 2019-20 out of which MCL alone has to produce 250 Mt. With this in mind, Bharatpur Mine is being developed as a model mega opencast mine with a capacity of 20 MT per annum. This will have state-of-the-art technology for OB removal and surface Miner for producing (-) 100 mm size coal, which will be dispatched through rapid loading system via SILO of 2X4000te. A full rake of about 3800te will be loaded in about 40 minutes. It will also have automatic sampler and digital weighing system. The model will be replicated in all mega mines of Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd.

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