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Manash Jena: Artist of Orissa strives to make a difference

"An artist by both instinct and education, Manash just not strived to achieve excellence and popularity but all with a difference that people should count as his signature."

Basudev Mahapatra : March 15, 2008

Orissa fine art industry is now experiencing the trend of outside patronage for what the artists have been waiting since long. This has been possible in the state, where career in domain of fine art is still considered to be a career path leading to sufferings and uncertainties, due to strenuous efforts from Young generation Artists like Manash Jena.

It’s due to continuous efforts by Manash Jena and support from celebrated senior artists of the state and outside that Manash is organising state level artist workshops where young and veterans work together. This year, Samanvai Art Gallery of Rajasthan sponsors the 3 days workshop held from 15 to 17 of March at Jaydev Bhavan, Bhubaneswar.

According to Manash, ‘such workshops means a lot to the upcoming artists as they get a chance of open conversation with veteran artists and expand their contact base that would help them grow in the career’.

Born in Thakurmunda of Mayurbhanj district and groomed amidst the thick green vegetation where many form of tribal art forms do exist, Manash got infatuated towards fine art and painting during his childhood. Driven by his passion, he graduated in fine art with a specialisation in painting from BK college of Art and Craft, Bhubaneswar in the year 1990.

An artist by both instinct and education, Manash just not strived to achieve excellence and popularity but all with a difference that people should count as his signature.

Taking Rembrandt as his role model, Manash believes that the artist must have observed the minute details of the characters and properties he or she wants to draw as part of the piece of art. While describing this, Manash showed a work of Rembrandt - a close profile painting of an old man. The speciality of the painting is the natural skin tone and skin pattern the artist has brought in his work of Art.

Since his early days after graduation, Manash always tried to achieve perfection in highlighting the minute details in his works of art. He still remembers the appreciation for his Jhansi Rani Laxmi Bai painting where he tried to speak in his art even the age of the character when she fought the war. ‘Those appreciations were my rewards’, says Manash.

Apart from Rembrandt, M F Hussain and Siba Panigrahi also influence Manash in his endeavour to achieve excellence as an Artist.

During these years Manash has attended many exhibition organised at the state, national and international level. Many of his solo exhibitions are organised by art foundations and art lovers in India and abroad. Since 2006, Manash has started a series on his canvass under one title ‘Pratiksha’ – means ‘waiting’ with eagerness, compassion or obsession.

Manash justifies his title of the series saying that ‘Pratiksha’ is a truth these days. ‘Everybody waits for something of his desire. As an artist, I know how the artists of Orissa are waiting for the day that would come with lots of prospects, lots of possibilities’.

The series of painting shows a girl or woman waiting in a mood that explains the purpose. But why a female character, why not a male? Perhaps, it is the softness of the artist that comes out in the painting as a female character in different moods.

Among the other details one must find the texture and wood works in the paintings that are typically Orissan.

‘Pratiksha’ has brought many accolades and honour for Manash. He has been invited to many places to exhibit his series of Paintings and highlighted the name of Orissa outside. We hope, ‘Pratiksha’ will bring Manash’ every thing he is waiting for. HotnHit Team wishes him grow more and more in his creative pursuit and make Orissa proud of his creations.





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