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May Day Musing - A May Special

"May boom time be back. May there be Rojgar, Roti, Kapda, Makaan for all. May the cycle of seasons run smoothly. May there be an opulent earth in front of all."

Tulsidas Mishra : April 29, 2008

May there be water in your tap in the morning. May it run till you finish your bath. May there be enough time for your breakfast. May you arrive at the stop before the bus departs. May you get a seat inside. May the day sail smoothly for you in the factory-office-workshop. May your boss be in a good mood. May you are asked easy questions and for difficult ones allowed a “lifeline”. May you be able to finish your assignments long before the deadline.

May all the fathers return home, at the end of the day. May they find their children miles away from the television, busy doing their homework. May the father spare a smile for them, ask them to take a break and play with him for a while. May the mother materialize with a cup of tea. May there be no restriction on father’s sugar intake.

May there be electricity at night. May it stay till you finish your dinner.   May your folks in your native place find the phone booth less crowded after 10 p.m. May you get connected easily to them and your other relatives also, scattered across the country

May you get tickets for the weekend film show. May you get passage side seats. May your purse contain the coins required for the vehicle parking. May there be no spit on the theater floor. May there be no smoker beside you and no tall human wall in front of you. May there be no cell phone nuisance around you. May there be no spoilsport second time viewer at a hearing distance. May the picture start only after you settle in your seat. May all the toddlers remain asleep throughout the show, to the relief of the parents and nearby viewers.

May all the children pass the examinations with good percentage. May there be no “result day” suicide. May all get admission in schools and colleges.

May there be no more flood in Assam and Orissa. May there be no more riot and earthquake in Gujarat. May there be no more terrorism in Kashmir.

May Maoists stop mowing innocents in Chattishgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa and  AP.  May soldiers stop slaying their seniors in barracks and cantonments.

May there be no more large causalities in lorry accident, train collision, boat disaster or school, club, conference hall fire. May there be no more Tsunami in coastal provinces and sunstroke and ‘Sukha’ in interior areas.

May June, July, August and September come with good rain.

May no farmer end his life due to debt and crop failure. May all unborn girls see the light of the day. May all kidnapped boys return home safe. May no mother set herself on fire.

May words like slowdown, layoff, stock market recession become obsolete. May boom time be back. May there be Rojgar, Roti, Kapda, Makaan for all. May the cycle of seasons run smoothly. May there be an opulent earth in front of all. May there be a benign sky above all. May like camphor smoke people’s prayer go up. May like monsoon shower divine blessings come down. May all live happily…Peacefully.

(Author is an FTII (Pune) graduate in Direction. He writes Hindi Poems, Articles and Analysis pieces on various themes related to the world of Cinema and Entertainment)


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