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Modi should work to build a lawful India


Modi on foreign tour


Last updated 06 Jul 2016 01:02 IST

  India, Narendra Modi, Lawful Society
Too many slogans, too many buzzwords served to people through different media have only raised hope of the Indian mass about the government headed by Narendra Modi. Dreams and desires of people are so many that fulfilling one by one would be just impossible for Modi and his government. So Modi must focus on building a lawful India. Rest will take care of itself.

It is alright to dream of clean, characterful, communal clash free India but it is a dream not likely to be fulfilled in near future. It is alright to say everyone needs toilets but doesn’t everyone need food too?

A large number of Indians live in extreme poverty and the only education they receive is what their uneducated elders can teach them. They are stuck in a vicious circle of poverty and lack of education where unhealthy traditions and superstitions thrive in the name of “our great culture” and new ideas rarely take birth.

For these people, living in squalor and filth is a way of living and picking food or items of value from roadside garbage the only viable means of earning a livelihood.

Bringing children into this world is one of the few enjoyments they have in life and every new child is perceived as another gift from god. Whether or not they can provide any food, clothing, or shelter (let alone the education) to the new entrant is simply immaterial to this world.

Since a male child is more likely to withstand the hardships of life and also more likely to look after them in the old age, the desire to have more of them is understandable!

The only people in society who would be happy to have one girl child are almost universally both highly educated and very well off.


Quotation starts

It is not very likely that in near future the entire population of India will become educated and very rich. Hence to expect that things will change overnight because our Prime Minister has said so is nothing short of living in the dreamland.

Quotation ends

Without either of the education or wealth, the desire to have more male children is borne out of the realities of life and despite the exhortations of our new Prime Minister to save and educate girl child, I suspect, it will continue to remain so.

It is not very likely that in near future the entire population of India will become educated and very rich. Hence to expect that things will change overnight because our Prime Minister has said so is nothing short of living in the dreamland. Societies have to focus on the basics when the entire infrastructure crumbles down. Clear rules must be laid down that enable everyone to prosper and progress and not just the few. Distribution of wealth and education to the lower rungs of society should be a systematic phenomenon and not dependent on the generosity of the rich.

It is my view that rebuilding of any society has to start with an effective law and order machinery. After all, the mythological “Ram-Rajya” that Indians, irrespective of their religion, talk and dream about was marked mainly by its justice where the king does not hesitate to take even the most extreme step of abandoning his wife to restore the faith of the citizen on the state and its legal justice machinery.

Justice, as they say, must not simply be carried out, but also seen to be carried out. True lasting development can only happen in a lawful society where citizens know their rights and responsibilities and those falling short of the agreed common expectations are held to account. Only then can individuals truly express themselves without fear. Only then will we see common men and women working for common good and not just to promote their selfish interests. Only then will we see communal clashes disappear. Only then will we see rapes decreasing. Only then will we begin to curb female foeticide. And only then will we begin to see a clean India.

In a lawful society, rapists will be punished and the punishment will not just be to ensure justice but also serve as a deterrent for others. In a lawful society, parents and doctors involved in female foeticide will be put behind bars. In a lawful society, parents unable to look after their children will lose their custody. In a lawful society, politicians inciting and abetting communal violence will be taken to task. In a lawful society, person discarding their rubbish inappropriately will be fined on the spot. In a lawful society, municipal officers responsible for maintaining a clean public toilet will be held accountable if the facility is not appropriate for use by human beings. In a lawful society, every person will get on with their jobs to the best of the abilities and continually work to make things even better. They will be kept under check by the forces of law and rewarded for going a step further. Only in such a society the dream of a clean, fair India will become a reality.

I would hence urge Mr. Modi to concentrate on building a lawful society and country. Rest will take care of itself.

[Dr. Kamal Kumar Mahawar is an obesity specialist and a bariatric surgeon working as senior consultant with Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi. He is also the Editor of India's First Online Muslim Newspaper ""]

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