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Nothing big to India’s credit in hanging Kasab and remembering 26/11 victims


Tuesday November 27, 2012

Mumbai Terror Attack, 26/11 strike, Ajmal Kasab  

"Has India really made justice to the victims of the Mumbai terror attack or is covering up the injustice it has done to the victims’ families by portraying hanging of Kasab as the final justice to the victims and the city of Mumbai?"


Basudev Mahapatra


November 26 bears special importance for India and believed to be the day of candle light tribute to the victims of the dreadful attempt by a group of terrorists on Mumbai - the financial capital of the nation - in 2008.

This year’s November 26 had some extra importance and a fervour of justice as it arrived just five days after the only surviving attacker Ajmal Kasab was hanged after being held in Indian jails for 5 years since November 2008. To most of them who participated in the tribute gatherings in Mumbai and different other parts of India, Kasab’s hanging was final justice to the 26/11 terror victims and their families. But there still remained some issues to make one rethink if the hanging was at all any sort of justice to the terror victims and to the city of Mumbai .


Taking the case of Kasab and any terrorist who comes with the intention of attacking a well armed city and killing its dwellers in the activity hours, are they not coming prepared to die than expecting a live escape after such act of terrorism? Had Kasab really expected to escape from the city of Mumbai alive and reach his country after the attack he was a part of? However, he must have expected that the cops would kill him on spot which didn’t happen. But India, in my view, has nothing big to its credit in the hanging of Kasab who was mentally prepared to be killed in this country while or after executing the planned act of terror.

On the other hand, survived Kasab cost something additional to what India and particularly the city of Mumbai lost in the terror attack of 26/11. Quoting some official sources, a PTI report said on one of its November 21 reports that both Central and Maharashtra governments had spent around Rs 29.5 crores on Ajmal Kasab to provide him food, security, medicines and clothes during his confinement in Arthur Road Central prison of which deployment of around 250 Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) guards for Kasab in the prison since his arrest in November 2008 till October 2012 cost about Rs. 26 crore. This would have been saved if Kasab was killed by police on the day of the attack. However, I don’t, can’t even, condemn the arrest of Kasab in life because it is one of the humane acts of Indian police.

The question is, why not somebody who causes such huge damage and takes a role in killing more than 160 Indians be made to repay to the affected nation than just losing life after a long legal procedure? How the idea of killing somebody who came all prepared to be killed in India makes justice? Rather such persons, who come to the country with a hate motivation and cause such damage by terror attacks like that of 26/11 strike in Mumbai, must be given such punishment where they are forced to pay back to the country of their target as a terror ground.

As an expose of the real state of justice made by India to the victims 26/11 terror attack, Chetna Yerunkar’s report in Mid Day, Nov 26, 2012, says, “For many families who lost their loved ones to the carnage, however, another prolonged wait is still in store — 88 of these families are yet to receive the compensation package of Rs 3 lakh each that was promised to them by the Union Home Ministry in the wake of the attack.” Narrating the plight of most of the victime, the report says, “Of the 164 people whose lives were claimed by the attack, only 76 families have received the compensation from the ministry, while the remaining 88 are still waiting. The delay is perplexing, as the compensation amount has already been received by the different states of the country, for the purpose of distribution to the victims living within their borders. They were meant to be collected from the district magistrates of different districts after some paperwork was completed. The paperwork is still being processed.”

So, by hanging kasab, has India really made justice to the victims of the Mumbai terror attack or is covering up the injustice it has done to the victims’ families by portraying hanging of Kasab as the final justice to the victims and the city of Mumbai?


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