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Nuapada: Innocents pay heavily for mistakes of a violent Police


Sunday February 03, 2013

Odisha, Nuapada, Maoist, Naxal, Police Firing  

Hari Majhi and Hube Majhi, the two Tribals of Odisha's Khaliapada village in Nuapada district were shot by police on January 8 and were admitted to the hospitals the same day. But before the treatments were over, both the victims of police firing were discharged on 19th of January when their condition was still critical and they were in need of strict medical supervision.

Bibhuti Pati  

Kudos to the Odisha Police for their generosity in lending a helping hand for treatment of the two innocent tribals of Nuapada who were shot as Naxalites. Police had misconstrued Hari and Hube Majhi as Naxalites and had opened fire thus injuring them fatally. While the two were suspended between life and death, the police took them to the hospital. One was admitted into the Nuapada Hospital, the other was forwarded to Burla Medical College and Hospital. Even though the police had fired conceiving them as Maoists but thanks again to them for keeping the spirit of humanity alive by admitting them to the hospitals and giving them treatment at their own expense.

Despite all the assistance and facilitations extended by the personnel, it was sad to note that they were not worthy of any praise or a positive appreciation.


The police had realized the gravity of the situation they were in. The bearing on their shoulder was way below the humanitarian ground. They took the two of them to hospital not to be thanked for what they had done but to skip the punishment they deserve if the laws of the country were to be honoured.

The police helped them out fearing that they would face harsher consequence for the act that they committed.

The truth behind whole operation was evident after the report came in the media. The public perception that the police was hiding the truth about the encounter was confirmed. The police was helping the innocent victims not because of any sympathy but to mask their cruel act of firing at two innocents.

After a week of receiving treatment in the respective hospitals, Hari and Hube were suddenly discharged and sent to their own dwelling in the jungle that is still deprived of roads, electricity, basic medical aid and facilities, shops for groceries, safe drinking water, sanitation and hygienic condition of living. How could the doctor, despite knowing the surrounding in which they live, allowed them to step out of the hospital when they were critically injured by the bullet?

The eye-witness of the entire incident, Diba Majhi, recounts the happenings of that day, “Seeing this horrifying brutality of police, I exclaimed ‘Ohh Mahapuru’ (Oh God), please don’t fire at me. Please save me. I left the place and ran inside the jungle and so I could escape their bullets. I wondered why the police fired. Later I heard that they were mistaken as Naxals. The police took them immediately to the hospital and admitted them for treatment. The fury and anger inside me about the police had subsided as I thought that the police realised their fault of firing at two innocent villagers. When I came to know that the police started their treatment on 11th Jan 2013, I prayed that the police should be kind-hearted and merciful to Hari and Hube and should have done all that is required in the hospital. I had the trust on police. But on 20th Jan 2013 when I saw the further brutal behaviour of the police, I was infuriated. They turned away Hari and Hube from the hospital and threw them in their home without any financial or medical support. This made me realize that the police had fired at the innocent people to show their gun-power to the villagers. The police were bloody, ruthless and unsympathetic people who could easily cross the limit of brutality”.

Hari and Hube are now living under a roof sharing their houses with cats, dogs, cows and hens. They have not recovered from their injuries yet. They run the risk of getting infected with tetanus due to the unhygienic condition they are living in and may perish any moment. The most sympathetic and inhuman matter is that without any prescription or discharge papers, they have been sent to stay in their house that is, virtually, the jungle.

Remati, Hube Majhi’s wife communicates, “My husband after being fired by the police on January 8, 2013, was admitted into Burla Medical College Hospital. He stayed there till 19th January. Then on January 20, the police came and hurled Hube at our house. He did not have any discharge document with him neither there were any prescriptions. When I asked the police about it, they replied, ‘You just keep these medicines with you. Everything is with the Doctor’. When my brother-in-law, LalMohan asked the police, What about the further treatment of my brother Hube and when can we visit the hospital and doctor for next time, the Police hastily shouted, do whatever we have said and threatened us not to tell the Media regarding this matter. Now we do not know what to do, whether to go to police or the Doctor for further medical services. The police threw and left us in dark. Hube was shot in his right arm and the doctor had told that his right arm was to be operated upon, but no surgery has been performed. The Medicines that was given to him are over now. There is no help since 20th January and we are fighting with hunger. Every moment we are shivering in unbearable pain. It is better to die but the god is not merciful at all for us.”

Who gave Hube and Hari the permit to be discharged from the hospital? Is it the police or the Doctor? If the police advised the Doctor to discharge them, had the Doctor forgotten his duties towards the patients? Did the doctor forget that he solemnly pledged his life to the service of humanity with utmost respect for human life from the time of conception, that he was to practice his profession with conscience and dignity and the health of the patient must be his first consideration?

A doctor is considered next to God. He is the Saviour. But when he allowed them to go away from the hospital without recovering entirely, he grossly violated the ethics of medical practice. If the Doctor, otherwise, let Hari and Hube leave the hospital, then how could the police welcome this decision and let them live in the jungle in such a critical condition resulted by police bullets? The police behaved like a predator instead of behaving as the protector. This proves that the Doctor and the Police did an unpardonable crime.

Hari Majhi told that, “My brother in law used to attend me and spend for my treatment when I was in hospital. Being a daily wage labourer, he could not help and attend anymore. Police paid for 3 days (from 8th to 11th Jan) of my treatment only. Rest of the expenditure was borne by my family members. All our savings were exhausted on my treatment. When we asked the police about the expense they remained silent. We did not even get the free medical treatment from the hospital. Doctors said that there was no free medicine facility for the patient of this type. So, I had to discontinue my treatment even though my injuries were still not healed. The medicines given by the police are over now. There is no money for my medical treatment. My life has become a series of suffering and torture. The sorrows of my family and the trauma that I am undergoing are beyond any words. I pray god for a quick death.”

Prafulla Samantara, Convenor of National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM), in a letter to the Chief Minister of Odisha has stated that, “The Government should take full responsibility for the treatment of Hari and Hube Majhi and pay them compensation of 5 lakh rupees at least. He has also demanded before the CM to set up an independent inquiry committee for the investigation of police firing and arrest the culprit Jawans who fired at the innocent tribals.”

These tribals are baffled at the attitude of the police. The police from being a welfare and humanistic organization, police has become an opportunistic and power-happy system. Instead of protecting and promoting the tribals in distress, police rather plays a demonic role .They have lost their responsibility of safeguarding the people against all evils but, rather, the evils are being committed by them only.

Neither the administration at the district nor the State government has yet instituted an inquiry into the matter and facilitated the treatment of two innocent citizens who suffer badly because of the mistakes made by the Police.

Hari Majhi and Hube Majhi, the two Tribals of Khaliapada village in Nuapada district were shot by police on January 8 and were admitted to the hospitals the same day. But before the treatments were over, both the victims of police firing were discharged on 19th of January when their condition was still critical and they were in need of strict medical supervision. After the story of police firing at Hari and Hube came on a private Odia news channel, on 18th Jan, the police discontinued treatments of Hari nad Hube and dropped them at their house. From 20th January, both of them are struggling with their life without any medicines and proper treatment. The agony is unbearable. None can imagine their plight without witnessing it.

(This is a follow-up of our report 'Undivided Kalahandi: Life becomes tough between Poverty and Police violence', published on January 20, 2013)

[Bibhuti Pati is an investigative Journalist from Odisha.]


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