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Monday, June 09, 2014




Odisha Gana Samaj resolves to carry on mass campaign to uphold rights of Pipili gang rape victim


"While the case in Odisha High Court about negligence to the alleged rape victim of Pipili by state police and medical officers is closed and the victim Babina Behera is said to be in a brain-dead condition, the issue has got a fresh life with an FIR filed by some local people against civil society members and political leaders who have been raising the issue."

HNF Correspondent  

While the health condition of the alleged gang rape victim of Pipili is deteriorating very fast and it is said that the victim Babina Behera is now in the state of brain-dead, the issue has got a fresh life with allegations against civil society members raising the issue. In its reaction to an FIR lodged by some local people of Pipili alleging that the civil society members tarnished the image of Pipili and some specific people of the area, Odisha Gana Samaj held an emergency meeting of civil society members and leaders of political parties, excepting the ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD), at Red Cross Bhavan, Bhubaneswar. Almost all the members who attended the meeting emphasised upon a C.B.I. probe into the case of alleged gang rape of Babina Behera and attempt to murder the victim who is now struggling for survival in the special I.C.U. at S.C.B. Medical College Hospital in Cuttack.


The members also sought an inquiry into the mysterious death of Pravati Behera, friend of Babina Behera, who was allegedly gang raped to which Babina was an eyewitness. It is also believed that Babina fell victim to the demonic acts of the alleged culprits for she didn’t succumb to the pressure from the anti-socials who demanded her to withdraw the case about rape of her friend Pravati. The role of local police in the case of murder of Pravati also remained doubtful because the body of Pravati was not even sent for post-mortem to confirm whether it was a case of suicide or homicide as she died under mysterious circumstances.

Members from various civil society bodies and non-BJD political parties expressed their dissatisfaction over the Crime Branch inquiry stating that the investigating agency of the State police would not be able to unearth the truth behind these two complicated cases involving the honour of poor Harijan girls and the community at large. Though the investigating agency has filed two interim Charge-Sheets it has still ignored the incidents involving Pravati, which is in the root of heinous attacks made on Babina.

It was felt in the meeting that some vested interest people have attempted to divert the attention of the people by filing the false and fabricated F.I.R. against activists of Odisha Gana Parishad and few other civil society members and political leaders on 1st June, 2012 (F.I.R. No. 233 Under Sections 124/153/201/426/500/505/509/34 of I.P.C).

The meeting attended by civil society members, social activists and leaders of non-BJD political parties working in Odisha unanimously resolved to vigorously campaign against any attempt by the vested interests to suppress the voice of the people of the Odisha.

However, as the latest development, Odisha High Court has closed the case about negligence to the victim by state police and medical officers expressing its satisfaction over the progress in the particular case.


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