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Odisha: Interlocutor writes to CM for impartial inquiry into Son's arrest


Monday June 09, 2014

Odisha, Police Arrest, Maoist Abduction, Dandapani Mohanty  

"One of the interlocutors in two high profile abduction cases of Odisha, where Maoists kidnapped a civil servant in one case and two Italian citizens in the other, Dandapani Mohanty's son has been arrested by Odisha Police for alleged role in supporting armed Maoists and their movement. But the claims made by police have been refuted by Dandapani Mohanty to whom it's rather a case of abduction by police later presented as an arrest. Here is the open letter written by Mr. Mohanty to the Chief Minister requesting an impartial probe of the whole episode."

Open Letter from Dandapani Mohanty  


Mr. Naveen Patnaik,

Chief Minister, Odisha,


Dear Sir,

I Sri Dandapani Mohanty, was one of interlocutor along with Prof. Hargopal and Prof. R.S. Rao during the Government and Maoists’ peace talk process at the time of abduction of Vineel Krishna, the then Malkangiri Collector. By our initiative a guideline was prepared for which he was released from abduction. But the Government has not fulfilled the 13(thirteen) points demands/conditions including release of more than 600 innocent tribal and others, who are languishing in the four corners of different jails  in the name of Maoists.


Again, on the issue of Italian hostage crisis, I along with Dr. B.D. Sharma took the responsibilities as mediators to resolve the hostage crisis and appealed for peace and ceasefire to both side.

When Mr. Sabyasachi, Secretary of newly formed Odisha Maobadi Party, was maintaining ceasefire from March, 2012 till date and a peace talk was continuing with Director General of Police by the initiatives of some noted Gandhians, intellectuals and freedom fighters, on 14th November, the Odisha Police cold bloodedly murdered 5 (five) persons from tribal and dalit community branding them as Maoists, who were all innocent civilians of Kandhamal districts. The police detained Syamson Mallick of Dahu village and Arun Sunamajhi of Gaheju village of Brahmnigaon P.S in Kandhamal district from 12th November and after filling of habeas corpus in Odisha High Court on 22nd November by their wives, police produced them on same day in a press meet and described them as surrendered.

In spite of fact finding reports and press meet by different civil society organizations, the Govt. and Police officials are not in a position to accept their mistakes, rather behaving in more vindictive and aggressive mindset with the issues of common people.

On 30th November, 2012, we the various civil rights organizations had organized a demonstration and dharana in front of Odisha Assembly with the widows of deceased persons and demanded judiciary enquiry about the Bhaliaguda Fake encounter. But it is very shameful that a delegation team was not allowed or called to discuss with you. However, we forwarded the memorandums to you on e-mail as well as by speed post.

On 2nd December, 2012, police picked up one Kailash Mandal from Mohana area and detained him without producing in court. On that issue I had sent SMS to various persons including D.G of Police and demanded immediate production of Kailash Mandal in nearest court.

But in a surprising move, on 5th December, 2012, at around 10 am, when my only son Sangram Mohanty was returning from garage after dealing with repair works of our trucks, the police in civil dress forcefully kidnapped him from Payal talkies area, Berhampur. When I heard the news from my wife I tried to contact Sangram, but failed due to switch off of his phone. After that I filed an F.I.R at B. N. Pur police station to ascertain the whereabouts of my son.

In the afternoon, I knew from various TV channels that my son was arrested by police from Kamalapur of Mohana block area with arms and ammunitions and later forwarded to R.Udaygiri court/ Jail at 2 o’clock night. Though our family members and advocate tried to meet him, police did not allow them at both Mohana Police Station and R. Udaygiri jail.

That, picking up of my son at Berhampur on 5th December, 2012, and showing him arrested at Kamalapur under Mohana P.S and forwarding him along with Kailash Mandal, who was detained by the police since 2nd December, 2012, with so called seizure of arms and foods materials is a clear case of concoction and fabrication. And the sections of IPC under which he was forwarded were awful since my son is an Engineer, an MBA qualified ‘A’ class contractor and also a student of L.L.M.

With an objective to malign my political image and my family, the intelligence bureau and police by the help of some vested interest media campaigning about my properties which are fabricated and dangerous steps for democratic body polity. Our family is involved with the business of transportations since last 33 years as well as construction works since 4 years. Myself and my family members are regular income tax payer.

In my political career, I never advocated in support of any un-democratic activities, rather support the legitimate and democratic movements for the interests of common masses. I am surprised that my son is implicated in such a case which violates the rule of law and human rights.

The pre-plan  arrest of my son in fabricated cases not only violation of human rights but also an organized conspiracy against me and my family to suppress my voice for common people and malign me with a joint effort by police officials and some vested interests. I also appeal to stop this conspiracy against me and my family members.

In this context, as the Chief of the State as well as head of Home Department, I appeal you, kindly conduct an impartial inquiry about the facts stated above and order release of my son from illegal custody and fabricated case.

With Regards,

Dandapani Mohanty


Jana Adhikar Manch, Orissa

Shanti Nagar,Goilundi

Berhampur, Ganjam.

Email id –


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