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Monday, June 09, 2014

Odisha: OPGC had no intention of questioning integrity of State Energy Department, clarifies a release  

"Responding to a news on OPGC allegedly questioning the integrity and functioning of Odisha Energy department, OPCG has made it clear that the letter from the corporation MD, which has been cited as evidence, didn't have any such intention.  However, in a letter signed by B. S. Panda, Additional Secretary, Energy Department, Odisha, Government has expressed serious concern over the kind of reply made by the MD, OPGC, in response to the departmental letter dated 18.05.2012 that required certain information about projects lying incomplete as on 31.03.2012."


HNF Bureau


OPGC Release, 25 August 2012:

Clarification on news published on OPGC in some newspapers on 25.08.2012

Office of the Accountant General, Odisha, Bhubaneswar on 04.05.2012 had requested the Department of Energy to provide information on the incomplete project of the state as on 31.03.2012 in a prescribed format. The prescribed format required information on the name of the project initial estimated cost, revised cost, cost overrun, due date of completion etc.

On the basis of said letter the Addl. Secretary, Energy Department wrote a letter to Managing Director, OPGC on 18.05.2012 to give the detail information as per the prescribed format of the A.G. by 19.05.2012.


Since, OPGC project i.e. the proposed construction of units-3&4 had not commenced and work order was not placed, there was an ambiguity as to whether the same will fall under the incomplete project.

Similarly there was also a need understand as to whether various jobs undertaken as part of routine operation and maintenance of the power plant would also be required to be furnished.

Accordingly, a letter on 18.05.2012 was promptly written by OPGC seeking clarification on the above matter so that appropriate information could be provided. The above letter of seeking clarification was in fact written with a sincere and honest intention of providing correct information sought by the Department of Energy for onward transmission to the AG Odisha. As a matter of fact, OPGC has never questioned the integrity and functioning of the Energy Department as reported in the newspapers nor has ever disregarded Govt. directions.

In fact, so far as the OPGC project of setting up of new Units 3&4 (2X660MW) is concerned, OPGC and the Govt. are working in tandem for its expeditious implementation. The implementation is being reviewed in a steering committee headed by the Chief Secretary of the state where project related information are placed for review.

In respect of the recent communication from the Department of Energy, it is further clarified  from OPGC side that  all information on the project and other general information are provided to the Govt. whenever required and OPGC makes sincere efforts to see that the information provided are correct.


Below is the piece of News that drew the above response from OPGC authorities.

Odisha: OPGC authorities banged for not sharing information with the Government

(Published on August 24, 2012)

Dissatisfied over improper and extra-authoritative compliance of queries made by the government, Department of Energy, Odisha, banged on the Managing Director of Odisha Power Generation Corporation (OPGC), a public sector undertaking (PSU) of Odisha Government.

In a letter signed by B. S. Panda, Additional Secretary of the department, government has expressed serious concern over the kind of reply made by the MD, OPGC, in response to the departmental letter that required certain information about projects lying incomplete as on 31.03.2012. It is mentioned in the letter that, ‘instead of furnishing information, the integrity and functioning of the department has been questioned’ by OPGC MD.

Taking note of it as something ‘beyond official decorum’, the department has warned the authorities by reminding the fact that OPGC still remains a PSU of Odisha Government that holds 51% of total share of the corporation.

The department, through the letter, has also alleged OPGC authorities of ‘not showing promptness for sharing of information with the government’ whereas, the corporation takes ‘all advantages being a government undertaking as regards to land acquisition, coal block allocation and obtaining other statutory clearances’.

It was on 18 may 2012 that the department asked OPGC MD to furnish with information on incomplete projects of the corporation as on 31 March 2012 which were required by Accountant General’s office, Odisha, for incorporation in the audit report of India on State finances for the year 2011-12. The letter was replied the same day by OPGC authorities, as the recent departmental letter refers to (OPGC letter No. 1302 dated 18.05.2012).

The question comes here is, why the departmental reply is so late – over three months – if the content of the referred letter from the OPGC MD was so objectionable and non-compliant to the queries made by the government?

In another letter dated 18 August 2012, the department has also asked OPGC authorities to take necessary action and furnish an early report to the department regarding unlawful and irregular payment made by the AES management – the other partner in OPGC – as alleged before the Chief Minister, Odisha. The reply is yet to be submitted by OPGC MD.

However, such conservative attitude of OPGC in sharing information has also been alleged before by many other organizations including OPGC Employees Union. The Union has complained several times about the highhanded acts of AES authorities in various management affairs of OPGC.


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