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Odisha to link grass-root level institutions for effective community development


Saturday January 05, 2013

Odisha Government, Livelihood Mission, Community Development  
In order achieve the goals set by Odisha Livelihood Mission, a plan has been developed by Odisha government where the grass-root level institutions and Self help Groups (SHG) are to be linked up for better resource allotment and proper functioning which in result is expected to ensure desired development at the community level in Odisha.  
HNF Correspondent  

As decided in the Governing Body Meeting of Odisha Livelihood mission, held under Chairmanship of Chief Secretary, Odisha, the Livelihood Mission is to intensify its activities for strengthening community level institutions and make its interventions self-sustaining. Chief Secretary, Bijay Kumar Patnaik, has passed directions to the Mission to prepare the SHGs and Producer Groups to make proper use of more and more resources in view that more of financial resources are to be mobilised in the coming days. In the meeting, Patnaik emphasized upon hand holding support to producers at field level and enhancement of their skill to produce more and more in accordance with the demand in the market.


As per an official release issued in this regard, the Mission is to adopt three pronged approach to eradicate rural poverty.

The approach is to include Social Mobilization (including poor, livelihood collectivities, capacity building), Financial Inclusion (Bank linkages, community level institutions, insurance), Economic Inclusion (reduce vulnerability, enhance employability and micro-finance).

As per the plan, one woman from each household is to be included as member in SHG and each SHG is to have 10-20 members. The SHGs are to be linked with Cluster Level Federation where each SHG must be represented by two of its members. There shall be a Cluster level Forum ( CLF) in every 5 to 15 SHGs spread over 1 to 2 villages.

The CLF will again be linked with Gram Panchayat Level Federation (GPLF) with three members from each CLF joining its board. The chain will further spread as representatives from GPLF will form Block Level Federation (BLF).

To support and coordinate the activities, each CLF is to be provided with one Community Mobilizer, each GPLF with one Community Professional and a Book Keeper, each BLF with 4 Professional Resource Persons (PRP). PRPs, to be selected are to be placed to provide with all requisite services to the GPLFs, CLFs, Producer Groups and SHGs. Community Resource Persons, to be chosen from among the practitioners and members of the SHG, will operate at GP level on performance based incentive for support activities to producers groups. There shall be one livelihood Consultant engaged at district level to provide technical support and guidance.

It has also been decided in the aforesaid meeting that the SHGs not functioning properly are to be revalidated as per revised guide lines. While skill training is to be imparted to the producers and farmers, the SHGs are to be provided with more seed capital and revolving funds. A Revised Annual Action Plan has already been drawn with a budget of Rs.240 Cr that includes principal components like institutional building, financial inclusion, livelihood promotion, social inclusion and project management. The proposal has approved engagement of 2597 filed level functionaries on deputation, roping in candidates from similar projects and through fresh selection.

Chief Secretary has advised OLM to utilize the services of those who have already gathered experience in livelihood projects and anti-poverty schemes of Government. Patnaik has however cautioned to engage persons with right kind of orientation and commitment to work with people at grass-root level. Among other who attended the meeting were Panchayati Raj Secretary Aparajita Sadangi, ST & SC Development Secretary Santosh Sarangi, Fisheries & Animal Resource Development Secretary Satyabrata Sahoo, NRLM Director D. V. Swami and senior officers from the said departments.


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