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Monday, June 09, 2014


Odisha Civil Society demands CBI probe into Pipili Gang Rape Case, seeks review of all rape cases by independent agency

"As the Pipili gang rape case has placed Odisha in the headlines again for a wrong reason, series of cases of rape almost frequently in different parts of the state has started uproar from political and non-political circles. Expressing dissatisfaction over the stand and the actions of the government in the direction of controlling such incidents, the Civil Society members along with members of all opposition political parties today staged a rally and submitted a memorandum demanding CBI probe into the alleged gang rape and attempt to murder of a girl from Pipili and seeking review of all the rape cases reported across the state."

Memorandum submitted by civil society body "Odisha Gana Samaja"


16th January, 2012.


Shri Muralidhar Chadrakant Bhandare                        

Honourable Governor

Odisha State,

Raj Bhavan,


Respected Rajyapalji,

With deep shock and utter disbelief we the concerned citizens of Odisha would like to bring to your kind notice yet another fact which would shake and shatter any citizen's minimum faith in the government and administrative system of the day. The Government has turned out to be nightmare for women of the state and this has been abundantly proved in the Pipli gang rape case and all other rape cases reported from across the state.

A dalit girl who could gather the courage to depose before the court in a rape case committed by powerful local elements with ruling party affiliations three years latter herself becomes a victim of gang rape and attempt to murder by the same forces. Not only that, the earlier victim also has mysteriously died giving rise to speculation of a well thought out murder and not suicide as officially stated. The incidence that occurred on November 28, 2011 causing the gang rape and attempt to murder of the dalit girl who was witness to the rape of 2008 was also part a criminal conspiracy. In both cases the complicity of the police has been exposed. The way the police handled the whole case in the last three years and the way the state run hospitals behaved with a dying victim of rape could no more be kept away from public eyes. The role of the local MLA, and Minister for Agriculture has come under strong suspicion.

Without wasting any further time as presumably you are aware of the developments in the Pipli gang rape case we would like to put forth the following demands with the expectation that as head of state in Odisha you will kindly intervene at the earliest and put a check on the erosion of faith in the criminal justice of the State.

1. The dalit rape and attempt to murder victim of Pipli must be provided with all medical support and her recovery must be ensured keeping in mind the terrible reality that her death may destroy all hopes for punishing the criminals and criminalized political elements.

2.  She must be provided with a well proof security cover as there is always a threat to her life.

3. All ruling party elements connected with the crime/accused to be having links with the criminals must immediately be arrested and put behind bar.

4. Instead of Crime Branch of the State Government, the case should be handed over to the CBI for investigation immediately.

5. All rape cases/gang rape cases in the state must be reviewed by an independent body and cases closed before judicial verdicts must be reopened.

6. All rape victims must be enabled to lead a normal life and they must be adequately rehabilitated including the Pipli gang rape victim.

7. Those who have died/got killed/committed suicide next of their kith and kin must be financially compensated. 

On behelf of Odisha Gana Samaja,

Prasanta Patnaik

Rabi Das


Joint Convenors

Jagannath Patnaik,

Diabakar Nayak

Ashok Sahu

Ghanashyam Suna

Dusmant Das

Mahendra Parida

Bikram Swain

Asima Mahananda

Er. Lalit Patnaik

Jagadish Buxipatra

Ashok Das

Bijoy Kumar Parida

Suresh Panigrahi

Puspa Panda

Bijoy Parida

Ranita Kundu

Bratati Chatterjee

Pramila Behera

Archana Nayak

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