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Sujata Mahapatra - an honours graduate with History (Major) and Psychology - is a Journalist, TV software producer and social activist interested in issues related to gender inequality, socio - economic development of rural and out-reach communities, mother and child health care, basic education of rural children etc.

Started, in TV, with 24X7 Hindi news channel CNEB, Sujata is now representing 'India TV' in Odisha.

Backed by strong understanding of issues and problems of rural communities and women in particular, Sujata believes in Media Activism and considers Journalism and other modes of mass communication as essential tools for development of the deprived and under-privileged.

As a development worker and activist, Sujata has worked with tribal and rural communities of Nayagarh, Koraput, Malkangiri, Keonjhar and Mayurbhanj districts where her major focus was studying the backgorund of socio-economic misery. She worked to spread awareness in the communities to empower tribal women and minimise the Maternal and Child Mortality Rate, eradication of Malaria in the backward and tribal populated districts of Orissa.

Apart from her active involvement in various socio-economic studies and researches, Sujata has participated in a number of workshops and seminars cunducted by Xavier Institute of Management (Bhubaneswar) promoted CENDRET, OVHA - Bhubaneswar, NIHARD - Cuttack, AWBI - Chennai etc. to gather knowledge on various issues of rural communities and enhance personal skills to understand and address them.

Started her career in 1994 as a development professional, Sujat has associated herself with India TV, HOTnHIT Newsfeatures, CNEB News, DANTB (A DANIDA Project) - Bhubaneswar, ORG-MARG (Bhubaneswar), NIHARD - Cuttack etc.

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