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HOTnHIT NEWSFEATURES (HNF) is a media action centre in Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Orissa (India) with the objective to take role of a News Features Producer and Distributor, producer of socially relevant non-fictions, fictions and Documentary Films on various socio-economic and political issues, and work as communication facilitator in the State of Orissa, India.

Started by Bhubaneswar based socially concerned Journalist Basudev Mahapatra, HOTnHIT Newsfeatures is intended to operate as a syndicate of News Features, News Videos and Pictures to facilitate production of print and television news features and documentaries in the State of Orissa as well as other Indian States and provide news features to the Regional, National and International media houses engaged in Newspaper and magazine publishing or/ and News, Feature and Documentary Film production and broadcasting.

As a quality facilitator, HOTnHIT Newsfeatures also takes up background research, content analysis and documentation works on requirement and assignment to support News Agencies and Channels, Documentary Filmmakers, Producers and research scholars.

HOTnHIT Newsfeatures strives to involve journalists and related media professionals, working in Orissa and other states of India, to help bringing issues of all states and localities to the public notice and promote responsible and positive journalism in India giving more emphasis on Rural News Features.

In order to fulfil its objective of using media as an effective tool for social change and development, HOTnHIT Newsfeatures aims to launch its own Channels for publishing, broadcasting and disseminating news and features produced by its team and empanelled contributors.

Apart from working in the field of Media Action, HOTnHIT Newsfeatures also works for promoting education of poor and destitute children, supporting Economically Backward Student in Pursuing Higher as well as Professional Studies in reputed Institutes of India and groom professionals to play key role for socio-economic development of People at large.

HNF Realisation

India struggles with poverty.

• Reason - Lack of communication initiatives to expose people to the poverty eradication programmes and policies meant for them.

India suffers from Corruption.

• Reason - Failure of media and communication tools in making people aware and believe that officials and politicians are meant for their service. 

Money Spent but development goals remain unrealised in India.

• Reason - Absence of responsible media intervention to make the planners and money spenders accountable before public.

The objective of HOTnHIT Newsfeatures (HNF) is to take active role in development of People, Society and the Nation through responsible journalism.

HNF Mission

The Endeavour in the forms of HOTnHIT Newsfeatures and www.hotnhitnews.com  is to think beyond metro centric consumer choice driven journalism and highlight the issues concerning the rights and livelihood of rural and outreach communities of India. The primary focus is on use of different forms of media as development tools and promote ethical practice of journalism.

The Mission set by HNF for itself has been to take active part in the process of development through Media Activism as well as Issue and Policy Advocacy.

In order to realise its mission and objectives, HNF intends to operate as:

• An Active Syndicate and News Agency to fulfill the content needs and demands of all kind of media houses in the whole of East and North-East India.

• A Publisher of Newspapers, Magazines, Online Newspapers and E-zines etc. to highlight People's problems and Issues and take them to the right forum.

• A Media Agency to motivate people and imbibe in them strong sense of nationality through debate, discussion, seminar and continuous Media activism and lobby.

Our Team Culture:

HNF Bureau comprises of journalists who are committed to the society and people of India, and always strive to achieve excellence in the profession of Journalism by setting a standard for themselves and the Agency i.e., HNF. 

HNF Bureau always emphasizes upon responsible and ethical journalism by its Team Members. Click here to see HNF Ethics and principles of Journalism Practice.

Our Work Culture:

We at HOTnHIT News Desk don't believe in Employee - Employer culture. Team spirit is the most essential quality we look in someone who is interested to work with us. Other basic requirements to be a member of HOTnHIT Team are - passion for journalism and willingness to work for long period of time in a day. In fact, we believe, a journalist never enjoys a break. He/ She sniffs for news even when relaxing.

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