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It's the age of youth

"Believed to be the moral leader of the world, India witnessed series of communal riots as the outcome of community and religion based politics and immoral practices by the leaders of the society who are more Hypocrites than public representatives."

N. A. Shah Ansari : July 09, 2007

Now we are at the beginning of a new millennium, which is very significant to India as well as the entire world, the moment of multidimensional possibilities. At this moment, we have to choose a special path, which will pave a new vista to a different world of dynamism.

The contemporary reality is that world is changing faster; the future is no more a vision but a reality in the process of realization. The gone out century had witnessed many wars which had their impact across the globe in terms of redefining and reshaping world politics, scientific development towards empowering the human civilisation with lots of technology apart from causing large scale violence and devastations. But the result of new social dynamics and political order had been frustrating in most of the economically weaker nations in many ways as the affluent section of society acted like opportunist and absolutely selfish and always opt to live on exploiting the innocent people.

In the name of building a nation the fascist forces entertained narrow social view and promoted communalism and politics based on a religious perspective in order to achieve some petty political goals. As a result, our motherland, which remained the land with a glorious past, diverse religions, communities, culture, lingua franca united to form one nation, reduced to a land of strife and turbulence. Believed to be the moral leader of the world, India witnessed series of communal riots as the outcome of community and religion based politics and immoral practices by the leaders of the society who are more Hypocrites than public representatives.

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The fundamentalist and the sectarian forces are so active that even judiciary, the most significant pillar of democracy, has sensed a threat from those forces. The innocent and poor people are the worst sufferer of all these undesired developments. The shocking developments are the movements and efforts by several groups to create their own dominions on the basis of religion, communal identity and regionalism.

If such unfortunate trends continue to rule over the communities, then the day is not far off to see our country vivisected into many pieces. Even in the international level, communalism and religious fanaticism is spreading its pangs which would definitely cause havoc to the entire mankind and the human value system.

On the other hand, the exploitation of rich and powerful countries over weaker countries is the beginning of creation of another world based upon capitalistic principles which would lead to an identity crisis among the economically weaker third world nations. The globalization of economy and a kind of free trade system, wherein multinational companies are given more space, have put our traditional cottage industries and agriculture as some risky propositions.

The free flow of western cultural elements and dominance of materialism over the moral sense of people have led to the growth of a kind of consumerism where cultural values and ethics find no space in the Indian mind and, thus, a large number of young boys and girls are going astray.

It’s time we must introspect to shape out our mind and choose the right path to march ahead. The future of the nation depends on the thought, vision and act of the youth. As the time ahead is not only critical but also challenging, the youth must take the leadership in all spheres to take the nation ahead.

Realising the gravity of the situation, we should work together with finer sensibilities and committed spirit to ensure peace, unity and universal brotherhood.

(Author is a leading Social and Media Activist working for empowerment of youth and people living in Rural Orissa)




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