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Ramp up efforts to strengthen resilience: UN

Drought encouraged distress migration in Odisha

Antibiotics in Chickens make Indians antibiotic-resistant: CSE Study

Temperature rise to hit wheat production in India

Food security can be achieved without damaging global environment

Odisha speeds up El Nino preparedness measures

Red carpet already laid for El Nino!

Odisha to implement innovated model for sub-surface water recharge

For political leaders of India, El Nino makes no sense!

No approval given for GM crop field trials: Moily

Odisha: Niyamgiri grows rice crops to combat corporate invasion of Indian agriculture

Odisha: A potential Onion Exporter in Onion Crisis

India indifferent to issues of its food growers

Odisha Government to include Organic Farming in school syllabus: Chief Minister

Organic farming certification can change fate of Odisha farmers and create huge employment opportunity - Assocham Study

Odisha: Climate Change badly affects Agriculture, threatens food security

Indian Government must act tough on GM Crop advocates

Genetically engineered food is dangerous, say genetic engineers

First world must learn from the third world farming methods to achieve food security

Monsanto, Mahyco and others to be criminally prosecuted in BT Brinjal Bio-Piracy case

Economic globalisation and food sovereignty

Farmer's Suicide Syndrome - The Imperialist Suicide Epidemic in India

Why Orissa is Dear to the Naxalites

Welcome to the killing fields of Orissa

'Traditional Natural Farming' would provide better food security to poor and tribal Farmers

Stop use of Endosulfan - a deadly pesticide encouraged in India

India’s Bio-Diesel dream - The great Jatropha Scam in offing

Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods

Industrialisation drive in Orissa needs space for tribals and farmers

BT Brinjal in Orissa - It's time to ring the warning bells

Agriculture in India: Experiencing Backward Movement

Not only declarations; Agriculture deserves Special Attention

Industrialisation drive in Orissa needs space for tribals and farmers

Agriculture Vs Industrialisation: Indian Economy pushed to a jump-shift - (1)

Agriculture Vs Industrialisation: Indian Economy pushed to a jump-shift - (2)

Onion Farming can stop labour migration in most part of Orissa

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