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(A News Agency and Online News publisher in Bhubaneswar, Odisha)


Volunteer Editors

[It's a purely Voluntary Position]

In order to ensure transparency and quality of journalism, the purely issue based news portal HotnHitNews.com

invites Readers and Senior Journalists who have interest in ‘News Analysis and Scrutiny’ to join us as Volunteer Editors in our panel of Readers’ Editors.

The Volunteer Editors are to suggest with necessary feedback on the content published in HotnHitNews.com and, in some cases, modify/ approve news content for publication keeping in view the moral and ethical principles and guideline. Whenever necessary, the Volunteer Readers’ Editors will also reply to the comments/ feedback of the readers.

People from all parts of India are invited. However, only a few will be chosen as Volunteer Readers' Editors to form a panel.

Interested persons may express their interest by writing email to: editor@hotnhitnews.com, hotnhitnews@yahoo.com

Our Team Culture:

HNF Bureau comprises of journalists who are committed to the society and people of India, and always strive to achieve excellence in the profession of Journalism by setting a standard for themselves and the Agency i.e., HotnHit Newsfeatures. 

HNF Bureau always emphasizes upon responsible and ethical journalism by its Team Members. Click here to See HNF Ethics of Journalism Practice.

Our Work Culture:

We at HOTnHIT News Desk don't believe in Employee - Employer culture. Team spirit is the most essential quality we look in someone who is interested to work with us.

Our Team Members:

Basic qualities in a member of HOTnHIT News & Content Team should be passion for journalism and willingness to work for long period of time in a day. In fact, we believe, a journalist never enjoys a break. He/ She sniffs for news even when relaxing.

We would love to see the zeal for media marketing, more specifically web media marketing, and a sense of commitment for the society, nation and the downtrodden in our Media Sales and Marketing Team Members. 

If you are passionate, have the spirit to do something unique in the fields of Journalism and Media Marketing, HotnHit Newsfeatures can be the place for you. 


1. Television Journalists/ Stringer Reporters required in all districts of Orissa. [CLOSED]

Job Locations: All District Headquarter towns of Orissa

Job Requirement:

We expect our reporters to be the first at the site of news.

Daily brief of possible news and feature stories is mandatory for all District Journalists.


You must be a graduate having a Mini-DV Camera (Preferably Sony 3CCD) of your own that gives quality output.

Ability of speaking and writing in English and Hindi will be an advantage.

You must be enthusiastic and energetic to run for news at any point of time.


On the basis of Productivity/ News and Feature stories produced.

Exposed Mini-DV Tapes submitted by the Journalists shall be replaced with fresh tapes.

2. Media Sales and Marketing Consultants [CLOSED]

Job Locations: Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore

Job Requirement:

We are looking for Ad Agencies/ Independent Advertising professionals based in Metro and A1 cities of India to associate as Media Sales & Marketing Consultant for www.hotnhitnews.com - the purely issue based analytical news portal of HotnHit Newsfeatures. Young MBA graduates interested in media sales and marketing are also welcome.

A track record or Previous experience in Advertisement Marketing for web portals must be an asset though not mandatory.

However, We can't accept someone as a member of our field force who considers HOTnHIT Jobs as his/ her second commitment.


A lucrative commission on the business generated by the consultant.

3. Journalists/ Stringer Correspondents required in Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, West Bengal, & North East States of India [CLOSED]

News Production House/ Freelance Journalists having own Mini-DV Camera (Preferably Sony 3CCD) who are interested to work as Business Partner/ Stringer Reporter/ Contributor are encouraged to contact by the email addresses given below.

If, you feel, you are the kind of professional we look for, email your CV to jobs@hotnhitnews.com.


If you look at issues from the

perspective of common man


want to share your ideas with our readers across the globe

submit your article

(at least 800 words)





New ideas for non-fictions, documentaries and current affairs/ feature based programmes and magazines for broadcast on TV Channels. Please explain how your idea is unique and why it will interest TV Viewers.

Mail your ideas to: hotnhitnews@yahoo.com

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