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A postgraduate in History, Basudev Mahapatra is a Journalist – Writer – Documentary & non-fictional Television programme Producer/ Director based at Indian city of Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

Started career as a journalist in the year 1992, Basudev learnt the ropes of journalism & mass communication from his experience in print, web and Television Journalism.

As a print media journalist, Basudev worked with leading regional and national dailies and periodical magazines as a Reporter, Sub-Editor, Contributor of Features, analytical stories and Special Reports.

As a new media journalist, Basudev writes for many News Magazines, online newspapers and journals apart from guiding HOTnHITNews Team being the Editor of purely Issue-based analytical News Feature Website - www.hotnhitnews.com.

With a visible but selective presence in Odisha (India) Television Media Industry, Basudev worked successfully as a Reporter, News Producer, Director – Producer of documentary Films, Non–fictional TV shows and series.

In his journey towards professional excellence, Basudev associated himself with DR2 - Denmark, Correspondent TV - London, OpenDemocracy - London, Global Times - Beijing, Delhi Press - New Delhi, Associated Press Television News (APTN) - New Delhi, JAIN Studios Ltd. (JSL) - New Delhi, Asia Pacific Communication Associates (APCA) - New Delhi, Information TV (India News) - New Delhi, ETV Network - Hyderabad, Network1 News and Information Syndicate (NNIS) - Noida, Naxatra News - Bhubaneswar etc.

He last served as the Editor-in-Chief at Odia television news channel 'Naxatra News'.

The Endeavour in the forms of HOTnHIT Newsfeatures and www.hotnhitnews.com  is to think beyond metro centric consumer choice driven journalism and highlight the issues concerning the rights and livelihood of rural and outreach communities of India. The focus is to use different forms of media for the development of downtrodden and grass-root communities and promote ethical practice of journalism.

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