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Bhubaneswar: the city of encroachers and bad quality dwellers!

Jhodias of Kashipur: Indian tribe hunted to favour corporate mining

For OCA's Ashirbad, Gavaskar is just a commentator in Indian Cricket

Rail Budget 2015: burdening the common man

SLAPP: Arm of India Inc. to silence watchdogs

Odisha: Hail Naveen for supporting treatment of Kanakdei

India under Modi: mapping a road between good governance and tryst with bureaucracy

COP 19: Climate talks opened with tears

Fragile safety of women in Odisha

Posco India: Diplomatic Pressure felt in Odisha!

Odisha: A potential Onion Exporter in Onion Crisis

Poverty and surplus fund situation go hand-in-hand in Odisha

Violent retaliation by Odisha Police becomes frequent

Nothing big to India's credit in hanging Kasab and remembering 26/11 Victims

Odisha: Transparency in Bureaucracy holds key to make Decentralised Planning a reality

India needs to promote responsible use of social media

Odisha: Naveen's silence raises more questions about illegal mining

New face of Indian Motherhood: Baby boy sold by Mother for jeans and mobile phone set

Diesel Price Hike: India ignores trust of 800 Million people to rescue its Oil Companies

Odisha: Clash with Police may fetch Congress more blame than any gain

Odisha Industrial Security Force Bill 2012 may increase exploitations inside Industries

Odisha: Climate Change badly affects Agriculture, threatens food security

Rio+20 Summit: hope for some, frustration for many

Challenges before Rio+20: Act now or the ecosystems may collapse and we all have the fate of Dinosaurs

POSCO's Orissa Project is not all about Steel

The novelty of street board bulletin 'Nichhak' must be protected

Taking clues from two mediations between Maoists and the Government of Odisha

Reporting Rahul's statement on terror attacks: An instance of bad journalism

Challenges multiplied after release of the Collector

COP-15: Summit of Differences, Disagreement and Dissatisfaction

Condolence Controversy in Orissa Assembly: Should a non-political authority be placed as Speaker of the Assembly?

Pen experiences Pain as Journalists are strategically targeted in Orissa

India - Developing to become the 'Hunger Land'

Police’ Camouflage formula would restrict media persons from doing their job

Growing Mania of taking law into hand

India’s Bio-Diesel dream - The great Jatropha Scam in offing

No Gossip, No Politics with Terrorism Please

Murder of Judo Coach Biranchi Das opened up the Police-Criminal-Bureaucracy Nexus in Orissa

Maoists strike in Orissa

Politics of Regional Nationality

Kandhamal Violence - A Caste Conflict termed as Communal

Female Foeticide in India - Medieval mindset rules over Indian society

Agriculture Vs Industrialisation: Indian Economy pushed to a jump-shift (in two parts)

Indian Police going encounter-hungry

Naveen’s Orissa: A journey along Neo-Development Politics

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