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Journalism education undermined by commercialism: Since the popularity of TV Journalism in India, the practice across the country has more become a glamorous profession than the job of a social watchdog and, again, the job is mostly ruled by a kind of lifestyle than working like rats under the surface. A study by the Orissa's Bhubaneswar based 'Institute of Media Studies' indicates that commercialisation mouse has penetrated into (most of the) sugar coated journalism colleges of Orissa. However, the report of the study is just a tip of the iceberg. The trend has infected most of the institutes of the country that are into Journalism teaching. Unfortunately the 'watchdog' ethics are auctioned at the price of materialist bones. Prekshi Arora >>> Read More

In Television, one has to be a jack of all trades and master of (at least) one: 'Media education has to be practical and industry-oriented to produce quality professionals...', an exclusive interview with Nilambar Rath, News Head, ETV Oriya. HNF Correspondent >>> Read the Interview

Rural India: Primary education in a mess: Siksha Sahayaks (contractual subordinate teachers) are put at the primary schools with a very low salary. That's why no good student with best teaching abilities and social commitment shows interest in this job. Therefore, the primary education is running with most teachers of average competencies whose objective ends at making some bucks at the end of the month...HNF Research Desk >>> Read More


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