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Are you worried for Marriage/ Child Birth/ Chronic Disease/ Legal Battle/ Business or Employment???

Could be A Star Impact!

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Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods: An independent study conducted by the Deccan Development Society in India has revealed symptoms of reduced food intake, swollen lips, frothy salivation, nasal discharge, bulging of head and deaths within 25 to 30 days of continuous Bt Cotton fodder consumption. Similarly in the state of Haryana a study has revealed that buffaloes suffered prolapsed uterus, premature deliveries, abortions, reduction in milk output and fat content, change in taste of milk, and sudden deaths after being fed Bt Cotton fodder and oil seed cakes for a regular period. Debjeet Sarangi & Jagannath Chatterjee >>> Read More

Probing Orissa Health System Development Project Scam - an attempt to fool the public: Threatened by the World Bank, Orissa Government ordered for a vigilance enquiry of the matter. It also didn’t question the World Bank about the consultants who were placed to monitor and guide the project team. The way enquiry was made and charge sheet was submitted against a few specific officials, it became clear that government investigating agency worked with a preset objective of finding some scapegoats to safeguard the key people involved in it. Basudev Mahapatra >>> Read More

Kaya Yoga - Road to happiness, health and longevity: A regular and disciplined practice of Kaya Yoga prevents the onset of the lifestyle ailments such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and could alleviate and even cure some of them.  Kaya Yoga detoxifies, revitalises and strengthens all the eleven systems of the human body, which are: cardio-vascular, respiratory, nervous, endocrine, lymphatic, digestive, urinary, reproductive, muscular, skeletal and integumentary. Dr Nachiketa Das >>> Read More

Orissa – Making itself a Specialist Healthcare Hub: People of Orissa with any kind of cardiac ailments don’t need to move to far away metros for treatment, as Bhubaneswar is now transforming itself into a specialist healthcare hub. HNF Correspondent >>> Read More

Female Foeticide - Orissa still into evil practices: To everyone’s astonishment, mostly people from the mainstream society who are educated and aware about the law are into female foeticide and illegal acts like sonography and sex determination. Basudev Mahapatra & Bimal Panda >>> Read More

Pills for Death - Orissa’s Health Administration in question: Orissa – the poorest state on the eastern coasts of India may not have facilities for standard health care, but many pharmaceutical industries operating in the state are thriving by producing killer drugs. Basudev Mahapatra & Lakshmi Narayan Mishra >>> Read More

Orissa plagued with highest Infant Mortality: Since infant mortality often serves as a key development indicator and that reflects the combined impact of various programmes implemented for socio-economic development of people, Orissa's high infant mortality rate has a greater significance. HNF Research Desk >>> Read More


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