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One more starvation death alleged in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: the city of encroachers and bad quality dwellers!

Police terror: anti-Maoist forces kill six civilians in Odisha

Jhodias of Kashipur: Indian tribe hunted to favour corporate mining

Witchcraft beliefs trigger target hunting of Albinos

Drought encouraged distress migration in Odisha

Bay of Bengal deadlier than Mediterranean for migrants and refugees

Overuse of antibiotics poses threat to food security: FAO

COP 21: what the Paris Agreement means to experts?

Hiss of Hisaburu: Uncovering the story of a bigger mining scam

Myth of Onion

Odisha DMF Rules lack in many ways: CSE

HISABURU: An Undiscovered Mega Mining Scam in Odisha

Withdraw Odisha Police Bill 2015, activists demand

India's daughter: why BBC shouldn't have aired the documentary

Activist holds Vedanta guilty of operating illegal fly ash pond

UN expert applauds US decision guaranteeing Net Neutrality

Rail Budget 2015: A Preview

Mother tongue education essential to bolster multilingualism: UN

Odisha Mining Scam: the JSPL, SMPL and Odisha Government nexus

Ideas to convert Clean India Campaign into Mission Achieved

As big dams fail, more conflicts over water are expected

Odisha Chit Fund Scam: BJD MLA Pravat Tripathy arrested by CBI

Should India allow Metahistory in school curricula?

Labour condition appalling in Indian Textile Industry

Can Modinomics address the issue of inequality

Food wastage still an issue though India ranks better in GHI

Shocking: Odisha minister attempted to physically assault journalists

Kashmir floods have strong link with climate change

Odisha government apathetic to water issues: WIO

SLAPP: Arm of India Inc. to silence watchdogs

Odisha should adopt Gram Sabha system to ensure democracy in villages

Odisha: Civil society members appeal for CBI probe into mining scam

Flood worries continue to grip Odisha

Medical overuse emerges as healthcare issue in India: WB

Indian defence modernisation plan needs pragmatic action

Odisha tribals and activists oppose Vedanta plant expansion plan

Odisha: Hail Naveen for supporting treatment of Kanakdei

WTO in crisis as India catapulted food safety issue

Police hopeful about combating Naxal menace after arrest of Sabyasachi

In Naveen Regime: Top cop faces bureaucratic vendetta!

Bring the Ocean under effective governance: GOC

Mini-grids may end rural India's power woes

Egypt's jail terms for journalists: global leaders must act to uphold freedom of press

Delhi tops in fatal road accidents: CSE

Over 80 bt of mineral reserves still untapped in India

Shutdown order slammed on Coca-Cola plant, licence cancelled

Kayapo Chieftain seeks support to save Amazon Rainforest

India not equipped to offset natural calamities

Counterterrorism under the New Indian Government

Insurgency growing in Assam

Posco India: Khandadhar may take Odisha's War for Steel to next stage

India in Top Five of Black Money Exporters List

Journalism safety: A year in review

India: TV Newsrooms give less importance to environment

After power seizure, Thai military targeted press freedom

Indian Maoists' incursion of southern states

For political leaders of India, El Nino makes no sense!

CBI to investigate chit fund scam: Will it offer Navin a bitter fourth term?

Tsundur Massacre: Journey for justice seems to go longer

Fracking may not realise the energy dreams

Delhi HC asks for detailed response on junk foods in schools

1984 Riots: designed to teach Sikhs a lesson?

India second to Brazil in homicide count

Energy Revolution: World heads opposite to Panel prescriptions

Climate Change: IPCC tries a gamble with shale gas

Maoists: Disrupted Democracy in India

Censorship on rise in India

BBC's Safety of Journalists Symposium: Increased safety and protection of Journalists called for

Armed conflict receded though remained unresolved in South Asia

India: land, Conflict and Injustice

Ethical medical practice a challenge in India

Enemies of the Internet 2014

Include tribal issues in the election manifesto, urges NGO

No approval given for GM crop field trials: Moily

Despite reverses, Maoists hope for a future victory

Bad News: Malaria mosquitoes fly higher in warmer period

India Decides: Conflict prone Odisha needs special attention

Odisha: FRA violated in Keonjhar to favour mining company

Attack on Odisha Minister: Probe points at political links in crimes

Women's rights over forest and land be upheld: Activists

Study debunks Coca Cola's CSR claims in India

Land Rights to Forest People can reduce Climate Change

Odisha: anti-corruption crusader beaten up, hospitalised

Mining Mafias' brigandage of Baitarani

Odisha's POSCO Dream and the Complex Khandadhar Mining Nut

Drought to be a frequent phenomenon in some regions

Baripada Leprosy Home: Odisha Government pains Staines' Charitable Trust

Odisha buys development against militarization and threatened sovereignty

Odisha working journalists declared to launch protest

People's movements may take over climate issues if world governments fail

Indian subcontinent inadequately insured against disaster risks

Saving ozone may slow warming rate

Fragile safety of women in Odisha

Religion and Conflict: What is neutral space?

US to set green norms for power plants

Climate concern: More warming will worsen Water Scarcity

Sardar Sarovar Dam Oustees issue legal notices to administrators

Creating an Awareness of Water Quality in the City of Cuttack

FTII students beaten up: Action against ABVP demanded

Odisha: Education in tribal mother tongue yet to become reality

Bhubaneswar: Slum leaders meet Odisha Governor for rights over land

Flouting Laws: MoEF clears rejected projects

Odisha MP submits two private members' bills in Parliament

Indo-Ceylonese Policy needs a friendly perspective

India lacks in Urban Sewage and Wastewater Management

Odisha: Integrated sanitation Project yet to start in Cuttack

The Pension Bill: Robbing workers to enrich the Capitalist

Odisha: Manual Scavengers yet to make a clean start

Odisha yet to bring ECE Law for Tribal Children

Development versus Internal Security: Gainers and sufferers in India

People versus State: Conflict over POSCO Project grows in Odisha

Bangladesh lacks in free trial and due process: UN human rights experts

Changing Lives: Odisha sees Napkin as Key to Women's Health and Empowerment

Nuclear Concern: Deal with Global Nuclear Hypocrisy than just condemning North Korea

AFSPA in India: A nation surrenders before the desires of its Army!

In Odisha's Conflict Zone: Evils use Police and Naxals, Innocents suffer

Odisha: Poor sanitation brings misery to Cuttack Slums

Posco India: Diplomatic Pressure felt in Odisha!

Nuapada: Innocents pay heavily for mistakes of a violent Police

Odisha: A potential Onion Exporter in Onion Crisis

Hundred Companies disclose their forest footprint

Qatar's challenge to Saudi Arabia: An alternative view of Wahhabism

Conflict in Odisha: Innocents suffer between Naxals and a Predator Police

Egypt: Troubled Morsi shifts focus from Reforms to Law Enforcement

India indifferent to issues of its food growers

2012: Year of rising role of Social Media in South Asia

Verma Committee Report: A tribute to all sexual assault victims of India

PMANE activists demand Whitepaper on Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project

Daringbadi: Police Behaviour is further Unlawful than Outlawed Naxals

Egypt: New evidence placed to delay Port Said Violence Verdict

Price Rise: Burden of Scams is being passed on to Poor People of India

Undivided Kalahandi: Life becomes tough between Poverty and Police Violence

Qatar employs forced labour in violation of ILO norms

Sunabeda Development Plan for Odisha to check Maoist violence

Balance between Nature and Development essential: Experts

Odisha rated as High Performing State in ICDS intervention

India: Opposition leaders blew whistle against FDI in Retail

Reform criminal justice system to stop crime against women: AHRC

Middle East Soccer sees campaign for Gender Equality in the Sport

India: PMO asks Ministries to compromise with Laws of the Land

Global Capitalist Culture of Rape and the Seismic Fault Line

India should stop track two diplomacy with Pakistan

Instead of FDI, India should focus on internal issus and development

Odisha CM demands extension of eastern freight corridor upto Visakhapatnam

Malda: Locus of instability in West Bengal

Mining in Karlapat would invite Ecological Disaster

Effect changes this year in Odisha to secure our daughters

Punish Kailash Vijayvargiya for crossing his limits - By Dr T N seema

Address the Corrupt Mindset to eradicate Corruption from India

India: A grim place for Free Speech

Issue of Crime Against Women must enter mainstream political discourse

Railway posed biggest threat to elephants in Odisha in 2012

Violence against women: India needs uniform mechanism

Campaign against FDI in Retail to be launched on New Year's Day

Odisha: Administrative apathy adds to misery of sexually assaulted girls

Odisha: CRPF to probe into physical assault on government employees

J&K needs policy to end plight of scavenging community

Air Pollution: One of World's Top 10 Killers

Poverty and surplus fund situation go hand-in-hand in Odisha

India: Government called to opt public mandate over its nuclear dreams

Vanniyar-Dalit conflict of Dharmapuri: Fallout of caste-based politics in Tamil Nadu

Doha Climate Summit: Gateway to nowhere

Indian Church must ensure equal treatment to dalit Christians

Odisha: Interlocutor writes to CM for impartial inquiry into Son's arrest

Dongria tribe of Niyamgiri demands complete shutdown of Vedanta unit in Lanjigarh

COP 18: Doha Climate Summit brings no solution to Climate Change

ITUC calls Qatar to ensure International Labour Standards

Dying Artists of India: Karma tribal dance performers struggle to survive

Violent retaliation by Odisha Police becomes frequent

Feminist Movements hold key to stop violence against Women, Says global study

Nothing big to India's credit in hanging Kasab and remembering 26/11 Victims

Bangalore to be the first City to segregate waste at source

From Koodankulam to Kolar: Nuclear Killing Fields of India keep on expanding

India needs to promote responsible use of social media

Conflict in Odisha: Revenge angle gives twist to the encounter story

Civil Right group condemned Suu Kyi's stand on Rohingya genocide

Western media has no space for Israeli atrocities in Gaza

Smog, Delhi and Diwali

Sandy made Climate Change a political issue in the US

On Indian city roads and the fate-less pedestrians

'Think South Asia' to be the Motto for Mutual Growth: Pallam Raju

Odisha: Seasonal Hostels to prevent child migration

Odisha Illegal Mining Row: Action against erring officials awaited

Koodankulam: Another Bhopal disaster in waiting

Odisha: After Maharathi, it's Damodar Rout now in target of National SC Commission

Odisha aims at inculcating principle of zero tolerance towards corruption: CM Naveen Patnaik

Middle East Conflict: The Issue of Arab Jews

Odisha: Activists appeal Chief Minister to oppose the Draft National Water Policy 2012

India: Role of MHA and Media Reporting questioned in Fasih Mehmood deportation case

Man Elephant Conflict: Study emphasises upon elephant individuality to prevent conflict with human

Odisha: Rio Tinto builds diplomatic pressure for revival of its mining operations

Odisha: Dengue spreads its tentacles, Hospitals lack in facilities to deal with situation

PESA Act and FRA sidelined: Tribals of Odisha yet to get complete ownership over MFP

Junk the Junk Food: Celebrities support campaign to shun Junk Food in Schools

Odisha: Diarrhoea follows Dengue in southern district of Ganjam

Events spotlight Soccer as a Jihadist recruitment tool

Odisha: Activists welcome HC judgement asking State to make laws for protection of water bodies

Odisha: Acts for empowerment must be implemented in true spirit to ensure development of tribal communities

Forced child marriage can't be justified on any ground

CBD failed in protecting India's Rivers and Reverine Biodiversity

Odisha: Probe into Mining Lease Grants may trouble the government

Odisha: Story of dumping of rice by Railway exposed through RTI

Soccer: A reason of hatred for Somalia's Al Shabab

Parade of Communism in America: Lack of teaching on other side of Bolshevik Revolution held responsible

If the Thackerays of Mumbai are originally Magadhans

India's elite police into serious violation of Law, says JTSA report

Odisha: Government must recheck viability of Lower Suktel Project, look for alternative

Singapore court orders journalist to reveal sources

Odisha: MUFP delegation met DGP on harassment of media persons by Police

Terming CMAS as Maoist frontal Organisation is Conspiratory: Gananath Patra

Odisha: Status of women in society is a major cause of concern, said Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik

Rights violation rampant in Sri Lanka, allege Human Rights Organisations

Right to life, freedom of speech, liberty, equality are meaningless to poor: Justice Markenday Katju

Expose the hypocrisy and misleading campaigns by Odisha govt and Posco: PPSS Chairperson Abhay Sahu

Let Us live as Citizens with Dignity

Indian Democracy eroded by Money, Muscle and Paid Media: HS Bramha

Odisha: NCW Team concerned over no arrest in Policewoman assault case

WSG decision to sue soccer scholar condemned by sports elite circle

Power plans of Odisha: Fly Ash to take 30 Acres of Land everyday

India should accept UN Rights Body Recommendations, demands HRW

Middle East Politics: Egypt registers anti-American protest

India should reject CDM recommendations, says CSE

Diesel Price Hike: India ignores trust of 800 Million people to rescue its Oil Companies

The World of Soccer: AFC reports to Malaysian Police about stolen payment documents

Koodankulam: Let's do some soul-search and talk again

Odisha: Crazy and inhuman acts by people become frequent

"Instead of Aseem Trivedi Government should make self-arrests of some cartoons running the country" - twitviews

LWE affected States need to improve Police-Population ratio, advised Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh

Omkareshwar Dam Protest: One among Asia's great three protests

Odisha: Conflict results in displacement of Tribal families

India: Realities behind the Tiger Conservation Story

India: Climate Change perspective of Assam Violence and its future

Corporate Personhood and the CSR Myth

Stop Adani from Mining to Save the Tigers, campaigners appeal the CM of Maharashtra

Climate change forces species to shift habitation

Odisha: Save the Samaja forum demanded liberation of the Samaja

Odisha Industrial Security Force Bill 2012 may increase exploitations inside Industries

Arab Revolts: Impact on Central Asia

Indian Politics: Power Play with Corporate Money

Odisha: Pollution Control Board demeans its existence to favour HINDALCO

Odisha: OPGC had no intention of questioning integrity of State Energy Department, clarifies a release

India Water Policy 2012: Design for water Loot

Odisha: Climate Change badly affects Agriculture, threatens food security

Dams have a role in Global warming

Assam Violence: Concerned Citizens Group appealed to uphold the composite fabric of Indian Society

US climate fund used to kill Indian Solar Panel Industry, data fudged - says CSE

Indian Government must act tough on GM Crop advocates

Wildlife Poaching: Not just a conservation crisis but linked with security issues

Obama Administration's dangerous assault on Fundamental Rights

India: Government puts word limit on RTI pleas

Odisha under US Scanner for delaying justice to the victims of kandhamal violence

PIL drags Odisha orphanage under HC scanner for alleged wrongdoings

In India's Conflict Zone: Civil Society Activists become targets of Maoist and the Government

Pune series blast of 01/08 and the ongoing caste war in Maharashtra

Coal mining threatens forest and tiger habitat; Greenpeace seeks moratorium on forest clearance

Grid failure in India: Power generation configuration needs to be changed

Battle for Paternity: Ripples of Delhi HC Verdict felt in Odisha

Mangalore Talibanised !

Time for transition from Violence to Non-Violence

Odisha: Women allegedly assaulted by jawans from Anti-maoist Force in Bargarh

An ode to 'lesser' people's death in India

NAPM urges that SC and Chhattisgarh Governor should take Suo Motto in killing of 17 Adivasis

Genetically engineered food is dangerous, say genetic engineers

The offshore Industry and integrity of Olympic games

MDG Report 2012 bears no promise for India's Water Troubles

Be committed to Public Health, Stop importing White Asbestos

India: over 14000 farmers committed suicide in 2011

India's battle against Corruption: whistleblower Officers not tolerated by government

Evil in West: A Culture plagued by caste prejudice

To be, or Not To be: possibilities of suicidal 'nuclear power race'

Odisha doubts if justice be bestowed upon the soul of Babina

Media persons attacked in Bargarh, Odisha becoming hell for journalists

Rio+20 Summit: hope for some, frustration for many

Odisha Gana Samaj resolves to carry on mass campaign to uphold rights of Pipili gang rape victim

Bureaucratic monopoly has resulted in rampant corruption at grassroots

Challenges before Rio+20: Act now or the ecosystems may collapse and we all have the fate of Dinosaurs

WHO says diesel exhaust can definitely cause cancer; Is India prepared to respond to the public health risk? Asks CSE

Human activity caused Global Ocean Warming over past 50 years

Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project: The absurd 'Offsite Emergency' Drama and a few Unanswered Questions

Indian Media: Symptom and perpetrator of a rotten democracy

Neelachal Ispat ranks among top four environment-friendly steel plant, Bhushan Steel rated as the worst in India

NPCIL plays Hide and Seek with People

People's Organisations oppose coal block clearance in Madhya Pradesh

Children abused in Orphanage of Odisha: Chief Minister's intervention sought by Activists through open letter

First world must learn from the third world farming methods to achieve food security

Monsanto, Mahyco and others to be criminally prosecuted in BT Brinjal Bio-Piracy case

Marriage Law Amendment Bill must be put up for open debate

Primitive Tribals of Odisha allege violation of rights by Forest Department Officials

IDSA Report emphasises on Indigenous Manpower, Technologies, Equipment to tackle Cyber Threats

Sea Level Rise has a link with groundwater depletion

Summer heat and ground fire put forest and wildlife at risk in Odisha

TRP race in Media: No to Assam Tragedy, Yes to Arushi Murder!

Illegal and anti-people provisions of Odisha RTI Rules, 2005

India's Human Rights Obligation

The novelty of street board bulletin 'Nichhak' must be protected

India: Dishonesty threats Stability

Taking clues from two mediations between Maoists and the Government of Odisha

Letter to the Press Council Chairperson about SUN News reportage of arrest of the supporters of Kudankulam protest

A fatal investigation by the highest investigating agency of India 'CBI'

Growing women atrocities in Odisha: Issue of women safety needs to be seen from social perspective

MUFP ridicules Bhushan Steel's act of vengeance against media persons

Indian Home Ministry and UIDAI misleading State Governments and Citizens of the Country

The great Odisha Water Scam

Women contribute maximum to Indian Economy, but are still neglected

Odisha Dalit Girl Gang Rape Case: Three of the four accused arrested

Odisha Civil Society demands CBI Probe into the Pipili Gang Rape Case, seeks review of all rape cases by independent agency

Tradition of Arribada on Odisha beaches may become history

"Clean-up Lanjigarh Refinery Site of Vedanta, Monitor its Health Impact on Local Communities" - Appeals Amnesty International

Imprisoned by Profit

Justice M B Shah acknowledges bureaucracy link in Odisha Mining Scam

For BCCI, Cricket is more a business than a sport

Bring all children to school to address the issue of child labour

Economic globalisation and food sovereignty

Hirakud Dam needs a proper management system to realise its primary objective of "Flood Control"

UPA Government exposed in India's fight against Corruption

The changing face of News

Nuapada goes lawless in night

Nothing poetic about death - A report from ground zero at the site of ambush in Narayanpur

Family of missing government Driver faces administrative apathy in Orissa

Reporting Rahul's statement on terror attacks: An instance of bad journalism

Dreams of 52000 Crores versus the days of 52 families

Mining Industry's opposition to the profit sharing proposal has no basis - says CSE Report

Farmer's Suicide Syndrome - The Imperialist Suicide Epidemic in India

Indian security force personnel alleged of gang raping tribal minor girl in Orissa's Narayanpatna

NREGA - The Great Job Robbery Programme

It's Project Brahmanism

Why is Anna Hazare's fast important

If these are Mr. Chidambaram's anti-Naxal Operations

WikiLeaks Politics - India Survives its Week of Leaks

Killing a leopard and killing the Adivasis - One is beastly, other is a victory!

Working Journalists of India should have greater access to quality training - Sam Miller

2010: Deadliest Year in a generation

Gandhamardan: A Nature's Paradise endangered by the White Gold Craze

Orissa may have to lose the turtle mass nesting grounds for Ports

People keep dying; Rayagada's killer Diarrhoea becomes a political agenda in Orissa

Primitive Tribals ready to take arms to Save their god 'NiyamRaja'

Life between Cry and Agony - Facts from the Red Corridor

Between tradition and modernity - India struggles to stem rise in 'Honour Killings'

MUFP plans to seek people's support for safety of Media Persons

Not every Maoist a Tribal, but anyone not with Govt is a Maoist

Halt the Offensive against People and End Militarisation of the Forests

Out of the green, into the dust: The story of Jenabil

Why Orissa is Dear to the Naxalites

Brick Kilns - Death Destinations for Migrant Workers

Temperature on rise - Summer becoming the killer season for Orissa

Not just Naxalism, Indian Government must look at the Issues behind

Kalinganagar - Repression Continues Even When People Are Dying For Want of Medical Care

Anti-Maoist Operation faces counter attack by Red Rebels - Support of Local Communities would be the key to Success

Maoist movement plays a role in West Bengal Power Game

Welcome to the killing fields of Orissa

COP-15: Summit of Differences, Disagreement and Dissatisfaction

Orissa journalists declare forum to ensure press freedom

Making Profits From Poverty

‘Traditional Natural Farming' would provide better food security to poor and tribal Farmers

Pen experiences Pain as Journalists are strategically targeted in Orissa

Whom the State prefers – Gandhians or Maoists  !!!

India - Developing to become the 'Hunger Land'

US Lawmakers urge action against perpetrators of violence in Orissa's Kandhamal

Glaciers of Kashmir shrinking at alarming speed

Government's indifference towards non-violent protests led to tribal uprising in Narayanpatna of Orissa

Tribal Communities getting sandwiched between Maoists and Police

Stop use of Endosulfan - a deadly pesticide encouraged in India

Tribals must be allowed to decide how they want to live

Police’ Camouflage formula would restrict media persons from doing their job

Sporting for a Penniless  Pride

Illegal Mining probe exposes miner-official nexus to loot mineral reserves of Orissa

Acid in the Oceans - A growing threat to Sea Life

Mines of Curse

Growing Mania of taking law into hand

How the media is creating a climate for change

Rule of Law or a Talibanised Shariat – Pak Activists demand referendum

Vedanta managed to get mining lease but not Golden Peacock Award

Eastern India Must not become a desert

Climate Change and Poverty are Inseparable

Orissa becoming unsafe for women

Nobel Laureates Urge Action on Climate Change

Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods

Industrialisation drive in Orissa needs space for tribals and farmers

Global Dimming - A trend dangerous than Global Warming

BT Brinjal in Orissa - It's time to ring the warning bells

Rail-Link may pacify situation in Kandhamal

Orissa Tourism – Long way ahead to touch the mark

Planting Trees and Managing Soils to Sequester Carbon

Orissa Maoists divided on Communal Lines

Orissa experiences the wrath of Climate Change in India

Linguistic Politics grows regional disparity in India

Ocean’s fury over coastal villages of Orissa

Mahatma Gandhi wanted an end to untouchability only, but not to caste system - John Dayal

Victim of Mining - Sukinda fast converts into a death trap

No Gossip, No Politics with Terrorism Please

Dalits caught in the Cross-Coconut Battle

Faith dangling between God and Money

Sea level rise and inundation of coastal India

The communal face of Indian Maoists

Kandhamal Violence – Social conflict and Economic gap led to Communal hatred

River Ganges faces the wrath of Global Warming

Chilka Lake faces the danger of submergence

Orissa under Naveen Patnaik - Corruption and Lawlessness behind the face of Transparency

Politics is for Man, not for a distinct Community

Orissa in a globalised economy - Challenges ahead

Merchant power plants in India - A supply solution approach to energy crisis

Crime Reporting in India - Publicising criminals than condemning crime

Television Journalism in India - Money and Sensationalism overpower ethics and principles

Orissa - the ground of Police-Criminal-Bureaucracy Nexus

Harnessing Solar Energy in Orissa

Maoists strike in Orissa

Global warming - India never takes it serious

Kandhamal Violence - A Caste Conflict termed as Communal

Caring for the Rivers in India

Nandigram Issue goes out of Control

Awareness of water-quality

Merchant Power Plants in India - A supply solution approach to energy crisis

Industrialisation of Orissa - Development against peoples' will

Naxal Movement in India

Ocean’s fury over coastal villages of Orissa

Female Foeticide in India - Medieval mindset rules over Indian society

Pills for Death - Orissa’s Health Administration in question

KASHIPUR – Loaded with Political Promises

Trauma, Tears and Teligiri - Life just before displacement

Orissa plagued with highest Infant Mortality

SORANA: Lot to speak, Nobody to listen

Rising Maoist Activism – A Civil War Knocking at the doors

Million Dollar Dreams on net - A Racket online to cheat the net users

Indian Police going Encounter-Hungry

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