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BT Brinjal in Orissa - It's time to ring the warning bells: An independent analysis of Mahyco's Bt Brinjal biosafety data by a French scientist brings to light that Bt Brinjal is unsafe for human consumption. The study team led by Prof. Gilles-Eric Séralini of Committee for Independent Research and Information on Genetic Engineering (CRIIGEN), France concluded that Bt brinjal release into the environment, for food, feed or cultures, may present a serious risk for human and animal health and the release should be forbidden. Debjeet Sarangi & Jagannath Chatterjee >>> Read More

Rail-Link may pacify situation in Kandhamal: It is most unfortunate that in a poor and backward state like Odisha, development of rail network has received much less attention by Union Government in the post- Independence period. This is one of the main reasons for the backwardness of adivasis and other areas of Odisha who are backward partly because of the lack of connectivity and such neglect continue to keep them backward and prevent them from catching up from the mainstream. Er Lalit Pattnaik >>> Read More

Orissa Tourism – Long way ahead to touch the mark: Goa has made amazing progress marking the highest in the tourism sector. The government deserves applause for the way it has turned its natural assets into commercial endeavour, thus making huge revenues for the state. On the contrary, although Orissa has every potential to be a world-class tourist destination, the state stands nowhere among preferred sightseeing spots in the country. Lisa Pradhan >>> Read More

Planting Trees and Managing Soils to Sequester Carbon: The tropical deforestation in Asia is driven primarily by the fast-growing demand for timber. In Latin America, it’s the growing demand for soybeans and beef that is deforesting the Amazon. In Africa, it is mostly the gathering of fuel-wood and the clearing of new land for agriculture as existing cropland is degraded and abandoned. Earth Policy Istitute Release >>> Read More

Trauma, Tears and Teligiri - Life just before displacement: Nobody other than the displaced can feel how painful and sorrowful is displacement. Tragedy of the post-displacement life is visible, but the pain and suffering prior to displacement is heart breaking although invisible. It’s as good as experiencing a death before it really comes as life passes with tensions and lots of fearful apprehensions. Bibhuti Bhusan Pati >>> Read More

Merchant power plants in India - A supply solution approach to energy crisis: The focus here is to highlight some of the public policy issues inherent in the development process of the MPP’s.  As a new model of capacity addition it entails a set of legal, regulatory, pricing and other policy issues. Gopal Krishna Sarangi. >>> Read More

Not only declarations; Agriculture deserves Special Attention: It is a widely known fact that farming has no longer remained profitable and those who are involved in this business are there because they have no better alternative than this. Rohit Arya >>> Read More

KASHIPUR – Loaded with Political Promises: The place of starvation deaths, malnutrition and bureaucratic apathy, Kashipur has been relentlessly facing the wrath of nature in the form of flood and droughts. HNF Bureau  >>> Read More

Industrialisation of Orissa - Development against peoples' will: Betrayed so many times, the tribal communities are blaming the government and bureaucrats for being unsympathetic and harsh to their problems, livelihood issues and rights. HNF Bureau >>> Read More


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