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Jhodias of Kashipur: Indian tribe hunted to favour corporate mining

Battle over IOCL: Green activist's open letter to PM of India and CM of Odisha

BJP may have to pay in Bihar for Dharmendra’s Odisha dreams

Narendra Modi and the future of Indian Politics

India to host confluence of Indian Ocean Rim Countries

Odisha Chit Fund Scam: BJD MLA Pravat Tripathy arrested by CBI

Shocking: Odisha minister attempted to physically assault journalists

SLAPP: Arm of India Inc. to silence watchdogs

A letter to dear Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik

Odisha should adopt Gram Sabha system to ensure democracy in villages

Odisha: Civil society members appeal for CBI probe into mining scam

Indian defence modernisation plan needs pragmatic action

Odisha: Maoist leader Sabyasachi Panda arrested

In Naveen Regime: Top cop faces bureaucratic vendetta!

Odisha lags in ensuring growth and alleviating poverty: Economic Survey

Egypt's jail terms for journalists: global leaders must act to uphold freedom of press

BJP and BJD compete to flare up inflation: Former Odisha Minister

India under Modi: mapping a road between good governance and tryst with bureaucracy

Trust of People reflected in the Mandate: Odisha CM

Counterterrorism under the New Indian Government

Wang Yi's India visit opens up many possibilities

"Minimum Government, Maximum Governance"

India in Top Five of Black Money Exporters List

AAP to go for rebuilding to re-emerge as political alternative

Who are the Educated?

Modi Factor: Possibilities about India's Foreign Policy

Stop Posco Project: Jual Oram

After power seizure, Thai military targeted press freedom

Christians in India sceptical about religious freedom during BJP rule

Navin keeps his card secret till results come!

Astrologers too do not want to miss the game of poll predictions

From now on, no political leader can win an election without winning the battle for airtime - Dr Prannoy Roy

CBI to investigate chit fund scam: Will it offer Navin a bitter fourth term?

Is China on the path of imperialism?

1984 Riots: designed to teach Sikhs a lesson?

Maoists: Disrupted Democracy in India

Armed conflict receded though remained unresolved in South Asia

Real Gujarat: An Underreported Story

A touch of green: Life beyond 7% growth

Enemies of the Internet 2014

Include tribal issues in the election manifesto, urges NGO

Despite reverses, Maoists hope for a future victory

India Decides: Conflict prone Odisha needs special attention

Attack on Odisha Minister: Probe points at political links in crimes

Odisha Election 2014: Journo may become BJD choice for Jatni

Politics of Identity: biggest danger to democratic governance

Posco: more troubles in the offing

Naveen sums up his 14 years as era of fast track development

Naveen obstructs the course of justice - Niranjan

In 2014, Odisha BJP may find a friend in its 2009 foe

Odisha Urban Poll Results: A call for introspection

Odisha MP submits two private members' bills in Parliament

Odisha loves to be fooled by Naveen!

Indo-Ceylonese Policy needs a friendly perspective

Odisha: Pyari BJP Equation in the build-up

Bangladesh lacks in free trial and due process: UN human rights experts

Nuclear Concern: Deal with Global Nuclear Hypocrisy than just condemning North Korea

Qatar's challenge to Saudi Arabia: An alternative view of Wahhabism

Egypt: Troubled Morsi shifts focus from Reforms to Law Enforcement

Egypt: Port Said Violence Victims declared martyrs of Revolution

VHP protest in Delhi targeted Shinde, not Cricket

Price Rise: Burden of Scams is being passed on to Poor People of India

India: Opposition leaders blew whistle against FDI in Retail

India: PMO asks Ministries to compromise with Laws of the Land

Rich tax defaulters become burden on the poor

India should stop track two diplomacy with Pakistan

Punish Kailash Vijayvargiya for crossing his limits - By Dr T N Seema

Odisha strives to sustain growth and remain investment friendly - CM

Address the Corrupt Mindset to eradicate Corruption from India

Egypt: Soccer league seen as political barometer

Issue of Crime Against Women must enter mainstream political discourse

Redefine criteria for Special Category Status: Naveen at NDC meeting

Middle East soccer on the Road of Reforms: Saudi Football gets its first elected President

Odisha: CM Naveen in flatter controversy

Campaign against FDI in Retail to be launched on New Year's Day

Support 117th Amendment Bill to end plight of SCs and STs

ITUC calls Qatar to ensure International Labour Standards

Gujarat Election 2012: Civil society seeks regulation to make Elected Representatives accountable

FDI in Indian Retail: CAIT to stage nationwide demonstration

Odisha Right to Public Services Bill 2012: Cluster of Loopholes

Odisha needs to sign MoU with its farmers

Egypt: Morsi in trouble of street battles

Civil Right group condemned Suu Kyi's stand on Rohingya genocide

Odisha: Ruling BJD on the face of split

Think South Asia' to be the Motto for Mutual Growth: Pallam Raju

Odisha: Illegal Mining Issue fuels Power War

Algerian Soccer Violence warns about mounting frustration

Politics of Soccer: African Championship Finals have bigger political dimension

Odisha: After Maharathi, it's Damodar Rout now in target of National SC Commission

FDI issues to be discussed in Parliament, CAIT plans nationwide Political campaign

Middle East Conflict: The Issue of Arab Jews

Constitution of India not for the poor and toiling masses: Seth Damodar Swarup in Constituent Assembly

Odisha: Pyari ridiculed Naveen as Incapable, Corrupt and a Despot

Odisha headed by a non-warranted non-notified Governor !

Soccer: A reason of hatred for Somalia's Al Shabab

If the Thackerays of Mumbai are originally Magadhans

India: CAIT to gear up its fight, take up massive campaign against FDI

Terming CMAS as Maoist frontal Organisation is Conspiratory: Gananath Patra

Impact of Anti-American Protests: Healthy change in the Muslim World

Rights violation rampant in Sri Lanka, allege Human Rights Organisations

Right to life, freedom of speech, liberty, equality are meaningless to poor: Justice Markenday Katju

FDI in Retail: CAIT calls for Open Debate

21st century is rightly spoken of as the Asian Century: PM of India

Indian Democracy eroded by Money, Muscle and Paid Media: HS Bramha

Huge part of UK foreign aid goes as consultancy fees

The second political victory for Egyptian soccer fans

Power plans of Odisha: Fly Ash to take 30 Acres of Land everyday

India should accept UN Rights Body Recommendations, demands HRW

Between Corruption and Street War: Egypt struggles to shape its future

Middle East Politics: Egypt registers anti-American protest

Diesel Price Hike: India ignores trust of 800 Million people to rescue its Oil Companies

Egypt: Emergence of Ultras as a powerful political force

"Instead of Aseem Trivedi Government should make self-arrests of some cartoons running the country" - twitviews

LWE affected States need to improve Police-Population ratio, advised Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh

Omkareshwar Dam Protest: One among Asia's great three protests

Ultras and Egyptian Security Forces gear up for renewed Confrontation

Odisha: Clash with Police may fetch Congress more blame than any gain

The World of Soccer: AFC reports to Malaysian Police about stolen payment documents

African soccer executives oblivious to winds of change

Odisha: Conflict results in displacement of Tribal families

Indian democracy becoming undemocratic to Hindus, alleged Pravin Togadia

Egypt: Soccer match to test shift from street to parliamentary politics

FIFA Investigates: World Cup Host Qatar in the hot seat

Odisha Industrial Security Force Bill 2012 may increase exploitations inside Industries

Arab Revolts: Impact on Central Asia

Indian Politics: Power Play with Corporate Money

India Water Policy 2012: Design for water Loot

Reinstituting Egypt's Premier League: A Political Tug of War

Identity politics shape Middle Eastern and North African Soccer

Soccer weaves a thread through Syrian rebels and Assad force

Soccer Economics: Turkish Soccer Club pioneers new funding strategy

Obama Administration's dangerous assault on Fundamental Rights

In India's Conflict Zone: Civil Society Activists become targets of Maoist and the Government

Pune series blast of 01/08 and the ongoing caste war in Maharashtra

Vice-President Election: Naveen has to make a choice between Communalism and Opportunism

Odisha Politics: JB can still be a factor

Naveen-Pyari split: A game already played in mind!

India's Blood-Stained Democracy

Odisha: Tribal and Minority cards may boomerang to Naveen

Congressional Elections are Fixed in America

India's battle against Corruption: whistleblower Officers not tolerated by government

Odisha Election 2014: Waterloo for Pyari or Naveen

Odisha doubts if justice be bestowed upon the soul of Babina

India's superpower gimmick: Manmohan Singh thinks he has made India a Superpower

Odisha's power triangle and politics of bureaucracy

Odisha Gana Samaj resolves to carry on mass campaign to uphold rights of Pipili gang rape victim

Bureaucratic monopoly has resulted in rampant corruption at grassroots

Challenges before Rio+20: Act now or the ecosystems may collapse and we all have the fate of Dinosaurs

Drop FIR against Civil Society Members, make CBI probe of Pipili gang rape case

Children abused in Orphanage of Odisha: Chief Minister's intervention sought by Activists through open letter

Caught between the Devil and Deep Sea

Petrol price hike is mindless, says CSE

Monsanto, Mahyco and others to be criminally prosecuted in BT Brinjal Bio-Piracy case

Politics through food habits

Marriage Law Amendment Bill must be put up for open debate

India: Dishonesty threats Stability

Taking clues from two mediations between Maoists and the Government of Odisha

CPI ML difference with the Maoist Trend - Genesis and present contradictions

Uttar Pradesh Elections: A shocker in the making

Growing women atrocities in Odisha: Issue of women safety needs to be seen from social perspective

Odisha Dalit Girl Gang Rape Case: Three of the four accused arrested

Indian Home Ministry and UIDAI misleading State Governments and Citizens of the Country

Bring all children to school to address the issue of child labour

UPA Government exposed in India's fight against Corruption

POSCO's Orissa Project is not all about Steel

Hina Rabbani Khar's India Visit: Pakistan's soft face offered no hope for resolution of 'Kashmir' Issue

Reporting Rahul's statement on terror attacks: An instance of bad journalism

NREGA - The Great Job Robbery Programme

Implementation of the Agreement between mediators and Orissa Government essential to address the stalemate

It's Project Brahmanism

Why is Anna Hazare's fast important

If these are Mr. Chidambaram's anti-Naxal Operations

Societal Contempt is the answer to Corruption

WikiLeaks Politics - India Survives its Week of Leaks

India: A Democracy on the road of Kleptocracy

Living in Cynical Times

Challenges multiplied after release of the Collector

The Politics of fake Encounter

Opposition parties demand strong action on the basis of Saxena Committee Report

Outsourcing Democracy

Letters from Chidambaram and CPI (Maoist) show no possibility of an immediate talk

Not every Maoist a Tribal, but anyone not with Govt is a Maoist

Bureaucracy overpowering Political Leadership of Orissa, says CPI leader

Halt the Offensive against People and End Militarisation of the Forests

India - A Republic at Sixty

Not just Naxalism, Indian Government must look at the Issues behind

Anti-Maoist Operation faces counter attack by Red Rebels - Support of Local Communities would be the key to Success

Vedanta University Politics - Let Truth Prevail

The great mineral hunt in the name of Operation Green Hunt

Maoist movement plays a role in West Bengal Power Game

Jharkhand Power Race - Money allured Voters, Scams allured Politicians

Welcome to the killing fields of Orissa

Condolence Controversy in Orissa Assembly: Should a non-political authority be placed as Speaker of the Assembly?

Hind Swaraj 100 Years

Maoist Naxalites grow in India for the double standard leadership

US Lawmakers urge action against perpetrators of violence in Orissa's Kandhamal

India needs its dynamic youth hold the baton

'Orissa has only one power centre – Naveen power centre' - Dr Damodar Rout

Rule of Law or a Talibanised Shariat – Pak Activists demand referendum

Vedanta managed to get mining lease but not Golden Peacock Award

Baniata Punji - The victim of poverty politics in India

It's all part of the power game

Boot to Bush – Iraqi’s reaction to the arbitrary attitude of World Leaders

Scams and scandals – Reverse side of BJD-BJP regime in Orissa

Elections 2008-09: Tobacco OR Health – Let's decide

Rourkela Steel Plant, Biju Pattnaik and Orissa Politics

Wrong use of Biju Patnaik's name by BJD Leaders initiates debate on Web

Between the issues of price hike and rising inflation - India sees another election knocking the doors

Industrialisation of Orissa – Politics of Disinvestments, De-industrialisation and Re-Industrialisation

Politics is for Man, not for a distinct Community

Orissa under Naveen Pattnaik - Corruption and lawlessness behind Transparency

Hirakud Dam needs a proper management system to realise its objectives

Coming Election in Orissa would be a tough time for Naveen

Vedanta University - A Real Estate Deal in disguise

Politics of Regional Nationality

Orissa Assembly loses its sanctity

Orissa - the ground of Police-Criminal-Bureaucracy Nexus

Global Warming - India Never Takes it Serious

Kandhamal Violence - A Caste Conflict termed as Communal

Nandigram Issue goes out of Control

Kashipur - Flood put People in confinement, aftermath became a trail of death

Industrialisation of Orissa - Development against people's will

Kalahandi - Cursed with Industries

Naxal Movement in India

SORANA: Lot to speak, Nobody to listen

KASHIPUR – Loaded with Political Promises

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