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HotnHitNews - Odisha News, Politics, Economy, Development, Environment, Opinions and Analysis of Issues of Orissa, India, Asia and the World
HotnHitNews - Odisha News, Orissa, Politics, Economy, Development, Environment, Opinions and Analysis of Issues of India, Asia and the World
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Activist holds Vedanta guilty of operating illegal fly ash pond
By HNF Correspondent | The Jharsuguda based plant of Sesa Sterlite Industries, a subsidiary of London Stock Exchange listed Vedanta Resources Plc., is again in news for building its fly ash pond on 246.74 acres of land illegally encroached by the company. And, what has been more shocking is the inaction from Odisha government’s Forest Department and Odisha Pollution Control Board.
UN expert applauds US decision guaranteeing Net Neutrality
By HNF Correspondent | The United States (US) Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) decision to establish new regulations protecting so-called net neutrality, or the equal treatment of all Internet traffic, is “a real victory” for freedom of expression and access to information, a United Nations human rights expert said on Friday, February 27, 2015.
Indian Rail Budget 2015: burdening to the common man
By Basudev Mahapatra | The railway budget of India for 2015-16 might have been applauded by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his cabinet colleagues but to many the budget didn’t show desired responsibility in dealing with issues that have direct link with the food market, thus the interests of the ordinary people of the country.
Odisha plans to promote domestic consumption of clean energy
By Basudev Mahapatra | As part of its effort to promote domestic use of clean energy, Odisha government plans for integration of conventional power distribution through grid system with that of decentralized power generation and distribution from non-conventional sources.
Narendra Modi and the future of Indian Politics
By Amitabh Mattoo | Now that his honeymoon period is over, Modi needs to reassure minorities that they can be safe, secure and successful in his India. This means focusing on the agenda for economic growth and good governance that has made Gujarat the envy of other states. Modi must pay little heed to the many who will want him to advance potentially divisive social and political issues.
India to host confluence of Indian Ocean Rim Countries
By Basudev Mahapatra | The confluence of Indian Ocean Rim (IOR) countries to be held in the eastern Indian city of Bhubaneswar, Odisha, in support of the union government of India is seen as an event of huge strategic importance in view of the debate about need of regional regrouping and subgrouping, which has gained momentum in India and neighbouring countries, since the failure of the 18th SAARC summit of 2014.
Mother tongue education essential to bolster multilingualism: UN
By HotnhitNews Desk | UNSECO Director-General Ms. Irina Bokova defined the year 2015 as a turning point year as it marks the 15th anniversary of International Mother Language Day and also the year of deadline for achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.
Odisha Mining Scam: the JSPL, SMPL and Odisha Government nexus
By Bibhuti Pati | Outright violations of environmental and mining laws in connivance with the government led by Naveen Patnaik, which almost sincerely played its role to cover up all wrongs, not only caused huge loss of revenue for the state of Odisha but it converted the loss of the state into profit of JSPL that was the primary player in the loot but nowhere in records. And the government that claims itself to be the most effective, efficient and transparent just played like a puppet to benefit JSPL and, of course, to Navin Jindal - the face of the group.
Ideas to convert Clean India Campaign into Mission Achieved
By Prof Prafulla Kumar Jena | Ideas to convert Clean India Campaign into Mission Achieved | As the most sacred river Ganga is highly polluted and the situation is same with all the rivers and wetlands of India, as most of our urban areas are very dirty with inadequate facilities for waste management, New Delhi being rated as the most polluted city, and the wastes and effluents of our urban areas causing a lot of diseases and premature demise of millions of our people,
Should India allow Metahistory in school curricula?
By Basudev Mahapatra | While right wing organisations and most of their leaders are in favour of rewriting history on the view that the history needs a nationalistic perspective as the existing syllabi and the textbooks have a Leftist perspective or Marxist lenience, historians like Romila Thapar and elites term such attempt as violation of human rights and intellectual freedom.
Can Modinomics address the issue of inequality?
By Basudev Mahapatra | Foreign direct investment (FDI), large industries and Modi’s dream of smart cities may not get the economy to the right track because they would require more land which would rather have serious impact on agriculture.
Odisha government apathetic to water issues: WIO
By HNF Correspondent | In a significant judgement, on October11, 2012, the honourable Odisha High Court asked the state Government to formulate strong laws within two years to protect and preserve water bodies in the state. It was in a case pertaining to the plight of water bodies such as ponds and tanks in Cuttack city that the honourable HC asked the government to formulate this law.
Climate change made classic civilisations to collapse
By Basudev Mahapatra | Agriculture flourished and urban civilisation thrived in normal conditions with proper rain and availability of water for irrigation. But with rainfall became sporadic and irrigation became unreliable, agriculture collapsed and cities were abandoned and, thus, some of the great civilisations faced their end. Studies hinted that long term draught, began in 2000 BC, led to decline of many ancient civilizations in the Persian Gulf and the Indus River Valley.
Support-our-works-to-raise-peoples-voice-The-War-For-Steel-Documentary-0124042014 | News Feature Syndicate in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India |
Documentary 'The war for Steel': Order your DVD copy of documentary 'The War for Steel' to support our mission of raising people's voice.
The-War-For-Steel-Documentary-DVD-copy-order-docu-00120012014 | News Feature Syndicate in Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India |
Documentary 'The war for Steel': Order your DVD copy of documentary 'The War for Steel' to support our mission of raising people's voice.
Odisha should adopt Gram Sabha system to ensure democracy in villages/
By Basudev Mahapatra | It’s however the fact that, instead of implementing PESA in full form and true spirit, Odisha government restricted the benefits of PESA meant for tribal communities of the state by adopting a few provisions of the central Act in State’s existing Gram Panchayat Act, 1964, Panchayat Samiti Act, 1959 and Zilla Parishad Act, 1991, which were mostly limited to extending the PRI (PanchayatiRaj Institution) system and conducting the elections for it in schedule V areas.
Posco-India-Khandadhar-may-take-Odisha-War-for-Steel-to-next-stage-HotnHitNews-18108062014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Basudev Mahapatra | With the legal battle over several issues pending in the court, people’s movements going stronger and obtaining support from local political leaders, issues adding up, it may not be easy on part of the government and the South Korean steel producer Posco to push the project hard and get it realised in a shorter time.
CBI-to-investigate-chit-fund-scam-Will-it-offer-Navin-a-bitter-fourth-term-HotnHitNews-15911052014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Basudev Mahapatra | The fresh SC judgment ordering CBI probe into the chit fund scam is seen by many as the beginning of a troubling time for Odisha's Chief Minister Navin Patnaik before he assumes to power for a fourth term, which looks more likely till now. 
Posco-More-troubles-in-the-offing-HotnHitNews-11322022014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The dream project of both Naveen Patnaik government in Odisha and the congress led UPA government of India, Posco’s proposed steel plant near Paradip in Odisha, seems to be caught by eclipse. Diplomatic pressure and the green node by union ministry of environment and forest followed by National Green Tribunal (NGT) verdict to carry out construction works at the project site by obtaining a clearance from the Odisha government have brought no major relief to Posco as conflict continues to rule over the project area.
Posco-India-Diplomatic-pressure-felt-in-Odisha-HotnHitNews-14703022013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
When acquisition of land without a valid MoU has been criticised by many, diplomatic pressure is being built by Korean government on many occasions to make the Odisha project of Posco move ahead
Rape-Violence-and-Movies-India-needs-more-responsible-cinema-HotnHitNews-275029122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
What India looks for is a more responsible presentation of ideas in Indian cinema that shows, even, real situations and issues without portraying much of physical violence, helplessness and atrocities in the extreme form, violence against women in domestic or other situations. By and large, Indian Cinema must display its social responsibility. And, to our relief, we have so many of good movies in India that have achieved exceptional commercial success
Poverty-and-surplus-fund-situation-go-hand-in-hand-in-Odisha-HotnHitNews-264014122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Keeping in view the claim of Odisha Government about the apathetic attitude of Indian federal government towards the issues relating to poverty, regional imbalance and disparity in Odisha and, in the other hand, CAG’s report placing the government at fault for slow implementation of programmes and a commercial focus about utilisation of surplus deposit, one can see how poverty is made to exist in the state with a surplus fund for welfare programmes
Vanniyar-Dalit-conflict-of-Dharmapuri-Fallout-of-caste-based-politics-in-Tamil-Nadu-HotnHitNews-263010122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
PMK, based as it is amongst the high class ‘Vanniyakula Kshatriya’ community, had reared high political ambition so much so that it had once sought the bifurcation of the state of Tamil Nadu into South and North expecting that it could emerge as the ruling community in the north where it commands 50% of the vote bank in form of the Vanniyar community. It however failed to attract sufficient Vanniyar votes with Vanniyars being scattered among all the mainstream parties. Ramdoss had tried with the new inclusive strategy by adopting the North Indian concept of ‘bahujan’ and by presenting itself as the party of backward communities, Muslims and Dalits
COP-18-Doha-Climate-Summit-brings-no-solution-to-climate-change-HotnHitNews-260006122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The hopes raised across the world after US President Barack Obama’s post-election speech and his statement on occurrence of the super storm Sandy are almost shattered in the Doha summit for climate change ‘COP-18’. It’s to be noted that issues like climate change and global warming became suddenly relevant, politically, and featured as subjects of election campaign only after the super storm Sandy hit the US east coast when America was closing the day of presidential elections
India-needs-to-promote-responsible-use-of-social-media-HotnHitNews-242021112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Editorial: It’s not that India doesn’t make use of social networks meaningfully and for good reasons. Most social media users of India use the networks meaningfully and for individual as well as social growth. Social media boom has been a boon for many Indian professionals who see it as a career booster. Social media networks are playing a vital role in promoting and propagating important causes. But, unfortunately, it has always come in news and discussions for some bad reasons
Odisha-Transparency-in-Bureaucracy-holds-key-to-make-Decentralised-Planning-a-reality-HotnHitNews-244024112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
To make decentralised district planning a reality in the state of Odisha, what is primarily required is a change in the attitude of the bureaucracy and the people in power who design policies for the development of people. They mustn’t rule over people but serve people and facilitate decentralised planning and development
Global-Climate-News-Sandy-made-Climate-Change-a-political-issue-in-the-US-HotnHitNews-233010112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Thanks to the hurricane Sandy that made way for climate change to feature in political discussions and debates in global media. This could be possible due to timing of the disastrous natural event. The leaders, who hardly considered global warming and climate change as subjects of bigger political relevance, had to include the issues in political agenda because of the occurrence of the hurricane amidst campaigning for presidential election US when eyes of the whole world were focused in USA
Odisha-Issue-of-illegal-Mining-fuels-Power-War-HotnHitNews-227006112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
It's still in doubt if the fine imposed by Odisha Government on mine owners for illegally raising minerals can be recovered or not. But it has been clear from the present blame game that the issue of illegal mining has only fuelled the battle for Power in Odisha
Odisha-Rio-Tinto-builds-diplomatic-pressure-for-revival-of-its-mining-operations-HotnHitNews-200020102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
ODISHA MINING: Australian Company Rio Tinto has a poor track record on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) front as well. While the company claims to have CSR as a core component of its business operations, the real situation in its mining sites are always the opposite. In Odisha, negligible CSR activities by the company has resulted in strong discontentment among workers of Rio Tinto operated Suakati Mines in Keonjhar and, also, among the people living in the periphery villages
Man-Elephant-Conflict-Study-emphasises-upon-elephant-individuality-to-prevent-conflicts-with-human-HotnHitNews-203023102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In Odisha, Over 150 elephants have been killed in last seven years, of which over 70 elephants have been electrocuted and at least six elephants have died of hitting trains passing through the elephant movement corridor. What it indicates is that the mammoth animal is in great danger in the wild as well as the human habitats in the periphery. It’s not the elephants only, but many human beings have also been victims of the growing man - animal conflict. However, the conflict is not limited to the state of Odisha only but the conflict is there across the elephant corridor spanning from the terrains of Assam in the north eastern part of India to the southernmost provinces like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. The conflict between man and the elephants is prominent in places where development activities have encroached into the forests that are parts of the elephant corridor. There is also poaching activities not only in the elephant dwellings but ,even, in national parks and reserves
New-face-of-Indian-Motherhood-Baby-boy-sold-by-Mother-for-Jeans-and-Mobile-phone-set-HotnHitNews-185005102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Incident of child selling is not new to Odisha. There were incidents in the poverty stricken KBK districts of Odisha where starving poor parents being unable to feed themselves and the child had sold their offspring under compulsion to make the child survive somehow. But the recent case of a Mother selling her child for material needs like Jeans and mobile phone throws many questions for the social thinkers of India to think upon
Odisha-Terming-CMAS-as-Maoist-frontal-organisation-is-conspiratory-Gananath-Patra-Interview-Hotnhitnews-175027092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Veteran revolutionary of Odisha Gananath Patra left his job as a lecturer and joined people's movements to protect the rights of the oppressed and downtrodden class of Odisha. From the anti-displacement movement in Baliapal to the kashipur movement and the kalinganagar movement against corporate conspiracy, Gananath Patra has been a common face to stand with the people fighting for their rights
Odisha-Climate-change-badly-affects-agriculture-threatens-food-security-Basudev-Mahapatra-Hotnhitnews-India-10922082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha: Climate change badly affects agriculture, threatens food security: Climate change has also made the agrarian communities living in coastal, tropical and sub-tropical regions of Odisha its worst victims. The change in the time and amount of rain during the cropping seasons has badly hit the agriculture making it an unviable livelihood option. As a result, the communities’ vulnerability to livelihood loss and food insecurity has increased and Youth of the communities are now forced to migrate as labourers. Basudev Mahapatra, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Diesel-Price-Hike-India-sacrifices-interests-of-800-Million-people-to-rescue-its-Oil-Companies-Hotnhitnews-India-147015092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
As it seems, India is ready to sacrifice over 800 million lives by ignoring their interests to rescue three of its oil companies! Should profit or business interests be so dearer to the government of India that holds responsibility to look after the interests of more than a billion people? It’s for the interest of India’s over 80% of the population that petroleum fuels and other products must remain subsidised and their pricing must be regulated. Basudev Mahapatra, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
WSG-decision-to-sue-soccer-scholar-condemned-by-sports-elite-circle-Hotnhitnews-155018092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Singapore-based World Sports Group (WSG) has started legal proceedings against veteran journalist and soccer scholar James M Dorsey in a bid to silence sources and squash reporting about its relationship with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and disgraced FIFA vice president and AFC president Mohammed Bin Hammam, who is at the center of the worst corruption scandal in soccer history
The arrest of cartoonist Aseem Trivedi has become the hottest subject on blogs and twitter timelines drawing condemnation to the government and the cartoon by members including celebrities like Kiran Bedi and Press Council of India Chairperson Justice Katju
Odisha-Crazy-and-inhuman-acts-by-people-become-frequent-14312092012 | Hotnhit Newsfeatures
In a week in Odisha, a woman and a minor boy in two different parts of the state have been beaten and tonsured in public by some locals and three women have been forced to dip their hands in boiled water mixed with cow dung. The cases indicate how, for a few smaller reasons or, at times, for no reason, social rights and justice of people are threatened in Odisha
Odisha-Industrial-Security-Force-Bill-2012-may-increase-exploitations-inside-Industries-Bhubaneswar-Hotnhitnews-India-11929082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha Industrial Security Force Bill 2012 may increase exploitations inside Industries: According to various provisions of the Odisha Industrial Security Force Bill, 2012, the proposed Industrial Security Force personnel can arrest a person without any warrant and, even, without any order from a magistrate. The bill also empowers the force to search a person or somebody’s house even without any warrant. Basudev Mahapatra, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
India-conflict-zone-Civil-Society-Activists-become-targets-of-Maoists-and-government-HotnHitNews-09404082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In India's Conflict Zone: Civil Society Activists become targets of Maoists and the Government: While development is advocated as the solution to conflicts growing in the out-reach and tribal populated India, civil society activists who work as agents of development in the places of conflict in Odisha, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, are being targeted either by Maoists or by the government, says the Human Rights Watch Report 'Between Two Sets of Guns'. HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Battle-for-paternity-Ripples-of-Delhi-High-Court-Verdict-felt-in-Odisha-India-HotnhitNews-08801082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Battle for Paternity: Ripples of Delhi high Court felt in Odisha: While the verdict in Rohit Sekhar Paternity case came in Delhi High Court on July 27, 2012 on basis of N D Tiwari's DNA report, it has its ripples felt in Odisha as a similar battle is fought here on the paternity claim case filed by Sanchita Dhali claiming her to be the daughter of the former minister of Odisha and a sitting BJD MLA Arabinda Dhali. As per the latest information, Sanchita Dhali has again appealed before the Odisha State Women Commission claiming her to be MLA Arabinda Dhali's daughter and demanding DNA test of Arabinda for a confirmation. HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
India-over-14000-farmers-committed-suicide-in-2011-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-06806072012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
India: over 14000 farmers committed suicide in India in 2011: As per the NCRB report, at least 14004 farmers of India committed suicide in the year 2011 which is more than 10.3 per cent of the total number of suicides in the country through the year. Factoring the issues like huge underreporting of cases and the practice of never counting women as 'farmers', the actual number of incidents must be much more. This must be enough to shame any country let alone the one that claims to be the 'largest democracy' of the world. Basudev Mahapatra, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Rio+20-summit-Act-now-or-ecosystems-may-collapse-and-we-all-may-have-the-fate-of-dinosaurs-GEO-5-UNEP-global-environmental-challenges-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-05218062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Challenges before Rio+20: Act now or the ecosystems may collapse and we all have the fate of Dinosaurs: When the Rio+20 is to be held in some weeks, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has come up with its fresh 'Global Environmental Outlook-5' finding the world has made very little significant progress on its ambitious 90 most important environmental goals in last twenty years. Adding to the challenges for the participating nations of the forthcoming Rio+20 is another report made by 22 scientists from different but related fields and published in the 'Nature' journal that concludes logically that the Earth may be driven to an irreversible tipping point if actions are not taken immediately. Basudev Mahapatra, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Summer-heat-and-ground-fire-put-odisha-forest-and-wildlife-at-risk-Odisha-India-Hotnhitnews-02609052012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The heat of the scorching Sun added with ground fire in different forests of Odisha have made the forests unfit for the wildlife because the water sources have gone dry. This is the reason why wildlife is more often risking by venturing into human habitations for food and water. On Tuesday, 8 May 2012, an elephant calf fell in a dried up well while in search of water in Bolangir's Agalpur. The calf was rescued by combined efforts of villagers and forest department people. Another elephant died of heatstroke in Kamaksha Nagar of Denkanal district in Odisha on April 27, 2012. Basudev Mahapatra, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Growing-women-atrocities-in-Odisha-Women-safety-Issue-must-be-seen-from-a-social-perspective-HNFVIDEONEWS-01223022012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Growing women atrocities in Odisha: Issue of women safety needs to be seen from a social perspective: Since the murder of a woman journalist of Odisha Chhabirani in the year 1980 till today, thousands of women have fallen victim to the heinous instincts of men in Odisha. As per claims made by the President of Odisha’s women wing on the basis of a white paper tabled in State Assembly, about 4,100 cases under section 376 (rape) were registered in different police stations of Odisha during last three years. The statistics is not only shocking but is also loud to explain how women have become vulnerable to the unmanly instincts of men in the society. By Basudev Mahapatra, HotnhitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Taking-clues-from-two-mediations-between-Maoists-and-the-Government-of-Odisha-Hotnhitnews-01803042012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Taking clues from two mediations between Maoists and the Government of Odisha: The discussion on various demands made by the CPI (Maoist) leaders of Odisha against release of abducted Italian Citizens seemed to have attained maturity as many of the demands were presented as lawful according to various norms of Indian constitution and the revolutionary PESA (Panchayats Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act of 1996. Unlike the mediation that was held 13 months back, this time the mediators attempted to validate the demands under specific laws and constitutional provisions meant to safeguard the rights of tribal communities. Basudev Mahapatra, HotnhitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Climate_change_Odisha_Olive_Ridley_Turtle_nesting_tradition_on_Odisha_beaches_may_become_history_HotnhitNews_Orissa_31122011046 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Climate Change Impact may force Olive Ridley Turtles to reject Odisha beaches for mass nesting: Higher degree of erosion at many points of Odisha's coastline poses serious threat to the routine activities of marine turtles and raises doubts about the continuity of the tradition of mass nesting by the Olive Ridley marine turtles called ‘Arribada’. The nesting grounds are being squeezed alarmingly and the coastal vegetation that plays a vital role in providing food to lakhs of mother turtles and their hatchlings is vanishing rapidly because of coastal erosion and aggressive persuasion of development projects like port infrastructure by Odisha government across the coastline. In regard to the nesting activities this season (2012), things look quite uncertain as the beaches near Gahirmatha river mouth, Devi river mouth and Rushikulya river mouth, that have been the regular nesting grounds for the turtles, have lost most of their space in the Bay of Bengal because of erosion. By Basudev Mahapatra, HotnhitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Indian-Women-contribute-maximum-to-economy-of-the-country-but-are-still-neglected-by-Sujata-Mahapatra-00604022012 | | Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Women contribute maximum to Indian Economy but are still neglected: Women contribute 63 percent to agricultural production, in their hands lie the welfare of the whole family and society; they are the keepers of the commons and the indigenous seed heritage of the country. Yet, they are almost completely in the unorganized sector (71%) having no assets or economic security. Even though Indian economy is growing at a rate of 9%, 52% of women of the country suffer from malnutrition; they go hungry even when the granaries are full and overflowing. This was what was the hitting point of the two days national level consultation programme organised in Bhubaneswar by Welthungerhilfe in collaboration with Agragamee – an Odisha based organisation involved in development works and activism – to provide a voice to the women suppressed behind the culture of silence. That means women are doing most of the works that include sowing, weeding, harvesting, carrying etc. So much of work is done by women, but what do they get in return? This is a big question, said one of the organising members Vidhya Das of Agragamee while presenting the issues concerning women living in rural and tribal India adding that, the women subsidise our food produces by over 60% and contributing about one lakh crore to the agricultural economy and a total of two lakh crore to the entire Indian economy. But the benefit is going to the corporates and women still remain neglected. By Sujata Mahapatra, HotnhitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Odisha_Mining_Scam_Justice_M_B_Shah_Commission_acknowledged_Bureaucracy_link_in_Mining_Scam_Orissa_13122011042 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Shah Commission acknowledges Political Link in Odisha Mining Scam: After the public hearing on December 12, 2011, where leaders of opposition political parties, members of civil society and development workers of Odisha placed their viewpoints on the alleged mining scam of a huge magnitude, Justice M B Shah, leader of the central government appointed commission to probe into the scam, said that,
For_BCCI_Board_of_Control_for_Cricket_in_India_Cricket_is_more_a_business_that_just_sport_261111040 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
For BCCI, Cricket is more a business than a sport: The BCCI norms set for media regarding the recent series against West Indies has crossed all the limits BCCI has to respect about the media of the nation. This time BCCI has completely barred the TV media of India from entering the stadium with their essential equipment like the Camera and are not even allowed to cover the press conferences that is exclusively meant for the journalists. By Basudev Mahapatra, India, HotnHit Newsfeatures
POSCO_India_Project_in_Orissa_is_not_all_about_Steel_Basudev_Mahapatra_Orissa_HNF_04082011031 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
POSCO's Orissa Project is not all about Steel: More than just industrialisation and economic development, POSCO's Orissa Project has become a political phenomenon with South Korean president trying to push it as an agenda in diplomatic talks and the Prime Minister’s Office in India expressing its support to the project undermining the public opposition on the ground since last six years. Even without a valid MoU, POSCO was given environmental clearances by the union ministry of India to go ahead with its project works at the proposed area near Paradeep and Orissa government started acquiring land for the POSCO Project. One has to check, if such things are possible in any other country across the globe just to honour a large foreign investment. By Basudev Mahapatra, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Family_of_Missing_Orissa_Government_Driver_faces_Administrative_Apathy_in_Rayagada_Orissa_25072011028 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Family of the missing government Driver faces administrative apathy in Orissa: A less reported discrimination by the government of Orissa: The case of Rayagada civil supplies department Driver Kishore Tudu’s missing and regular rounding by his wife Malati Tudu in the Rayagada Civil Supplies Office and police station expecting that someone must act to rescue her husband explain how apathetic the government and administration are towards different categories of its employees. For a safe return of abducted IAS officer R. Vineel Krishna, the government of Orissa and its bureaucracy took all possible measures and agreed to most of the conditions put by the Maoists to make the negotiation successful. But in case of Kishore – a driver working in Orissa government’s civil supplies office – neither the office nor the administration even bothered to take immediate action and inform the local police to investigate and trace out the employee who went missing mysteriously. By Basudev Mahapatra (with inputs from Tirumala Prasad Patnaik from Rayagada), HotnHit Newsfeatures
Reporting_the_statement_of_Rahul_Gandhi_On_Terror_Attacks_in_Mumbai_and_India_An_instance_of_untruthful_Journalism_16072011027 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Reporting Rahul’s statement on terror attacks: An instance of bad Journalism: The way AICC General Secretary Rahul Gandhi’s statement on stopping terror attacks before occurrence was reported by the TV journalists and, also, the way it was presented by Indian TV News channels that it hardly fulfilled any purpose of journalism but just exposed Indian TV News channels’ passion for tabloid journalism. As I myself was present in the media interaction session, I was shocked with the kind of reporting of the statement and more shocked that no channel tried to tell the truth and the true intention of the statement. With one channel sparked sensation by manipulating the statement, every other channel just wanted to do the same to steal the show. Even in some channels, the statement was made into pieces and carried one after another in different bulletins throughout the day. By Basudev mahapatra, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Abduction_by_Maoist_Challenges_multiplied_before_Orissa_government_after_Malkangiri_Collector_Release_28211004 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
With the abduction episode closed after the Collector made a safe return to his residence, many controversies are coming in to trouble the Naveen Patnaik government in Orissa. When union Home Minister P Chidambaram reportedly expressed his dissatisfaction over what the government did to release its IAS officer, leaders of opposition parties in the State condemned Orissa government’s actions terming it a bad precedence that would have far reaching consequences not only in Orissa but also in the neighbouring states already troubled by the Maoist movement. Getting the IAS Officer – one of India’s powered civil servants – back from the Maoist camp would have been seen as a victory by the government, mediators and, more particularly, the most powerful bureaucracy in the state, but the series of events since the abduction till the final release left in their trail many questions to be answered. Basudev Mahapatra, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Journalists_in_India_should_have_access_to_training_Basudev_Mahapatra_Interviews_Sam_Miller_232001 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Indian Working journalists should have greater access to quality training - Sam Miller: Journalism seems to be undergoing an acid test in India where it is expected to prove its commitment to the ordinary people and the basic objective of the profession itself. While one group is critical about the profession citing at dilution of the very ethical principles by the practitioners, the other group sees more outside control of the media in the name of business. There is yet another group that believes, the professionals in the field require more training to upgrade their skills - both technical and editorial - which in turn would help journalism become more effective in terms of serving ordinary people and guiding the power as well. On behalf of HOTnHIT Newsfeatures, Basudev Mahapatra tries to find out the shortfalls and possibilities in the profession of journalism in India while talking to senior journalist, writer and media trainer Sam Miller during his visit for a workshop on Feature Journalism and Reporting People and Issues for TV and Newspapers in Bhubaneswar organised by the BBC World Service Trust. Basudev Mahapatra, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Gandhamardan_Orissa_natures_paradise_endangered_by_the_white_gold_Craze_016_10086 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Gandhamardan: A nature's paradise endangered by the White Gold Craze : The 213MT bauxite reserved in Orissa's Gandhamardan hill range has still remained an allurement to the corporate players engaged in aluminium production and export. The hill range has again come in news after Vedanta pursued its proposal with Government of Orissa for mining in Gandgamardan after being denied of Niyamgiri. Knowing that the hill range turned into a battle ground between people and the corporate house BALCO over the issue of mining where people had the victory, companies are still in queue to get a lease to dig out bauxite from the core of the hill that hosts thousands of rare medicinal plants, herbs and shrubs, twenty two major water streams and four all weather waterfalls and a thick and diverse vegetation offering direct livelihood to more than 20000 families and an indirect livelihood to lakhs of families living around the hill range. The fresh queue of companies has again threatened Gandhamardan and the unique bio-diversity it hosts. When the companies are putting all their efforts to get a mining lease from the government of Orissa, people living around Gandhamardan are getting ready to make history repeat if the government of Orissa takes any decision against their wish. By Basudev Mahapatra, Bibhuti Pati, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Orissa_may_have_to_lose_its_turtle_mass_nesting_grounds_for_Ports_by_Basudev_Mahapatra_014_10084 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Orissa may have to lose its turtle mass nesting grounds for Ports: When the number of deaths of Olive Ridley sea turtles across the coast line of Orissa is still alarming, at least thirteen new ports planned by the Government of Orissa would pose imminent threat to the three turtle breeding grounds that have offered Orissa with a prominent place in the world turtle map. Three out of the ut of the thirteen new ports planned so far would harm the turtle breeding habitats at Gahirmatha and Devi River mouth. Environment and wildlife scientists and conservationists apprehend that the possible impact of the ports on the coastal ecosystem would detract or deter the marine turtles to visit their traditional breeding gorounds for mating and mass nesting. By Basudev Mahapatra (with input from Sujata Mahapatra). Comment by Jerry Berne, Sustainable Shorelines, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Other_side_of_shining_India_Life_of_tribals_of_Kandhamal_Hung_on_a_Wire_011_10081 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Kandhamal - the tribal dominated and forest rich district of Orissa that was worst affected in the months long violence is still struggling to come back to its normal state. Peace is partially established in the district. While the administration shows how serious it is in the rehabilitation and reconstruction activities, it is hardly bothered about the issues of thousands of people dreaming of a bridge over the hilly rivers flowing from Raikia between the villages like Banjamaha and Makabali villages and another near Dokarabadi in Simanbadi Panchayat. Basudev Mahapatra, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Road_from_Palashponga_to_Bamebari_a_successful_development_story_in_Orissa_by_Basudev_Mahapatra_992_10062 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Development is not necessarily leasing out mines and erect large scale industries on the multi-crop agricultural land. Development of 28 kilometre road from Palashponga to Bamebari of Orissa's Keonjhar district stands as a testimony to the fact - how development of infrastructure in strategic locations can promote industries set by the local entrepreneurs and also the local communities to grow side by side. Hotnhit Newsfeatures
bureaucracy_overpowers_political_leaders_and_people_of_Orissa_993_10063 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
As farm lands and betel vines make most part of the project area, there has been strong opposition from people to POSCO steel Project. Citing that the land area where betel vines have been grown belong to the State, the government of Orissa by using its forces has rather sprayed rubber bullets and teargas cells at agitating people just to grab the land and make the project move ahead against the will of the people, HotnHit Newsfeatures
In_the_name_of_development_Rights_and_livelihood_of_tribals_sacrificed_for_Vedanta_Aluminum_991_10061 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
When the Orissa government says that the Vedanta Aluminum project would benefit the tribals, the tribal communities are against the development as planned by the government and are opposing the project. But, overlooking the grievances placed by the tribal people and neglecting their demands, the government of Orissa rather uses its force to suppress the tribal opposition and make the project move ahead. At times, state police behaves like corporate goons and humiliate the tribals. By Basudev Mahapatra, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Primitive_Dongria_Jernia_tribals_ready_to_take_arms_against_Vedanta_to_save_Niyamgiri_007_10077 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
The thick forest cover on the Niyamgiri hill range of Orissa is unique for the variety of flora and fauna and the wildlife that finds a suitable habitation opportunity in it. But for the government and the London based Vedanta Company, this thick vegetation, the wildlife and the bondage between tribal communities and the Niyamgiri hill do not make any sense except the bauxite the hill has in its belly. The company and a corporate loving Orissa government are so allured with the huge bauxite reserved inside the hill range that they do not bother to displace thousands of tribal families living in and around the hill range, destroying the unique thick green cover. And, to pursue the heinous agenda in the name of development, police and local administration has been repressive on the members of Dongria, Jernia and other tribal communities who are opposing to the mining project. By Basudev Mahapatra, HotnHit Newsfeatures
World_Hunger_Index_India_developing_to_become_the_Hunger_land_090053_917 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
The findings of FAO's 'State of Food Insecurity in the World' and IFPRI's 'India State Hunger Index' shocked the whole country, but the political leaders of India are yet to take a lesson from it and realise that taking hunger as a political concept will never provide food security to at least 230 million undernourished people of the country. Industrialisation and development against agriculture would probably bring no solution but worsen the situation as happened in case of Orissa, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. Editorial, HotnHitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Maoist_movement_plays_a_role_in_West_Bengal_Politics_972_10042 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
For both the left front government in the state and the UPA government at the centre, the West Bengal situation is like a tricky trap. Tricky because Maoists played a vital role in bringing the left parties to power in West Bengal and they are still playing a major role in state politics, Basudev Mahapatra, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Angul_Talcher_of_Orissa_becoming_unfit_for_habitation_970_090037 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
The comprehensive environmental pollution index (CEPI) published by central pollution control board, India has marked 23 industrial clusters of India as going unfit for habitation among which is Angul-Talcher belt of Orissa. Even though the local medical officer confirms both air borne and water borne diseases in the district caused due to pollution, and, even though, the report of Central Pollution Control Board indicates that the whole district is becoming unsuitable for human habitation, the officer of regional pollution control board doesn’t believe what has been reported in the pollution index. Orissa, India
Jharkhand_power_race_Money_allered_people_scams_allured_politicians_969_090036 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
If anybody or group that always daunts others about crossing the ethical limits, it is the politicians of India. But, it has also been a fact that the politicians – be it a national or a village level player – they never go by any ethics but only one desire – holding power by any means and exercising it for solely individual or personal benefits. And, what is more shocking is that Politicians today are rather allured by corruption and scams than giving people an option of transparent governance. This is what observers found in Jharkhand during the recent elections as the polls witnessed huge flow of unaccounted money and finally parties with completely differing ideologies (only as claimed in public) grouped together just to hold a part of power. Gladson Dungdung, HotnHitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Pen_experiences_pain_as_journalists_are_strategically_targeted_in_Orissa_090055_919 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
As per the international federation of Journalists, there can be no press freedom if journalists exist in conditions of Corruption, Poverty or fear. In Orissa, and most part of India as well, the first two conditions such as corruption and poverty do prevail. And, now the government is creating the third condition of fear by strategically targeting the journalists who alone can help eliminating the corruption and poverty by exposing the loop-holes in the governance system. HNF Editorial, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Communal_Face_of_Indian_Maoists_Basudev_Mahapatra_004/ / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Maoists have taken a communal face by killing Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswati as a support to the Church and Christians
Violence_in_Kandhamal_Socio_economic_factors_by_Basudev_Mahapatra_003 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Violence in Kandhamal of Orissa is an eruption of chronic SC-ST Caste conflict, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Chilka_Faces_the_danger_of_Submergence_by_Basudev_Mahapatra_001 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Global Warming and Climatic Changes pose serious threat to the very existence of Chilka
Dolphins_whistle_loud_when_roaring_tigers_Vanish_in_Orissa / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Dolphin Population in Chilka is on rise when tiger population is at an alarming state in Orissa, HotnHit Newsfeatures, India
Crime_Reporting_in_India_by_Basudev_Mahapatra / / Issue based News portal from Hotnhit Newsfeatures, Orissa
Trend - Crime Reporting in India - Basudev Mahapatra on Crime reporting and Journalism in India
Vedanta_University_A_Real_Estate_Deal_in_Disguise / / Issue based news features from Orissa, India
Vedanta University Project seems to be the biggest land grab and scam promoted by Orissa Government in connivance with Anil Agarwal Foundation
Development_goals_and_NGO_Movement_in_India_by_Basudev_Mahapatra / / Development Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
NGO Movement has great role in taking India on the road of development, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Agriculture_versus_Industrialisation_HNF_Editorial / / Issue based News portal from Orissa, India
Impact of Industrialisation on agriculture, rural economy and farmers of Orissa, Displacement due to industrialisation
Agriculture_Onion_Farming_can_Stop_Labour_Migration_from_Orissa / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa
Promotion to Onion cultivation in the western parts of Orissa can stop migration of labourers to other states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Chhatishgarh and Maharastra, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Female_Foeticide_Gender_Discrimination_at_prenatal_Stage / / Social Political Economic Issue based News Feature Portal from Orissa, India
Indian society into female foeticide - Girl Children discriminated in Indian Society
TV_Journalism_Sensationalism_dominates_Ethics_by_Basudev_Mahapatra / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
sensationalism, money and corporate interests influence Indian Journalism
Indian_History_Needs_Reinterpretation / / Issue based Analytical News Portal from Orissa, India
History of India should be reinterpreted and rewritten, HotnHit NewsFeatures
Basudev-Mahapatra-Editor-and-Writer | | Issue based News Portal from Hotnhit Newsfeatures, Orissa, India
Basudev Mahapatra, Author and Editor of, is a Socially Concerned Journalist and Media Activist in Orissa (Odisha as it is spelt now), India
Orissa_experiences_wrath_of_climate_change_in_India_Global_Warming_09002 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
whole of eastern coasts of India and the total orissa coast is threatened due to sea level rise and climate change
john_dayal_on_communalism_dalit_christian_rights_Sai_Prasan_Kandhamal_08005/ / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
john dayal admits that indian christians are divided into various denominations and dalit christians are fighting for their rights
Victim_of_Mining_Sukinda_fast_converts_into_a_death_trap_by_Lisa_Pradhan_intern_08001 / / Issue_analysis_based_online_Newspaper
large scale open cast chromite mining pollutes water and soil of Sukinda and make Sukinda a death trap
Global_Warming_Rise_in_Sea_level_and_inundation_of_Coastal_India_006 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Global Warming and Climate Change make sea level rise and pose serious threats to coastal India
Wrath_of_Global_Warming_on_River_Ganges_by_Dr_Nachiketa_Das_005 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
River Ganges (Ganga) faces the wrath of Global Warming and climatic change
Orissa_in_a_Globalised_Economy_Challenges_ahead_by_Nageswar_Pattnaik_and_Sai_Prasan / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Orissa has to overcome lots of challenges brought by the modern economic concepts of liberalisation and globalisation
Hirakud_Dam_needs_an_effective_Management_by_Dr_Nachiketa_Das / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Hirakud Dam in Orissa is under mismanagement and needs an effective management system
Kalahandi_cursed_with_Industries_by_Basudev_Mahapatra / / Issue based News Feature Portal from Orissa, India
Once rice bowl of India Kalahandi and its people are now experiencing the wrath of Industrialisation in the name of Development
Turtle_safety_puts_fishing_communities / / Issue based News portal from Orissa, India
Turtle Safety Measures in the mating and nesting sites have put the livelihood of fishing communities at stake
Awareness_of_Water_Quality_by_Dr_Nachiketa_Das / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
In context of the water crisis across the globe, educating and making people aware about water quality is very much essential in Orissa, India, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Raj_Thackeray's_Politics_of_Regional_Nationalism_by_Basudev_Mahapatra / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Raj Thackeray's Politics of Marathi Pride will have more negative impact on the national economy and Maharastra Economy, HotnHit Newsfeatures, India
Coal_bed_methane_in_Orissa_by_Dr_Nachiketa_Das / / Issue based News Portal from Hotnhit Newsfeatures
Coal Bed Methane (CBM) Reserve in Orissa, India
Sun_Temple_of_Konark_World_Heritage_Monument_Sujata Mahapatra / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Sun Temple at Konark is an architectural document of social, political and economic systems prevalent in Orissa since ages, HotnHitNews, HotnHit NewsFeatures
Teacher_facing_caste_discrimination_Dalit_Scenario_in_India_by_N_A_Shah_Ansari_004 / / Issue based News Feature Portal from Orissa, India
Dalit teacher discriminated to enter into school for being an SC by caste
Sujata-Mahapatra-Correspondent-Content-Manager / / Issue based News Portal from Hotnhit Newsfeatures, Orissa, India
Representing 'India TV' in Odisha, Sujata Mahapatra started, in TV, with 24X7 Hindi news channel CNEB. Sujata is a Social and Media Activist interested in development of rural and tribal women, Gender equality and Media Activism for sustanable community development in Orissa, India
SLAPP: Arm of India Inc to silence watchdogs
By Basudev Mahapatra | Bangalore based environmental and developmental journalist Keya Acharya attempted to dig into the cut-rose industry of India and tell the story of land grab in poor African countries like Kenya and Ethiopia linked to it. She filed her story to the well-known News Agency Inter Press Service (IPS) that appeared on IPS website on July 18, 2014. Over a fortnight since the report came online, Keya was served with a defamation notice by the legal counsels of Sai RamaKrishna Karuturi, Managing Director of Karuturi Global Ltd. demanding 20 million USD or 100 crore (One billion) rupees as compensation.
Odisha: Hail Naveen for supporting treatment of Kanakdei/
By Basudev Mahapatra | The Odisha government, which couldn’t ensure a hitch free education for the poor tribal girl, has however come forward to bear the cost of treatment of Kanakdei who is battling for life in a critically burnt condition. Certainly, a valid reason why Naveen Patnaik must be hailed and, to help him win another election, a point must be added to his score card for his able and empathetic leadership.
India-under-Modi-mapping-a-road-between-good-governance-and-tryst-with-bureaucracy-HotnHitNews-19622062014 |
By Basudev Mahapatra | As the first budget of the Modi government is to be placed in the second week of July, the major challenges would be dealing with issues like price rise - particularly increased food prices and inflation in India.
COP-19-Climate-talks-opened-with-tears-HotnHitNews-19812112013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Yeb Sano’s emotional address and description of the plight of people in post-Haiyan Philippines couldn’t hold the emotion longer in UN Climate summit COP 19 at warsaw as the politics of the conference took over with the Polish hosts came under attack from green groups because of the Government's support to the coal industry, opening of new lignite mines and power stations.
Fragile-safety-of-women-in-Odisha-HotnHitNews-19506112013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Series of fatal crimes against women in last few years and the latest one in particular make clean examples of how efficiently and promptly the whole system works to ensure enhanced security to women in Odisha.
Odisha-A-potential-Onion-Exporter-in-Onion-Crisis-HotnHitNews-14503022013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha produces less than 20% of its consumption needs and for the rest it has to depend on imports from other states. So, every time there is a problem in Nasik or Maharashtra, Odisha has to face Onion crisis. This is happening because of negligence to Onion farming and apathy to the issues of Onion growers
Violent-retaliation-by-Odisha-Police-becomes-frequent-HotnHitNews-257002122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The act of Lathicharge by Odisha Police on agitating teachers, on November 29, near the assembly house in Bhubaneswar has raised questions about the self control exercises of the state Police. This is not the first time that Odisha police resorted to be offensive on the agitators instead of managing the situation and avoid a law and order situation
Nothing-big-to-Indias-credit-in-hanging-Kasab-and-remembering-26-11-victims-HotnHitNews-251027112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Has India really made justice to the victims of the Mumbai terror attack or is building a cover up of the injustice to the victims’ families by portraying hanging of Kasab as the final justice to the victims and the city of Mumbai?
Odisha-Naveen's-silence-raises-more-questions-about-illegal-mining-HotnHitNews-235013112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
While Congress leader and Central Minister Srikant Jena demanded immediate resignation of Naveen Patnaik as the Chief Minister, few other Congress leaders like the Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee President Niranjan Patnaik and BJP Vice President, Odisha Unit, Ashok Sahu reiterated their demand for a CBI probe into the whole affair of mining irregularities in Odisha
Odisha-Police-Congress-Workers-Clash-may-fetch-Congress-more-blame-than-any-gain-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-01377912 | HotnHit Newsfeatures, Odisha
Odisha: Bhubaneswar: The ruckus outside the Odisha Assembly, on September 6, 2012, would cause damage than bringing any benefit to Congress
Rio+20-Earth-summit-hope-for-some-frustration-for-many-Basudev-Mahapatra-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-05723062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Rio+20 Summit: Hope for some, frustration for many: Rio+20 bore enormous hope to take strong note of issues like climate change, dangers to biodiversity, poverty eradication and social justice. It was seen as the summit to ensure follow up actions on the commitments made in the 1992 Rio Summit to tackle the issues of Climate Change and Biodiversity because global emissions have risen by 48%, 300m hectares of forest have been cleared and the population has increased by 1.6 billion people since then. Despite a statistical reduction in poverty across the globe, one in every six people is yet malnourished. Basudev Mahapatra, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Bhubaneswar-Novelty-of-Street-Board-buletin-Nichhak-must-be-protected-by-ensuring-quality-of-content-Odisha-India-Hotnhitnews-02019042012-Odisha-India-Hotnhitnews-02120042012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Street board bulletin Nichhak spreads bad journalism: With the deadline of 18th April, 2012, given by the CPI Maoist party's Andhra Odisha Border Special Zonal Committee (AOBSZC) was over, a Maoist cadre, while speaking to a regional TV channel in Odisha, said that the fate of the abducted MLA Jhina Hikaka is to be decided in the Praja Court (People's Court) of the Maoists. Even though she didn't give any definite time about the Praja Court, many of the journalists engaged themselves in bad journalism by spreading self-assumed arguments in form of data and news just to prove their extra-ordinary ability in making news. The street board bulletin in Bhubnaeswar Nichhak also fell victim to such bad journalism practiced by some such journalists. Basudev Mahapatra, HotnhitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Reporting_statement_of_Rahul_Gandhi_On_Terror_Attacks_in_Mumbai_and_India_An_instance_of_bad_Journalism_16072011026 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
The way AICC General Secretary Rahul Gandhi’s statement on stopping terror attacks before occurrence was reported by the TV journalists and, also, the way it was presented by Indian TV News channels that it hardly fulfilled any purpose of journalism but just exposed Indian TV News channels’ passion for tabloid journalism. As I myself was present in the media interaction session, I was shocked with the kind of reporting of the statement and more shocked that no channel tried to tell the truth and the true intention of the statement. With one channel sparked sensation by manipulating the statement, every other channel just wanted to do the same to steal the show. Even in some channels, the statement was made into pieces and carried one after another in different bulletins throughout the day. By Basudev mahapatra, HotnHit Newsfeatures
COP-15_Copenhagen_Climate_Change_Conference_became_Summit_of_difference_disagreement_n_dissatisfaction_964_090031 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
UN Climate Change Conference held at Copenhagen ended up as the summit of differences, disagreement and dissatisfaction for the poor and developing countries, the scientists, the climate change researchers and the communities facing the wrath of climate change due to rising global temperature. Even the little girl Severn Suzuki who appealed the global leaders to act promptly and sace the earth for the future generations had to return with frustration, anguish and utter dissatisfaction. hotnhitnews, hotnhit newsfeatures.
Orissa_Assembly_controversy_over_condolence_for_Farmers_Committed_Suicide_090060_927 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
The definition of democracy seems to have changed for the ruling party members in the house of Orissa Assembly as the speaker of the house is in clean denial mood to express a condolence for the farmers of the state who have committed suicide for the crop loss due to low rain, lack of irrigation facilities and attack by crop eating caterpillar that have invaded over thousands of hectares of paddy field. However, honourable speaker is more inclined to the precedent of the house than the unprecedented occurrence of a series of suicide by the farmers who would have voted for the ruling party members and placed them in power. As per many of the intellectuals of the state, the affairs in the Orissa assembly during last 2-3 sessions have hampered the dignity of a constitutional authority like Speaker of the house as there have been allegations that the chair behaved with a political bias. So, now many people including intellectuals and social activists of Orissa seek a revision of the constitution and advocate for placing a non-political authority as the speaker. In order to set principles of discipline on the floor and make the house behave lawfully and responsibly to the people of the country, senior judges from High Court and Supreme Court should be placed as speakers in the houses as the job requires adequate knowledge on the law of the land and constitutional provisions regarding the rights and liberty of people, HotnHit Newsfeatures
West_Bengal_camouflage_formula_by_Police_would_restrict_journalists_from_doing_job_90039 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
The formula applied by the West Bengal Police would make a journalist face serious problems at the other end while reporting people’s issues and problems in Maoist dominated areas. The journalists would now be under Maoist scanner and would be suspected as police informer or planted by police
Mania_of_taking_law_into_hands_hnf_editorial_008_90033 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Taking law into hands seems to be a dangerous mania that is spreading across rural India and also fascinating the urban population which is definitely not acceptable in a civilised society, HotnHit Newsfeatures
India's_bio_diesel_dream_Great_Jatropha_Scam_in_offing_HNF_Editorial_010_090023 / / Issue based News Portal from HNF, Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Jatropha cultivation is promoted like an industry and the governments of such states have allocated huge tracts of land to private companies and business groups in the name of jatropha cultivation. Once the jatropha cultivation fails and the great oil dream shatters, will all the land allocated be brought back from the companies or business groups, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Mumbai_Terror_Strike_No_Gossip_No_Politics_with_Terrorism_Please_by_Basudev_Mahapatra_001 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
26/11 Mumbai Terror Strike became a theme of gossip and politics, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Murder_of_Judo_Coach_Biranchi_Das_Police_Criminal_Nexus / / Issue based News portal from Orissa, India
Biranchi Das Murder Case, Police-Criminal-Bureaucracy Nexus in Orissa, India
Maoist_Strike_in_Nayagarh_Orissa_HNF_Editorial / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Maoists attacked Police Armouries and Stations in Nayagarh, Orissa, India
Kandhamal_Riot_Class_conflict_termed_Communal_Violence_by_Basudev_Mahapatra / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Khandhamal Violence - SC ST - Kandha Pana Clash termed as Hindu Christian Communal Riot, HotnHit Newsfeatures, Orissa, India
Fake_Police_Encounter_Indian_Police_going_encounter_hungry / / News Feature Portal from Hotnhit Newsfeatures, Orissa, India
Failure in combating naxalism and Maoist Cadres Indian police goes fake encounter hungry
Naveen's_Orissa_Journey_along_neo-development_Politics_by_Basudev_Mahapatra / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
In the name of Development, Naveen Pattnaik's industrialisation drive is primarily to hand over the mining resources to outside profit monger corporates, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Rail Budget 2015: A Preview
By Dilip Kumar Samantray | India’s railway minister Suresh Prabhu is going to present his maiden rail-budget Thursday, 26 February 2015. The rail budget attracts maximum attention of people from all walks of life because Indian Railways form the lifeline of the nation and trains are the most popular mode of transport for majority of our population.
Modi should work to build a lawful India
By Dr Kamal K Mahawar | Too many slogans, too many buzzwords served to people through different media have only raised hope of the Indian mass about the government headed by Narendra Modi. Dreams and desires of people are so many that fulfilling one by one would be just impossible for Modi and his government. So Modi must focus on building a lawful India. Rest will take care of itself.
Arrest-of-Sabyasachi-Panda-a-planned-game-20719072014 | HotnHitNews

Chariot-Ascending-Row-scriptural-references-clash-with-business-interests-HotnHitNews-19522062014 |
By Basudev Mahapatra | Uncertainty about management of Rath Yatra, the chariot festival, prevails as the controversy over climbing on the chariots, when idols are seated on it, still prevails and with servitors of SriJagannath Temple of Puri threaten to create trouble.
India-Who-are-the-Educated-by-Pravat-Ranjan-Mallick-HotnHitNews-17606062014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Prabhat Ranjan Mallick | The recent hornet’s nest raised over the appointment of Smriti Irani as Human Resource Minister in the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the ground that she is not a graduate, does not imply that this is the first case after independence or the past congress governments have always chosen persons into positions as per their expertise knowledge befitting into the job they we required to do. In a parliamentary form of government the Prime Minister has not the scope to choose experts from outside the parliament to fit into the cabinet berths. 
Tax-on-incomE-the-root-cause-of-inflation-in-India-HotnHitNews-17430052014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Prof Ramesh Gupta | Since Income is a good thing and Expenditure is a bad thing, therefore we should tax the
Modi-Factor-Possibilities-about-India-Foreign-Policy-HotnHitNews-17225052014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Shyam Saran | A rejuvenated BJP - the Bharatiya Janata Party - under Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a rare opportunity to re-invent India and re-write the India story. 
Christians-in-India-sceptical-about-religious-freedom-during-BJP-rule-HotnHitNews-16719052014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By HNF Correspondent | The victory of the BJP led NDA has many Christians afraid for the future of the freedom of religion in India. Christians across India already face restrictions on exercising their faith freely. Forced conversion laws manipulated to attack Christian pastors and a climate of impunity for perpetrators of violence against Christians has been a hallmark of BJP rule at the state level. This must not be allowed to take hold in India’s national government. 
Navin-keeps-his-card-secret-till-results-come-HotnHitNews-16516052014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Bibhuti Pati | Post poll, Navin Patnaik’s first Delhi tour raised some speculation in Odisha. Media started speculation. Some said, it was for a health check-up after a hectic campaign schedule, some also said it was to give a preliminary shape to the speculated third front. 
Indian-Maoists-incursion-of-southern-states-HotnHitNews-16112052014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Mrinal kanta Das | The CPI-ML-Naxalbari and CPI-Maoist merger can have significant impact for the Maoist movement in the tri-junction area of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. CPI-Maoist has been making continuous efforts towards creating a base in the area, and while they have not perpetrated any large scale violence in the area, they have been visible with an increasing frequency and there is significant evidence of their non-violent mobilisation. Violence and intimidation, however, have not been altogether lacking. 
Is-China-on-the-path-of-imperialism-Revolutionary-Imperialism-HotnHitNews-15810052014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By N B Turner | Revolutionary Frontlines has recently received a new study from, which examines the shape of the imperialist system today, with special emphasis on the still-debated role of China and Chinese imperialism. The introduction to this path-breaking study and analysis is posted here below. 
Tsundur-Massacre-Journey-for-justice-seems-to-go-longer-HotnHitNews-15706052014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Subhash Gatade | While tracking the verdicts in cases of dalit atrocities in India Subhash Gatade comes across several cases where justice obtained at one court is denied at a higher court. Latest verdict in case of the Tsundur Massacre of 1991 in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh is another evidence of such denial. 
Let-Sabyasachi-and-Nachika-return-to-Mainstream-HotnHitNews-12509032014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In armed conflict, both sides lose and ‘who gains’ remains an unanswered question. Recently, the camps of Sabyasachi Panda were raided by Odisha police, some of his supporters arrested and arms recovered. It’s claimed by the police that Panda took a bullet on his body, but managed to escape. Police and armed forces continue their operation to nab Panda as a prize catch and resources of the state are fully engaged to support the operation against the Maoist leader.
Politics-of-Identity-biggest-danger-to-democratic-governance-by-Kuldip-Nayar-HotnHitNews-11826022014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
With a clutch of bureaucrats Naveen rules the state of Odisha, much to the misery and helplessness of the voters. He is worse because he has eliminated leading politicians from his party methodically. He has thus become indispensible. In fact, Naveen's strength is the absence of a leader in his own party and his adversary, the Congress, in Odisha.
Odisha-buys-development-against-militarization-and-threatened-sovereignty-HotnHitNews-20212122013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Given circumstances of foreign investments in the State of Odisha bring another serious threat to sovereignty of the nation as they are empowered to control and deploy security force at their own without any accountability.
Odisha-urban-poll-results-A-call-for-introspection-HotnHitNews-18421092013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The results of recent urban local body elections in Odisha might have offered a few reasons to ruling party (in the state) Biju Janata Dal (BJD) and opposition Congress to console, but it has certainly posed many reasons for all the parties to introspect and reform before the forthcoming general polls
Ishrat-Jahan-Case-Gujarat-Save-IB-from-becoming-ISI-of-India-HotnHitNews-17619072013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Letter from Ex DGP R B Sreekumar to the President of India on the Gujarat extra judicial killings and Ishrat Jahan Encounter case.
Two-Manifestations-of-Tribal-Development-An-Odisha-Case-by-Achyut-Das-HotnHitNews-17507072013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Coming from a modest Paraja Community Sumani Jodia was in the forefront of many struggles and movements fighting for her rights, entitlements and justice. Once she was given the Police Power by the Government to stop liquor business and she broke many liquor shops with the help of tribal women of her area.
Odisha-Pyari-BJP-Equation-in-the-build-up-By-Dr-Sasmit-Patra-HotnHitNews-16512032013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The old-love of Pyari for communism was later subdued by the green of socialist ideas, which have been the frame-work of the Janata Dal regime when he was the Principal Secretary to then Odisha CM Biju Patnaik. The communist turned socialist turned into a capitalist when he batted with the POSCOs and Vedantas for Naveen in the BJD and blew the capitalistic conch for the party across Odisha for twelve long years
The-pension-bill-Robbing-workers-to-enrich-the-Capitalists-HotnHitNews-15923022013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In order to wriggle itself out from the mounting criticism of policy paralysis and to prove that it has not lost the track of economic reforms, the Manmohan Singh government of India has now set itself upon the road to further economic reforms knowing it well that these reforms are not the panacea for the falling economic growth and the mounting fiscal deficit
India-Reform-criminal-justice-system-to-stop-crime-against-women-Says-AHRC-HotnHitNews-12215012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
If women in India feel that they are not even safe in the company of the police, perhaps it is time that they ask the Indian government what is its plan to change this. Mere increase in the number of women police officers is not a solution to this. It is only a wrong presumption that women could better protect women and women in distress talk better to women. It is incorrect to make such an assumption particularly in India since the wrong is with the institution and not just in its gender balance or in the nature of the crime
India-PMO-asks-Ministries-to-compromise-with-Laws-of-the-Land-HotnHitNews-12013012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
On one hand, the UPA government of India shows PESA Act and the Forest Rights Act as its flagship enactments to protect the rights of the poor and the indigenous communities and on the other, Prime Minister's Office gives instructions to the concerned ministries to act in violation of the said laws to benefit industries
Odisha-Effect-changes-this-year-in-Odisha-to-secure-our-daughters-By-PCC-President-Niranjan-Patnaik-HotnHitNews-11105012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In view of the horrific sexual assault in Delhi in the end of 2012 and a number of cases of sexual crime and abuses in Odisha, a former Minister and the present Pradesh Congress Committee President of Odihsa, Niranjan Patnaik, pleads for certain changes in policing and the legal system in the state to ensure safety of women in Odisha
India-Punish-Madhya-Pradesh-Minister-kailash-Vijayvargiya-for-crossing-his-limits-HotnHitNews-10904012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
At a time when the whole nation is under the wave of mass protests and demanding change in the mindsets, at the least the elected representatives of the people of India should be cautious and guarded in their statements. It hurts to see that, in India, we are living in a male chauvinist society with medieval mindsets finding faults in women for crimes done against them
Odisha-Interlocutor-writes-to-CM-for-impartial-inquiry-into-Son-arrest-HotnHitNews-262009122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
One of the interlocutors in two high profile abduction cases of Odisha, where Maoists kidnapped a civil servant in one case and two Italian citizens in the other, Dandapani Mohanty's son has been arrested by Odisha Police for alleged role in supporting armed Maoists and their movement. But the claims made by police have been refuted by Dandapani Mohanty to whom it's rather a case of abduction by police later presented as an arrest. Here is the open letter written by Mr. Mohanty to the Chief Minister requesting an impartial probe of the whole episode
Gujarat-Election-2012-Civil-society-seeks-regulation-to-make-Elected-Representatives-accountable-HotnHitNews-256002122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
When political parties of India are engaged in Gujarat Elections, members of civil society have written an open letter to the parties to make their stand clear on accountability. The letter says, People’s representatives are there to serve the citizens in democratic set up, take up their issues and concerns. But that is hardly the case and most tend to behave as ‘Feudal Lords’. There exists no mechanism to make the people’s representatives publicly accountable or to be able to keep a check on their functioning
Odisha-Right-to-Public-Services-Bill-2012-Cluster-of-loopholes-HotnHitNews-252029112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The Odisha Public Services Bill, 2012, is being pursued by the Naveen Patnaik government as a milestone bill aims at providing time bound service to the people of Odisha from 1st January, 2012. To mark a beginning, around 25 Public services are going to be made available to people of the state in a time bound manner under the Odisha Public Services Bill
Odisha-needs-to-sign-MOU-with-its-farmers-by-Niranjan-Patnaik-HotnHitNews-249025112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
After a six days tour and Padyatra (foot rally) across the western Odisha, as part of the Parivartan Yatra (campaign for Change), Niranjan Patnaik, the President of Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee, discovered that farmers of Odisha have suffered the most during the 12 years’ rule of Naveen Patnaik
Conflict-in-Odisha-Revenge-angle-gives-twist-to-the-encounter-story-HotnHitNews-240019112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
When the Odisha police is claiming huge credit for its success in combating Maoist menace by killing five persons allegedly associated with the Maoist movement, there have been strong objections raised by civil society bodies and human rights organizations like the Kandhamal based Banabasi Surakhya Parisad, Odisha Adivasi Mancha and Campaign Against Fabricated Cases, Odisha to what the police claims about the encounter
Odisha-Politics-Stop-siphoning-off-money-meant-for-poor-people-of-Odisha-HotnHitNews-231008112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
After 12 years in power, in Odisha, Naveen Patnaik still takes no interest in the implementation of the developmental programmes. He has no patience to get into details and is happy to watch smart PowerPoint presentations by his English-speaking bureaucrats, who have made him believe that everything is hunky-dory and poverty in Odisha will soon be history
Odisha-Pyari-ridiculed-Naveen-as-Incapable-Corrupt-and-a-Despot-HotnHitNews-207029102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha Politics: The Kranti Samavesh rally of Odisha Jana Morcha – forum declared by the dissident faction of Odisha’s ruling party Biju Janata Dal (BJD) – has been partly successful in achieving its preliminary goals like showing its strength by drawing a relatively good size of crowd, raising the issue of internal democracy in the Party, and challenging the leadership of Naveen Patnaik in the party
India-Role-of-MHA-and-Media-Reporting-questioned-in-Fasih-Mehmood-deportation-case-HotnHitNews-204026102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
A recent press release issued by Jamia Teachers’ Solidarity Association (JTSA), New Delhi, alleges that media reporting of arrests of innocent people on wrong or false charges and follow-up stories look irresponsible, at times, while bringing to fore the case of arrest of Fasih Mehmood while role of Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), India, remained dubious
Madhya-Pradesh-government-failed-in-improving-irrigation-capacity-SJP-claims-quoting-the-CAG-Report-HotnHitNews-202022102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Samajwadi Jan Parishad, in a press release, criticised the BJP government of Madhya Pradesh (MP) for lying about its achievements of irrigation targets. The BJP and its government in Madhya Pradesh is adopting a dual standard by criticising Maharashtra government over irregularities in its irrigation scheme when it has failed to acknowledge the CAG reports on its own irrigation schemes and projects
Odisha-headed-by-a-non-warranted-non-notified-Governor-Muralidhar-Chandrakant-Bhandare-HotnHitNews-201021102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
ODISHA: Muralidhar Chandrakant Bhandare still continues to stay/overstay in RajBhavan, the official residence of Odisha Governor, even after his 5 year term is over. He got appointed as Governor of Odisha by an official warrant from the President of India which was duly registered in the Gazette. Then only, he entered into the official residence RajBhavan on August 21, 2007 and took oath as Governor of Odisha following the norms described in the Constitution of India (Article 155: The Governor of a state shall be appointed by the President by warrant under his hand and seal). His 5 year term expired on 20 August 2012
Parade-of-Communism-in-America-Lack-of-teaching-on-other-side-of-Bolshevik-Revolution-held-responsible-HotnHitNews-182002102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
USA: The growing popularity of Marxism and communism among the American school students and the youth is seen as the parade of communism in the USA. Teaching experts and intellectuals believe that American youth is falling into the illusion because of lack of teaching on the other side of the Bolshevik Revolution and communist governance
Let-Us-live-as-Citizens-with-Dignity-CMAS-leader-Nachika-Linga-Hotnhitnews-166024092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In a letter written to an Odia fortnightly newspaper Janatantra, Nachika Linga, the tribal leader of Odisha who happens to be the President of Chasi Mulia Adivasi sangh (CMAS) and titled by his ideological guru as
WSG-decision-to-sue-Football-Journalist-condemned-by-elite-sports-media-circle-Hotnhitnews-154018092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Singapore-based World Sports Group (WSG) has started legal proceedings against veteran journalist and soccer scholar James M. Dorsey in a bid to silence sources and squash reporting about its relationship with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and disgraced FIFA vice president and AFC president Mohammed Bin Hammam, who is at the center of the worst corruption scandal in soccer history
Between-Corruption-and-Street-War-Egypt-struggles-to-shape-its-future-Hotnhitnews-India-151016092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In Egypt, reforming the authoritarian police and security forces goes far beyond simply removing Mubarak era figures from their posts. It involves a top-to-bottom radical institutional change and introducing a new organizational culture. It means grooming a community-oriented corps that is depoliticized, focused on protecting civilians and combating domestic violence rather than repressing opposition groups and trained in the respect of human rights and conducting real investigations instead of extracting forced confessions
Indian-Politics-Power-Play-with-Corporate-Money-By-Palash-Biswas-Hotnhitnews-India-11628082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Indian Politics: Power Play with Corporate Money: India (leaving apart its political class) is shocked to know about the USD 5.69 Million paid by UK based Vedanta Resources to some or most of its political parties. This fact raised questions on the integrity of political parties and their commitment for the people of India. Why Vedanta didn't name the parties in its report? Why Indian political parties kept quite till the fact came in Vedanta’s annual report? Have they furnished detail of these funds in their annual return? Will the Enforcement Directorate (ED) take note of it and hold raids to bring all the irregularities made by all or a section of country’s law makers and political parties? And, finally, who rules the country – the greed of parties and their leaders or the corporate interests? Palash Viswas, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Assam-must-be-proactive-to-stop-violence-by-Ram-Puniyani-HotnHitNews-09302082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Assam must be proactive to stop violence: One of the prime destination for any outsider for its vibrant nature and beauty, Assam is in the news for all bad reasons in the recent days. The worst of all is the recent spell of violence. No doubt, there are issues leading to conflicts between the local ethnic communities and non-ethnic communities of Assam. But these issues have to be resolved only through dialogues and developments. Can we see the solution in violence of such kind? Ram Puniyani, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Pune-series-blast-of-01-08-and-ongoing-class-caste-war-in-Maharashtra-HotnHitNews-09202082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Pune series blast of 01/08 and the ongoing Maratha-Bahujan vs Chitpawan Brahmin caste war across Maharashtra: In our assessment, this series of terror attacks in Pune is part of the ongoing caste war that has once again erupted all across Maharashtra, especially ever since the struggle over the true paternal lineage of Shivaji Maharaj, the widely loved iconic and revered king. Feroze Mithiborwala and Kishore Jagtap, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Grid-Failure-In-India-Power-Generation-Configuration-needs-to-be-changed-India-HotnhitNews-09001082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Grid Failure in India: Power generation configuration needs to be changed in India: The states of India have withdrawn more power than they are entitled to, thereby tripping the grid. As the peak load deficit is about 15,000 MW, without grid discipline, such failures are bound to happen. Most states do not have any system in place that can stop them from withdrawing more power from the grid than what is allocated. Chandra Bhushan, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Time-for-naxals-to-adopt-non-violent-way-An-open-letter-from-Anurag-Modi-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-08426072012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In the backdrop of Adivasi population (in conflict or non-conflict zone) of the country facing a war - a war that is so well designed by nexus of politicians and corporate lobby that it is sure to affect and displace the entire Adivasi population - the adaption of non-violent protest and giving away violence will leave government’s operation “Green-Hunt” exposed and redundant. An open letter from Anurag Modi, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Odisha-Politics-JB-Can-Still-Be-A-Factor-By-Dr-Sasmit-Patra-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-08216072012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha Politics: JB can still be a factor: Odisha Congress staying out of power for three consecutive terms, since 2000 general elections till date, has become the biggest botheration for party's central leadership because this was never the situation before. Even, a change of face couldn't help Congress back to power in Odisha. Some say, JB is still a hope. Now the question is if the longest reigning Chief Minister Janaki Ballhav Patnaik or JB, who looked too ugly to party high-command to become the face after 2004 elections, can again save the party and if the high-command can dare to allow his come back. Dr Sasmit Patra, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Trial-by-Indian-media-is-violation-of-human-rights-allege-rights-organisations-of-Andhra-Pradesh-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-08116072012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Trial by Indian Media is violation of Human Rights, allege Rights Organisations of Andhra Pradesh: While trial by Indian media out of the court has received criticism many times in different cases, a joint Petition submitted by All India Forgotten Women’s Association (AIFWA), Andhra Pradesh Mothers-in-law Protection Association (APMPA), Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF), All India Men’s Welfare Association (AIMWA) to the Andhra Pradesh State Human Rights Commission to stop telecast/publication of marital disputes as news, spreading half-truths and lies, conducting media trial, and defaming the accused men and relatives has raised the question again about media trial. HNF Correspondent, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
India-needs-to-uphold-values-to-combat-violence-by-Ram-Puniyani-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-08016072012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
India needs to uphold values to combat violence: It is all the more important in today’s India as communal violence is, unfortunately marching with relentless speed, changing it’s form and nature constantly. One has seen that since the decade of 1980s the violence in many a north Indian cities, Meerut, Malyana, Bhagalpur and Delhi was in a way revival of this horrendous phenomenon in the Independent India. By Ram Puniyani, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Indias-Blood-Stained-Democracy-By-Mirza-Wahid-Hotnhitnews-India-07712072012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
India's Blood-stained Democracy: While the kind of governance and politics being practiced in India in the name of democracy are criticised by people from different walks of life in the country, a journalist and novelist Mirza Wahid sees democracy as blood-stained in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The following is his opinion on how the governance runs in the state published in the New York times. HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Congressional_Elections_are_fixed_in_America_Hotnhitnews_India_06704072012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Congressional Elections are fixed in America: In America fixing an Election for House of Representatives with 435 Seats for a particular state is a piece of cake because of 2 party system. All you need is meeting between both party representatives to negotiate for constituencies in that particular state. Dave Makkar, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
To be Or Not To be: Possibilities of the suicidal nuclear power race Hotnhitnews 06229062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
To be Or Not To be: Possibilities of the suicidal nuclear power race: If we love money more than life, as some supporters of “modernizing” our nuclear weapons and facilities seem to do, then we must accept the idea that we, or our children and grandchildren, sooner or later, will be incinerated in a flash, poisoned by radioactive fallout, or starved by a nuclear winter. By Peter G Cohen, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Contemporary-Indian_woman-and-Sita-as-her-Role-Model-Ram-Puniyani-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-04411062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Contemporary Indian Woman and Sita as her Role Model: With women’s movements coming up and gender subservience being questioned in India, Indian laws and courts have to be sensible to the aspirations of women. The very concept of Indian woman losing her basic identity after marriage has to be consigned to the dustbin of history. By Ram Puniyani, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Indian-media-symptom-and-perpetrator-of-a-rotten-democracy-by-paul-beckett-wall-street-journal-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-04209062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Indian media: Symptom and perpetrator of a rotten democracy: Basing upon his personal observations and information from various sources, Wall Street Journal (WSJ)‘s New Delhi bureau chief Paul Beckett wrote an article titled 'Want Press Coverage? Give Me Some Money' about paid news in India. HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
NPCIL-plays-Hide-and-Seek-peoples-movement-against-nuclear-energy-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-04001062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
NPCIL Plays Hide and Seek with people: NPCIL plays hide and seek with the lives and safety of millions of Indian citizens and is holding back vital information from them. They argue that the Safety Analysis Report (SAR) “is a ‘third party document’ and therefore, without the prior consent of the third party, the same cannot be shared with anyone.” Although they are holding the SAR in a ‘Fiduciary Capacity,’ the NPCIL has said it is “ready and willing to show the copy” of SAR to the CIC. But they cannot share it with the people of India. Obviously, the NPCIL is more interested in the safety and wellbeing of the Russian company and the Russian benefactors but not in the safety of the people of India. People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy, Tamil Nadu, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Odisha-Politics-Naveen-Pyari-caught-between-devil-and-deep-sea-by-Dr-sasmit-patra-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-03901062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Naveen, Pyari and Odisha Politics: caught between the Devil and Deep Sea: When whole of Odisha is still wondering if the meeting of May 30 night at the residence of BJD's (Biju Janata Dal) Rajya Sabha MP Pyari Mohan Mohapatra was a coup plan against Naveen Patnaik Government, it has finally brought a golden opportunity for the Pyari dissidents who tried to get noticed by Odisha's Chief Minister and BJD Supremo Naveen Patnaik by ensuring their attendance at Naveen Niwas and condemn the meeting held by Pyari Mohan terming it as the biggest game of conspiracy in last 12 years. But, back from London to Odisha beforetime, Naveen may try to go to the roots of it. The questions weighing on Naveen’s mind would be regarding the real support base of Pyari Mohan Mohapatra. He might be ruminating - 'were all the loyalists of Pyari Mohan with him that evening'? Or, were some of them attending the loyalists’ meeting in Naveen Niwas that evening at the behest of Pyari Mohan? The initial rumour of 60 MLAs being with Pyari is fake or genuine? This would also be bothering Naveen. Dr Sasmit Patra, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Politics-through-food-habits-by-Ram-Puniyani-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-03224052012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Politics through food habits: In India, the current communal politics has twin agenda. At surface it wants to subjugate the minorities and is using the emotive issues to create a mass hysteria against minorities. Lord Ram and Cow are the major tools of communal political mobilization in India. While the supporters of RSS combine generously donate for the welfare of cow, it is the dalits who practically take care of its grazing and other needs. By Ram Puniyani, PMARC, People's Media Advocacy and Resource Centre, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Marriage-Law-Amendment-Bill-must-be-put-up-for-open-debate-Rajesh-Vakharia-Nagpur-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-03119052012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Marriage Law Amendment Bill must be put up for open debate: The proposed Marriage Law Amendment Bill, already approved by the Indian cabinet, to ensure more benefit to divorcee women has drawn different opinions about it in India. However, in a contrast development in China 9 months back, a similar property law had to be amended by Chinese Supreme Court. As per a report published in ‘The Telegraph (UK)’, ‘with divorce rates soaring, and widespread worries about a new culture of hyper-materialism, the Chinese government is now trying to stop women marrying for money. In a bid to temper the rising expectations of Chinese women, China's Supreme Court has now ruled that from now on, the person who buys the family home, or the parents who advance them the money, will get to keep it after divorce’. By Rajesh Vakharia, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Illegal-and-anti-people-provisions-of-Odisha-RTI-Rules-2005-by-Pradip-Pradhan-Odisha-India-Hotnhitnews-02430042012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Illegal and Anti-people provisions of Odisha RTI Rules, 2005: The 2006 Amendment, though fair and useful in itself, didn’t however touch at all on the mainframe of Orissa RTI (Right To Information) Rules 2005, which remains to this day the single greatest fraud on the citizens’ right to information under the parent Act. Because of it the common people, especially the BPL section, are damn scared to use it. As a result, contrary to the larger picture at national level where country’s legendary scams are found to be getting exposed through the historic RTI tool, Odisha cuts a sorry figure for not a single major case of corruption, be it around mining, midday meal, paddy procurement or land deals, has come to public scanner through RTI route. By Pradip Pradhan, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
India-dishonesty-threats-stability-Indian-government-clueless-about-what-it-has-to-deal-with-Odisha-India-Hotnhitnews-01917042012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
India - Dishonesty threatens Stability: The prime minister Manmohan Singh's speech, while addressing to the Chief Ministers of India, gives an impression that his office is clueless as to what his government is expected to deal with. After seven years and 11 months in office, the prime minister said that the union government is 'ready to work with the states to put in place strong and effective institutional mechanisms to tackle this problem (of internal security)'. A simple question one may ask is what was his government doing so far? AHRC (Hong Kong) Release, HotnhitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Fatal-investigation-by-CBI-the-highest-investigating-agency-of-India-Kerala-India-Hotnhitnews-01521032012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
A fatal investigation by the highest investigating agency of India 'CBI': The so-called 'ultimate criminal investigation agency' in the country, the CBI, itself is not immune to political and otherwise corrupt pressure is not a new concern. There are a series of instances where the CBI has been accused of manipulating investigation to fit illegal demands of power centres, including those from political parties. The CBI also houses officers received on transfer from the state police, a factor that cuts the root of independency of this agency. AHRC (Hong Kong) Release, HotnhitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Communist-Revolution-India-CPI-ML-differences-with-Maoist-trend-genesis-and-present-contradiction-by-K-N-Ramchandran-Secretary-CPI-ML-India-Hotnhitnews-01412032012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
CPI ML difference with the Maoist Trend - Genesis and present contradictions: Though CPI (Maoist), in India, is claiming that it is working for the overthrow of the reactionary Indian state, it is pursuing an anarchist line which is harming themselves as well as the revolutionary movement as a whole. In this context, CPI (ML) considers that it is important to explain the genesis and development of our differences with it to avoid any misunderstandings. Both, the present CPI (ML) as well as erstwhile CPI (ML) People’s War and Party Unity share the heritage of the ideological-political struggle waged by the Communist Revolutionaries against the revisionist line of CPI and neo-revisionist line of CPI (M) leaderships. By K N Ramchandran, All India Secretary, CPI (ML), HotnhitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Uttar-Pradesh-Elections-A-Shocker-in-the-making-by-Dr-Sasmit-Patra-Hotnhitnews-01324022012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Uttar Pradesh Elections - A shocker in the making: People in Odisha might find it confusing that how could a 2% margin drop from 24.5% to 22.5% might create such a tremor, given that in Odisha the Biju Janata Dal has just hammered the Congress in the Zilla Parishad, rather brutally I must add. But in UP, a 2% drop in BSP vote-share could mean a decline of 45-50 seats for the BSP. The main vote-bank of the BSP are the Dalits comprising Jatavs and non-Jatavs and they are evenly spread out across all the constituencies in UP, ranging from 16% to 25% in each constituency. Therefore, in the absence of another vote-bank like the Brahmins or Muslims aligning with the BSP like in 2007, the BSP would find its vote-share high but resultant conversion of votes to winning seats low. By Dr Sasmit Patra, HotnhitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Indian-Home-Ministry-and-UIDAI-misleading-state-governments-and-citizens-of-India-by-Gopal-Krishna-Hotnhitnews-00910022012 | | Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Indian Home Ministry and UIDAI misleading State Governments and Citizens of the Country: In the absence of a law to deal with security and confidentiality of information, imposition of obligation of disclosure of information in certain cases, impersonation at the time of enrolment, investigation of acts that constitute offences and unauthorised disclosure of information, the UID (Unique Identification) project pursued in India seems to be a dangerous one. The Parliamentary Standing Committee in its report doubted the project's national security repercussions as well. Gopal Krishna, Citizens Forum For Civil Liberties, HotnhitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Media_in_India_Imprisoned_by_Profits_by_B_A_Samvartha_Sahil_Contributor_HotnhitNews_Odisha_220122011044 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Imprisoned by Profit: State of Media in India: Attacking the statement of the Chairman of Press Council, Justice Katju over the first page coverage of death of Dev Anand, a blogger (Archana Venkat) wrote a blog titled The Obsession With Framer Suicide, starting off the blog saying that even farmer suicide, on which Mr. Katju stressed, does not qualify, like the death of Dev Anand, to be front page news, particularly when there is no development in the issue. It seems the blogger looks at farmer suicide as numbers which make her say that “one” suicide is not news and “many” suicides are news. “How many deaths does it take to be a massacre?”- Derrida is said to have asked in the closing hours of his life and is said to have answered the question as “One.” News worthiness, according to the blogger, is decided by the media itself. Media as she sees is a private enterprise and has its own “business prospects”. By saying this she implies that the business interests of the media is more important than the expected job of the media. Worse she expects “subsidy”, “tax waiver”, “scholarship” and “travel grants” to do what is supposed to be the job of the media! By B. A. Samvartha (Sahil), Contributor, HotnhitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Media_India_The_Changing_Face_of_News_in_India_Speech_by_Santosh_Desai_CEO_Future_Brand_16082011033 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
India - The Changing Face of News: In India, the meaning of news has changed; news has transformed from journalism to the business of media. The style of coverage of news, too, has undergone a big change in India. When people talk about news, they talk about it with a certain amount of unease, as if there is too much about it -- in a sense, news is something they can no longer observe with a detached sense and are rather absorbed by it. The piece is based on Future Brands CEO and Managing Director Santosh Desai's special address at
Hina_Rabbani_Khar_Pakistan_Foreign_Ministers_India_Visit_offered_no_hope_for_resolution_of_Kashmir_Issue_31072011031 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Hina Rabbani Khar's India visit: Pakistan's soft face offered no hope for resolution of 'Kashmir' Issue: The recent visit of Pakistan Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar might have become a glamour event for most Indian media, but it still bore enormous importance for the Hurriyat members, believed by India to be the separatists otherwise, and the Kashmiri Hindus who live under tremendous pressure in their own land or are almost forced to live outside Kashmir. Every talk or diplomatic sharing makes a lot of sense to both the Kashmiri Hindus and the Hurriyat members since Kashmir has often remained the central issue of any talk between India and Pakistan. However, everyone wants a resolution of the Kashmir Issue. Here are the views of Dr. K. N. Pandita on the possibilities for resolution of kashmir Issue and how the recent visit of Pak Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar is going to impact Indo-Pak relationship and help resolving the issue of Kashmir. By Dr. K. N. Pandita, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Nothing_Poetic_About_Death_Report_from_ground_zero_at_Narayanpur_Maoist_Ambush_Site_India_29072011030 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Nothing poetic about death - A Report from Ground Zero at the site of ambush from the Maoists in Narayanpur of Chhattisgarh: It is an oft-repeated story. The injustice of deprivation drives people to desperation. The choice is between living a miserable, pathetic life, with hardly any rights on the one hand, and the sense of power that violence gives on the other. Violence becomes a weapon to hit back and assert for your rights. There is anarchy. The State cannot allow that. Nor is it able to address the primary issues. So the power of the State is rightfully used to assert that it is a functioning democracy, where fiefdoms can’t be allowed. By Uma Sudhir, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Mediator_alleges_Orissa_Government_of_being_callous_about_implementing_the_agreement_By_Dandapani_Mohanty_17042011015 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Even after a month and more of the release of Malkangiri Collector Vineel Krishna, it is unreasonable on the side of the Government of Orissa that has agreed upon the release of about 627 tribals who have been kept in various prisons in Orissa to further go on arresting more and more tribals under one pretext or the other. As a matter of principle and committed to the agreement that was reached upon, the mediators have time and again been reminding the Orissa government about the need to expedite the demands at the earliest. Dandapani Mohanty, HotnHit Newsfeatures, Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Its_Project_Brahmanism_Goldy_M_George_Hotnhitnews_130411014 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
It's Project Brahmanism: In India project Capitalism wouldn't survive with all its neo-liberal programs unless they take support of the already existing social and political domination and exploitation. As such Capitalism is relatively modern than Brahmanism and therefore the survival of Capitalism could only become a reality when the upper hand remains Brahmanism. Remember Brahmanism is a social ideology of complete domination and for Capitalism to align with there is no better ideology than Brahmanism. Goldy M George, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Why_is_the_fast_by_Anna_Hazare_important_by_Dibyasundar_Nayak_7042011013 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Why is Anna Hazare’s fast important: While Hazare and his supporters are initially focussed on the Lokpal Bill, when more people join in and it becomes a true mass movement, people will decide the next course of action. As exemplified by the Egypt’s recent revolution, people can collectively take the leadership after initial sparks. What has helped this movement is the way Hazare took the Prime Minister and senior politician Sharad Pawar head on. Hazare has accused PM of misleading people and also openly said that corrupt politicians like Pawar leading government’s committee against corruption shows the true face of government’s willingness to act against corruption. By Dibyasundra Nayak, HotnHit Newsfeatures
India_a_democracy_on_the_road_to_Kleptocracy_by_Piyush_Pant_020311006 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
India - A Democracy on the road to Kleptocracy: The corporate interests take over the other interests and corporate start dictating terms to the politicians and the bureaucrats. For this they take recourse to greasing their palm or taking the help of lobbyists who, acting on behalf of corporates, influence the policy decisions of the governments, even trying to influence the appointment of ministers to the ministries which are of particular interests to them. Revelations by Neera Radia tapes are clear pointers to this direction. Similarly in the case of Korean giant corporate POSCO, the somersault done by Environment and Forest Minister Jairam Ramesh is a testimony to how influential these multinational corporate have become. As they try to enter the vast untapped Indian market to woo more than a billion customers, they need to extricate tax breaks and contracts in their favour from Indian babudom. Some companies get these by corrupt means, covering their tracks by middlemen, as some foreign managers acknowledge in private. But a number of companies are turning to lobbyists who use subtler tools of influence, partly out of fear of anti-bribery laws in their respective countries which threaten jail term even for chief executives if they let workers pay bribes overseas. Piyush Pant, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Abduction_Post-Mortem_Living_in_Cynical_Times_by_Sandeep_Sahu_01311005 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
The episode of Collector abduction in Orissa has now made it a subjet for sincere post-mortem. Timing of abduction coinciding the budget session of Orissa Assembly make many think twice before taking the government stand for granted. Why was Vineel Krishna chosen to be the target? The implication was that the state government wanted to bask in the reflected glory of the Malkangiri Collector, who clearly has earned the admiration of the people of Malkangiri in general and the so-called ‘cut off’ area, in particular. One commentator even went to the extent of suggesting that he was ‘chums’ with the annas and was very much a dramatis personae in the hostage drama. To prove his point, he pointed to the unfettered access allegedly given to Vineel Krishna during his period of captivity to communicate with his family and even get essential items like clothes and shaving kit delivered to him in the jungles. By Sandeep Sahu, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Orissa_Killing_a_Leopard_Killing_Adivasis_Pramodini_Pradhan_202_032011 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Killing a leopard and Killing the Adivasis in Orissa: One is beastly, other is a victory! The report on a tribal girl allegedly raped by Jawans and Police was questioned for not including the version of the security forces or police on the grounds of ethical journalism. But hardly any report on cases of people, termed Maoists, being killed in encounters by Armed Police and Jawans carries the versions of the deceased family members or the community they belong to. The police story makes more sense in such cases than the basic principles of journalism and reporting. When the tribals, or Adivasis as they are called in India, have been the primary victims of such cases, their story of such incidents remain almost unreported. In the media reportsm these Adivasis at the receiving end do not even get the importance of a wild animal that has been killed recently by people of a village close to the city of Bhubaneswar in Orissa. A scanning of the media reports by Pramodini Pradhan of PUCL suggests how principles of journalism are neglected in the practice from case to case. Syed Hassan Kazim, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Journalism_in_India_Basudev_Mahapatra_Interviews_Sam_Miller_002_30001 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Working journalists of India should have greater access to quality training - Sam Miller: Journalism seems to be undergoing an acid test in India where it is expected to prove its commitment to the ordinary people and the basic objective of the profession itself. While one group is critical about the profession citing at dilution of the very ethical principles by the practitioners, the other group sees more outside control of the media in the name of business. There is yet another group that believes, the professionals in the field require more training to upgrade their skills - both technical and editorial - which in turn would help journalism become more effective in terms of serving ordinary people and guiding the power as well. On behalf of HOTnHIT Newsfeatures, Basudev Mahapatra tries to find out the shortfalls and possibilities in the profession of journalism in India while talking to senior journalist, writer and media trainer Sam Miller during his visit for a workshop on Feature Journalism and Reporting People and Issues for TV and Newspapers in Bhubaneswar organised by the BBC World Service Trust. Basudev Mahapatra, HotnHit Newsfeatures
The_Politics_Of_Fake_Encounter_Dandapani_Mohanty_001_11001 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
The Politics of Fake Encounter: The fundamental issues like life and livelihood of broad masses are treated as law and order issues by the state and the state security forces including Border Security Forces, CRPFs etc are deployed in the movement areas. In the process of state terrorism struggling people above 700 have been imprisoned and most of them are under trial prisoners and languishing in the jails for years together. Custodial violence including deaths in the custody has become a policy of the state. Gang rape of tribal women in the custody is not also uncommon in our state. The complain of a gang rape victim is also not properly inquired by the judicial magistrate of R.Udaygiri in spite of mandatory provision enumerated as under section-176(1-A) of Code of criminal procedure. By Dandapani Mahanty, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Bhopal_Gas_Mishap_A_Tragedy_of_Errors_003_10072 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
As soon as the news of leakage of poisonous gas reached the Collector - head of district administration in India - of Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, the first thing that the Collector did was to order evacuation of the city and flee in his official car. The privileged officer did not know the principle of Captain of the ship to be the last to leave. After reaching a place which was far away from the city, he rang up Dr. and informed Dr. that he had ordered for the city to be evacuated. The Collector asked Dr. about what else should be done. Dr. was aghast. Dr. asked the Collector about who had told him to get the city evacuated. The Collector viewed this as a challenge to his royal authority. The Collector told Dr. that as Collector he was within his powers to evacuate the city and the matter should rest at that. Dr., despite his soft nature, was angry. Dr. told the Collector that he had done the worst possible thing that could be done. Dr. told him that the only thing people had to do was to cover their face with a wet thick cloth (towel) and in a few minutes the gas will be gone. By Anil Chawla, HotnHit Newsfeatures
A_stitch_in_time_saves_nine_Lessons_from_judgement_in_Kandhamal_riot_case_by_Amitav_Thakur_IRDS_999_10069 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Recently in Orissa, a sitting MLA Manoj Pradhan has been sentenced by the phulbani fast track court to seven years in jail for involvement in rioting and arson. Manoj Pradhan has been elected as MLA from G Udaygiri assembly constituency as a BJP candidate. This Kandhamal case carries much more importance than Ruchika and Jessica Lal and all such cases because these are the crimes that are related with individuals while a riot is one which the general public has to face and suffer. Thus a judgment in one of the crimes related with riots has a much higher relevance and impetus to the masses and has much more message to convey. In such circumstances, if the crimes related with riots (religious, political, caste-based etc) are not decided in a swift manner, it gives a very bad message to the society and acts as a huge bolster to the other rioters. Amitav Thakur, IRDS, Lucknow, HotnHit Newsfeatures
India_A_Republic_at_Sixty_by_Syed_Hasan_Kazim_990_10060 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Is India really a rising world power moving ahead to become a super power in coming 20-25 years? With rampant corruption, exploitation, a judiciary that ensures delayed justice than a prompt justice, manipulation and mockery of law at every level of administration and governance system prevailing in the country, we cannot expect India to be a world power in future which seems to be a fact and reality. There is a wide gap between ‘Chamakta Bharat’ (Shining India) and ‘Tadapta Bharat’ (Reeling India); and unless this gap is filled nothing is going to happen. With a 3rd rate education and 5th rate health system how can we think of becoming a world power?. Syed Hasan Kazim, HotnHit Newsfeatures
India_Maoist_naxalites_grow_for_double_standard_leadership_in_India_090059_923 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Even though the growing Maoist Naxalite movement has been declared illegal by the governments at the centre and the states, the political leaders of India seem to be maintaining double standard in dealing with the grassroot issues that could eliminate the Maoist threat to the country and its poor people. From some instances it becomes almost evident that the anti-naxalite measure pursued by the government are primarily motivated for corporate interests. One sees corporate link behind the Naxal cry of the leaders because there are many cases filed against the Adivasis who are raising their voices against unjust displacement but at the same time not a single case was registered against the corporate house, who have terrorized the Adivasis, violated the laws of the land and taken away the constitutional rights of the Adivasis, Gladson Dungdung, HotnHit Newsfeatures
On_the_occassion_of_Gandhi_jayanti_let_us_demolish_the_walls_of_hate_by_biraja_mahapatra_906_90042 / / News Feature Portal from Orissa, India
White terrorism involves the babus, bureaucrats, politicians and contractors who eat the vitals of the institution they are serving and close their eyes for every thing around. For them country India is not important- what is important is their money, monthly salary, happy-home, luxury and extra perks (illegitimate income), HotnHit Newsfeatures
Maoist_cadres_in_Orissa_divided_on_communal_lines_Basudev_Mahapatra_002_09005 / / Issue based News Feature Portal from Orissa, India
Maoist group PLGA is divided on the issue of Hindu Christian conflict in Kandhamal of Orissa in India
Controversy_with_Indian_National_Flag_by_Basudev_Mahapatra / / Issue based News Portal from Hotnhit Newsfeatures
Controversy over Indian National Flag - Hotnhit News Features
Oriyas_unite_Fight_abject_poverty_a_call_form_Dr_Nachiketa_Das / / Analytical News Feature Portal from Orissa, India
To move ahead on the road of all-round development, Orissa needs its sons come together and fight the poverty in stead of fighting among themselves - a call from Dr Nachiketa Das
Industrialisation_of_Orissa_Naveen's_Politics_of_De-Industrialisation_and_Re-Industrialisation / / Issue based News Features Portal from Bhubaneswar
Industrialisation of Orissa followed Naveen's disinvestment and de-industrialisation drive that closed almost all indegenous industries, HotnHit Newsfeatures
May_Day_Musing_by_Tulsidas_Mishra / / News Feature Portal from Orissa, India
May Day Musing by Tulsidas Mishra reflects his dreams and views of the world, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Age_of_Youth_by_N_A_Shah_Ansari / / Issue based analytical News Portal from Orissa, India
Role of Indian Youth in Nation building
As big dams fail in India, more conflicts over water are expected
By Hotnhitnews Desk | At 72 per cent of the total storage capacity, India’s 85 important reservoirs or big dams sound an alarming bell, says water rights activist and WIO convenor Ranjan Panda.
Odisha Chit Fund Scam: BJD MLA Pravat Tripathy arrested by CBI
By Hotnhitnews Desk | The arrest of Pravat Tripathy not only established political link in the mega chit fund scam but also unsurfaced links of BJD leaders in the scam. The fresh development in the investigation would largely tarnish the image of Naveen Patnaik government, which time and again claims to be a transparent government.
Labour condition appalling in Indian Textile Industry
By Basudev Mahapatra | Workers in the export-oriented textile industry of the south India are still facing appalling labour conditions that amount to forced labour, says Flawed Fabrics, a new report by the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) and the India Committee of the Netherlands (ICN).
Food wastage still an issue though India ranks better in GHI
By Basudev Mahapatra | More than 190 million people continue to starve in India although, as per Global Hunger Index 2014, the hunger status in India has improved significantly.
Shocking: Odisha minister attempted to physically assault journalists
By Basudev Mahapatra | The attempt by Odisha's revenue minister Bijoyshree Routray to assault journalists physically in his official chamber poses threat to democracy and raises several questions. Can a civilised society afford to see repetition of such behaviour from political leaders, elected members and ministers? Can the society allow political leaders for similar actions against an ordinary voter for seeking answer to an inconvenient question but for larger public interest?
Kashmir floods have strong links with climate change
By Basudev Mahapatra | As Jammu and Kashmir continues to reel under its worst floods in 60 years, which have stranded over 6 lakh people and killed about 200, this could very well be another manifestation of an extreme weather event – induced by a changing climate.
Odisha: Civil society members appeal for CBI probe into mining scam/

Flood worries continue to grip Odisha/
By HNF Correspondent | Flood situation still grim in Odisha as rains continue across the state and major rivers including Mahanadi, Baitarani, Brahmani and Subarnarekha continue to spate and flow above the danger mark.
Medical overuse emerges as healthcare issue in India: WB/
By HNF Correspondent | India needs to create a strong primary care system that promotes preventive healthcare and reduces unnecessary referrals to specialists; increase public awareness about the dangers of overuse so that patients understand that ‘more’ treatment is not always ‘better’ treatment; and place greater emphasis on professional ethics during medical education.
Indian defence modernisation plan needs pragmatic action/
By Arun Sahgal | The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence’s figures reveals that the Indian army's equipment modernisation is steadily falling. In 2008-09, the army spent 27 paisa of every rupee on capital expenditure. This fell to 24 paisa in 2009-10; 23 paisa in 2010-11; 20 paisa in 2012-13 and just 18 paisa in the last two years. Resultantly the army’s ambitious plans to transform from a ‘threat-based to a capability force’ by 2020 are being consistently thwarted.
Odisha tribals and activists oppose Vedanta plant expansion plan/
By Basudev Mahapatra | While putting Odisha State Pollution Control Board and Kalahandi Distirct administration at fault for holding the meeting without taking the affected tribal people into confidence, social and developmental activists said that there was no need of a public hearing for the expansion of Vedantar alumina plant as the company doesn’t have any definite source of bauxite mineral.
WTO in crisis as India catapulted food safety issue/20924072014/
By Basudev Mahapatra | The opposition to the standalone trade facilitation deal, which has been strongly pushed by industrialised members of WTO, by India and several other developing countries including South Africa has raised questions over the objective of WTO and the commitment of developed countries towards the wellbeing and development of the poor against their market expansionist strategies for fulfilment of trade interests.
Police hopeful about combating Naxal menace after arrest of Sabyasachi/20924072014/
By Basudev Mahapatra | Sabyasachi Panda was believed to going weaker with less number of cadres in his group. His differences with the leaders of Andhra Odisha Border (AOB) Special Zonal Committee leaders came to light when he admitted, while speaking to a selected group of journalists in his camp, that involvement of Maoist outfit in killing of Swami Laxmananand Saraswati, which resulted in a violent class conflict in Kandhamal in 2008, was a “mistake” and didn’t even follow the ideological path of mobilising mass opinion before going for annihilation.

By Basudev Mahapatra | The health of the global ocean is in decline and an integrated rescue package needs to be applied urgently over the next five years, suggests Global Ocean Commission, an independent body made up of former Heads of State, Government, ministers and prominent business leaders.
By HNF Correspondent | Energy access in rural India has been a development priority for the government for many decades. But 45 per cent of rural households still lack access to electricity even though power generation in the country has grown at a rate of 7 per cent between 2002 and 2013.
Egypt-Jail-terms-for-journalists-Global-leaders-must-act-to-uphold-Freedom-of-Press-HotnHitNews-19924062014 |
By Basudev Mahapatra | The Egyptian court’s recent judgment that sentenced jail terms for three Al-Jazeera journalists has drawn worldwide reactions and demanded immediate intervention by the world leadership to ensure safety of journalists working in places of political hostility and war.
India-Delhi-tops-in-fatal-road-accidents-CSE-HotnHitNews-19723062014 |
By HNF Correspondent | Indian cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Bengaluru top the list with the highest numbers of injuries and deaths as recorded by the Union ministry of road transport and highways. Mumbai has the highest number of all types of accidents, while Delhi records largest number of fatal accidents among all cities.
Over-80-bt-of-mineral-reserves-still-untapped-in-India-ASSOCHAM-HotnHitNews-19320062014 |
By HNF Correspondent | Indian miners urgently need to improve operational efficiency as issues like over-extraction of minerals, illegal possession of land for mining have become major concerns in this sector, which if not addressed suitably can draw this flourishing sector backward.
Shutdown-ordered-for-Coca-Cola-plant-licence-cancelled-HotnHitNews-19118062014 |
By HNF Correspondent | In a recent move, authorities of Uttar Pradesh (UP) government have slammed a shutdown order on Coca-Cola's India bottling plant in Mehdiganj.
Kayapo-Chieftain-seeks-support-to-save-Amazon-Rainforest-HotnHitNews-19017062014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Kieran Cooke | Raoni Metuktire, Chieftain of the Kayapò indigenous group from the Xingu region, deep in the Amazon rainforest, sits in a packed lecture hall in London. With his jutting lip plate and large feather headdress, the elderly, gently-spoken tribal leader is an imposing presence.
India-not-equipped-to-offset-natural-calamities-HotnHitNews-18917062014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Apresh Mishra | With over a third of India falling under the seismic zones IV and V, an earthquake could strike in not too distant future. Some of major cities like Guwahati, Srinagar, New Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai are located in high seismic zones. A recent study by Swiss RE declares Kolkata as the world’s 7th riskiest city when it comes to being under threat from all types of natural disasters.
Counterterrorism-under-the-New-Indian-Government-by-Antara-Desai-HotnHitNews-18511062014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Antara Desai | The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s win with a clear majority in India’s 2014 national elections could play a critical role in shaping the country’s counterterrorism policies. Whether the government’s strong posturing will help reduce terror incidents or lead to more agitation amongst terrorist and insurgent groups remains to be seen.
Insurgency-growing-in-Assam-HotnHitNews-18310062014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Veronica Khangchian | According to reports, the Indian government is all set to declare KPLT, operating in Assam, a banned organization following the spurt in violence perpetrated by the outfit. A decision in this effect is expected any day, according to a June 6, 2014, statement by a senior Home Ministry official.
Posco-India-Khandadhar-may-take-Odisha-War-for-Steel-to-next-stage-HotnHitNews-1817062014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Basudev Mahapatra | With the legal battle over several issues pending in the court, people’s movements going stronger and obtaining support from local political leaders, issues adding up, it may not be easy on part of the government and the South Korean steel producer Posco to push the project hard and get it realised in a shorter time. 
India-in-Top-Five-of-Black-Money-Exporters-List-HotnHitNews-179762014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Basudev Mahapatra | The amount of black money or illicit financial outflow of India remained at 7.9 billion USD in 2002 which shot up to $84.9 billion in 2011, a growth over 1000% in a decade. The growth would surpass all records during 2012 and 2013 if part of the value of the 2G scam and other scams were syphoned to foreign bank accounts. 
Journalism-safety-A-year-in-review-HotnHitNews-17807062014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Javier Garza Ramos | Journalist security and protection is an evolving field, always responding to different forms of aggression. 
India-TV-Newsrooms-give-less-importance-to-Environment-HotnHitNews-17504062014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By HNF Correspondent | Analysis of content aired by six widely viewed television news channels of India revealed that news on politics, sports, entertainment and crime had maximum coverage while less than one percent of the total airtime was devoted to issues like environment and wildlife. 
After-power-seizure-Thai-military-targeted-press-freedom-HotnHitNews-17023052014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By HNF Correspondent | Press freedom in Thailand is almost seized as the military, soon after the coup of May 22, 2014, forced local broadcasters to stop their regular programming and instead run still images of the new ruling junta's banner against the backdrop of military songs, according to social media posts and CPJ research. 
For-political-leaders-of-India-El-Nino-makes-no-sense-HotnHitNews-16012052014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Basudev Mahapatra | As the predictions about possibility and impacts of El Nino go, India needs quick action to be prepared to deal with all possible situations in the country. The leaders, high sounding about development, economic growth and poverty alleviation need to understand the link between poverty and environment instead of separating the both, which is ironical! 
Fracking-may-not-realise-the-energy-dreams-HotnHitNews-15324042014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Kieran Cooke | The fracking industry is the new star on the US energy scene, credited by its backers with bringing down domestic fuel prices and revitalising the US economy. But amid the talk of an energy revolution, there are questions about just how long the fracking boom can last. 
Delhi-HC-asks-for-detailed-response-on-junk-food-in-schools-HotnHitNews-15224042014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By HNF Correspondent | Hearing a case on banning junk food in schools Delhi High Court, while asking for a detail report on the matter, wanted to know which junk foods should be regulated. The Delhi HC fixed the next hearing for August 6, 2014. 
India-1984-Riots-designed-to-teach-Sikhs-a-lesson-HotnHitNews-151240042014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By HNF Correspondent | While investigating Complicity of Delhi Police in Anti-Sikh Riots of 1984 in Delhi, Cobrapost exposes for the first time on camera the complicity of Delhi Police officers in the anti-Sikh riots of 1984, which resulted in more than 3,000 deaths in the national capital. After several bouts of murder and mayhem, when the rioting died down upon the intervention of Army after three days, began a cover-up operation by Delhi Police. First, they did not register cases and when they did, they clubbed disparate cases in one FIR. 
India-second-to-Brazil-in-homicide-count-HotnHitNews-15020042014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By HNF Correspondent | A study by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) revealed that homicide count in India was 43355 in 2012, second to Brazil that had a count of 50108. According to the study, some 437,000 people were murdered worldwide in 2012. Men made up almost 8 out of every 10 homicide victims, women accounted for vast majority of domestic violence fatalities, said the report. 
Energy-Revolution-World-heads-opposite-to-UN-Panel-prescriptions-HotnHitNews-14818042014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Henner Weithöner | IPCC report urges an energy revolution to end the dominance of fossil fuels. The IPCC says  investments in renewable energy need to triple, with subsidies to fossil fuels declining and a switch to natural gas to help countries to get rid of coal. 
Climate-Change-IPCC-tries-a-gamble-with-shale-gas-HotnHitNews-14714042014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Alex Kirby | If you support fracking, you should be pleased with the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the IPCC. It's given the green light to the use of shale gas as a short-term way to slow climate change. 
Maoists-Disrupting-Democracy-in-India-HotnHitNews-14614042014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Fakir Mohan Pradhan | In the present process for the Elections of 2014 in India, the main focus area for security deployment are the 33 Districts worst affected by Maoist violence, which have been designated as 'A' category Districts. Of these, 13 are in Jharkhand, eight in Chhattisgarh, five in Bihar, four in Odisha, two in Andhra Pradesh and one in Maharashtra. 
Censorship-on-rise-in-India-HotnHitNews-14311042014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Cases of censorship were on rise in India during the first quarter of 2014. The Quarterly Report of the Free Speech Hub of revealed this and brought out that India was amongst the five countries throughout the world to block websites, Verizon disclosed in February this year while India’s Centre for Development of Telematics was named an ‘enemy’ of the Internet by media freedom group, Reporters without Borders. 
BBC-Safety-of-Journalists-Symposium-Increased-safety-and-protection-of-Journalists-called-for-HotnHitNews-14208042014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Joint statement issued at the BBC's Safety of Journalists Symposium | UNESCO has just published detailed evidence which shows that journalism has become increasingly dangerous in many parts of the world. Only last week the acclaimed Associated Press photo-journalist Anja Niedringhaus of AP was killed in Afghanistan. In too many countries journalists are facing serious intimidation and violence, which in turns leads to disturbing patterns of censorship and self-censorship. 
Armed-conflict-receded-though-remained-unresolved-in-South-Asia-HotnHitNews-14107042014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Ajai Sahni | Despite the overwhelming damage terrorism has inflicted on Pakistan, the country's establishment shows no signs of abandoning this device as an instrument of state policy, particularly for its strategic ambitions in India and Afghanistan. 
India-Land-Conflict-and-Injustice-HotnHitNews-14006042014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Graham Peebles | India may not be choosing to feed its 450-million-plus starving citizens or provide sanitation and health care to the rural poor and metropolitan slum dwellers, or even toilets to 50 per cent of the population who defecate in the open, but it comes tenth in worldwide military expenditure, has the third largest standing army in the world and is a nuclear-armed state. 
Ethical-medical-practice-a-challenge-in-India-HotnHitNews-13430032014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Dr Kamal Mahawar | The problem in Indian medical profession is unique. The vast majority of Indian doctors are working for the private sector or as freelancers. In such a set-up, you are constantly fighting with your colleagues for work in a market. 
Enemies-of-the-Internet-2014-entities-at-the-heart-of-censorship-and-surveillance-HotnHitNews-13326032014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Three of the government bodies designated by Reporters Without Borders as Enemies of the Internet are located in democracies that have traditionally claimed to respect fundamental freedoms: the Centre for Development of Telematics in India, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in the United Kingdom, and the National Security Agency (NSA) in the United States. 
Include-tribal-issues-in-the-election-manifesto-urges-NGO-HotnHitNews-13423032014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Political Parties must include issues of tribals of Odisha in their Manifesto for the forthcoming general elections for Lok Sabha, lower house of Indian Parliament, and Odisha State Assembly, urged Campaign for Survival and Dignity (CSD), Odisha, an organization fights for the true implementation of Forest Rights Act (FRA). 
No-approval-given-for-GM-crop-field-trials-Moily-HotnHitNews-13120032014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
GM crops are the latest tools in the hands of Multinational seed companies to take control of our seeds. The decision by Moily to permit the experiments of these risky GM seeds of various companies like Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, Dupont etc in our farms across the country shows that our governments are hand in glove with them in making that happen. 
Despite-reverses-Maoists-hope-for-a-future-victory-HotnHitNews-13018032014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Due to betrayal of (Sabyasachi) Panda and enemy onslaught the Odisha movement weakened a lot. Due to heavy losses to the leadership and subjective forces and due to decrease in mass base the BJ (Bihar Jharkhand) movement suffered setback at present. 
Bad-News-Malaria-mosquitoes-fly-higher-in-warmer-period-HotnHitNews-12715032014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The global war against malaria has always been an uphill struggle, but populations in highland regions have usually been safe, because the parasite cannot replicate at low temperatures. But what scientists are finding now about malaria carrying mosquitoes in view of the changes in climate taking place across the world, that's surely a bad news.
India-Decides-Conflict-prone-Odisha-needs-special-attention-HotnHitNews-12610032014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
As the realities look like, conflict keeps growing in the forests and tribal hinterlands of Narayanpatna in Koraput of Odisha. Innocent tribals, who just want to live peacefully but with dignity by depending upon the forests and the forest lands, are being sandwiched between the forces that are parties in the conflict.
Odisha-FRA-violated-in-Keonjhar-to-favour-mining-company-HotnHitNews-12203032014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Campaign for Survival and Dignity, an NGO in Odisha that works to facilitate and ensure just implementation of the FRA, has made allegation levelling charges of conspiracy on the Keonjhar District Administration for being engaged in rampant diversion of forest land to favour Essel Mining and Industries Ltd. in violation of Forest Rights Act and Forest Conservation Act of India.
Attack-on-Odisha-Minister-Probe-points-at-political-links-in-crimes-HotnHitNews-12102032014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
When Odisha’s Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is being projected as icon of transparent political leadership, allegations of criminal links against Maheswar Mohanty, a minister in his cabinet, tell how patronisation of political crimes go well under the mask of Naveen’s transparency.
Women-rights-over-forest-and-land-be-upheld-in-Odisha-HotnHitNews-12001032014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Even after eight years of its official implementation, Forest Rights Act of 2006 still struggles with issues in Odisha. More particularly, involvement of women has not yet been ensured in the state. Several experts and delegates expressed their concern over the miserable state of women forest dwellers in Odisha in a two days workshop on ‘Women and Forest Rights Act’, held in Bhubaneswar.
Study-debunks-Coca-Cola-CSR-claims-in-India-HotnHitNews-11726022014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Coca-Cola’s bottling plant in Kala Dera of Rajasthan of India, has been the target of a community-led campaign for several years now. The community, which includes large numbers of farmers, blames Coca-Cola for causing severe water shortages in the area by over exploiting ground water.
Land-Rights-to-Forest-People-can-reduce-Climate-Change-HotnHitNews-11624022014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The ownership of almost half the developing world’s rural, forest and dry-land areas is contested, according to RRI, directly affecting the lives and livelihoods of over two billion people. They often have no formal title to the lands on which they live and depend. So, they can seldom legally defend their rights.
Odisha-anti-corruption-crusader-mercilessly-beaten-up-hospitalized-HotnHitNews-11523022014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Presenting facts on the plight of RTI activists working in Odisha, the release issued by Odisha Duchana Adhikar Abhiyan said that about 30 RTI Activists have been victimised in the state because of their fight against corruption and malpractices in various Government offices.
Odisha-Mining-Mafia-brigandage-of-Baitarani-HotnHitNews-10804022014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Did Odisha government know about such brigandage of river Baitarani and the environment? Leaked parts of the Shah Commission’s report on Odisha Mining Scam places Baitarani and mining as bone of contention. Now, it’s high time to provide breather for Baitarani or leave it to go breathless and bone-dry.
Odishas-POSCO-dream-and-the-complex-Khandadhar-mining-nut-HotnHitNews-10723012014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha should not always portray the old image of ‘rich land, poor people.’ It’s already high time (to say), that’s a myth and now we must break it. Our land, Odisha, is obviously rich. But we do not have a stake to loot and destroy the precious natural resources reserved in it. Rather, we are the custodians to maintain and preserve the inherited nation’s natural wealth for our future generations.
Drought-to-be-a-frequent-phenomenon-in-some-regions-HotnHitNews-10204012014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
An international research finds that many more people will go short of water as the atmospheric temperature keeps rising. It also says that drought in some regions would be 20% more frequent. But who will be affected by the phenomenon, and where it is to occur, still remains uncertain.
Baripada-Leprosy-Home-Odisha-Government-pains-Staines-Charitable-Trust-HotnHitNews-10103012014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
It is sad to know that the Odisha government is snatching away the piece of land that was once donated by Maharaja R.C. Bhanjadeo for the 'Leprosy afflicted people'. It’s further heartening to come across the fact that the grabbing drive is being initiated on insistence of the district collector who is rather more allured by the real estate boom in the city of Baripada than the service to people ailing with leprosy. And, to take the drive to his desired end, it is believed that the office of the district collector has possibly kept his higher authorities like the RDC and the CM’s secretariat misinformed
Odisha-working-journalists-declared-to-launch-protest-HotnHitNews-20124112013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Raising seven point demands, working journalists of Odisha decided to launch an indefinite agitation to be started with silent protest on November 28, 2013, first day of the forthcoming winter session of Odisha Assembly.
Peoples-movements-may-take-over-climate-issues-if-world-governments-fail-HotnHitNews-20023112013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Nobody can say that a green energy revolution is a sure thing, but who can deny that energy-oriented protests in the U.S. and elsewhere have the potential to expand into something far greater? Like China, the United States will experience genuine damage from its unwavering commitment to fossil fuels in the years ahead.
Indian-subcontinent-and-most-of-Asia-inadequately-insured-against-disaster-risks-HotnHitNews-19914112013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
While the US, Canada, much of Europe, Japan and Australia have what’s referred to as high insurance penetration, there are vast swathes of the world, including much of sub-Saharan Africa, the Indian subcontinent, China and south-east Asia, which are classed as being either inadequately or only basically insured.
Saving-ozone-may-slow-warming-rate-by-Tim-Radford-Climate-News-Network-HotnHitNews-19710112013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In the last century, the planet 'Earth' warmed overall by 0.8°C. In the trend discernible in the sometimes dramatic oscillations of temperature, there is evidence of a slowdown in this warming during two world wars, and the Great Depression of the 1930s, when world trade came to a standstill, factories closed everywhere, and chimneys stopped smoking.
Religion-and-conflict-What-is-neutral-space-By-Joey-Ager-Insight-on-Conflict-HotnHitNews-19304112013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Study of religion – in International Relations, Sociology and Development theory particularly – has seen a steady and undeniable change in the past twenty years. Predictions of religion’s inevitable disappearance as modernity advanced around the world have failed to materialize. In fact, religion has breathed new life in every part of the world except, as Peter Berger notes, Western Europe, a powerful intellectual centre for such disciplines
US-to-set-green-norms-for-power-plants-HotnHitNews-18523092013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Realising that the power producing industries are one of the most significant and concentrated sources of greenhouse gases contributing to climate change, U.S. environment agency announces new standards for power plant emissions that are aimed at reducing pollution, protecting health and advancing the president Obama's Climate Action Plan. The standards signal how the United States can clean the air without compromising economic activity.
Climate-concern-More-warming-will-worsen-Water-Scarcity-HotnHitNews-18316092013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Increasing temperature has already posed serious threats to mankind. Ingression of sea has caused severe problems of displacement and livelihood deprivation. As of now, more than a billion people around the world are living in conditions of extreme water shortage. Millions more will face the same fate if greenhouse gas emissions continue to mount
Sardar-Sarovar-Dam-Oustees-issue-legal-notices-to-administrators-HotnHitNews-18207092013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Illegal submergence in the densely populated villages of Nimad region in the last week of August has spurred a series of mass actions by the Sardar Sarovar project-affected families – hundreds of poor landless labourers, fish workers, potters, adivasis and other farmers who have not yet been ensured complete rehabilitation with alternative land, house plots, amenities at resettlement sites, alternative livelihood etc. This is a complete violation of the Narmada Tribunal Award and Supreme Court’s Judgements
Odisha-Creating-an-Awareness-of-Water-Quality-in-the-City-of-Cuttack-HotnHitNews-18130082013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
No systematic geophysical seismic survey of the entire City of Cuttack, in Odisha, has ever been conducted, which rules out an authoritative discussion on the basement geology of this island city.  Superficially the island appears to be composed of unconsolidated sands, deposited by the River Mahanadi and its distributary Kathjodi
FTII-students-beaten-up-Action-against-ABVP-demanded-HotnHitNews-18023082013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
We are increasingly witnessing that any individual or organization that takes an opinion that is contrary to the mainstream, is labelled as anti-national and all efforts are taken to intimidate them which can also amount to murder, especially looking at the recent case of Dr. Narendra Dabolkar. What is more harrowing is the complete numbness of the state regarding these atrocities, where police personnel despite being present at the situations did not take any action
Odisha-Education-in-tribal-mother-tongue-yet-to-become-reality-HotnHitNews-17909082013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Chief Secretary Bijay Patnaik had directed OPEPA to tailor study materials in ten tribal languages of the state namely Munda, Santhali, Kissan, Oraon, Kuvi, Koya, Bonda, Juanga and Saura. OPEPA developed Arunima in ten tribal languages which were inaugurated by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on 14th November 2012, but the materials are yet to reach the Anganwadis in the tribal areas. 10 months have passed since the release of books but our tribal children don’t have access to it
Bhubaneswar-Slum-Leaders-meet-Odisha-Governor-for-rights-over-land-HotnHitNews-17824072013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Slum leaders from the Bhubaneswar-located Salia Sahi Slum met the Odisha Governor S.C. Jamir and pressed for providing land “pattas” as land rights to the occupants of the Salia Sahi slum.
India-Flouting-Laws-MoEF-clears-rejected-projects-HotnHitNews-17408062013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
A desperate rush on the part of India's Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) to grant clearances is not just evident from granting of clearances to fresh proposals, but also from diluting clauses of various laws of India to clear projects that have earlier been denied a clearance
Odisha-MP-submits-two-private-members-bills-in-Parliament-HotnHitNews-17106042013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Baijayant Panda, Senior BJD leader and Lok Sabha member from Odisha’s Kendrapara, has submitted two Private Members’ Bills for the consideration of Parliament to strengthen the office of the Comptroller and Auditor-General of India (CAG) and to ensure his independence by changing the appointment process prescribed in the Constitution
Indo-Ceylonese-policy-needs-a-friendly-perspective-HotnHitNews-16731032013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Cricket and politics in Tamil Nadu are now revolving around the issue of Tamils in Sri Lanka. At the same time, the reaction of MDMK Chief Vaiko over issues of Sinhalese of Indian origin has turned further controversial and become a call for historians and intellectuals to rescan India’s Ceylonese link by re-interpreting Indian mythologies and revisiting the history of India, particularly the eastern India, since the days of Magadha and Kalinga under the rule of Maurya emperor Ashoka
India-lacks-in-Urban-Sewage-and-Wastewater-Management-HotnHitNews-16405032013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Cities of India have used up or polluted their local water resources. To quench their ever increasing thirst, India’s expanding cities have started sourcing water from further and further away. This has pushed up the cost of water, increased leakages to around 40 per cent, and sparked conflicts. Cities have to pay a heavy price for infrastructure and power to fetch this water: electricity accounts for nearly a third of an average urban water utility’s bill
Odisha-Integrated-Sanitation-Project-yet-to-start-in-Cuttack-by-Binita-Jaiswal-HotnHitNews-16026022013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In Odisha's filigree city of Cuttack, JICA project has already been delayed. After six years of wait, the foundation stone of the project was laid last year and the officials are now delaying it further by not initiating the construction process in time. And the worst part is that nobody has concrete reasons for the delay
Odisha-Manual-scavengers-yet-to-make-a-clean-start-by-Binita-Jaiswal-HotnHitNews-15822022013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The slum dwellers living in Odisha's Cuttack city allege that the facilities provided in the slums are too little. A visit to the slums where the retrenched manual scavengers have been rehabilitated will give you a complete picture about the poor condition in which they are living
Odisha-yet-to-bring-Early-Childhood-Education-Law-for-Tribal-Children-HotnHitNews-15722022013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha has third largest concentration of tribal population in India. Of the 8 million tribal people living in the state, 1.4 million are children between 0-6 years of age. Among this population, literacy rates are 37% compared to 63% in Odisha and 65% in India. Primary school drop-out rate is also higher than the state average
Development-versus-Internal-Security-of-India-Gainers-and-sufferers-in-the-growing-confusion-HotnHitNews-15619022013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Particularly the struggles in Odisha against POSCO, Vedanta, Utkal Alumina, TATAs, Jindal, Adani etc are spontaneous resistance of farmers and forest dwellers. But they are being crushed by using brute force and in certain places they are deliberately called Ultras as that makes the task easier to repress them
People-versus-State-Conflict-over-POSCO-Project-grows-in-Odisha-HotnHitNews-15518022013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The dream project of Odisha government has become a nightmare for the people living in the proposed Posco project area. The conflict between Industrial development and livelihood has brought the State and people face to face. In such a situation, it may not become an easy sail either for POSCO or the protesting people to arrive at any logical conclusion
Bangladesh-lacks-in-free-trial-and-due-process-UN-human-rights-experts-HotnHitNews-15414022013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Human rights experts appointed by United Nations (UN) have expressed their concern over the lacks in ensuring due process and an atmosphere for free trial in Bangladesh while deciding cases of past and war crimes
Odisha-sees-Napkin-as-Key-to-Women-Health-and-Empowerment-HotnHitNews-15314022013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha government and its rural marketing agency ORMAS hope that the project of producing low cost sanitary napkins, initially implemented in Tigiria block of Cuttack, would bring a change in the lives of women in rural Odisha while empowering them by involving in the economic activities of producing sanitary napkins
Nuclear-Concern-Deal-with-Global-Nuclear-Hypocrisy-than-just-condemning-North-Korea-HotnHitNews-15213022013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The United States, Russia, Britain and France can arm themselves to their teeth with thousands of nuclear bombs and all kinds of treacherous missiles. China, India, Pakistan and Israel are all encouraged to build more nuclear power plants and produce more nuclear bombs as these activities fetch more nuclear deals, more nuclear business and more billions of dollars to the big brothers’ nuclear industries and other MNCs
AFSPA-in-India-A-nation-surrenders-before-desires-of-its-Army-HotnHitNews-15113022013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In free India, Armed Force personnel indulged in heinous acts of atrocities on civilians and sexual abuse of women are not very uncommon. Be it in states bordering foreign countries or parts of India suffering due to conflict resulted by Left-Wing Extremism, examples are innumerable
Odisha-Conflict-Zone-Evils-use-Police-and-Naxals-Innocents-Suffer-HotnHitNews-15011022013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Life in Odisha's Conflict Zone: The growing conflict between Police and Naxals in Odisha's Kandhamal district has opened up an opportunity for some undesired elements. Political rivalry, dispute over land and skirmish between villagers are used as a ruse by some evil persons to incite the police to send innocent people to prison by terming them as Naxals. Similarly, some are informing the Naxals about the names of their rivals by calling them police informers to settle personal scores. Either way, the peace loving tribal becomes the target of the reds or the Khakis
Slums-of-Cuttack-Oldest-City-of-Odisha-lacks-in-sanitation-HotnHitNews-14808022013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In Odisha's millennium city of Cuttack, hundreds of people residing in the slums suffer from various diseases like cholera, diarrhoea, dengue, malaria and other gastroenteritis diseases every year due to the unhygienic surrounding and contaminated water
Nuapada-Odisha-Innocents-pay-heavily-for-mistakes-of-a-violent-Police-HotnHitNews-14603022013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Life in Odisha's Conflict Zone: Hari Majhi and Hube Majhi, the two Tribals of Odisha's Khaliapada village in Nuapada district were shot by police on January 8 and were admitted to the hospitals the same day. But before the treatments were over, both the victims of police firing were discharged on 19th of January when their condition was still critical and they were in need of strict medical supervision
Hundred-companies-disclose-their-forest-footprint-FFD-Annual-Review-HotnHitNews-14402022013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Forest Footprint Disclosure (FFD) Project, is not just about carbon. It is a global imperative in the move towards more responsible and sustainable use of natural capital. This underpins wealth creation in the world economy and the security of water, energy, food and health for millions of people
Qatars-Challenge-to-Saudi-Arabia-An-alternative-view-of-Wahhabism-HotnHitNews-14230012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Qatar, whose native population adheres to the Wahhabi creed, poses a major challenge to the puritanical interpretation of Islam of Saudi Arabia, which seeks to make itself impervious to the push for greater freedom, transparency and accountability sweeping the Middle East and North Africa
Conflict-in-Odisha-Innocents-suffer-between-Naxals-and-a-Predator-Police-HotnHitNews-14130012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Life in Odisha's Conflict Zone: Growing Naxal activities in the forests of Kandhamal district in Odisha, specifically in Daringbadi that is called the Kashmir of Odisha, has made it the ground of conflict between the Maoists and the Police. However, the conflict has no more remained limited to Police and Maoists or Naxals but the innocent common man has become the worst victim to the conflict. To the people of Daringbadi, if the villages are experiencing terror from the Naxals, Police has taken the role of a predator targeting innocents in the name of combating Maoist threat
Egypt-Troubled-Morsi-shifts-focus-from-Reforms-to-Law-Enforcement-HotnHitNews-14029012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Much of the post-Mubarak violence in Egypt stems from clashes between the ultras and security forces. The ultras’ battle is a battle for karama or dignity. Their dignity is vested in their ability to stand up to the dakhliya or interior ministry which they are happy to confront at every opportunity
India-indifferent-to-issues-of-its food-growers-By-Graham-Peebles-HotnHitNews-13928012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Announcing innumerable programmes to ensure food security to each and all, the government of India has been indifferent to the issues of farmers who grow food in the country and who have a vital role to play in regard to food security
2012-Year-of-rising-role-of-Social-Media-in-South-Asia-HotnHitNews-138127012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Many South Asian governments are still not comfortable with new media; we have seen them resort to draconian measures to stop the free flow of information. Here we look back at some of the stories we covered in 2012, about the rise of social media in the region
Verma-Committee-Report-Tribute-to-all-sexual-assault-victims-of-India-HotnHitNews-13625012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Justice JS Verma Committee report slams police apathy in India and points out that not even one Director General of Police from any state of India did send any recommendations even as the committee has received almost 80,000 suggestions from different sections of the Indian society. The Justice Verma panel also slams the government and the public for failing to perform their duties while calling for police reforms and gender sensitisation of the force to deal with crimes against women
PMANE-Activists-demand-Whitepaper-on-Koodankulam-Nuclear-Power-Project-HotnHitNews-13525012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) has raised questions on the government in maintaining transparency and keeping people informed about the affairs in the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP) alleging that the silence from the union government, National Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL) and Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) has resulted in rumours making rounds in the project area
Daringbadi-Odisha-Naxals-are-Outlawed-Police-Behavior-is-further-Unlawful-Tales-from-Odisha's-Conflict-Zone-HotnHitNews-13425012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Life in Odisha's Conflict Zone: Known as the Kashmir of Odisha, Darngbadi block of Kandhamal district has become the victim of growing conflict between Naxals and Police. The raging battles in the verdant jungles, communal riots in churches and temples, the blood stains in the waterfalls have have brought the reign of terror on beauty’s sacred land. Post 2000 Daringbadi is rather an unhappy story of man’s misery where man’s songs of life resounds his songs of agony
Egypt-New-evidence-placed-to-delay-Port-Said-Violence-Verdict-HotnHitNews-13223012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
With the day of verdict in the Port Said Violence cases closes in, Egypt fears that violent protests would follow the verdict. The risk of violence is enhanced by the fact that even if the Cairo court rules in favour of Al Ahli, the verdict is unlikely to meet conditions the fans have set for a resumption of Egyptian soccer
Price-Rise-Burden-of-Scams-is-being-passed-on-to-Poor-People-of-India-by-Sharad-Yadav-HotnHitNews-12922012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In India, there is an estimate of wastage of Rs.23,000 Crores subsidy during the financial year 2013. I am surprised that even after 65 years of our independence, we have not been able to find a mechanism by which only agriculturists and transporters of essential commodities could utilize subsidized diesel in India, writes Member of Parliament and Convener of NDA, Sharad Yadav
Undivided-Kalahandi-Life-becomes-tough-between-Poverty-and-Police-violence-HotnHitNews-12820012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Life in Odisha's Conflict Zone: It was when union minister for Rural Development, Jairam Ramesh, was loud about violence by armed Maoists and was also loud about his concern for the development of the poor tribal communities living in interior as well as forest areas of Kalahandi and Nuapada districts of Odisha, 4 Tribal women carrying their infants were struggling to meet the leaders
Qatar-employs-forced-labour-in-violation-of-ILO-norms-Trade-Unions-HotnHitNews-12718012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Trade unions have stepped up pressure on Qatar to comply with international labour standards in advance of an expected influx of foreign labour to work on World Cup 2022-related construction projects by charging the Gulf state of employing forced labour in a complaint to the International Labour Organization
Odisha-Sunabeda-Development-Plan-to-check-Maoist-violence-HotnHitNews-12617012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
After his Odisha visit, particularly to the backward districts of Kalahandi and Nuapada districts, Rural Development Minister of India, Jairam Ramesh, has written a letter to the Chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik, expressing his support and assurance of all cooperation for a special development plan for the Sunabeda forest area in Nuapada district. The special plan is to be in line with the Saranda development plan implemented in Jharkhand
Balance-between-Nature-and-Development-essential-Experts-HotnHitNews-12517012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Most of the experts who joined the Fourth International Geography Congress held in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, opined that the need of the day is to understand the ecosystem and maintain a perfect harmony with nature for sustainable development
Odisha-rated-as-High-Performing-State-in-ICDS-intervention-HotnHitNews-12415012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha's flagship programme for pregnant and lactating mothers, 'MAMATA', was effective with 6.32 lakh women covered till November 2012. An amount of Rs.172 Cr. was disbursed to expecting mothers through e-transfer of money directly to their accounts. Maternal and Child Protection cards were issued and made operational in case of pregnant women
India-Opposition-Leaders-blew-whistle-against-FDI-in-Retail-HotnHitNews-12315012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Leaders from various opposition political parties of India termed the FDI in Retail sector as a sinister design to mortgage Indian Markets, Farm Land, Livelihood of labourers and hawkers and future of small industries and transporters at the hands of global retailers
Middle-East-Soccer-sees-campaign-for-Gender-Equality-in-the-sport-HotnHitNews-12115012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Middle Eastern soccer associations have launched a campaign to put women’s soccer on par with men’s football in a region in which a woman’s right to play and pursue an athletic career remains controversial and at a time at which political Islam is on the rise
Global-Capitalist-Culture-of-Rape-and-the-Seismic-Fault-Line-HotnHitNews-11810012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The brutal rape in Delhi and the courageous mass protests across India against it have revealed a seismic fault line that exists not only in India, but throughout the entire world: The oppression of women that concentrates one of the most basic social divisions in a world dominated by the system of capitalism-imperialism
India-should-stop-track-two-diplomacy-with-Pakistan-VHP-HotnHitNews-11710012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Vishwa Hindu Parishad is extremely saddened by the fact that those who proclaim that they are trying to get the people of India and Pakistan to discuss ways to achieve peace in the supposed people-to-people contact do not even think it necessary to discuss the barbaric behaviour of the Pakistani army
Instead-of-FDI-India-should-focus-on-internal-issues-development-Stiglitz-HotnHitNews-11609012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Speaking at a media interaction in Bangalore, organized by the Azim Premji Foundation, Joseph Stiglitz, a professor at the Columbia University, said that the consequences of foreign direct investment in retail would be that it drives down prices received by Indian suppliers to compete with foreign firms, thereby increasing inequality
Odisha-CM-demands-extension-of-eastern-freight-corridor-upto-Visakhapatnam-HotnHitNews-11508012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Demanding justice and proper share to Odisha in the 2012-2013 Railway budget, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has written a letter to the Prime Minister mentioning the needs of the State in view of investment flow, economic growth and industrialisation
Malda-Locus-of-instability-in-West-Bengal-HotnHitNews-11307012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Over a period of time, Malda, in West Bengal, has emerged as a major transit route for Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN) couriers. FICN produced and distributed by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) bosses, is brought into India by couriers, principally through Malda via Bangladesh and Nepal. From here it is circulated across India
Odisha-Mining-in-Karlapat-sanctuary-Kalahandi-would-invite-Ecological-Disaster-HotnHitNews-11207012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
While there is a strong movement by primitive tribal groups against mining of bauxite reserved in the Niyamgiri, Odisha Government’s recent move to make a plan for mining of bauxite reserves in the Karlapat Sanctuary area has been strongly condemned by environment and rights activists on the plea that the proposed mining would not only take one of the rich biodiversity towards destruction but would also invite ecological disaster and cause serious trouble for thousands of tribal families who make their livelihood out of the forests and rain fed agriculture
Address-the-Corrupt-Mindset-to-eradicate-Corruption-from-India-HotnHitNews-105003012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Involved in development of grass-root communities and the poor of India for over 30 years, Eugene Culas believes, or says out of anguish, that 95% of his 30 years of developmental work in India was wasted on combating opposition against development
India-of-2012-grim-place-for-Free-Speech-Report-by-Free-Speech-Hub-of-The-Hoot-HotnHitNews-004102012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In 2012, India was a grim place for free speech. As per the recent report of the Free Speech Hub of The Hoot, in 2012, Indian media experienced censorship attempts from outside and, also, attempts to control the content in some of the media platforms in open violation of free speech
Issue-of-Crime-Against-Women-must-enter-mainstream-political-discourse-By-Dr-T-N-Seema-HotnHitNews-0020201012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Even as the nation was rocked by protests over her gang-rape, other women were raped. A journalist in Delhi reporting on this very story was “eve-teased” by a group of young men in a car. Another young woman in Patiala hanged herself because the police had not acted on her complaint. A glance at the Indian media reveals the range of abuse suffered by the nation's women on a daily basis
Railway-posed-biggest-threat-to-elephants-in-Odisha-in-2012-HotnHitNews-001001012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
While the last minute alert from the forest department Officials of Odisha exposes the lapses in tracking the herd movement, not giving due importance to official intimation about the herd’s presence explains the careless attitude of the East Coast Railway authorities. How it exactly looks like after the recent blame game is that the issue of elephant safety is losing its importance in the departmental fights and bureaucratic complicacies
Violence-against-women-India-needs-uniform-mechanism-HotnHitNews-277030122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
While the case of Delhi drew considerable attention from administration, political leadership, media and general public, the same is yet to happen in many such cases occurring with poor people and in remote, outreach India. For example, on December 27 the media reported that a girl in Punjab committed suicide a month after she was gang raped because police were unwilling to register her complaint or arrest the accused
Campaign-against-FDI-in-Retail-to-be-launched-on-New-Year-Day-HotnHitNews-271026122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Dissatisfied with the attitude of the present union government of India about FDI in retail sector, CAIT and other related organisations have decided to launch a nationwide campaign by all retail stakeholders on 1st January, 2013, to be kicked off from New Delhi
Odisha-Administrative-apathy-adds-to-misery-of-sexually-assaulted-girls-HotnHitNews-268022122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
When Child Rights are talked about everywhere, cases of child abuse and sexual assault increase in an alarming rate in Odisha and, particularly, in Kandhamal district. The juvenile justice system, which could ensure justice to the victims in the aforesaid cases, is almost defunct in Kandhamal district
Odisha-CRPF-to-probe-into-physical-assault-on-government-employees-HotnHitNews-267021122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In view of the incidents of alleged excesses by forces deployed to combat left wing extremism and restore peace in the conflict zones of Odisha, the bigger need is to put in place a clear operational guideline for CRPF and other armed forces camping in places of conflict. And, also, there must be provisions of strong punishment for armed force personnel engaged in terrorising people and in nuisances like the recent case of Deogarh in Odisha
Jammu-and-Kashmir-needs-policy-to-end-plight-of-scavenging-community-HotnHitNews-266016122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
It is strange that the Jammu and Kashmir government has no policy for Dalits and the scavenging community. After much persuasion they are placed among the Scheduled Caste category and in the sixth place yet, when the question of reservation comes, they never get any opportunity in the government. And therefore despite a huge population of about several lakhs, it would be a rare to see Wattal community person outside their traditional occupation
Air-Pollution-One-of-Worlds-Top-10-Killers-HotnHitNews-265014122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
GBD count on air pollution and its health risks must trigger urgent, aggressive and most stringent action in India to curb air pollution to protect public health. India cannot afford to enhance health risk at a time when much of its economic growth and motorization are yet to happen
India-Government-called-to-opt-public-mandate-about-its-nuclear-dreams-HotnHitNews-263010122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The nuclear energy programme of India is not just about generating electricity. When the government starts nuclear power plants all along the Indian coast at Koodankulam, Kalpakkam, Kovvada, Pati Sonapur, Haripur, Jaitapur, Tarapur, Mithi Virdi and so on, all these huge and foreign power plants would be dumping hot and contaminated water and radioactive wastes into the sea with disastrous impact on our sea, seafood, ground water, crops and so forth. Our food security and nutrition security will be drastically affected. As it is, some 42 percent of our children are born malnourished and with severe deficiencies
Doha-Climate-Summit-Gateway-to-nowhere-By-Sunita-Narain-HotnHitNews-265011122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Doha is still significant for one thing: the fact that the world has not dismantled the principles that will govern its efforts to cut emissions. These principles, after the bitterest of fights, have been retained and strengthened. The outcome of the conference states that efforts of parties will be taken on the basis of equity and common but differentiated responsibilities and respected capabilities
Indian-Church-must-ensure-equal-treatment-to-dalit-Christians-HotnHitNews-264010122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Catholic Bishop Conference of India (CBCI), in its resolution passed in 1981, said that there was no place for caste-based discrimination in Christianity. This was a bad system.  The study of father Anthony Raj also proved this fact. Vatican severely criticizes caste based discrimination and untouchability. But, dalit Christians face this at every step in India. Handful of clergies controls all the resources of church
Dongria-tribe-of-Niyamgiri-demands-complete-shutdown-of-Vedanta-unit-in-Lanjigarh-HotnHitNews-261007122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Thousands of Dongria Kondh tribals and agrarian community members took out a rally at Lanjigarh on December 6, 2012, Thursday, demanding complete closure of Vedanta Aluminium unit on the foot of Niyamgiri hill range. Tribals from both Kalahandi and Rayagada districts, who depend on Niyamgiri for their livelihood, participated in the rally, held under the banner of the Niyamgiri Surakshya Samity (NSS). Leaders of various democratic movements including Lingaraz Azad of National Forest Worker’s Federation and Prafulla Samantara, Convenor of National Alliance for People’s Movements, also joined the rally to extend their solidarity
Doha-ITUC-calls-Qatar-to-ensure-International-Labour-Standards-HotnHitNews-259005122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Amid continued controversy over Qatar’s successful bid for the 2022 World Cup, migrant labour rights rather than the propriety of the Qatar bid campaign or women’s and fan rights could prove the monkey wrench that produces social change in the conservative Gulf state
Dying-artists-of-India-Karma-tribal-dance-performers-struggle-to-survive-HotnHitNews-258004122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The struggle for survival of India's indigenous Ghasia community and its traditional karma dance form continues even today. The spontaneous stepping with the flow of the streams, the lyrics explaining the beauty of blossoming Palash (Bengal Kino) in the mountain and the female voice singing ‘Mayi re aaiha sajaley rasiya’ fails to reach the deaf ears of people in power and echoes only in the mountainous region
Feminist-movements-hold-key-to-stop-violence-against-women-says-global-study-HotnHitNews-254030112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Violence against women is a global problem. Research from North America, Europe, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia has found astonishingly high rates of sexual assault, stalking, trafficking, violence in intimate relationships, and other violations of women's bodies and psyches. In Europe it is a bigger danger to women than cancer, with 45 per cent of European women experiencing some form of physical or sexual violence. Rates are similar in North America, Australia and New Zealand and studies in Asia, Latin America and Africa show that violence towards women there is ubiquitous
Bangalore-to-be-the-first-Indian-city-to-segregate-waste-at-source-HotnHitNews-248025112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Taking into careful consideration both short-term and long-term objectives to resolve the prevailing crisis of waste management in Bangalore, The Karnataka High Court issued a highly progressive judgement where it has directed that all municipal waste in Bangalore be segregated at source (at the household level) and the segregated waste be transported in that manner to composting and recycling units and no mixing whatsoever will take place in trucks, as is the case at present
From-Koodankulam-to-Kolar-Nuclear-killing-fields-of-India-keep-on-expanding-HotnHitNews-246024112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
For the safety and interests of the common people that the Indian government should not go against the anti-nuclear trend of the world to promote the interests of the United States, Russia and France while exposing the people of our country to the nuclear hazards in Koodankulam, or Kolar or anywhere else, appealed the Struggle Committee of Koodankulam People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy
Civil-Right-group-condemned-Suu-Kyi's-stand-on-Rohingya-genocide-HotnHitNews-239017112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
As a major development in regard to the issues of the Rohingya minorities, Myanmar’s President has made a statement to consider a few rights for the stateless Rohingya minority. However, the statement made no concrete commitment about citizenship and other new freedoms. Issued ahead of a landmark visit by President Barack Obama, many of the human right activists are in doubt if it is just an eyewash attempt by President Thein Sein intended only to please the US President
Western-media-has-no-space-for-Israeli-atrocities-in-Gaza-HotnHitNews-237015112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Articles that do mention the Palestinian casualties in Gaza consistently report that Israeli operations are in response to rockets from Gaza and to the injuring of Israeli soldiers. Israel continues its crimes against humanity with full financial, military, and moral support from our governments, the U.S., Canada and the EU. Netanyahu is currently garnering Western diplomatic support for additional operations in Gaza, which makes us worry that another Cast Lead may be on the horizon
India-Environment-News-Smog-Delhi-and-Diwali-HotnHitNews-234011112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Smog and Diwali are now in talks everywhere in India's capital city of Delhi. While the issues related to smog are closely linked with public health concerns in the national capital region, smokes to be released by the crackers on Diwali are believed to add to the woes of the smog impact in Delhi
India-Offbeat-On-Indian-city-roads-and-the-fate-less-pedestrians-HotnHitNews-232009112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
India Offbeat: The number of Indian pedestrians on “sky-walk” is far more less than those who are walking on the road, meandering in between the vendors and their stalls. Through a minute observation of “Skywalks” in Bandra, Ghatkopar, Lower Parel, one can arrive at a conclusion that vendors make Indian city roads walk-able
Think-South-Asia-to-be-the-Motto-for-Mutual-Growth-Pallam-Raju-HotnHitNews-228006112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Hinting upon how countries like Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Bangladesh have already benefited from deepening their economic cooperation with India, Pallam Raju said, “the trust deficit” that comes in the way of cooperation must be dealt with rightly which, in return, would yield to “a climate of change and the positive side of growing together with India would be appreciated
Odisha-Seasonal-Hostels-to-prevent-child-migration-By-Pradeep-Baisakh-HotnHitNews-224004112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha: The seasonal hostels, known as residential care centre (RCC) in Odisha, started in the year 2001-02 in Balangir district and eventually experimented in the Nuapada district. The idea was that the school going children could stay back with the community and continue their study in the village school when their parents migrate out and thus the loss of education could be staved off
Odisha-Illegal-Mining-Row-Action-against-erring-officials-awaited-HotnHitNews-222001112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
While Government of Odisha has issued notices to illegal miners imposing fine on them, the discontented mine owners have moved to court seeking relief against the fine imposed by the Government. In the meantime, the Union ministry of mines, India, issued a notification enforcing an amendment that says, Violation of any rules, other than rules under section 23C of the MMDR Act, within the mining lease area by a lease holder, shall not include illegal mining
Koodankulam-Another-Bhopal-disaster-in-waiting-Says-Noam-Chomsky-HotnHitNews-221001112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
As the people and leaders of the movement believe, a personal solidarity from Noam Chomsky to the Koodankulam people’s movement would surely inspire many to come out strongly against the nuclear power plant to defend life of thousands of families and the environment as well
Odisha-After-Maharathi-it's-Damodar-Rout-now-in-target-of-National-SC-Commission-HotnHitNews-219001112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
With cases of Dalit atrocities increasing in the State of Odisha, the National SC Commission seems to have become the biggest troublemaker to some politicians and the government of Odisha
Odisha-aims-at-inculcating-principle-of-zero-tolerance-towards-corruption-CM-Naveen-Patnaik-HotnHitNews-218001112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
While emphasising upon his claim that the present Government in Odisha is all set to fight out the menace of corruption, Chief Minister said that the Odisha Government makes no compromise in maintaining the rule of law and in maintaining integrity in public life. It has been the unrelenting policy to diligently uphold the Rule of Law in Odisha and maintain the functional independence of the Law Enforcement Agencies
Middle-East-Conflict-The-Issue-of-Arab-Jews-By-James-M-Dorsey-HotnHitNews-215031102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The Israeli effort to portray the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as one of competing refugee claims also serves to counter Palestinian efforts to upgrade their United Nations observer status to that of a non-member state as well as a rupture in crucial American Christian support for Israel. Palestine Authority officials are confident that the UN General Assembly will next month vote in favour of the upgrade. Israel is likely to argue that Palestinian rights cannot be viewed independently of those of Arab Jews
Odisha-Activists-appeal-Chief-Minister-to-oppose-the-Draft-National-Water-Policy-2012-HotnHitNews-205027102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Expressing its concern over the Draft National Water Policy, 2012, Water Initiatives Odisha (WIO), a coalition of civil society organisations, farmers and intellectuals working on issues in areas of water and environment, has made an appeal to the Chief Minister of Odisha to oppose the Draft Policy in its current form
Odisha-Dengue-spreads-its-tentacles-Hospitals-lack-facilities-to-combat-HotnHitNews-199016102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Although health department of Odisha claims to have all facilities in place for immediate treatment of dengue patients, most of the hospitals including the MKCG Medical College and Hospital in Berhampur lack to have necessary facilities to provide immediate treatment to serious dengue patients coming from distant villages
PESA-Act-and-FRA-Sidelined-Tribals-of-Odisha-yet-to-get-complete-ownership-over-MFP-HotnHitNews-197015102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha: It’s about six months of the mediation for release of abducted Italian Citizens and any serious action from the Odisha Government for just implementation of the Acts is still awaited. The shocking part is that, instead of giving rights to the tribal communities, their rights are rather being squeezed on different pleas. Such attitude largely endangers the livelihood of tribal communities and families dependent on MFP
India-Junk-the-junk-food-Celebrities-support-campaign-to-shun-junk-food-in-schools-HotnHitNews-196014102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
India: New Delhi (India) based Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), in association with a few other organizations and the event management group Seven Miles, organized a Quarterathon to ‘junk the junk food’. The campaign aims at making people aware of what junk food does to the health of people in general and our children in particular and mobilise opinion to keep junk food out of school canteen menu
Odisha-Diarrhoea-follows-Dengue-in-southern-district-of-Ganjam-HotnHitNews-195014102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Diarrhoea has been a regular visitor to the backward parts of Odisha during the post-monsoon time. This year, before Ganjam, the southern district of Nabrangpur reeled under the disease for weeks. It demands serious attention of the administration to ensure proper sanitation in the villages and make safe drinking water available to all the villages
Islamist-Terrorism-Events-spotlight-Soccer-as-a-Jihadist-recruitment-tool-HotnHitNews-194014102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Men like assassinated Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, Hamas Gaza leader Ismail Haniyeh and Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah were both fervent soccer fans and recognized the game’s useful bonding and recruitment qualities. It brings recruits into the fold, encourages camaraderie and reinforces militancy among those who have already joined. The track record of soccer players turned suicide bombers proved this point
Odisha-Activists-welcome-HC-judgement-asking-State-to-make-law-for-protection-of-water-bodies-HotnHitNews-192012102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In Odisha, what we can see from ground realities is that more and more water bodies are being encroached by the rich and powerful both in urban and rural areas. Now, after the Odisha High Court judgement, the government must immediately step into action and free all water bodies of Odisha from encroachment
Odisha-Acts-for-empowerment-must-be-implemented-in-true-spirit-to-ensure-development-of-tribal-communities-HotnHitNews-191012102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Necessity of true implementation of PESA Act was highlighted by Dr B D Sharma, one of the Maoist nominated interlocutors in the in the Italian citizen abduction case, as one of the most effective tool to minimise conflict in the scheduled areas of Odisha. But the Odisha government is yet to take any major step in this regard. However, claiming till last year to be the best and first in implementing norms of PESA Act in the State on pleas that Orissa Gram Panchayat Act (1964), Orissa Panchayat Samiti Act (1959) and Orissa Zilla Parishad Act (1991) have adopted the provisions of the PESA Act., Odisha government has only come up with a statement to formulate rules in accordance with the PESA Act
Forced-child-marriage-cant-be-justified-on-any-ground-HotnHitNews-190012102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In India, while a Khap Panchayat came up with the opinion that child marriage is the only solution to crimes like rape, particularly sexual abuse of children and minors, a joint statement issued by group of committees at the first UN International Day of the Girl Child, observed on 11 October 2012 stated forced child marriage as slavery like reality in every single region of the world
CBD-failed-in-protecting-Indias-Rivers-and-Riverine-biodiversity-HotnHitNews-189010102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
CBD has been of no help for the Indian rivers, riverine biodiversity and dependent communities. On the contrary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), another UN Convention, certifies hydropower projects of all sizes as climate-friendly projects under the CDM mechanism. All of these projects have severe adverse impacts on biodiversity and related livelihoods
Odisha-Probe-into-Mining-Lease-Grants-may-trouble-the-Government-HotnHitNews-188009102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
After the eyes of the M B Shah commission fell on the validity of mining leases in Odisha, the state government is on the exercise to divert the attention by an immediate order dated October 6 (letter no 7346) to consider renewal of mining lease (RML) application pending between 1987 to 1994 as invalid
Odisha-Story-of-dumping-of-rice-by-Railway-Authorities-exposed-through-RTI-HotnHitNews-187008102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Dumping of huge volume of rice by Railway Authorities of Cuttack drew wide reaction across the state of Odisha and activists raised the issue of callousness of Railway Authorities questioning dump of such quantity of rice in a state like Odisha where lakhs of people go to bed hungry and lakhs live without two square meal a day. While a fact finding team of Right to Food Campaign, Odisha, failed to gather much information on this, an RTI application brought to light the inside story
Soccer-A-reason-of-hatred-for-Somalias-Al-Shabab-HotnHitNews-186005102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Al Shabab's campaign of hit and run terror targets not only senior political officials such as Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who last month survived an assassination attempt two days after he was elected president, but also sports journalists who glorify “satanic” games. Fourteen sports journalists have been killed this year alone, including Abdirahman Mohamed Ali whose decapitated body was last month dumped next to a restaurant
If-the-Thakerays-of-Mumbai-are-originally-Magadhans-HotnHitNews-181001102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
INDIA, MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA: Recently Congress General Secretary made some astonishing revelations about the origin of politically famous Thackerays of Mumbai by quoting lines from the works of Prabodhankar Thackeray - the grandfather of Raj Thackeray and father of Bal Thackeray- which says that Many families of Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhu (CKP) community left Magadha to escape the persecution and greed of Magadha’s corrupt Kshatriya king Mahapadmanand who was persecuting his subjects by levying various taxes on them. The fled away families settles in Nepal, Kashmir and Bhopal. The said book also mentions that out of those who left Magadh (now Bihar), around 80 families settled in Taal Bhopal and Prabodhankar’s family was one amongst them
India-elite-Police-into-serious-violation-of-Law-says-JTSA-report-HotnHitNews-180030092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
INDIA, NEW DELHI: In the Dhaula Kuan fake encounter case, the Court was of the opinion that, ‘there cannot be any more serious or grave crime than a police officer framing an innocent citizen in a false criminal case,’ while mentioning further that ‘ Such tendency in the police officers should not be viewed or dealt with lightly but needs to be curbed with a stern hand.’ Acquitting an alleged terrorist of the Peoples' Liberation Army of Manipur, the Court concluded that ‘the police got him targeted to become a victim of this crime
Odisha-Government-must-recheck-viability-of-Lower-Suktel-Project-look-for-alternative-HotnHitNews-179029092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Lower Suktel dam project of odisha has been facing opposition from the people of the affected villages since its planning. But the drama of Dharna by congress leaders of Bolangir district during 2012 monsoon session of Odisha Assembly made one think if people of the affected villages were really convinced and if people of the project area and its periphery were really desperate for the project to come up. However, recent studies by Water Initiatives Odisha suggest that the government must go for a recheck of the viability of the controversial project and make a reassessment of damages the project is going to make on local economy, livelihood sources and the last remaining good stretch of forests in Balangir district
Singapore-court-orders-journalist-James-M-Dorsey-to-reveal-sources-to-WSG-Hotnhitnews-178029092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
While Journalists in Singapore and many other Asian countries are shielded by the code of ethics and Press Laws from revealing sources, an order from a court in Singapore directing Journalist and Football scholar James M Dorsey to reveal sources for his reporting on severe irregularities in the Asian Football Confederation to the World Sports Group (WSG) has threatened the freedom of expression and Journalist's primary responsibility to take the role of Social watchdog and bring the truth for public appraisal
Odisha-MUFP-delegation-met-DGP-on-harassment-of-media-persons-by-Police-177029092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Alleging that Police of Bhuban in Odisha's Dhenkanal district have implicated four local journalists in cooked up cases under grudge and to settle against reporters who exposed the nexus between the police and unsocial elements, a delegate from MUFP met the DGP and appealed to ensure a free press in the State
Odisha-Status-of-women-in-society-is-a-major-cause-of-concern-said-Odisha-Chief-Minister-Naveen-Patnaik-Hotnhitnews-172026092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha: Addressing the District Collectors of Odisha in the colloquium for District Collectors on strengthening implementation of PC PNDT Act to maintain a balance in male female ration, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik expressed his concern over declining ratio of female in the society saying that the patriarchal social framework and a value system based on preference for a son have resulted in discrimination and neglect of the girl child. He, however, mentioned that Odisha government has accorded high priority in ensuring gender equity in education, political participation as well as in economic and employment opportunities
Rights-violations-rampant-in-Sri-Lanka-Open-Letter-to-Commonwealth-Secretary-General-Hotnhitnews-171025092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Bringing to notice rampant violation of Human Rights in Sri Lanka, noted Human Rights Organisations wrote an open letter to the Commonwealth secretary general mentioning, We draw your attention to grave human rights violations in Sri Lanka that have been internationally recognised and reports of ongoing human rights violations that are regularly highlighted. Despite Sri Lanka’s repeated denial, these serious and persistent violations have been widely documented by the UN Secretary-General’s Panel of Experts on Sri Lanka in 2011
Right-to-life-freedom-of-speech-liberty-equality-are-meaningless-to-poor-hungry-and-unemployed-Justice-Markandey-Katju-Hotnhitnews-168025092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
It is evident that 80% people in India are living in dire poverty. Game change in India can therefore have only one meaning: abolishing poverty in India, and giving the masses a decent life. There are no doubt fundamental rights in our Constitution, e.g. Right to life, freedom of speech, liberty, equality etc. but these are meaningless to a man who is poor, hungry and unemployed. This is what Justice Markandey Katju opines in the article Game Change, posted in his blog Satyam Bruyat
Expose-the-hypocrisy-and-misleading-campaigns-by-Odisha-Government-and-Posco-PPSS-Chairperson-Abhay-Sahu-Hotnhitnews-167024092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
While the Posco Steel project, planned near Paradip in Odisha, has made almost no progress on the ground, Leader of the people's movement against the project and displacement thereof alleges that an ill motivated campaign is going against the people by making false assertion that out of the required 4000 acres of land the company has already got 2000 acres
Indian-Democracy-eroded-by-Money-Muscle-and-Paid-Media-HS-Brahma-Hotnhitnews-160021092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Addressing a gathering in Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, Election Commissioner HS Bramha said that the decadent practice of money, muscle and the increasing malpractice of paid news were eroding the very foundations of India's electoral process
Odisha-Policewoman-assaulted-by-criminal-elements-Congress-party-and-leaders-can-not-be-held-responsible-Hotnhitnews-158021092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha: Citing that protests have become more common these days where such incidents are not so uncommon as well, NCW Member Chiruwalli Khanna said in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, that the Police must act according to the changing dynamics of the crowd
Power-Plans-of-Odisha-Fly-Ash-to-take-30-acres-of-land-everyday-Hotnhitnews-India-153018092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In Odisha, the fly ash management issue cannot be looked into in isolation of the power plants and aluminium smelters. As the land, water and forest resources of the state cannot sustain the amount of coal fired power plants, Odisha government must not go ahead with its envisaged 75000 MW generation plan
India-should-accept-UN-Rights-Body-Recommendations-demands-HRW-Hotnhitnews-India-152017092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
On other crucial human rights issues, the response of Indian government was misleading, said Human Rights Watch supplementing with an example such as, the Indian government, in responding to concerns that an anti-torture bill was still awaiting parliamentary approval, suggested that existing laws have sufficient prohibitions against torture!
Middle-East-Politics-Egypt-registers-anti-American-protest-Egypt-Hotnhitnews-India-149015092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Egypt, Middle East Politics: Since the last protest in front of American Embassy in Cairo, Morsi has made efforts to normalise things by making statements in media, particularly US media based in Cairo. James M Dorsey analyses the reasons to speak what would be the key to a long term solution
India-should-reject-CDM-Recommendations-urges-CSE-Hotnhitnews-India-148015092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Report released at Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Executive Board meeting in Bangkok on September 11, 2012 aims to give recommendations on how to reform CDM process. New Delhi based Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) says, report’s recommendations do nothing to correct the drawbacks of CDM. HotnHit Newsfeatures Correspondent, Bhubaneswar
The World of Soccer: AFC reports to Malaysian Police about stolen payment documents: The missing documents, as reported by Asian Football Confederation, relate to a $2 million payment in 2008 by Saudi Arabia-based ISE, one of three WSG shareholders according to the company’s website. A recent internal AFC audit conducted by PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PwC) said that the money had been paid to Mr. Bin Hammam for his personal use. James M Dorsey, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Koodankulam-Nuclear-Power-Project-Tamil-Nadu-Let-us-Do-Some-Soul-search-and-Talk-Again-14513092012 | Hotnhit Newsfeatures
The global nuclear mafia sees our people as their sworn enemies. The KGB, the CIA and other international intelligence agencies consider us serious threats to their respective ruling cliques. The Delhi Government is infuriated with us as they are worried about their billion dollar nuclear business deals and commissions and kickbacks. The Tamil Nadu Government also tends to treat us like dreaded terrorists and dangerous criminals
Addressing in the conference of DGPs and IGPs of India Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh flagged several issues of concern like Left Wing Extremism, Terrorism and Social Violence
Demanding proper compensation and rehabilitation, Omkareshwar dam Oustees have started a unique protest by standing in chin-deep water to make the governments melt. By Basil Fernando, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Odisha: Conflict results in displacement of Tribal families: While movements by tribal people to restore their rights over the land and forest are taking up to extremist ideologies, the tribal people not accepting to such ideas are becoming the worst victims of the conflict and such extremist movements. Basudev Mahapatra, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
India-Realities-behind-the-Tiger-Conservation-Story-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-13303092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
India: Realities behind the Tiger Conservation Story: Tiger reserves are administered in a remarkable fashion - as mini police states. While the forest bureaucracy may be understaffed, it is not lacking in powers, which are incredibly wide. The Wild Life Act makes it possible to detain people without bail, declare a person guilty until proven innocent if they are found with prohibited material and gives the officials sweeping powers to prohibit all kinds of activities. HNF Correspondent, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
India-Climate-Change-Perspective-of-Assam-Violence-and-its-Future-Hotnhitnews-India-13203092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
India: Climate Change Perspective of Assam Violence and its Future: The violence and resulting panic revealed a fragile peace in Assam and demonstrated the speed with which historical tensions can bubble over into larger confrontations that could roil the whole country. A lot of this tension could worsen with the confluence of climate change, migration patterns, and community security in Assam and India—a confluence that the Center for American Progress is examining in a series of papers and events on climate change, migration, and security. Arpita Bhattacharyya, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Corporate-World-Corporate-Personhood-and-the-CSR-Myth-By-Prof-Rahul-Varman-Hotnhitnews-India-130201092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Corporate World: Corporate Personhood and the CSR Myth, analysis by Prof Rahul Varman: Some of the most talked about corporate names in recent times, including Enron, Lehman Brothers, or close at home in India, Satyam or Vedanta, have been honoured with CSR awards. But the question is - Why should corporations be socially responsible? In a celebrated New York Times op-ed written in 1970, the high priest of neo-liberalism and Nobel laureate Milton Friedman asserted that “a corporation is an artificial (but legal) person and in this sense may have artificial responsibilities, but ‘business’ as a whole cannot be said to have (social) responsibilities”. Only individuals can have ethics or morality, while corporations are supposed to follow no more than the ‘rules of the game’ set by society and state, he opined. However the US examples seems to be some lessons for India's not very far future. Prof Rahul Varman, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Maharashtra-India-Stop-Adani-Power-from-Mining-to-Save-the-Tigers-campaigners-appeal-the-CM-of-Maharashtra-Hotnhitnews-India-129302092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Maharashtra, India: Stop Adani Power Ltd from Mining to Save the Tigers, campaigners appeal the CM of Maharashtra: Tigers are at the top of the food chain and help check the growth of other animal populations that could ravage vegetation. They also depend on the same clean air and water that help the survival of forest communities. Healthy tiger populations are a sign of a strong and healthy India. So, any threat to tiger must be considered to be a direct threat to the environment and total ecological system. HNF Correspondent, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Climate-change-forces-wildlife-species-to-shift-habitation-Hotnhitnews-India-12831082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Climate change forces species to shift habitation: With the atmosphere around the Earth becoming warmer, many of the species have gone extinct while many are taken as surprises to be seen. From squirrels to sparrows and many more of the species, that were seen around till a few tears back, have now become delightful surprises for us. Many have shifted their places because of varying temperature and conditions thereof. Same is the cases in wild as well. Studies by scientists at UC Berkeley provide a clearer picture of why some species move in response to climate change, and where they go.. Basudev Mahapatra, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Odisha-Save-the-Samaja-Forum-demanded-liberation-of-the-Samaja-from-outside-control-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-12430082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha: Save the Samaja Forum demanded liberation of the Samaja: In a press meet in Bhubaneswar on August 29, 2012, a body of intellectuals demanded liberation of the Samaja from outside control claiming that the Will document that empowers Servants of the People Society (SoPS) to own and manage Odia Newspaper the Samaja is a fake one for it neither carries the signature of Utkalmani Pundit Gopabandhu Dash nor does it bear any others signature conforming the genuineness of the document. The group of intellectuals, who have formed Save the Samaja Forum, demanded a probe to verify if the document is a genuine one and if SoPS is the rightful owner of the Samaja Newspaper. HNF Correspondent, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Arab-Revolts-Impact-on-Central-Asia-Hotnhitnews-India-11728082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Arab Revolts: Impact on Central Asia: The rise of Islamist forces in the complicated post-revolt transition in the Middle East and North Africa may have an impact on post-Soviet states in Central Asia, that are still struggling with transition to democracy or have yet to experience popular revolts. James M Dorsey, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Odisha-State-Pollution-Control-Board-OSPCB-Demeans-Its-existence-to-favour-Hindalco-Hotnhitnews-India-11427082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha Stae Pollution Control Board (OSPCB) demeans its existence to favour Hindalco: Even after directions by the Odisha State Pollution Control Board (OSPCB) to stop operations of its Power Plant, Aditya Birla Group’s HINDALCO has only stopped two of its four units. Marking gross violation of norms, the state water resource department has also filed a FIR against the Hirakud smelter unit of HINDALCO for failing to check leakage of ash slurry from the captive power plant and caused massive damage to the croplands of local farmers. Instead of pressing the company to abide by laws and directions, OPCB’s soft tone towards HINDALCO is now raising many questions about the nature of industrialisation in Odisha, that too in the name of development. Ranjan Panda, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Odisha-OPGC-authorities-responded-to-news-of-being-banged-for-not-sharing-information-with-the-Government-Hotnhitnews-India-11326082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha: OPGC had no intention of questioning integrity of State Energy Department, clarifies a release: Responding to a news on OPGC allegedly questioning the integrity and functioning of Odisha Energy department, OPCG has made it clear that the letter from the corporation MD, which has been cited as evidence, didn't have any such intention. However, in a letter signed by B. S. Panda, Additional Secretary, Energy Department, Odisha, Government has expressed serious concern over the kind of reply made by the MD, OPGC, in response to the departmental letter dated 18.05.2012 that required certain information about projects lying incomplete as on 31.03.2012. HNF Bureau, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Water-Policy-2012-Indias-Water-Loot-Design-Hotnhitnews-India-11225082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
India Water Policy 2012: Design for Water Loot: Indians going to bed hungry or, many times, dying hungry while food grains in huge amount do rot in government godowns is a fact known to all. If the designed water policy is implemented and corporate players are allowed to have rightful access to the water resources, the country is to see incidents of thirst deaths of Indians who are unable to afford to a glass of pure water owned by corporate houses. Vivekanand Mathane, PNN, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Dams-have-a-role-in-global-warming-Hotnhitnews-India-10822082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Dams have a role in Global warming: Termed as icons of development, large and medium dams do play a role in global warming! Yes, a new study has revealed how the reservoirs behind the dams cause surges of greenhouse gases as the water levels go up and down. In a study of the water column at such a reservoir, marine scientists found an astonishing 20-fold increase in methane emissions as water levels were drawn down. Bubbles coming out of the mud and sediment at the bottom were chock full of this potent greenhouse gas. HNF Bureau, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Assam-Violence-Concerned-Citizens-Group-appealed-to-uphold-the-composite-fabric-of-our-society-HotnHitNews-10619082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Assam Violence: Concerned Citizens Group appealed to uphold the composite fabric of our society: In the wake of the violence in Assam and its repercussions outside the North East region of India, a group of concerned citizens from Assam and other parts of North East India have appealed people and the government to restore peace, uphold the composite social fabric of the country and delivery of justice to the affected people expeditiously. HNF Correspondent, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
US-climate-fund-used-to-kill-Indian-solar-panel-Industry-data-fudged-says-CSE-Hotnhitnews-India-10419082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
US climate fund used to kill Indian Solar Panel Industry, data fudged - says CSE: While utilising the climate fund to bail out its own companies at the cost of the Indian companies in the Solar panel sector, United States, in a way, is fudging its data on fast start finance. When giving loans as aid, only the difference of the rate of interest between the ‘soft’ loan and a commercial loan is counted as aid. But the US has counted the entire loan sum as aid under fast start finance. If a fair counting would have been done, the fast start financing amount shown by the US would be reduced only to a fraction of what it has shown in the reports. Centre for Science and Environment, CSE,HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Indian-Government-must-act-tough-on-GM-crop-Advocates-Hotnhitnews-India-10316082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Indian Government must act tough on GM Crop Advocates: Indian agriculture is not similar to American or European agriculture. Our agriculture, where more than 70 per cent poor and marginal farmers are involved, is a way of living. Do we want to destroy this culture and bring in agri-business? The oft-repeated claim that biotechnology is the panacea for Indian agriculture is just rubbish. K P Prabhakaran Nair, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Poaching-no-more-a-wildlife-conservation-crisis-but-linked-with-security-issues-Hotnhitnews-India-10216082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Wildlife Poaching: not just a Conservation Crisis but linked with Security Issues: Poaching is not just a Wildlife conservation crisis any more. Long linked to drugs and arms smuggling around the world, wildlife poaching now poses a growing threat to the stability of governments. Ann Hollingshead, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Obama-Administrations-dangerous-assault-on-Human-Rights-Hotnhitnews-United-States-09915082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Obama Administration’s Dangerous Assault on Fundamental Rights: President Obama has preserved Bush’s rendition program, which relies upon torture, and has extended the Patriot Act. His Administration has adopted a quasi-official assassination policy, complete with secret “kill lists” reviewed by the President, says an appeal made through Revolution Magazine, USA. HNF Correspondent, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
India-Government-puts-word-limit-on-RTI-pleas-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-09712082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
India: Government puts word limit on RTI pleas, defines format for appeal: As per the new RTI Rules of India, an application under Right To Information shall be accompanied by a fee of Rs.10 and shall ordinarily not contain more than 500 words, excluding annexure, containing address of the Central Public Information Officer and that of the applicant. Indraneel Sen Gupta, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Odisha-under-United-States-Scanner-for-delaying-justice-to-victims-of-Kandhamal-Violence-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-09607082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha under US Scanner for delaying justice to victims of Kandhamal violence: Placing the violence of Kandhamal in Odisha as one of the worst of its kind in the country and listing it among three major instances of violence like the Gujarat violence of 2002 and the Anti-Sikh riots of 1984, the commission’s report mentions that, “In December 2007, in Kandhamal, Orissa, violence between Christians and Hindus resulted in several deaths, dozens of injuries, churches and homes destroyed and displacement. The murder of an influential Hindu political leader in August 2008 sparked a further violent campaign targeting Christians, even though Maoist extremists claimed responsibility. Basudev Mahapatra, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
PIL-drags-Odisha-Orphanage-under-HC-scanner-for-alleged-wrongdoings-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-09506082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
PIL drags Odisha Orphanage under HC scanner for alleged wrongdoings: Keonjhar based orphanage Manoj Manjari Sishu Bhawan (MMSB) is now under the scanner of Odisha High Court for alleged torture, abuse to its inmates and workers. However, three interns from Stockholm Sweden, while working at an orphanage during 2010-2011, witnessed the cruel abuse of the inmate children and reported the same to various authorities for action. But no authority initiated any action before Odisha HC took note of all the allegations from a PIL filed by a local spirited public and directed for an enquiry. HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Tiger-and-elephant-habitat-threatened-by-coal-mining-says-greenpeace-India-HotnhitNews-09102082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
India Wildlife: Greenpeace seeks moratorium on forest clearance for Coal mining as it threatens forest and tiger habitats: While coal ministry of India is under tremendous pressure to grant forest clearances to coal based power projects because they are promoted almost blindly by both central and state governments of India to meet the growing power needs, a recent analysis released by Greenpeace says that coal mining largely threatens the tiger and elephant habitats of the country. HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Mangalore-Talibanised-Reporter-faces-framed-charges-for-reporting-Resort-Attack-of-July-28-Karnataka-India-HotnhitNews-08731072012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Mangalore Talibanised! Reporter faces framed charges for reporting Resort Attack of July 28: The shameful events of Mangalore, on July 28, 2012, is very well known to all. It is a good sign that eight assailants have been arrested in relation to this case. Sadly along with the eight of the assailants the reporter, Naveen Soorinje who served the purpose of journalism and reported the incident first, has also been booked under sections of Unlawful Activities Prevention Act along with the eight assailants. Here is his account of the shameful event and him being framed in the case. HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
India-An-ode-to-lesser-peoples-death-by-Avinash-Pandey-Hotnhitnews-Uttar-Pradesh-India-07511072012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
An ode to lesser people's death in India: Death of a few thousand every year does not matter much; there is always plenty of replacement. That is why a state like Uttar Pradesh can afford to spends 685 crores on a park and 18 crores on Japanese Encephalitis. Avinash Pandey, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
NAPM-urges-that-Supreme-Court-and-Chhattisgarh-governor-should-take-suo-motto-action-in-killing-of-17-adivasis-Hotnhitnews-India-07611072012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
NAPM urges that SC and Chhattisgarh Governor should take Suo Motto action in killing of 17 Adivasis: Since the killing of 17 Adivasis on June 28th in Rajpenta, Kottaguda and Sarkeguda many revealing facts have come to public knowledge. The news contradicting the versions of CRPF, State government and Home Ministry, Union Government has come from journalists, social activists, villagers and even the team of State Congress Party and Union Minister Mr. K C Deo. NAPM, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Genetically-engineered-food-is-dangerous-say-genetic-engineers-earth-open-source-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-07410072012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Genetically engineered food is dangerous, say genetic engineers: While GM crops are promoted on the basis of ambitious claims that they are safe to eat, environmentally beneficial, increase yields, reduce reliance on pesticides, and can help solve world hunger, a new report produced by three genetic engineers challenges the claims and presents authoritative evidence of the hazards to health and the environment posed by genetically engineered crops and organisms. earth open source, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
The-offshore-industry-and-integrity-of-the-Olympic-Games-By-Ann-Hollingshead-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-07310072012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The Offshore Industry and Integrity of the Olympic Games: With the London Olympics only a month away, our eyes now turn to the safeguards. While the most conspicuous Olympic preparations are the Village and the ceremonies, there are also other, less glamorous, preparations that must take place. For example, ensuring athletes don’t cheat. By Ann Hollingshead, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
MDG-Report-2012-bears-no-promise-for-Water-Troubles-of-India-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-07210072012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
India: UN MDG Report 2012 bears no promise for India's water Troubles: While India has already started facing water scarcity in many parts, the current pattern of industrialisation across the country and deals for supplying water to industries have put the water sources at further risk. In order to achieve its goals in the water and sanitation front, India needs an effective policy for sustainable water management. Ranjan Panda, Water Initiatives Odisha, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
India-be-committed-to-public-health-stop-importing-white-asbestos-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-06906072012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
India: Be committed to Public Health, Stop Importing White Asbestos: India has taken a position that it considers white asbestos as a hazardous substance. Mining of asbestos is technically banned in India. Trade in asbestos waste (dust and fibres) is also banned. Now government should take the next logical step and phase out asbestos use. Gopal Krishna, ToxicWatch Alliance, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
India Battles Against Corruption: whistleblower Officers not tolerated-by Gopal Krishna Hotnhitnews 06501072012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
India Battles Against Corruption: whistleblower Officers not tolerated by government. As India is loudly fighting against Corruption, the UPA government at the centre and all the state governments are equally high sounding on building India as a corruption free nation. But to the common man of the country, majority of people in the system of governance, or outside with some proximity with people who can influence the system, is corrupt. While the country has seen leaders making corruption to an unimaginable scale, Officers fighting corruption find it hard to sail. A fresh case in point is of a Haryana cadre Indian Forest Service officer Sanjiv Chaturvedi. By Gopal Krishna, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Evil in West: A culture plagued by class prejudice Hotnhitnews 06329062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Evil in West: A culture plagued by class prejudice: India officially recognises caste discrimination and has laws prohibiting it, but Asian people living abroad continue to vehemently deny that caste is a form of racism. There are no laws specifically banning caste discrimination in western countries, partly because it happens in secret and partly because it is practiced by law abiding citizens.. By Zion Lights, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Odisha doubts if justice be bestowed upon the soul of Babina Behera Hotnhitnews 06127062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
A teen aged gang raped girl Babina Behera of Odisha's Arjungoda village in Pipili is dead. Her family is not only in grief now but in fear of falling target to political vindictiveness. The family members have been threatened many times since Babina raised her voice against the assault made to one of her friends. Babina had to sacrifice her life for raising voice against the heinous instincts of men. Babina didn't get justice in life. She had to fight a lone battle in life and her body for cremation after death. Now the question is, can the system ensure justice to the soul of Babina after her death? By Dr Sasmit Patra HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Attack-on-journalists-in-Bargarh-Odisha-becoming-hell-for-journalists-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-05825062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Attack on media persons in Bargarh, Odisha becoming hell for journalists: Cases of Journalists being attacked by evil forces in Odisha are increasing day by day. Even after repeated appeals by media persons and media rights organisations, Odisha government is yet to take the safety issues of journalists seriously. The callousness from the government drives Odisha to become a hell for journalists and a place of difficulties for the profession of journalism. HNF Bureau, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Odisha-Gana-Samaj-resolves-to-carry-on-mass-campaign-to-uphold-rights-of-pipili-gang-rape-victim-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-05420062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha Gana Samaj resolves to carry on mass campaign to uphold rights of Pipili gang rape victim: While the case in Odisha High Court about negligence to the alleged rape victim of Pipili by state police and medical officers is closed and the victim Babina Behera is said to be in a brain-dead condition, the issue has got a fresh life with an FIR filed by some local people against civil society members and political leaders who have been raising the issue. HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Odisha-Rajya-Sabha-MP-Pyarimohan-Mohapatra-says-bureaucratic-monopoly-led-to-huge-corruption-in-Odisha-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-05118062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha: Bureaucratic monopoly has resulted in rampant corruption at grassroots, says BJD's Rajya Sabha MP Pyarimohan Mohapatra talking about Odisha, Biju Janata Dal (BJD), the Naveen Patnaik Government, its Bureaucrat dependency and undemocratic way of functioning in Odisha. Commonman's Voice, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
WHO-says-diesel-exhaust-can-definitely-cause-cancer-Is-India-prepared-to-respond-to-the-public-health-risk-Asks-CSE-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-04714062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
WHO says diesel exhaust can definitely cause cancer; Is India prepared to respond to the public health risk? Asks CSE: When the Indian auto industry makes claims of modern diesel engines, it omits to say that health concerns have driven governments in Europe, the US, Japan and other countries to leapfrog to clean diesel. Diesel is considered relatively cleaner when the fuel is with 10 ppm sulphur content. But the diesel sulphur level in India is as high as 350 ppm. Only a few cities have 50 ppm sulphur diesel – which is five times of the global benchmark. Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Human-activity-caused-global-ocean-warming-in-past-50-years-science-daily-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-04614062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Human activity caused Global Ocean Warming over past 50 years: A study of global ocean warming data of fast fifty years by a team of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory scientists and international collaborators shows that the observed warming over the last 50 years is consistent with climate models only if the models include the impacts of observed increases in greenhouse gas during the 20th century. We have taken a closer look at factors that influence these results, said Peter Gleckler, an LLNL climate scientist and lead author of the new study that appears in the June 10 edition of the journal Nature Climate Change. The bottom line is that this study substantially strengthens the conclusion that most of the observed global ocean warming over the past 50 years is attributable to human activities. ScienceDaily, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Koodankulam-Nuclear-Power-Project-Offsite-Emergency-Drama-and-unanswered-questions-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-04310062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project: Absurd 'Offsite Emergency' Drama and a few unanswered questions: A sudden announcement of a Plant Emergency by the shift charge engineer at Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project site followed by another declaration by the Site Director for site emergency exercise, on June 9th early morning, gave rise to many uncomfortable questions yet to be answered. People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy, Tamil Nadu, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Neelachal-Ispat-ranks-fourth-environment-friendly-steel-plant-Bhushan-Steel-the-worst-in-India-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-04104062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Neelachal Ispat ranks among top four environment-friendly steel plant, Bhushan Steel rated as the worst in India: Iron and steel sector has a long way to go in meeting environmental norms, says latest study by New Delhi-based research and advocacy body Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), released on eve of World Environment Day. Of the five companies rated from Odisha, Neelachal Ispat Nigam Limited of Kalinganagar has emerged at the top with its fourth ranking and a Two Leaves Award whereas Bhushan Steel of Dhenkanal has been adjudged “the worst performing plant under GRP in all aspects” for it is non-transparent and poor disclosure systems. Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), New Delhi, India, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Peoples-organisations-oppose-coal-block-clearance-in-Madhya-Pradesh-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-03730052012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
People's Organisations oppose coal block clearance in Madhya Pradesh: Jan Sangharsh Morcha (JSM), coalition of people's organisations in Madhya Pradesh, urges the Ministry of Environment and Forest and GoM (Group of Minister) that, in view of the fact that the settlement of Adivasi rights over forest is yet to be recognised and, also, considering the quality of forest involved in these coal blocks, the permission to these coal blocks should continue to be withheld. JSM Release by Anurag Modi, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
open-letter-to-Odisha-Chief-Minister-about-Children-being-abused-in-Odisha-orphanage-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-03629052012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Children abused in orphanage of Odisha: Chief Minister's intervention sought by activists through open letter: Three interns Ms. Linnea Karlsson, Ms. Sara Arrhusius and Ms. Josefine Jacobsson, from Stockholm Sweden, while working at an orphanage named Manoj Manjari Sishu Bhawan (MMSB) in Keonjhar of Odisha during 2010-2011, witnessed the cruel abuse of the inmate children during their stay at MMSB and the children themselves professed to being brutally molested psychologically and physically. They have on a regular basis been beaten and threatened with ropes, saw blades and stones throughout their childhood. Going through their reports, Human Rights activist Dr Lenin Raghuvanshi writes an open letter to the Chief Minister of Odisha seeking his intervention in protecting the rights and future of these children who are living in a state of trauma. Dr Lenin Raghuvanshi, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
First-world-must-learn-from-farming-methods-of-the-third-world-for-achieving-better-food-security-Angus-West-global-politics-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-03528052012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
First world must learn from the third world farming methods to achieve food security: Though agriculture is already one of the most heavily subsidized industries in the world, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that food supplies will have to increase 40 percent by 2030 and 70 percent by 2050, when the world’s population is predicted to reach 9 billion. Farms will need to produce even more, but in the first world, farm yield growth has recently begun to stagnate despite access to the latest technologies. Farming production has slowed as technological developments increasingly push crops to grow as much as possible in the shortest amount of time, creating an unnatural strain on the environment. Angus West, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Monsanto-Mahyco-and-Others-to-be-criminally-prosecuted-in-BT-Brinjal-Bio-Piracy-Case-ESG-Release-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-03324052012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Monsanto, Mahyco and others to be criminally prosecuted in B.t. Brinjal Bio-piracy Case: In a complaint in February 2010, Environment Support Group (ESG) accused world's largest agritech company Monsanto along with its Indian partner Mahyco, Sathguru Consultants (representing USAID and Cornell University) and various public funded agriculture institutions such as University of Agriculture Sciences (Dharwar, Karnataka), Tamilnadu Agricultural University (Coimbatore) and Indian Institute of Vegetable Research (Uttar Pradesh) of accessing over 16 varieties of brinjal endemic to India in comprehensive violation of the Biological Diversity Act while promoting the commercial release of transgenic B.t. Brinjal through 2005-2010. None of the regulatory agencies, including the NBA and Ministry of Environment and Forests, had bothered to verify compliance with the B D Act throught out this period, and began to take action with much reluctance after ESG filed the complaint. An ESG Release, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Primitive-Tribals-of-Odisha-allege-violation-of-rights-by-Forest-Department-Officials-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-03017052012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Primitive Tribals of Odisha allege violation of rights by Forest Department Officials: When the tribal community of Kiri village in Odisha's Sundargarh district opted to shift from a village in the interior forests to a place that is one KM towards the bordering forests, what made the forest department people to oppose the shifting and go to the extent of torching the huts of the tribals? Are the forest department officials empowered to do so with members of a Primitive Tribal Group (PTG)? Is such an act by forest department people permitted under the laws meant for protecting the rights of the tribals and for protection of the forests? By HNF Correspondent, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
IDSA-Report-emphasises-on-Indigenous-Manpower-Technologies-Equipment-to-Tackle-Cyber-Threats-IDSA-Media-Release-India-Hotnhitnews-02916052012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
IDSA Report emphasises on Indigenous Manpower, Technologies, Equipment to Tackle Cyber Threats: As per the Director General of IDSA Dr Arvind Gupta, in analyzing the various dimensions of cyber security challenge to India, the Task Force argues that India must foresee and plan for various challenges arising out of the growth of internet and digitalization of governance. Failure to do so can be catastrophic and could affect national security, Indian economy and social stability. India is particularly vulnerable to the threats from cyber crime, cyber terrorism, cyber espionage and cyber warfare. India’s critical infrastructure is also vulnerable. IDSA Media Release, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Sea-Level-Rise-has-a-link-with-Groundwater-depletion-Environment-News-Network-Odisha-India-Hotnhitnews-02811052012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Sea Level Rise has a link with groundwater depletion: Two main factors are known to contribute to observed sea level rise. The first is thermal expansion: as ocean water warms, it expands. The second is from the contribution of land-based ice due to increased melting. The major store of water on land is found in glaciers and ice sheets. Now there may be a third reason: groundwater extraction. A study reveals that depletion of groundwater is the most acute in areas of India, Pakistan, the US and China, which are also the regions without sustainable levels of food production and water consumption and which are expected to experience major problems in the long run. By Andy Soos, Source: Environment News Network, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
TRP-race-in-media-No-to-Assam-tragedy-Yes-to-Arushi-Murder-IndologyGoa-Odisha-India-Hotnhitnews-02501052012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
TRP race in Media: No to Assam Tragedy, Yes to Arushi Murder: On Monday, India’s remote northeastern state of Assam saw probably its biggest tragedy in recent memory, when an overloaded ferry carrying about 300 people sank in the Brahmaputra river, killing at least 103 people. However, the bigger tragedy perhaps was the minimal coverage it got in the national media. Apart from The Hindu, which had the accident as its top story, none of the leading dailies in the country gave it much coverage beyond a mention on the front page. Source: IndologyGoa, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
India-human-rights-obligation-A-study-of-discrimination-and-torture-in-Indian-State-of-Uttar-Pradesh-Odisha-India-Hotnhitnews-02224042012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
India human rights obligation - A Case study of discrimination and torture in Indian State of Uttar Pradesh: Systemic discrimination to lower caste and minorities has always been a part of cast structure in prevailing Indian society. Due to discrimination, disadvantaged groups failed to access their basic human rights such as access to education, health services, safe drinking water and housing rights. These situations are further aggravated when the human rights such as, Rights against subjection to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, Right to have effective remedy, Right against arbitrary arrest, detention or exile, Right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, Right to have a fair public hearing in civil or criminal matters, are violated. Amit Singh, Institute of Human Rights and Peace, Mahidol Univesity, Thailand, HotnhitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Letter-from-Writer-Geetha-Charusivan-to-Press-Council-Chairperson-Justice-Markandey-Katju-on-SUN-News-Reportage-Kudankulam-Chennai-India-Hotnhitnews-01727032012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Letter from Writer Geetha to the press council chairperson about SUN News reportage of the arrest of the supporters of the Kudankulam protest: Quoting unnamed police and Q branch sources SUN News Channel has attempted to weave a grand conspiracy theory involving all these three men. The channel has been especially vicious in its reporting on Satish, given his legal history. It is as if once arraigned under a draconian law, an individual cannot but be termed 'guilty' of 'acts of terror'. This flies in the face of all civilized notions of wrong and right, and the important ethical principle that some of our more outstanding judges have lived by - tempering as they have done, the measure of legal justice with the measure of compassion and understanding. Geetha Charusivam, HotnhitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
MUFP-ridicules-the-act-of-vengeance-by-Bhushan-Steel-against-media-persons-of-Odisha-Hotnhitnews-01012022012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
MUFP ridicules the act of vengeance by Bhushan Steel against media persons of Odisha: Ridiculing the act of vengeance against the media persons by Bhushan Steel Ltd and terming it as an attempt by a private investor to muzzle and terrorise media persons, Odisha's Media Unity for Freedom of Press (MUFP) has demanded that the Company must immediately withdraw the names of the two media persons from its FIR. MUFP has also warned to go for agitation if the Company fails to fulfil the demand. HNF Desk, HotnhitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
The-great-Odisha-Water_scam-Water-Initiatives-Odisha-release-by-Ranjan-Panda-Hotnhitnews-00707022012 | | Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
The great Odisha Water Scam: The Orissa Hydro Power Corporation (OHPC) is the lead defaulter with more than 2700 crore rupees alone! What is more shocking is that these dues are pending since several decades. This is arguably India’s greatest Water Scam! As the people of Odisha need an answer to it, the Government of Odisha must immediately commission an independent high level enquiry into the matter and release detailed explanation as to why this huge amount of money has not been collected from the industries. A WIO release by Ranjan Panda, HotnhitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Odisha_Pipili_Dalit_Girl_gang_Rape_Case_Odisha_Police_arrested_Three_of_the_Four_Accused_Report_by_Basudev_Mahapatra_HotnhitNews_Orissa_00517012012 | | Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Odisha Dalit Girl Rape Case: Three of the four accused Arrested: In a very dramatic sequence Odisha Police has arrested three of the four accused in the case of gang rape of a dalit girl from Pipili's Arjungoda village in Odisha. The case became a thorn in the throat of the Odisha Government and the state Police when news about denial by local Police to receive the FIR from the alleged rape victim's family and denial of immediate treatment came in media and drew wide reactions. It was only when the State Human Rights Commission and Odisha High Court intervened by passing orders for immediate inquiry into the case and submit report and, also, instructed to make the best treatment available to the victim, the dalit girl in a state of coma was admitted for treatment and Odisha government soon ordered for inquiry by the Crime Branch and, also, set a judicial commission of inquiry for probing into the case. By Basudev Mahapatra, HotnhitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Odisha_Civil_Society_Demands_CBI_Probe_into_Pipili_Gang_Rape_Case_And_Review_All_other_Rape_Cases_HotnhitNews_Orissa_00316012012 | | Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Odisha Civil Society demands CBI probe into Pipili Gang Rape Case, seeks review of all rape cases by independent agency: As the Pipili gang rape case has placed Odisha in the headlines again for a wrong reason, series of cases of rape almost frequently in different parts of the state has started uproar from political and non-political circles. Expressing its dissatisfaction over the stand and the actions of the government in the direction of controlling such incidents, the Civil Society members along with members of all opposition political parties today staged a rally and submitted a memorandum demanding CBI probe into the alleged gang rape and attempt to murder of a girl from Pipili and seeking review of all the rape cases reported across the state. Memorandum Submitted to Odisha Governor Murlidhar Chandrakant Bhandare by Odisha Gana Samaja, HotnhitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Amnesty_International_Appeals_MOEF_To_Clean_Up_Vedanta_Refinery_at_Lanjigarh_HotnhitNews_Odisha_21122011045 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Clean-up Lanjigarh Refinery site of Vedanta, Monitor its Health Impacts on Local Communities - Appeals Amnesty International: Amnesty International has consistently highlighted the failure of the existing refinery at Lanjigarh in Kalahandi of Odisha, which has been in operation for the last four years, to meet accepted national and international standards in relation to its environmental, social and human rights impacts. The refinery’s operations, polluting land and water, continue to undermine the rights of the residents of 12 nearby villages – consisting of mostly Majhi Kondh adivasi (Indigenous) and dalit communities, who rely largely on agriculture for their livelihoods. Amnesty International, therefore, urges you to call for an immediate clean-up of the Lanjigarh refinery site and to monitor the health impacts of the refinery’s operations on local communities; this would be consistent with India’s obligations under international human rights law. National authorities must take all necessary measures to safeguard persons within their jurisdiction from infringements of their human rights, including by third parties such as companies, an obligation which requires the Indian authorities to enforce laws against pollution and to prevent the pollution of water, air or soil by extractive industries. Amnesty International Release by Seema Joshi, HotnhitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Bring_all_children_to_school_to_address_child_labour_by_Ashok_Agarwal_011111039 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
All children of India have to be in school and not at work. We should appreciate that ‘compulsory education’ and ‘child labour’ cannot go together. After the insertion of Article 21-A in the Constitution of India, child labour upto the age of fourteen years in all its form has become unconstitutional. The Government of India is duty bound to amend Child Labour Act so to put blanket ban on child labour. By Ashok Agarwal, Lawyer and Social Activist, India, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Economic_globalisation_and_food_sovereignty_India_World_Thomas_Kocherry_011111038 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Economic globalisation has placed food sovereignty and food security at risk. Food is controlled by the rich and MNCs. In the name of making profit, the MNCs introduce high yielding hybrid seeds, genetically engineered cultivation, pesticides, etc which make food poisonous. The traditional seeds and organic cultivation cannot compete with the modern cultivation. The industrialized and hi-tech cultivation by the MNCs displaced the vast majority small farmers and, naturally, nations and communities lost the food sovereignty. By Thomas Kocherry, National Fishworkers' Forum (NFF), India, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Hirakud_Dam_needs_a_proper_management_system_to_realise_its_primary_objective_of_flood_control_Orissa_HotnHitNews_18092011036 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Orissa's Hirakud Dam needs a proper management system to realise its primary objective of flood control: The largest dam of the country Hirakud that was inaugurated in 1957, continues to be the single most important piece of infrastructure of the state of Orissa. The multipurpose Hirakud Dam was built primarily for flood-control, and the two secondary functions were irrigation and power generation. Hirakud has been irrigating around 155,635 hectares of land for Khariff and 108,385 hectares for Rabi crops every year, and generates about 300 MW of electricity per year. Hirakud has been largely successful in fulfilling its primary role of flood control, and has succeeded in preventing or reducing the severity of floods in 24 out of 30 occasions. On those 6 occasions when Hirakud exacerbated the flooding, poor management of the reservoir was the cause, which emphasises the important need for proper management. By Prof (Dr.) Nachiketa Das, HotnHit Newsfeatures
UPA_Government_of_India_exposed_in_India_fight_against_corruption_led_by_Anna_Hazare_19082011035 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
UPA Government exposed in India's fight against Corruption: The irony with the current UPA government ruling over India is that instead of respecting the voice of people, the leaders of Congress often try to suppress the voice by using its force and by targeting the individual who leads the movement. Like, the leaders targeted Baba Ramdev terming him a cheat, a fraud and finally attacking his camp in the midnight, the government here arrested Anna and over 2500 of his supporters to fizzle out the movement to check corruption that bore a little hope for the citizens of the whole country. These steps by a democratically elected government reminded the citizens of the atrocities by the colonial government of the pre-independence days when India as a nation didn’t exist. By Basudev Mahapatra, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Nuapada_goes_law_less_in_Nights_Basudev_Mahapatra_Orissa_HNF_09082011032 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Nuapada goes lawless in night: There are many rumours flowing in the air. They may be rumours, as the district police believes, but they agitate the minds of innocent villagers of Orissa's Nuapada district and insist them to guard their villages being armed with lathis, swords, Spears or other arms. The villagers are so panicked that they immediately attack people seen in the vicinity in the night. Even, as described by many of the local people, in some incidents people of the same village who came out for some reason in the night were beaten by the other villagers who were guarding in the night. By Basudev Mahapatra, HotnHit Newsfeatures
NREGA_The_Greatest_Job_Robbery_Programme_in_Madhya_Pradesh_Orissa_Bundelkhand_Parshuram_Rai_CEFS_270411019 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
NREGA or MGNREGA - The great Job Robbery Programme of India: The objectives of NREGA was to economically empower the poor communities and ensuring Food Security by providing 100 work to each job card holder with 100 days of work. But the objectives lost importance for the implementers who rather focused on making a profit out of it leaving the poor families jobless as always. Large scale corruption from Gram Panchayat to Block, District and State Headquarters took the programme in a direction putting its objectives aside. Even though government of India started the programme for the benefit of the poor, no proper monitoring system was set to see that the programme remains committed to its objectives which ultimately converted NREGA from a job guarantee programme to a Job robbery opportunity. Here is how a Delhi based Development Agency Centre For Environment and Food Security (CEFS) found in Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Bundelkhand the the programme has only benefited the contractors and people in power leaving poor as it is.. Bibhuti Pati, HotnHit Newsfeatures
52000_Crore_Rupees_POSCO_Dream_of_Orissa_versus_Days_of_52_families_in_Badagabapur_transit_camp_11072011024 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
The huge cement board on the right side of Badagabapur road takes you to the “POSCO Transit Camp” without any confusion. Observing the camp for a while, one would surely sense a silent war being waged inside. The war is between the sneering glances of the Orissa's dreams of 52,000 crore rupees and those hapless tears in the eyes of the 52 families. On one side, there is the indomitable voice of INR 52,000 crores and on the other, the piercing heart-rending shriek of those 52 families. Amidst the promises of the government as well as the administration and the POSCO conundrum, those 52 families have lost their ancestral homesteads and, now, find themselves stranded with their rice-bowls just to keep live all their cherished dreams for a prosperous future. In the name of overnight development through Industrialization, what could be a more horrifying act of the devastation drama played in Orissa and, particularly, in the place where the largest FDI project of the country POSCO India is planned to take shape! Is this not an example of the weakness and incompetence of the powerful political leaders who pride themselves as part of the government of a welfare-state? By Bibhuti Bhushan Pati, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Opposition_from_Indian_Mining_Industry_to_profit_sharing_proposal_has_no_basis_Says_CSE_Report_HNF_Orissa_26062011023 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
The socio-economic conditions of communities, mostly tribal, living in and around places of mining is not improving at present while the companies engaged in the business are making good profit and thriving on the resources reserved under the ground since centuries. However, Government of India has now come out with a draft Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) bill, 2010 (MMDR bill) to replace the 1957 Act and ensure the provision of sharing 26% of the net profit. While the companies engaged in mining and related business are opposed to such provision in the draft bill, a Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) analysis comes out in strong support of this proposal, and clearly establishes how timely and necessary this provision is. By HNF Bureau, HotnHit Newsfeatures, Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Farmers_suicide_syndrome_India_the_imperialist_suicide_epidemic_in_India_by_Larry_Everest_Revolution_Newspaper_15062011021 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Farmer's suicide syndrome - the imperialist suicide epidemic in India: This suicide epidemic is not a product of 'human nature,' or India's culture. Mass farmer suicides were unknown in India before the 1990s. Nor are they random and unexplainable: they follow a pattern. 86.5 percent of the farmers who commit suicide are in debt. Like Shankara, 40 percent had suffered a crop failure, the majority are small farmers (with less than five acres of land), and are growing cash crops for export. Cotton is one of India's main cash crops, and one of the highest concentrations of suicides is among cotton farmers. By Larry Everest, Revolution Newspaper, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Indian_security_force_personnel_alleged_of_gang_raping_Tribal_minor_girl_in_Narayanpatna_of_Koraput_Orissa_by_Himanshu_Kumar_06052011020 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Indian Security Force personnel alleged of gang raping tribal minor girl in Orissa's Narayanpatna: The Adivasi of Narayanpatna have been struggling against injustice for a longer period without much support from anywhere else. People have been trying to reclaim Adivasi land from moneylenders, they have been fighting against the liquor mafia and they have also been opposing bauxite mining. Narayanpatna is close to India's largest bauxite deposits like Panchpatmali and Deomali. In 2009 two leaders of Chasi Mulia Adivasi Sangh (the local people's platform) were shot dead by the police while they along with other villagers were protesting against molestation of women by security forces. The situation seems to have worsened with another allegation by a minor girl of being gang raped by Security forces. By Himanshu Kumar, HotnHit Newsfeatures
If_these_are_the_anti_Naxal_Operations_of_P_Chidambaram_by_Gladson_Dungdung_4042011012 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
If these are Mr. Chidambaram's Anti-Naxal Operations: With top leaders like Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi terming armed Maoist movement as the greatest internal threat in India, union home ministry has made the anti-Maoist or anti-Naxal operations by State security forces and Para-military forces more fierce and frequent. But the acts of forces in the name of so called anti-Naxal operations have often been questioned by people in the conflict zones and activists fighting for the rights of the innocent tribal people in the places of disturbance. Citing at a few specific cases, Human Right activist Gladson Dungdung expresses his doubt over the genuineness of such operations and asks union home minister P. Chidambaram if these are his so called anti-Naxal operations. By Gladson Dungdung, HotnHit Newsfeatures
India_Survives_its_week_of_leaks_by_Betwa_Sharma_290311009 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Politics of WikiLeaks - India Survives its week of leaks: More cables from WikiLeaks this week shifted India's lively political scene into the chaotic gear. Allegations of bribery by the government led to disruption of the parliament's regular sessions and calls for the resignation of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Betwa Sharma, The Huffington Post, HotnHit Newsfeatures
2010_Deadliest_Year_In_A_Generation_For_Human_Casualties_due_to_Natural_Disasters_018_10088 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
2010: Deadliest Year in a Generation for human casualties due to natural disasters: The excessive amount of extreme weather that dominated 2010 is a classic sign of man-made global warming that climate scientists have long warned about. They calculate that the killer Russian heat wave – setting a national record of 111 degrees – would happen once every 100,000 years without global warming. Preliminary data show that 18 countries broke their records for the hottest day ever. HotnHit Newsfeatures
People_keep_Dying_Killer_Diarrhoea_becomes_a_political_agenda_in_Orissa_012_10082 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Orissa's Rayagada district is almost every year visited by Diarrhea at the advent of rainy season. People of the poorest blocks like Kashipur are always promised for roads and drinking water. But with the passing of rainy season the promises fade away. 3 years back in 2007, when the district was visited by cholera and at least 200 people died of the epidemic, Chief Minister of Orissa Naveen Patnaik promised pure drinking water and roads to all villages of Kashipur Block. The promises are yet to be fulfilled. By Basudev Mahapatra, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Life_between_Cry_and_Agony_Facts_from_the_Red_Corridor_by_Gladson_Dungdung_006_10076 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
If Maoist movement has become the greatest internal threat to India, the operation started by the government to curb the armed rebellion has endangered the communities living in the forests and the so called Red Corridor. The situation is becoming worse than before as the forces deployed to curb Maoist rebels have become the major troublemaker to the innocent people. The civil rights and opportunities to live life peacefully are almost seized. Anybody raising a voice to safeguard the rights is outright termed as a Maoist Rebel or a supporter. Either by the Maoist rebels or the Security forces, reign of terror continues to suppress the voice of people and communities living in the Naxal affected areas. By Gladson Dungdung, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Honour_Killing_in_India_Conflict_between_tradition_n_modernity_004_10073 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Between tradition and modernity - India struggles to stem rise in 'Honour Killings': Traditional Indian values are clashing with modern mores in northern India, where there has been a reported upsurge in so-called honor killings, the murders of young couples who elope in defiance of caste boundaries and their families' wishes. In northern India, especially in rural areas, tradition prohibits couples from marrying outside their caste, the all-pervasive social hierarchy, or within their blood line, a complicated system of lineage called a gotra. Indian lawmakers are weighing in as well. Some members of India's Parliament have introduced bills that would give local councils more of a say in restrictions on marriage, while others are pressing for stronger penalties against those who advocate violence. By Corey Flintoff, HotnHit Newsfeatures
MUFP_plans_to_go_to_people_of_Orissa_for_safety_of_journalists_n_media_persons_998_10068 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Cases of attack on reporters and media persons working to bring issues and problems of people to public are in rise in the state of Orissa. Arresting journalists by framing false charges and attack on journalists are now a matter of concern for the total media fraternity in the State of Orissa. The greatest concern is that no action has yet been initiated by the government, its administration and police to punish the culprit and ensure safety of Journalists and other Media Persons and allow them do their job properly. Media Unity for Freedom of Press (MUFP) raises its voice to stop attack on media in Orissa. HotnHit Newsfeatures
Not_every_Maoist_a_tribal_but_anyone_not_with_govt_a_Maoist_by_Sadanand_Patwardhan_995_10065 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Jasinta – a 25 year old Adivasi woman from a village Ladi (Barwadih Block, Latehar district) in adjoining Jharkhand – who was reportedly killed in crossfire between Indian Security Forces and Maoists. Gladson Dungung, himself an Adivasi and a courageous Human Rights Activist residing in Ranchi, went on a fact finding mission on 13th June with 11 other people and reached the conclusion that Jasinta was killed by security forces which was just a murder and there was no crossfire. By Sadanand Patwardhan, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Halt_the_Offensive_Against_People_and_End_Militarisation_of_the_Forests_992_10062 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Be it the excessive police brutality in Kalinga Nagar of Orissa, or a repressive administration that works to supress the movements against corporates like Vedanta, POSCO, TATA and others whose agenda is to drain out resources from the state. What is at stake is the right of forest dwellers, tribal communities and people to control their ecology, their production systems and their lives. Can a community lead a life of dignity when they are harassed, beaten or killed every time they cultivate forest land, collect minor forest produce or protest evictions? These People of India are not demanding welfare; they are struggling for the right to live with freedom and dignity. This is the true meaning of security, development and the rule of justice. HotnHit Newsfeatures
Out_of_the_green_into_the_dust_Tiger_protection_Maoists_n_forest_rights_Jenabil_Story_989_10059 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
In an effort to save the tiger Orissa’s forest authorities recently displaced 70 tribal families of the kuloh community (the official record says 61 families) from Jenabil, a village located in the core area of the Simlipal Tiger Reserve. This appeared in a news story in the Times of India that said the people had happily moved out. It sounded like a fairy tale impossible in post-independent India’s history of the wildlife department which is marred by numerous cases of atrocities and forced evictions of forest dwellers. After years of hearing stories of how elephants were used by the Forest Department to demolish villages, the story of Jenabil happily relocating itself sounded unbelievable, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Why_Orissa_is_Dear_to_the_Naxalites_by_Dr_Prasanna_Mishra_988_10058 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
In Orissa and India as well, situation remains as chaotic as before in the field. The exploiters continue their depredations; poor people continue to struggle; apathy of government is noticed in abundance. The extremists have trained their guns only on the security staff who, by and large, come from poor families of Orissa, or any other state of India, and in most of the cases a sepoy could be the sole government employee in the family and major breadwinner. Dr Prasanna Mishra, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Brick_Kilns_death_destinations_for_migrant_workers_by_Umi_Daniel_987_10057 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
It’s only to earn a basic minimum livelihood that most of the poor families of disadvantaged communities of western Orissa leave their home and land up in the brick kilns operating in Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu. But once in the brick kiln, these innocent poor families fall into the grip of sucking tentacles of the kiln owners for whom lives of the workers make no value against the brick. It becomes a situation of slavery and bondage in the makeshift camps inside a kiln where many of the workers die, many suffer from serious ailments while struggling to achieve the target. Initially bearing a hope, brick kilns turn out to be death destinations for many of the migrant workers. By Uni Daniel, HotnHit Newsfeatures, Orissa
Temperature_on_rise_Summer_becoming_killer_season_in_Orissa_984_10054 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Over the last decade, Orissa has been experiencing extreme heat during the summer. Every year, hundreds of people have been dying because of sunstroke and heat wave. But the state government is yet to be serious to tackle the issue and bring down the number of deaths due to extreme heat if not able to prevent it. HotnHit Newsfeatures
Not_just_Naxalism_Government_should_also_work_to_resolve_the_issues_behind_by_Syed_Hassan_Kazim_983_10053 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Indian Government should not take the problem of growing Naxalim superficially. It's a fact and we have to accept that in the villages of India's hinterlands there is a very strong support for Naxalism, and the main reason behind this support is the successive governments' (whether it is state or the central Government) step motherly treatments and behavior towards the problems of the villagers, most of whom are tribal people, and hence the sense of insecurity in their hearts and minds. Just behaviour like an ostrich in the sand is not going to solve any problem. The government needs to address this issues related to the Maoist surge on an urgent basis. Syed Hassan Kazim, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Kalinganagar_Atrocities_n_Repression_by_Orissa_Armed_Forces_in_the_interests_of_TATA_n_other_Corporate_Houses_by_Prasanta_Patnaik_982_10052 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Since 30 March 2010, Kalinga Nagar of Orissa has been out of bounds for the rest of the world with all roads leading to the devastated village being guarded by Tata goons, BJD cadre and the police. High profile politicians like Jual Oram of BJP and certain Congress members have been attacked and not allowed to visit Baligotha. In one of these attacks three journalists were beaten up, their cameras were snatched and their valuables were looted. By Prasanta Patnaik, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Anti_Maoist_Operation_faces_counter_attack_by_maoists_of_India_981_10051 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
The tribal and other communities living in the Maoist stronghold forests of India are apprehensive about the anti-Maoist operations, otherwise called Green Hunt Operation, pursued by the Government. They believe that the innocent people will only be the victims of such operations. That’s why tribals of Orissa’s Malkangiri District staged a rally to stop the anti-Maoist operation in the district. In such a situation of confusions and apprehensions, the governments at the centre and the states must take the communities into confidence first and initiate a drive to mobilize the mass in its favour to get full support from them, Basudev Mahapatra, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Series_of_death_by_Farmers_of_Orissa_made_civil_society_members_act_n_build_pressue_on_Government_966_090033 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Series of farmers’ suicide in Orissa raised the question before the government and the planners working on farmers' welfare that how the farmers can be allowed to live on farming and how they can earn a standard living out of farming. But what came out of a conference organised by Janata Vikash Manch (JVM) was, it was more like politicking with the misery and death of poor farmers than taking the farming related issues sympathetically. Over 40 farmers committed suicide in the state of Orissa primarily due to crop loss and the pressure of repayment of loans from nationalised banks and other private sources. Political leaders including the agriculture minister of Orissa and his ostrich government officials deny these to be the facts behind a series of suicide. However, experts believe that the farmers are under severe stress in the state for unavailability of suitable farm credit, reducing land holding, escalating input cost and freaky monsoon add to the distress of the farmers. HotnHit Newsfeatures
Orissa_journalists_declare_forum_to_ensure_press_freedom_by_Sujata_Mahapatra_962_90029 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
As reaction to the harsh actions of the police administration against media professionals and indifferent attitude of the provincial government to such cases, Journalists of Orissa formed a forum and warned the State government and the police administration not to meddle with press freedom. In recent three months, there have been several cases where Police and administration has tried to harass the media professionals. The new forum ‘Media Unity for Press Freedom’ (MUFP) organised a convention on December 14 to felicitate a rural Reporter Laxman Chaudhury who was arrested by the provincial police on charges like sedition, waging war against the State and criminal conspiracy but released on bail recently.
Making_profits_from_poverty_microfinance_in_India_961_90028 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Micro-finance organisations in India and Orissa are into the business of money lending and exploitation of poor people and communities by imposing huge interest. Isn't it shocking that a poorest of the poor woman in a village, who may be only surviving on the NREGA promise of 100 days assured employment (not getting more than Rs 60 a day), has to pay a 24 per cent rate of interest if she borrows money to buy a goat, and we in the cities can get interest-free loans or loans with a minimal rate of interest for buying a nano car? HotnHit Newsfeatures
Poor_farmers_can_better_survive_by_traditional_natural_farming_by_Achyut_Das_n_Vidhya_Das_920_090056 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
In the context of series of farmers’ suicide in Orissa, the question has been how the farmers can be allowed to live on farming and how they can survive on farming. Since farming, specifically crop farming, has been considered a loss making venture even in the tribal populated areas of Orissa, it’s time for the government and the experts to rely on traditional natural farming knowledge of the tribal farmers and allow them to continue with it. HotnHit Newsfeatures
To_whom_the_state_prefers_Gandhians_or_Maoists_Vidya_Das_90054_918 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Even though there has been louder slogans on tribal development echoing across the power and political corridors of Orissa and India as well, it's a known fact that the innocent tribals are often being victimised by corrupt and manipulative officials in the administration and the greedy exploitative contractors and businessmen. But still there is a hope alive under teh surface, finds Social Activist Vidya Das, Janata Vikash Manch, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Orissa_Kandhamal_Violence_US_Lawmakers_urge_action_against_perpetrators_of_communal_violence_by_Basudev_Mahapatra_090049_912 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
21 members of US Congress have tried to share their concern for the victims of 2007 and 2008 violence and the surviving minority community members with Orissa’s CM Naveen Pattnaik seeking strong and effective initiatives to ‘bring to justice the perpetrators of these heinous crimes and ensure that the victims are able to return to their homes and live without fear of further prosecution or attack, HotnHit Newsfeatures, Orissa, India
Glaciers_of_Kashmir_melting_at_alarming_speed_Global_Warming_India_090050_913 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Indian Kashmir's biggest glacier that feeds the region's river system is melting faster threatening the water supply of tens of thousands of people. As per the report, the biggest glacier in Indian Kashmir, the Kolahoi glacier spread over 11 sq km (4.25 sq mile), has shrunk by 2.63 sq km in last three decades, hotnhit newsfeatures
Governments_indifference_towards_non-violent_protests_led_to_tribal_uprising_in_narayanpatna_of_Orissa_90047_910 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
The recent unrest among the tribals of the Koraput district particularly in the Narayanpatna block has received a great attention in the state of Orissa. The tribal outfit known as Chasi Mulia Adibasi Sangh (CMAS) has raised a century old “Land issue” of tribals of Koraput region. The CMAS members are reclaiming the land from the landlords of the area and their argument is that the land was belonging to them and they are cheated by the landlords. They have occupied over 500 acres of private land and redistributed among the landless tribals of the area. Several non-tribal families have left their villages in fear of attack. HotnHit Newsfeatures
Tribal_communities_get_sandwiched_between_Maoists_n_Police_90046_909 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Life in India continues to be appalling with the country ranked poorly at 134 among 182 countries, 4 lac children die within 24 hours of their birth and 40 percent children under 3 are malnourished. Who are these children? Obviously, they don’t come from the family of sunglasses, shining faces appearing in the television channels and AC lover holy cows but these are the children of Adivasis, Dalits and marginalized communities, Gladson Dungdung, HotnHit Newsfeatures
9081_Stop_use_of_Endosulfan_deadly_pesticide_encouraged_in_India_90045 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
In which crops are endosulfan sprayedby indian farmers? The list is long. It is used in vegetables, fruits, paddy, cotton, cashew, tea, coffee, and tobacco and also timber crops. Even, in Bolangir district of Orissa, this poison is sprayed twice on paddy. It is also being used by farmers in Rayagada of Orissa. HotnHit Newsfeatures
907_Tribals_of_Orissa_India_must_be_allowed_to_decide_how_they_want_to_live_90044 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Why should we move to the land of the tribals and grab them in the name of development? Why should we force them to leave their land and forests for our desire? Isn’t it there right to decide how they want to live their life with simple dignity? If tribal people of Niyamgiri are happy there and are living life peacefully, why are we forcing them to leave the place and move to the colonies? HotnHit Newsfeatures
Orissa_Sporting_for_a_penniless_Pride_90038 / / Issue based News portal from Orissa, India
Neglect, lack of recognition and financial insecurity are perennial features that have come to stay with sports in Orissa. The sorry plight of the ailing footballer from Cuttack city is not the solitary example. There are many, both from the past and present, achievers in spheres of sports who are often meted out raw deal
Illegal_Mining_Probe_exposes_miner_Official_Nexus_Basudev_Mahapatra_008_90036 / / Issue based news features from Orissa, India
As the issue of illegal mining created furore in the state assembly in the last session, state government had to instruct for a vigilance enquiry into the matter and punish if anybody is found guilty. But what has been astonishing to people of the state is that the whole illegal operation was carried out in the knowledge of government officials, by Basudev Mahapatra
Acid_in_the_oceans_threats_Sea_Life_npr_Richard_Harris_001_90035 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
There are just a few people in the world who have actually been thinking about ocean acidification for decades. And one of those is down the hall from Pane. Peter Brewer realized that something was amiss with the ocean's chemistry back in the 1960s, and he's seen the problem grow much, much worse. By Richard Harris
Mines_n_Mineral_based_industries_makes_rivers_Poisonous_HNF_Bureau_007_90032 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
As per the recent report of the Pollution Control Board, Mahanadi, Bramhani, Rusikulyaa, Nagabali, Subarnarekhaa and Baitarani rivers are highly polluted and all these rivers have lost their natural cleansing systems and these rivers water grade are not even ‘C’ grade, owing to which it is not possible to drink water, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Media_in_creating_a_climate_for_change_by_R_K_Pachauri_SciDev_HNF_007_090031 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
When the Fourth Assessment's final synthesis report was released in Valencia, Spain, in November 2007, the media had already developed an appetite for climate change. Several national and international newspapers featured the report's findings on their front pages, with some calling it the IPCC's strongest report ever. By Dr R K Pachauri, Science and Development Network, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Pakistan_facing_the_threat_of_talibanisation_and_Talibanised_Shariat_HNF_Special_Report_006_090030 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
religious alliance in Pakistan's Northwest provinces is ushering in strict new laws that threaten the rights of women and remind of the Taliban rule in Afghanistan. Open attack on Women’s liberty and Christians and girls denied of education clearly indicate that the Pak-Tal peace deal makes no sense for women and civilians of Pakistan, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Golden_peacock_award_withdrawn_from_Vedanta_but_mining_lease_approved_HNF_006_090029 / / Issue based news features from Orissa, India
British mining company Vedanta Resources, owned by billionaire Anil Agarwal, faced humiliation at the weekend as its ‘Golden Peacock’ award for environmental management and, after activists revealed details of the company’s highly polluting alumina refinery on the land of Kondh tribes in Orissa, India, the award was withdrawn the day before it was due to be handed over. But the government is still blind to the wrong doings of Vedanta Alumaina and approves mining lease
Eastern_India_must_not_become_desert_Climate_change_in_India_by_Dr_Nachiketa_Das_002_090027 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
The forests in eastern India are under a great deal of pressure. Population pressure, a phrase widely used in Indian media, is often blamed as the single most important cause for the retreat of the forests. I disagree with this view and would like to point out that Japan, where I live these days, despite having a population density of 339 per square km, which is higher, albeit marginally, than the population density of India at 336 per square km, has over 70 per cent of her total land area under forest cover, as opposed to a mere 20 per cent in India
Climate_change_and_poverty_are_inseparable_Oliver Subasinghe_devex_001_HNF_090026 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Both Sweden and Norway are following the principle of focusing; I mean, there should be a focus of the foreign aid. Sweden has focused on a more limited number of countries. We are focusing in a very different way on the broad development programs we try to run through U.N., World Bank and other global institutions that applies to education, to health, and all these broad sectors. … We are focusing our direct bilateral aid not on specific nations but in specific areas where we believe Norway has a specific competence
Orissa_becoming_unsafe_for_women_as_rape_cases_are_becoming_too_frequent_Sujata_mahapatra_002_090024 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
series of rape cases in a month has made orissa the unsafe place for women of Orissa in general
Nobel_Laureates_urge_action_on_Climate_Change_HNF_Bureau_global_warming_006_090022 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Nobel Lauretes such as Literature Laureate Wole Soyinka and Peace Laureate Wangari Maathai, as well as Laureates in Chemistry, Physics and Economics urge strong and committed action on climate change
Health_Risks_of_GE_Foods_n_GM_Crop_living_Farms_002_09013 / / Issue based News portal from Orissa, India
Genetically Engineered Food may have terrible impact on people, animal husbandry, economy, agriculture and the farmers of Orissa, India
Orissa_industrialisation_must_not_neglect_agriculture_n_the_rights_of_tribals_n_farmers_JVM_003_09011 / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
In the name of Development, Orissa Industrialisation is pursued against agriculture and the rights of farmers and tribal communities to protect the interests of corporate business houses, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Global_Dimming_a_trend_more_dangerous_than_Global_Warming_by_Pritish_Pradhan_001_09010 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Global Dimming is a more serious trend on the earth dangerous than Global Warming and Climate Change
GM_Crop_BT_Brinjal_in_Orissa_Time_to_ring_the_warning_bells_living_Farms_001_09009 / / Issue based News portal from Orissa, India
Introduction of GM Crop like BT Brinjal would harm people, economy, agriculture and the farmers of Orissa, India
Rail_Link_may_pacify_the_situation_in_Kandhamal_by_Er_Lalit_Patnaik_JVM_001_09008 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Rail Link may minimise conflict and pacify the situation in Kandhamal, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Orissa_tourism_long_way_ahead_to_touch_the_mark_lisa_pradhan_004_09006 / / Issue based News feature Portal from Orissa, India
Orissa tourism needs to upgrade itself to match the expectation of foreign tourists, HotnHit Newsfeatures, India
Planting_trees_and_managing_soil_to_sequester_carbon_Earth_policy_institute_001_09004 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
plantation of trees and management of soil can sequester carbon - report by Earth Policy Institute
Linguistic_politics_grows_regional_disparity_in_India_by_Lisa_Pradhan_Issue_09001 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
politicians of india play with linguistic diversity to convert it into regional disparity
Climate_Change_Impact_in_Orissa_by_N_A_Shah_Ansari / / Issue based News Portal from Hotnhit Newsfeatures, Orissa, India
Orissa Coastline experiences the impacts of Global Warming and Climate Change, India
Dalits_caught_in_the_Cross_Coconut_Battle_Sai_Prasan_Kandhamal_003 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Dalits are now caught in the cross-coconut battle in India
Faith_dangling_between_God_and_Money_Sai_Prasan_Kandhamal_002/ / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Minority as well as majority Communalists of Kandhamal pose danger to India's communal harmony and national integration
Orissa_under_Naveen_Pattnaik_Corruption_Lawlessness_behind_Transparency_by_Basudev_Mahapatra / / Analytical News portal from Orissa
Transparency image of Naveen Pattnaik has been stained with facts of nexus, corruption and lawlessness, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Politics_is_for_man_not_for_a_distinct_community / / Issue based news portal from Orissa, India
Politics is for Man, not for any distinct community, by Sankar Sarkar
Merchant_Power_Plants_in_India_by_G_K_Sarangi / / Analytical News Portal from Orissa, India
Merchant Power Plants in India - A supply Solution Approach based on present energy situation in India, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Harnessing_Solar_Energy_by_Dr_Nachiket_Das / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Possibilities of Harnessing Solar Energy in Orissa
Global_Warming_issue_in_India / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Global Warming and Climate Change pose serious threat to India
Caring_for_Rivers_in_India_by_Dr_Nachiketa_Das / / Issue based News Portal from Hotnhit Newsfeatures
Caring for Rivers to resolve Water Issues in India by Dr Nachiketa Das
Issue_of_displacement_Nandigram_Violence_goes_beyond_control_by_HNF_Bureau / / Analytical News Features from Hotnhit Newsfeatures, Orissa, India
Violence in Nandigram is an expression of public disagreement over the current industrial Policy in India, HotnHit NewsFeatures
Industrialisation_of_Orissa_India_against_the_will_of_people_30507 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Forced Industrialisation against the will of people of Orissa and India brings less development and more distress in the form of displacement, ruins their traditional livelihood sources, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Naxal_movement_in_India_by_Basudev_Mahapatra / / Issue based Analytical News Portal from Orissa, India
Started in Naxalbari as a peasant movement, the Maoist-leninist Movement in India has become the greatest internal threat to the country
Fake_Drug_Racket_operating_in_Orissa_India / / Analytical Issue based News Portal from Hotnhit Newsfeatures, Orissa
Orissa Health Services controlled by Fake Drug Production Distribution Rackets
Kashipur_the_tribal_populated_Block_is_loaded_with_Promises_only / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
With poverty and starvation deaths being its ususl features, Kashipur has become a political Issue attracting lots of promises
Trauma_tears_and_Teligiri_by_Bibhuti_Bhusan_Pati / / Issue based News Portal from Hotnhit Newsfeatures
People to be displaced by Teligiri Dam Project are now in tears and trauma - HotnHit Newsfeatures, Orissa, India
Infant_Mortality_highest_in_Orissa / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
instead of lots of slogans Orissa is the state with highest rate of infant mortality, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Sorana_Lot_to_Speak_Nobody_to_Hear / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
The fishermen living around Chilka have been the victim of the mafia activities pursued by the Prawn businessmen, the worst thing happened to the fishing communities was the firing by Police on the fishermen gathered at Sorana, near Chilka, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Rising_Maoist_Activism_Civil_War_knocking_at_the_doors_HNF_Analysis / / Issue based News Feature Portal from Orissa, India
Naxal movement and Maoist Movement in India, Terrorism, Armed left Movement in India
Million_Dollar_offers_on_Net_Global_Cyber_Fraud_Network_by_Basudev_Mahapatra / / Issue based News Feature Portal from India
Cyber Fraud Networks into multi million dollar scam
A letter to dear Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik/
By Basudev Mahapatra | In view of the involvement of several of Biju Janata Dal leaders and ministers of his current as well as the previous cabinet in the land allotment scam in the state of Odisha, one must hail Naveen Patnaik for tracing and inducting so many talented leaders in the party and his cabinet. In spite of the fact that a part of responsible media is genuinely critical about Naveen Patnaik and his government, this letter intends to hail Naveen Patnaik for his search of talents that make his cabinet transparent and principled.

By Basudev Mahapatra | Naveen Patnaik government in Odisha might have been disappointed with the economic survey report of India for 2013-14 as the state doesn’t feature among the top five of growth performers of the country.
BJP-and-BJD-compete-to-flare-up-inflation-Former-Odisha-Minister-HotnHitNews-19823062014 |
By HNF Correspondent | The Odisha Government has lost touch with the people and it raised excise duties on Petroleum products. This means that people of Odisha are going to pay more than people of other states. It will affect ordinary people like motor cycle owners. The consequent rise in Bus fare is certainly going to affect many more including the poor daily wage earners.
Trust-of-People-reflected-in-the-Mandate-Odisha-CM-HotnHitNews-18716062014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Odisha CMO | The international accolades Odisha and in turn India received in disaster management is a testimony to the efforts of our people and Government. We will carry forward our Governance in the same spirit and work towards a peaceful, prosperous and progressive Odisha, said Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik while replying to the motion of thanks in the Odisha State Assembly. Full text of the speech delivered by Naveen Patnaik.
Wang-Yi-India-Visit-opens-up-many-possibilities-HotnHitNews-18410062014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Basudev Mahapatra | One of the major hurdles on the way of bilateral trade relation between India and China is the ballooning trade deficit in favour of the later amounting to about USD 40 billion. India has consistently been raising the issue of increasing trade deficit and seeking greater market access in China to bridge the gap.
Minimum-Government-Maximum-Governance-President-Pranab-Mukherjee-HotnHitNews-18209062014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Complete speech of the President of India Pranab Mukherjee, addressed to the members of both houses of Indian Parliament, where he emphasised on
AAP-to-go-for-rebuilding-to-re-emerge-as-political-alternative-HotnHitNews-17706062014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Basudev Mahapatra | A sprout of India’s anti-corruption movement to bring in the Act of Janlokpal (to empower people to raise their voice against injustice and corruption and to set an independent system to ensure justice to people), India’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), literally meaning the ordinary people’s party, had a bad show in the bygone general polls.
Stop-Posco-Project-Jual-Oram-HotnHitNews-17124052014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Bibhuti Pati | Odisha's lone BJP MP Jual Oram, while talking to Bibhuti Pati, urged to stop the project of Posco keeping in view the strong public opposition on ground. 
Astrologers-too-do-not-want-to-miss-the-game-of-poll-predictions-HotnHitNews-16314052014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By HNF Correspondent | As per astrological predictions of Mr. Gupta there will be a decade long hiatus for Congress to come to power. He also predicted that NDA will form the Government bagging 260 (with flexibility of plus minus 5%) seats in the current election with Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India. As per reports, came a few days back, a Bhubaneswar based astrologer Bibhudanand Satpathy predicted that Narendra Modi would continue as Prime Minister till 2028 if came to power this time. 
From-now-on-no-politician-can-win-an-election-without-winning-the-battle-for-airtim-Dr-Prannoy-Roy-HotnHitNews-16213052014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By exchange4media | (Exit) polls can be wrong – after all, the BBC recently got its exit polls wrong twice in a row and nearly gave up exit polling; and in the latest US elections the great Gallup forecast that Obama would lose (in fact they had Obama trailing by a huge 5 per cent margin until a week before the election) – these are caused by normal statistical errors, and that is no reason, no reason at all for banning anything in a democracy. From my experience, voters treat opinion polls with the scepticism they deserve. Banning polls is the thin end of the wedge. We must all fight against any kind of ban that is based on such flimsy evidence. 
Real-Gujarat-An-Underreported-Story-By-Himanshu-Thakkar-HotnHitNews-13702042014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Himanshu Thakkar | India goes to the polls on April 7. With innumerable promises and unreal stories by politicians flying in the air, India sees no end to the Politics of betrayal. BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, who as chief minister of Gujarat resorted to Gujarat Satya Samachar to show the slightly critical Gujarati media its place and succeeded in arm-twisting it, has been resorting to less satya (truth) in his electioneering. Just to illustrate, during his trip to the north-eastern states, he did not mention his support for either large hydro projects or interlinking of rivers across India, which are facing huge opposition in Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and many other states. Most of India's mainstream media, however, has a blind eye to all these that goes against its desired spirit of an impartial watchdog. 
A-touch-of-green-Life-beyond-7-percent-growth-HotnHitNews-13631032014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By S Gopikrishna Warrier | The most contentious environmental disputes in India during the UPA period were related to mining, where the interests of the industry were strongly perceived to hurt the interests of the local and forest communities. It came to a head when 12 gram sabhas turned down the proposal by Vedanta Resources for bauxite mining in Niyamgiri Hills in Odisha. 
Odisha-Election-2014-Journo-may-become-BJD-choice-for-Jatni-Assembly-Seat-HotnHitNews-11901032014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
While BJD scouts for fresh faces for various Assembly seats of Odisha, name of a Journo, Ardhendu Das, is in discussion as possible candidate from BJD for Jatni.
Naveen-sums-up-his-14-years-as-era-of-fast-track-development-HotnHitNews-11006022014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Naveen Patnaik government in Odisha is applauded as well as criticised by different segments for linking people with schemes since the foetus days till the cremation ground. Opposition political parties blame the Naveen government for engineering scams and promoting fast loot of natural resources. But to the Chief Minister, his rule of 14 years in Odisha is the era of fast track development in almost all sectors.
Odisha-Chief-Minister-Naveen-obstructs-the-course-of-justice-Niranjan-HotnHitNews-10410012014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Senior Congress leader Niranjan Patnaik today slammed Chief Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik for ‘obstructing the course of justice’ in the Vedanta University Land acquisition case.
In-2014-Odisha-BJP-may-find-a-friend-in-its-2009-foe-HotnHitNews-10305012014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha BJP has resolved to contest the forthcoming state assembly and Lok Sabha Election in a spirit of now or never. The Meeting also resolved to convert BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s public rally in Odisha into a resounding success.
Odisha-loves-to-be-fooled-by-Naveen-HotnHitNews-17006042013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Giving due credit to the people of Odisha, it is true that the Congress has not been able to build a solid platform despite innumerable attempts and frequent PCC President reshuffles. So the responsibility of ensuring that Naveen is unable to April-fool Odisha lies with the Congress
Egypt-Port-Said-Violence-victims-declared-Martyrs-of-Revolution-HotnHitNews-13325012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In recognizing the victims of the Port Said Violence, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has included 72 soccer fans as martyrs of the revolution that toppled president Hosni Mubarak
VHP-protest-in-Delhi-targeted-Shinde-not-Cricket-HotnHitNews-13122012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In its memorandum submitted to the President of India, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) approached the highest office to intervene in the matter and redress the growing anguish among the Hindus for such kind of utterances by a person occupying a high office as the Home Minister of India saying that Home Minister must take action and correct it in case there was something wrong with anybody
India-Rich-tax-defaulters-become-burden-on-the-Poor-HotnHitNews-11910012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Government of India is not collecting tax from capitalists but increases prices of commodities on the plea that there is a shortage of money. Prices of petroleum products and essential goods keep on increasing for shortage of funds when 2.5 lakh crores of income tax money remains unpaid and NPA (Non-performing Assets) amount of Indian banks is 2.33 lakh crore
Odisha-strives-to-sustain-growth-and-remain-investment-friendly-CM-Naveen-Patnaik-HotnHitNews-107004012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
While speaking at a seminar on the theme of Invest Odisha organised by the Times of India in Bhubaneswar, Chief Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik said that his government has taken several bold steps in the last twelve year to improve the State’s economy and accelerate the process of development across all regions and among all classes. As a result of which, the financial condition of the State has considerably improved and there is no revenue deficit since 2005-06
Egypt-Soccer-league-seen-as-political-barometer-By-James-M-Dorsey-HotnHitNews-0030201012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Political struggles over justice and dignity being fought out on the back of soccer have scarred the sport not only in Egypt but across Middle East. Relations between fans and players, strained at the best of times because of fan perceptions of players as mercenaries who play for the highest bidder and who largely aligned themselves with the Mubarak regime, have become even more tense
Redefine-criteria-for-Special-Category-Status-Naveen-at-NDC-meeting-HotnHitNews-274028122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Chief Minister of Odisha reiterated his demand to declare Odisha as a Special Category State citing that Odisha has high concentration of tribal and scheduled caste population; the state is one of the poorest major States and it has adverse socio-economic human development indicators with per capita income remaining two third of the national average
Middle-East-Soccer-on-the-road-of-reforms-Saudi-Football-gets-its-first-elected-President-HotnHitNews-273027122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Throughout the Middle East and North Africa, autocratic leaders have associated themselves with soccer, the only institution in pre-revolt countries that traditionally evokes the same deep-seated passion as religion, in a bid to polish their tarnished image. Prince Nawaf’s resignation constitutes the first time, an autocratic regime seeks to put the beautiful game at arm’s length while maintaining control because of the Saudi national team’s poor performance
Odisha-CM-Naveen-in-flatter-controversy-HotnHitNews-272026122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
After a cabinet minister of Odisha calling himself a servant of Biju Patnaik family in a party rally of Biju Janata Dal (BJD), now the student leader of the party equating Naveen Patnaik with Jesus Christ has sparked another controversy while exposing how eager the leaders of BJD party are to impress their leader through over flattering and how fond Naveen Patnaik, the Leader of BJD, is of being flattered unreasonably
Support-117th-Amendment-Bill-to-end-plight-of-SCs-and-STs-By-Sharad-Yadav-HotnHitNews-269022122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
It is a fact that from centuries the SC/STs are the deprived and depressed people of India as they have not been given an environment which other classes of the Society have been enjoying. Being in public life, I am of the firm opinion that this section of Indian Society has been neglected and their every new generation keeps on suffering in our country. It is unfortunate that even after 65 years of our independence we the politicians of India could not uplift their standard of living due to many obvious reasons
FDI-in-Indian-Retail-CAIT-to-stage-nationwide-demonstration-HotnHitNews-253030112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
CAIT said that by bringing FDI in Retail the Indian Govt has put on stake the future and livelihood of crores and crores of people involved in farming, trading, hawking, earning through small industry or transporting goods. Undoubtedly, the issue has now linked with the Votes and it will be of much importance to see the choice of Politicians whether it devolves on Multinational Companies or on domestic people. The outcome of such choice will certainly have major impact on future of the Country and that of political parties
Odisha-Ruling-BJD-on-the-face-of-split-HotnHitNews-238017112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
A split in Odisha’s ruling party Biju Janata Dal (BJD) has now become evident with Chief Minister of Odisha and party president Naveen Patnaik finally announced the expulsion of rebel leader and a Member of the upper house of Indian parliament, Rajya Sabha, Pyari Mohan Mohapatra from the party following its State Executive Body meeting held on November 16, 2012 in party’s state office in Bhubaneswar
Algerian-Soccer-Violence-warns-about-mounting-frustration-By-James-M-Dorsey-HotnHitNews-226004112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
A quarter of the Algerian population lives under the poverty line and unemployment is rampant. More than 70 percent of Algeria's 37 million people are under 30 and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) puts youth unemployment at 21 percent. Protests earlier this year in Laghouat and other oil and gas cities, symbolic of simmering discontent, have gone viral in social media. Soccer matches were suspended during last year’s mass protests and again during legislative elections in May of this year
Politics-of-Soccer-African-Championship-Finals-have-bigger-political-dimension-HotnHitNews-220001112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
African Championship League final between crowned Cairo club Al Ahly SC and Tunisian title defender Esperance Sportieve de Tunis is as much a battle of the titans as it is a struggle for the future of Egypt
India-FDI-issue-to-be-discussed-in-Parliament-CAIT-plans-nationwide-Political-Campaign-HotnHitNews-216001112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
After the Supreme Court of India directed the Reserve Bank of India to make necessary amendments in the Rules and Regulations to allow implementation of FDI Policy, it has almost become evident that the FDI Bill has to be presented for discussion in both the houses of Parliament
Constitution-of-India-not-for-the-poor-and-toiling-masses-Seth-Damodar-Swarup-in-Constituent-Assembly-HotnHitNews-21230102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
63 years back, in the Constituent Assembly of India on 19 November 1949, the concerns expressed by Seth Damodar Swarup have become the fate of a billion Indians today. In his speech, Seth Damodar Swarup said, 'this Constitution may be the biggest and bulkiest constitution in the world, may even be the most detailed one, it may be heaven for the lawyers, and may even be the Magna Charta for the capitalists of India, but so far as the poor and the tens of millions of toiling, starving and naked masses of India are concerned, there is nothing in it for them. For them it is a bulky volume, nothing more than waste paper.' An Excerpt of the Speech presented by Mani Ram Sharma
India-CAIT-to-gear-up-its-fight-take-up-massive-campaign-against-FDI-176028092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In order to make the government reconsider its decision on FDI in retail sector, CAIT has resolved to intensify agitation nationwide by roping in organisations of Farmers, Hawkers, Trade Unions, Transporters, Self-employed people and other stakeholders to give a wider shape to the agitation
Impact-of-Anti-US-Protests-Healthy-Change-in-the-Muslim-World-Hotnhitnews-170025092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Demonstrations against an American-made anti-Islam video clip have sparked fierce debates in the Muslim world. They also provoked demonstrations against militant Islamists and spurred initiatives by governments and religious authorities to turn anger into constructive engagement with the rest of the world
FDI-in-Retail-CAIT-calls-for-Open-Debate-Hotnhitnews-165023092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
It is an open fact that global retail giants are known for flouting the laws. Thus whatever conditions have been stipulated by the government of India in its recent FDI policy will go redundant because of self-certification conditions. Interestingly, such a facility of self-certification has not been given to any domestic company in any sector
The-21st-century-is-rightly-spoken-of-as-the-Asian-century-PM-of-India-Hotnhitnews-163022092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
India was fortunate to have the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi who gave us the concept of Satyagraha to overcome formidable political opponents in pursuit of our Independence. His prescription of a just society based on commitment to truth and his concept of trusteeship of the nation’s wealth have guided us as India’s democracy, economy and society have evolved over the years. Morality as an intrinsic part of enterprise has been the basis of our development efforts and also our relations with the rest of the world
UK-foreign-aid-does-not-reach-people-goes-as-consultation-fees-Hotnhitnews-159021092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
It’s just one month since the team of British parliamentarians gave a certificate of deep satisfaction over the utilisation of UK development aids in India that a recent audit by the new International Development Secretary Justine Greening has revealed that, in the name of development and free market promotion, ‘poverty barons’ are making millions in consultancy fees from the foreign aid budget
second-political-victory-for-egyptian-soccer-fans-by-james-m-dorsey-Hotnhitnews-157020092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Egypt Football Politics: The disqualification of world soccer body FIFA executive committee member Hani Abou-Reida as a candidate for the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) presidency is considered a victory for Egypt's largest civic group, Egyptian militant soccer fans
Egypt-Emergence-of-ultras-as-a-powerful-political-force-by-James-M-Dorsey-14211092012 | Hotnhit Newsfeatures
Many Egyptians had grown protest weary and yearned for a return to normalcy that would put the country back on a path toward economic growth. The perception of the ultras changed from that of a brave force of resistance to one of an obstacle to political and economic progress
Militant Egyptian fans and security forces are gearing up for street battles during Super Cup final on Sunday
African soccer executives oblivious to winds of change: In a landslide vote, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) at its congress in the Seychelles adopted controversial amendments to the election laws for the body’s presidency presented by Algerian football federation president Mohamed Raouraoua. The new rules accepted by 44 to 6 votes bar anyone outside the CAF executive committee from running for the organisation’s presidency and effectively pave the way for the re-election of Issa Hayatou which is viewed by many as an example of the problems rocking world soccer. James M Dorsey, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Indian-Democracy-becoming-undemocratic-to-Hindus-alleged-Pravin-Togadia-Hotnhitnews-India-13102092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Indian Democracy becoming undemocratic to Hindus, alleged Pravin Togadia: Since 1947 Hindus are being persecuted. Millions of Hindus were killed and millions displaced during partition but nobody has been given the American style hyperbolic jail terms for it. In 1990, millions of Kashmiri Pundits were victims of brutal Ethnic Cleansing by Kashmir’s Jehadis. Thousand were killed, millions lost their lives and homes. HNF Correspondent, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Egypt-Soccer-match-to-test-shift-from-street-to-parliamentary-politics-Hotnhitnews-12631082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Egypt: Soccer match to test shift from street to parliamentary politics: Egypt is testing with a partial lifting of a ban on fans attending soccer matches whether the country after 18 months of political volatility, including violent protests before and after last year’s ousting of president Hosni Mubarak that led to the republic’s first free elections, has finally returned to a more peaceful resolution of political and moral issues. James M Dorsey, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
FIFA-investigates-World-Cup-host-Qatar-in-the-hot-seat-Hotnhitnews-India-12029082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
FIFA investigates: World Cup host Qatar in the hot seat: Sources close to the AFC admitted that the Asian soccer body was putting its credibility on the line by hiring the company that CAS had so severely criticized. They said the Freeh Group report was weak because it had received only a limited mandate from FIFA for its initial investigation rather than due to sloppy work. James M Dorsey, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Reinstituting-Egypts-Premier-League-A-Political-Tug-of-War-Hotnhitnews-India-11124082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Reinstituting Egypt’s Premier League: A Political Tug of War: The move to allow a limited number of soccer fans to attend African Championship would constitute a small victory for Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi in his tug of war with the country’s security establishment. Mr. Morsi recently scored an important win by changing the top guard of the armed forces and successfully grabbing executive and legislative power from the military. James M Dorsey, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Identity-politics-shape-Middle-Eastern-and-North-African-soccer-Hotnhitnews-India-10720082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Identity politics shape Middle Eastern and North African soccer: Popular uprisings in the past year in countries like Syria and Bahrain have turned sectarian as are protests in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province and the fallout of the insurgency in Syria in neighbouring countries like Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq that have sectarian or ethnic overtones. Soccer teams across the region in Iran, Israel, Iraqi Kurdistan, Egypt, Algeria, Palestine and Jordan are often as much about sports as they are about identity. James M Dorsey, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Soccer-weaves-a-thread-through-Syrian-rebels-and-Assad-forces-Hotnhitnews-India-10519082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Soccer weaves a thread through Syrian rebels and Assad forces: If Syrian nation youth team goalkeeper Abdelbasset Saroot symbolized for much of the past 17 months the resilience of peaceful protest in the besieged and battered city of Homs, soccer similarly goes to the heart of the shabiha, the irregular, civilian-clad, armed groups blamed for many of the atrocities believed to have been committed by forces loyal to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. James M Dorsey, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Soccer-Economics-Turkish-soccer-club-pioneers-new-funding-strategy-Turkey-Hotnhitnews-India-10115082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Turkey's Soccer Economics: Turkish soccer club pioneers new funding strategy: Trabzonspor, which is competing in this year’s UEFA Europa League, has added power to funding strategy that traditionally depended on ticket sales and the merchandising of club shirts and scarves. The innovative strategy was developed in advance of the European soccer body’s imposition in 2014 of financial fair play rules that will bar clubs from being funded by wealthy owners. James M Dorsey, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Vice-President-Election-India-Naveen-has-to-choose-between-Communalism-and-Opportunism-By-Dr-Sasmit-Patra-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-08531072012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Vice-President Election of India: Odisha and Naveen Patnaik were severely censured by the international community including the United States, European Union, and United Nations among others in the aftermath of the Kandhamal violence. Due to Naveen’s gross failure in containing the Kandhamal violence, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) placed India on the infamous watch list. Dr Sasmit Patra, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Naveen-Pyari-split-A-game-already-played-in-mind-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-07814072012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha: Naveen-Pyari split: A game already played in mind! : The enemy of my enemy is my friend. This proverb is credited to Arabian and Chinese folklore. But it is now in vogue in the Odisha's Biju Janata Dal. BJD leaders and workers unhappy with Naveen are gravitating to Pyari, hoping Pyari will provide succour to them since Naveen is perceived as Pyari’s enemy. By Sasmit Patra, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Odisha-tribal-and-minority-cards-in-Presidential-Election-may-boomerang-to-Naveen-in-2014-Elections-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-07007072012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha: Tribal and Minority Cards in Presidential Election may boomerang to Naveen in 2014 Elections: In Odisha, while Naveen’s two cards at one time would largely dissatisfy both the minority community and the tribal people of Kandhamal who are into conflict since long, the tribal card would just become a bi-edged sword and boomerang to Naveen in 2014 Odisha elections as the tribal people all-over the state are angry over BJD government’s callous attitude towards the tribal rights over land and resources and forceful persuasion of anti-tribal industrialization and development policies. By Sasmit Patra, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Odisha Election 2014: Waterloo for Pyari or Naveen By Dr Sasmit Patra Hotnhitnews 06430062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha Election 2014: Waterloo for Pyari or Naveen. For Naveen, 2014 would be his fourth attempt at power in Odisha; for Pyari, it might be his last serious attempt at power. Knowing Pyari’s mindset, he would like to silence all the wagging tongues once for all. 2014 could well be Pyari’s or Naveen’s Waterloo but come what may, Pyari is set to influence 2014 elections, whether we like it or not. By Dr Sasmit Patra HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Indias-superpower-gimmick-Manmohan-Singh-Thinks-He-Has-Made-India-a-Superpower-By-Ashok-T-Jaisinghani-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-06026062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Dr Manmohan Singh, India and the Superpower gimmick: If you go by the facts about hunger, there are 820 million chronically hungry people in the world of which one third live in India. While 836 million Indians survive on less than 20 rupees (less than half-a-dollar) a day, over 20 crore Indians sleep hungry every night. 10 million people die every year of chronic hunger and hunger-related diseases. As per a report in The Hindu, dated October 12, 2011, India, the ‘rising economy,' has fallen behind countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan in updating data on hunger and mal-nutrition, may be fearing revelation of truth under the mask. The UPA Government of Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi has no money for all the poor, starving and unemployed Indians, but it can still spare $10 billion for the much better off European nations facing a financial crisis. Ashok T Jaisinghani, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Odisha-power-triangle-and-politics-of-bureaucracy-Dr-Sasmit-Patra-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-05925062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Osisha's power triangle and politics of bureaucracy: The more rabid was Pyari’s rhetoric on Odisha bureaucracy, the stronger Bijay Patnaik grew within the Odisha secretariat and Naveen Niwas. The greatest asset that Bijay Patnaik had was his honesty and that single trait saved him the day. Bijay Patnaik finally overcame Pyari’s influence within the bureaucracy. His confidence soared to such an extent that he became the face of the Government, confidently chatting up with journalists and media persons. He became Naveen’s voice as far as the state governance was concerned. Pyari was becoming increasingly irrelevant and the bureaucracy keys were slipping from between his fingers. In fact Pyari’s concept had gobbled him up. Dr Sasmit Patra, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Drop-FIR-against-Civil-Society-Members-and-make-CBI-probe-into-Pipili-gang-rape-case-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-04816062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Drop FIR against Civil Society Members and make CBI Probe of Pipili Gang rape case, urges Odisha Gana Samaj: In reaction to an FIR lodged by 15 local people from Pipili of Odisha complaining that civil society movements in protection of the rights of the Dalit girl allegedly gang raped and attempted to be killed were meant to tarnish the image of Pipili and its residents, Leaders representing different political parties and members of leading civil societies met today in Bhubaneswar under the banner of Odisha Gana Samaj to discuss the issue that came up as follow up of alleged heinous rape case in Arjunagoda village. HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Petrol-price-hike-is-mindless-Says-CSE-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-03526052012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Petrol price hike is mindless, says CSE, Centre for Science and Environment: Steep hike in Petrol price in India would encourage use of Diesel vehicles while Cheap diesel is not only worsening the public health risk, but also inciting more motorisation and congestion. It is a threat to energy security as well. Cheap diesel is pushing the market towards bigger cars and SUVs that guzzle more fuels, and undermines fuel efficiency advantages of small cars. In 2011, the SUV segment registered a 41 per cent growth – a trend that is all set to explode. A CSE Release, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
societal-contempt-is-the-answer-to-corruption-biraja-mahapatra-build-india-group-2042011011 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Societal contempt is the answer to corruption: In Sambalpur in Orissa, a government servant could not get his pension papers ready before his retirement. (It had appeared in a newspaper about a 18 months ago) The official was honest and not used to taking bribe. After retirement, he found the job more difficult. The clerk concerned did not process his pension paper. Eight years passed. The man became older. He had a stone developed in his kidney. He had no money for the operation. And then he became mad and this fact was brought to the notice of media by his ailing wife. What is this? Is it any way less than terrorism? But the babu concerned cannot understand and the babus, who justify giving and taking money for small favours, cannot understand the colossal damage they are causing to the teachings of the tradition. This is actually white terrorism. If somebody is involved in corruption, he cheats the whole country. By Biraja Mahapatra, Build India Group (BIG), HotnHit Newsfeatures
Opposition_Parties_of_Orissa_demand_action_on_basis_of_Saxena_Committee_Report_to_save_Niyamgiri_010_10080 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Opposition Parties of Orissa demand action on the basis of Saxena Committee Report: Opposition party leaders of Orissa believe that Saxena Committee report is a blue print of corruptions made during BJD rule under Naveen Patnaik. ‘The state government and its officials are caught red handed by the Saxena Committee for giving wrong and manipulated information to the centre and to the people as well. The transparent image of the government has been proved to be an illusion with the remarks made by the committee in the report. Knowing that the Vedanta Project is going to affect the tribal communities largely by displacing thousands of tribal families and their livelihood source ‘Niyamgiri’ would be destroyed for ever, neither the administration nor the concerned departments gave a second thought to pursue the deal with Vedanta Company. Now they are all exposed’, says senior Congress Leader and MLA Santosh Singh Saluja. By Basudev Mahapatra, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Outsourcing_democracy_by_Sadanand_Patwardhan_002_10071 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
India's rulers are eager to embrace this wisdom. A new experiment is in the making to test the waters. Modi's Gujarat & Sharad-Sonia's Maharashtra are leading the country. Soon Indian citizen would have a choice. He could
Communications_from_Chidambaram_and_CPI_Maoist_bear_less_possibility_but_some_hope_997_10067 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Ever since Operation Green Hunt against the Maoist movement was launched in different states of India, there have been efforts by sections of the civil society to initiate a dialogue between the Indian government and the CPI(Maoist). Though several unsuccessful attempts for dialogue have been made, what is striking is that different government officials and ministers have continuously dismissed any positive response from the CPI(Maoist), as empty posturing or attempts to gain time for regrouping. In the midst of all this, Operation Green Hunt has of course continued, bringing misery to the lives of the people in the east-central forested regions of the country. However, recently, a fresh initiative for peace and justice has come forth with attempts by Swami Agnivesh to bring both sides to the negotiation table. In this regard, the union Home Minister of India P. Chidambaram and CPI (Maoist) Leader Azad had written letters to Swami Agnivesh laying down their own pre-conditions for the talks. HotnHit Newsfeatures
Vedanta_University_Politics_Let_Truth_Prevail_Prasanna_Kumar_Mishra_976_10046 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
The recent remarks made by Orissa Lok Pal questioning the legal integrity of the deal between Orissa Government and Vedanta Foundation (now renamed as Anil Agrawal Foundation) has raised doubts over the transparency claim made frequently by Naveen Patnaik Government. It’s not only the legal integrity of the deal, but the transfer of government and Jagannath Temple land to Anil Agrawal Foundation is also made unlawfully, suggest the remarks made by Honourable Lok Pal of Orissa. Even though the Lok Pal authorities sought a probe by vigilance or a similar special cell made for it, Orissa Government’s silence on its response to the remarks of the Lok Pal suggests that the State Government is either restricted due to some reason to invalidate the illegal deal with Anil Agrawal or is not at all caring the law of the land that is set to guide the acts of the government and protect the right of every citizen. Rather, the government is fully engaged in fooling the people and the whole system to make all benefits available to Anil Agrawal. Prasanna Mishra, HotnHitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Great_mineral_hunt_in_India_the_name_of_operation_green_hunt_974_10044 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Behind the anti-Maoist campaign and operation started by the government of India in collaboration with the Maoist infested states like Jharkhand, Orissa and Chhattisgarh, there seems to be a different hidden objective of protecting the interests of a few corporate houses that have eyed upon the mineral wealth reserved in the forest areas. In fact, it’s not ‘Operation Green Hunt’ but the great mineral hunt in the dense green forests of India. Gladson Dungdung, HotnHitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
India_History_Hind_SWaraj_100_Years_by_Samvartha_090061_928 / / Issue based Analytical News Portal from Orissa, India
100 years ago (13 November 1909) M.K. Gandhi started writing HIND SWARAJ while traveling from England to South Africa. To commemorate the centenary of HIND SWARAJ an exhibition is held here in Delhi, by B A Samvartha, Sahil, HotnHit NewsFeatures
Youth_India_needs_its_dynamic_youth_hold_the_baton_90040 / / Issue based analytical News Portal from Orissa, India
Mahatma Gandi realized the essentiality of youth involvement to get the nation free and the youth brigade played a vital role in taking the nationalist movement of India to its peak and attaining freedom. After 62 years of freedom India again looks for the youth to hold the baton of nation’s progress, realizes writer and lawyer Biraja Mahapatra
Orissa_Minister_Dr_Damodar_Rout_on_Naveen_Pattnaik_n_Orissa_Politics_Subrat_Swain_003_90036 / / Analytical News portal from Orissa
Dr Damodar Rout has been accommodated in the Naveen Patnaik ministry this time too, he has not been lucky enough to get his favourite portfolio. But he has taken this in his stride, claiming that he is ready to face new challenges in the changed portfolios. Subrat Swain talked to the senior leader to know his plans and his relation with other veterans in Orissa politics.
Banita Punji - Truth behind the politics of poverty in Kalahandi_by_Basudev_Mahapatra_09015 / / Issue based News Feature Portal from Orissa, India
Banita Punji’s misery is lot more similar to the poverty in Kalahandi. Banita’s life might have gone into misery since her marriage has been termed as trading of a girl, but this incident changed the fate of many in Kalahandi as the district soon became the destination of innumerable special grants to remove poverty. NGOs thrived in the district by selling poverty and misery of the people. But Kalahandi remained poor as it was twenty four years ago.
Post_Poll_coalition_politics_a_power_game_basudev_mahapatra_09014 / / Analytical News portal from Orissa
Coalitions should be made on the basis of common issues and ideological similarity. But in India, ironically, alternative coalitions are being designed to fulfil the selfish interests of the parties and leaders instead of the issues that largely affect people and the national interests
boot_to_bush_iraqi's_reaction_to_arbitrary_attitude_of_world_leaders_basudev_mahapatra_08007 / / Analytical News portal from Orissa
hurling shoes at US president george bush by an iraqi journalist showed the agony of iraqis for world leaders. In the wake of changing social, political and economic scenario across the world, constitution of an international humanist body that can ask the world leaders to appear before it and justify their foreign policies, decisions and deed has become essential
Scams_and_Scandals_Reverse_side_of_BJD_BJP_regime_in_Orissa_by_Lisa_Pradhan_08006 / / Analytical News portal from Orissa
scams, corruption and scandals by ministers and political leaders have become the other side of BJD BJP coalition regime in Orissa under the leadrship of Naveen Patnaik, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Elections_2008-09_Tobacco_or_Health_by_Sidhant_Jena / / Issue Based News Portal from Orissa, India
Tobacco or Health what should dominate the agenda of political parties in Election 2008-2009
Rourkela_Steel_Plant_Biju_Pattnaik_and_Orissa_Politics_by_Dr_Nilakantha_Rath_002 / / Issue Based News Portal from Orissa, India
A first hand narrative of Biju Pattnaik, Rourkela Steel Plant and Orissa Politics by Dr Nilakantha Rath
Name_of_Biju_Patnaik_dropped_unnecessarily_and_Unreasonably_by_BJD_Leaders / / Issue Based News Portal from Orissa, India
Over-use of Biju Patnaik's name would tarnish his image than promoting it
Between_Price_rise_and_Inflation_India_moves_towards_general_polls / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Left Parties Withdrew its Support to UPA, India stepping towards general polls
2008-2009_Election_in_Orissa_would_be_tough_time_for_Naveen / / Issue Based News Portal from Orissa, India
Coming elections would be a tough time for Naveen as dissidence among public is on rise, HotnHit Newsfeatures, India
Orissa_Assembly_struggling_to_keep_its_Sanctity_intact_HNF_Editorial / / Issue based news portal from Hotnhit Newsfeatures, Orissa, India
Orissa Assembly struggles hard to keep its sanctity intact as the members often start fighting on the floor of the house, HotnHit Newsfeatures, India
Kashipur_hits_headline_for_Cholera_and_trail_of_death / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Kashipur hits headlines again for spread of Cholera in the Block and a trail of death
Industrialisation_of_Orissa_India_against_the_will_of_people / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Industrialisation of Orissa and India goes against peoples' traditional livelihood sources, HotnHit Newsfeatures
By Basudev Mahapatra | The event of Vibrant Gujarat Summit, an idea that took shape when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was Chief Minister of the state, started as the pitching ground for the idea of a Vibrant India. But experts doubt if Modi’s vibrant India has real vibrancy in it.
Indians must have purchasing power before India increases its productions/
By Markandey Katju (Justice) | To raise the standard of living of the masses India requires a massive, highly developed and modern industry, for that alone can generate the wealth necessary for this purpose. Agriculture alone cannot do this. In fact modern agriculture requires a highly developed industry to supply it tractors, combines, pesticides, fertilizers, etc.
Odisha goes on campaign mode to achieve financial inclusion/

Temperature rise to hit wheat production in India/20924072014/
By Alex Kirby | In some parts of the Indian wheat belt, growers have been advancing their growing season to make sure that the most sensitive point of the crop growth cycle falls within a cooler period. But in the long term, the researchers say, this will not help, because of the high average temperature rises predicted.
India-Sexual-assault-cases-badly-hit-tourism-HotnHitNews-16903042013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The heinous acts took place specially in Delhi and Madhya Pradesh in December last year badly impacted the Indian tourism industry not only in the National Capital Region but also in other major cities of India like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahemdabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Dehradun, Agra etc
NALCO-marks-highest-ever-turnover-HotnHitNews-16803042013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
NALCO has achieved the highest-ever bauxite production of 54.19 lakh tonnes, against the previous best of 50.03 lakh tonnes achieved in previous fiscal. At the same time, NALCO’s Alumina Refinery has produced 18.02 lakh tonnes of alumina hydrate, which is an all-time high, against the previous best of 16.87 lakh tonnes achieved in 2011-12
Odisha-to-create-Land-Bank-for-compensatory-forestation-HotnHitNews-243022112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
While all the Collectors and Tahasildars of Odisha were asked to identify non-forest land in advance for compensatory afforestation, Collectors of Kalahandi and Bolangir were specifically asked to take the lead in this direction as large patches of non-forest land is available in these two districts for forestation
Odisha-Government-to-include-Organic-farming-in-school-syllabus-Chief-Minister-HotnHitNews-229006112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Referring to the findings of a recent study made by ASSOCHAM that recognises Odisha’s potential of earning Rs.600 crore from organic farming in next five years while creating 80 lakh additional jobs both in-farm and non-farm sectors, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik said that the Government of Odisha has planned to set up a separate agency for certification of organic products
Soccer-Sporting-for-a-love-affair-between-Qatar-and-France-HotnHitNews-198015102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
French football team Paris Saint-Germain has recently signed a record sponsorship deal with Qatari National Bank. This deal is only a part in a long-term strategy designed by Qatar to forge national identity with sports as a key-pillar, says journalist and blogger James M. Dorsey in this article that takes a look into the Qatar-France relationship
NALCO-on-the-growth-road-needs-to-do-more-on-CSR-allocation-and-Profit-Sharing-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-10015082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
NALCO on the growth road, needs to do more on CSR allocation and Profit Sharing: While on highways of growth, NALCO is yet to allot substantial part of its profit for CSR and peripheral development activities, matching the provisions drafted in the MMDR Bill, 2011. While the draft policy says that all mines will be asked to put in place corporate social responsibility schemes, setting aside 3% of their net profit of the previous year, NALCO has yet achieved to allocate only 2% in this regard. It’s to be noted that NALCO is closely involved in mining activities for its bauxite and alumina productions. HNF Correspondent, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Indian Economy and the current Rupee Shock By Indraneel Sen Gupta Hotnhitnews 06602072012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Indian Economy and the current Rupee Shock: Overall performance of the Indian economy and its industries are going to be negative for the next one more quarter in an conservative node. Recovery from the down slide will be time consuming and will be severely dependent on global and macro factors. Even Reserve bank of India (RBI) has minimum space of easing interest rates since inflation would be back due to rising cost of input.. By Indraneel sen Gupta, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Cyrus-Mistry-meets-Odisha-Chief-Minister-TATA-hopes-to-move-ahead-with-its-odisha-Projects-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-04513062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Cyrus Mistry meets Odisha CM, TATA hopes to move ahead with its Odisha projects: While people's agitation against the steel projects of TATA in Gopalpur and kalinga Nagar are still continuing, TATA Steel Managing Director H. M. Nerurkar said that all the projects in Odisha are making progress and the company is still waiting for a CRZ clearance from the State to go ahead with its Gopalpur Steel and SEZ Project. About the Kalinga Nagar project, Nerurkar said, ‘we hope that by March 2014 we have the project up and running'. HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Indian-Economy-Growth-deterred-by-Inflation-Indraneel-Sen-Gupta-210311008 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Indian Economy - Growth deterred by Inflation: When the emerging economies are going to bring new GDP figures for their economies like India being projected to bring 10% GDP growth, demand of crude is bound to increase along with the price increase. India is grappling with the problem of poor and low crops cultivation. That’s one of the biggest reasons for higher food inflation. Despite a good monsoon in 2010-2011 India enjoyed the flavour of 18% food inflation. By Indraneel Sen Gupta, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Success_unusual_visually-impaired_couple_benefitted_out_of_microfinance_009_10079 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
When they were passing through a difficult period of life, they came to know that few women from her street has taken a loan from Ujjivan, a leading urban microfinance company in India. This prompted Krishna and Devi Sharan to join a group along with their neighbours. Rohit Upendra Arya, HotnHit Newsfeatures
G20_pledges_to_help_Poor_meet_MDGs_Emphasis_on_Financial_Transparency_996_10066 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
The Task Force on Financial Integrity and Economic Development addresses inequalities in the global financial system that penalize billions of people, and advocates for improved transparency and accountability. A Financial Task Force Release, HotnHit Newsfeatures
How_much_would_you_pay_for_my_land_sir_Prasanna_Kumar_Mishra_977_10047 / / Issue based analytical News Portal from Orissa, India
A vast consumer market, huge natural resources and a comparatively low cost labour in India attract industries and investors to the country. In the recent years, investors and corporate houses interested in mineral based industries, commercial and residential housing, service sector industries have announced huge investment for their projects in different states of India. And, India is also extending them adequate support to set their projects. But the major obstruction in case of most of the large projects has been land acquisition. This is because in almost all cases governments at the states commit for land without a proper survey and valuation. And, the corporate also do not include land as a primary component while deciding the project cost. As a result, land is being grabbed at the cheapest price and land losers are not getting the benefit they desire and deserve to. As projects require land proportionate to the cost of their project, a fixed percentage of the project cost must be spent on land acquisition. So, instead of promising land at a throwaway price, the governments must ensure the best price to people against their land. Prasanna Kumar Mishra, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Steel_industry_complains_red-tapism_standing_on_its_growth_973_10043 / / Issue based News Portal from HNF, Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Once the first attraction of the investors, Orissa is now becoming the state of deadlocks for groups that have planned mega projects in Orissa. Apart from public opposition in some places, bureaucratic red tapism has become the other major reason for the stagnancy in the process of industrialization of the state. HotnHit Newsfeatures
world_economic_meltdown_orissa_to_restrategise_its_industrial_policy_Sai_Prasan_001_09003 / / Issue based News Portal from HNF, Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Orissa should restrategise its industrial policy to minimise the impact of global economic meltdown, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Inflation_at_its_highest_making_way_to_food_crisis / / Issue based News Portal from HNF, Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Inflation in India is leading towards accute food crisis, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Agriculture_Experiences_Backward_Movement_by_Rohit_Arya / / Issue based News portal from Orissa, India
Political negligence towards agriculture and problems of farmers of Orissa, India
Agriculture_versus_Industrialisation_02_HNF_Editorial / / Issue based News portal from Orissa, India
Impact of Industrialisation on agriculture, rural economy and farmers of Orissa, Displacement due to industrialisation
Tourism_Fuels_more_investment_into_Orissa / / Issue based News feature Portal from Orissa, India
opportunities in tourism attracts more investment from outside, HotnHit Newsfeatures, India
Antibiotics in Chickens make Indians antibiotic-resistant: CSE Study/
By HNF Correspondent | Union health minister of India Harsh Vardhan has said that the number of multi-drug resistant (MDR)-TB cases in the country has increased five times between 2011 and 2013. Studies show that one-third of MDR-TB cases are resistant to fluoroquinolones, which are critical for MDR-TB treatment and are rampantly used in the poultry industry.
Food-security-can-be-achieved-without-damaging-global-environment-20820072014 | HotnHitNews

By Basudev Mahapatra | While reviewing the situation across the state in view of the scanty rain last month, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik had a discussion with the district collectors through video conferencing where he advised the collectors to plan emergency programmes for immediate implementation whenever required.
Red-carpet-already-laid-for-El-Nino-HotnHitNews-19421062014 |
By Tim Radford | May 2014 was the third warmest May since NASA satellites began taking the temperature of the planet 35 years ago, and was also the warmest May that did not fall within an El Niño Pacific warming event – which could mean a record-breaking appearance this year by the fearsome
Odisha-to-implement-innovated-model-for-sub-surface-water-recharge-HotnHitNews-16617052014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By HNF Correspondent | Odisha is implementing ground water recharge model in the state as part of its Climate Change Action Plan. The recent model is an innovation by group of retired engineers from Odisha, which will facilitate subsurface recharge through rain water harvest management. 
Odisha-Niyamgiri-grows-rice-crops-to-combat-corporate-invasion-of-Indian agriculture-HotnHitNews-12918032014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Indigenous people of Odisha's Niyamgiri hills, who shattered the bauxite dreams of Vedanta Company, have now joined the mission of Indian Rice Conservationist Dr Debal Deb, a plant scientist turned farmer, that not just aims to reintroduce the lost varieties but to improve agriculture for an age of climate change and scarcity. Dr Deb is cultivating 920 rice varieties on just 2.5 acres in a forested area of the Niyamgiri hills. 
Organic-farming-certification-can-change-fate-of-Odisha-farmers-Assocham-study-14412092012 | Hotnhit Newsfeatures
Organic farming can generate about 60 lakh jobs in Odisha in next five years while creating additional jobs of about 20 lakh in on-farm storing, processing, packaging and marketing facilities. Apart from this, it can also ensure the farmer of an income of Rs.10,500 instead of a meagre 3000 rupees at present
Agriculture_Needs_Special_Attention_by_Rohit_Arya / / Issue based News portal from Orissa, India
News and Issues related to agriculture, economy and farmers of Orissa, India
Art-application-Using-Puppetry-to-help-rural-India-speak-out-HotnHitNews-19218062014 |
By Alice Kirkland | The new experiment with Puppetry, as CGNet Swara's founder Subhranshu Choudhary referred to it, ran for a month, from 15 May to 15 June, and included volunteer artists performing in market places and villages in six of India’s 29 states. During this time the average number of daily reports jumped from 500 to 800, although, as Choudhary pointed out, it is too early tell if this was just an anomaly.
Change-makers-of-Odisha-Women-took-lead-to-get-water-in-their-village-HotnHitNews-16415052014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By HNF Correspondent | The women folks of Odisha's Udayakani village not only performed well but have also set another example of united action that could bring a positive change in the community. Now, as water has already started accumulating in both the ponds they dug and the villagers have already started using it for bathing other sanitary purpose, their long standing dream is realised. 
Reduce-meat-in-your-diet-for-a-greener-earth-HotnHitNews-15527042014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Alex Kirby | halving the amount of meat and animal products people eat in Europe would not only make them much healthier: it would also cut climate emissions by at least a quarter. It says this would cut greenhouse gases (GHGs) and air and water pollution from nitrogen, while freeing large areas of farmland for other uses, including food exports or bio-energy. 
Shubhranshu-Choudhary-of-India-wins-Digital-Activism-Award-HotnHitNews-13321032014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
This year's Digital Activism Awards, 2014, shortlist had 17 nominees, who courageously and creatively stood up against some of the world's most repressive regimes. Shubhranshu beat Edward Snowden to win the Award. 
BIG-Resolves-to-hold-Pledge-Festival-in-Odisha-HotnHitNews-19006102013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
BIG intends to pilot the statewide programme in Odisha where all the students, right from class VII to post graduate level, are to give a written commitment of keeping country’s interest paramount in all their thoughts, words and actions in a unique method called Integrity Building Exercise.
India-ashamed-of-Delhi-Rape-Case-Bollywood-demands-quick-justice-to-the-victim-HotnHitNews-270024122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Indian Film industry expressed strong reaction over Delhi rape case and demanded quick justice to the victim and harshest punishment the rapists. In order to do their beat, young directors and actors are also attempting to appeal the country and its people to ensure justice to the victim and punishment to the culprits.
Odisha-Children-demand-Safe-Water-Bodies-as-Childhood-Right-HotnHitNews-236014112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Human Chain by Odisha Children demanding Safe Water Bodies: Hundreds of children and concerned citizens came together on the bank of River Mahanadi at Sambalpur in Odisha and formed human chain to put forth their demand for safe and clean water bodies. Over 300 children and 150 concerned citizens joined the event to launch the campaign ‘Clean water Bodies are Children’s Right’ on November 14, the Children’s Day
Odisha-brings-out-the-first-community-newspaper-Namaskar-HotnHitNews-184004102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Taking a step beyond just reaching the people, ‘Namaskar’ – the first purely community produced and managed newspaper – made its appearance in Konark as a 16 pager fortnightly tabloid on October 1, 2012. Under patronisation of Naseem Ahmed Shah Ansari, popularly Ansari, the chief functionary of Odisha’s first community radio centre ‘Radio Namaskar’, the newspaper is not just a newspaper, but a forum for the people of Gop block in Odisha’s Puri district as it empowers common people and the local community with the basic tools to do reporting for it, to do the editing and manage the newspaper
'Rumi’nation-A-birthday-tribute-to-the-medieval-mystic-Hotnhitnews-176027092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Rumi’s poems are like ‘food and drink nourishment for soul’. His discourse oscillates between practical and mysterious. He looks at a rose and learns a lasting lesson. A short-lived luminous candle becomes a multi-layered metaphor for him, of melting body and migrating soul
Odisha-sees-strong-reaction-over-death-of-Pipili-gang-rape-victim-Civil-Society-organisations-observe-June-28-as-black-day-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-05622062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha sees protests since death of Pipili rape victim, June 28 to be observed as Black day: Political warmth across the state shot up when atmospheric temperature has come down considerably with advent of monsoon. The death of alleged gang rape victim, Babina Behera of Pipili in Odisha has given a new turn to the movement for protection of the rights and dignity of her family. After the death, the civil society bodies and opposition political parties in Odisha have demanded immediate arrest of persons linked with case under charges of murder. A civil society body 'Odisha Gana Samaj' has resolved to observe June 28, 2012 as Black Day. Basudev Mahapatra, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
True-story-based-novel-brings-to-light-the-evils-in-Indian-church-System-by-R-L-Francis-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-05520062012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
True story based Novel brings to light evils in Indian Church System: A Hindi Novel 'Budhiya, Ek Satyakatha', by P. B. Lomeo, brings to light the evils within the four walls of Indian Church System. The story narrates how life of a Pandavani Actor Budhiya turned miserable after getting into the fold of Christianity. R L Francis, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Mobile-technology-plays-a-role-in-empowering-people-of-India-by-N-A-Shah-Ansari-Radio-Namaskar-Odisha-Konark-HNFVIDEONEWS-01117022012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Mobile technology plays a role in empowering people of India: While bridging information and communication gaps has been its biggest contribution so far, innovative use of mobile technology has greater resonance in developing countries especially with a huge population base as in India. Being used as a tool for change - social as well as economical - keeping in view the habits, needs and demands of specific user communities the gadget and technology can bring many little wonders in regard to grassroots development and governance. By N A Shah Ansari, HotnhitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Documentaries_tell_the_uncomfortable_truth_Bold_new_Cinema_Saibal_Chatterjee_24042011018 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Documentary Films are telling the uncomfortable truth: Independent documentary cinema in India has indeed received a dramatic shot in the arm in recent years thanks to the infusion of young blood. The ranks of aspiring filmmakers have swelled all over India as they find that access to the medium has become less cumbersome than ever before. Easy-to-handle digital cameras, computers loaded with user-friendly editing software and an increasing number of funding agencies have empowered a new pool of talent to turn to documentary filmmaking as a means of narrating untold stories and exposing the myriad social and political ills that beset this land. India's indie documentaries, both in terms of substance and approach, have acquired a new vitality and sense of purpose. Saibal Chatterjee, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Fanatic_Islamists_torched_Srimad_Bagavat_Gita_and_destroyed_Hindu_Temple_Complex_Hindu_Existence_Media_Bangladesh_19042011016 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Srimad Bhagavad Gita torched and Srivas Angan temple complex destroyed by fanatic Islamists in Bangladesh: When intellectuals and statesmen of the world appeal for a more humane world, a force is still working to weaken the bond between man and man and sow the seed of hatred among communities by hurting each others' sentiment. The case in point is Bangladesh where Influential perpetrators and land grabbers allegedly backed by ruling parties torched at least ten copies of Sreemad Bhagbad Gita with many religious books in front of local people after rampaging the whole pilgrimage complex to ensure a Islamic capture over a Hindu rights upon a temple property (Devottar sampatti). The fanatic Mohammedans successfully tried to destroy the relics of famous library building of Srivas Swami where a good collection of Hindu classic literatures and scriptures were the main attraction for the erudite students of the Master Srivas, across eastern India. It is believed that Srivas Swami started here an indigenous block print method (printing press) to copy old Sanskrit Texts. For a very unfortunate fate of the Hindus and the sanskrit scholars in Bangladesh all these historical and religious monuments  have almost been perished into the Islamic aggression and the Government negligence. Hindu Existence Media Watch, Dhaka, HotnHit Newsfeatures
NUFP_demands_judicial_probe_into_assault_on_Journalists_in_Silicon_Campus_985_10055 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
The recent incident of brutal attack on media persons by some staff members of Silicon Institute of Technology and a few outsiders allegedly called by the college authorities not only tell how an educational institute take on a wrong path to overpower media, but also how an educational institute can behave so inhumanly when its wrongs are getting exposed and its interest is slightly harmed. Prasanta Patnaik, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Journalism_education_undermined_by_commercialism_prekshi_arora_hotnhitnews_975_10045 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Since the popularity of TV Journalism in India, the practice across the country has more become a glamorous profession than the job of a social watchdog and, again, the job is mostly ruled by a kind of lifestyle than working like rats under the surface. A study by the Orissa's Bhubaneswar based 'Institute of Media Studies' indicates that commercialisation mouse has penetrated into (most of the) sugar coated journalism colleges of Orissa. However, the report of the study is just a tip of the iceberg. The trend has infected most of the institutes of the country that are into Journalism teaching. Unfortunately the 'watchdog' ethics are auctioned at the price of materialist bones
Orissa_Exploration_A_Day_with_Odds_n_Marvels_of_Mahendra_Giri_in_Orissa_Gurbir_Singh_090048_911 / / Issue based News feature Portal from Orissa, India
Comprising of parts from Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Tamilnadu and Karnataka states of India, Mahendra Giri has mentions in the great epics The Ramayana and the Mahabharata. It is from this peak that Hanuman was said to have taken his first plunge towards Lanka to look for the abducted Mother Sita. It is where the Pandavas were said to have spent some time during their vana vasa (living willfully in the dangers of forests) along with their mother Kunti and wife Draupadi., HotnHit Newsfeatures, India
Probing_Orissa_Health_System_Development_Project_Scam_Attempt_to_Fool_Public / / Issue based News Portal from Hotnhit News features, Orissa, India
Probe into Orissa health System Development Project Scam is made under pressure from World Bank and is clearly meant to fool Public
Female_Foeticide_Gender_Discrimination_at_prenatal_Stage_Killer_Parents / / Issue based News Feature Portal from Orissa, India
Female Foetice in Nayagarh, Orissa revealed Doctors involvement
Career_in_TV_Journalism_Nilambar_Rath_ETV_talks_to_HNF_Correspondent / / Issue Based News Portal from Hotnhit Newsfeatures, Orissa, India
Nilambar Rath of ETV Oriya explains about Television - TV - Journalism while talking to HNF Correspondent, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Turning_back_to_Urban_Sanitation_by_Babuna_Biswal_002/ / Issue Based News Feature Portal from Orissa, India
Turning the back to urban sanitation - other side of urban life
Kaya_Yoga_Road_to_Happiness_Health_and_Longevity_by_Nachiketa_Das / / Social Political Economic Issue based News Feature Portal from Orissa, India
Kaya Yoga acts as the Road to Happiness, good Health and Longevity by Dr Nachiketa Das
Fat_is_no_longer_faminine_Rather_Flat_is / / Issue Based News Feature Portal from Orissa, India
Changing definations of beauty have made youth crazy, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Aditya_care_hospital_Bhubaneswar / / Issue based News Feature Portal from Orissa, Eastern India
Aditya Care Hospital in Bhubaneswar gives Orissa an image in the health care sector
Story_of_Sita_Dalit_Scenario_in_India_after_60_Years_of_Freedom / / Issue based News Feature Portal from Orissa, India
Dalit Girl Sita was being discriminated in her school for being an SC by caste, her plight ended after intervention of local NGO Young India
Shopping_the_New_Age_Fun / / Issue Based News Feature Portal from Orissa, India
Globalisation has changed indian market economy and changed it into a consumer market, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Ramleela_MMVK_Warangal_Social_Worker_and_A_Mother_of_Many_Mentally_Challenged_Children / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Ramleela is a different mother looking after about hundred (100) mentally challenged children at her MMVK campus in Warangal, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Primary_Education_in_Mess_across_Rural_India / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Primary Education below mark in Orissa and India
Gangs of Odisha priests literally fleece religious tourists/


Odias-celebrated-Odisha-Day-in-Gujarat-HotnHitNews-13802042014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By HNF Correspondent | Even though everybody is gripped by political warmth due to picked up campaigning by candidates, Odisha and its people didn't miss to celebrate the day of formation of the modern Indian state of Odisha, i.e. the April 1st. 
Sunset-paintings-hold-clue-for-air-quality-studies-HotnHitNews-13225032014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Old paintings of sunset hold clue to study climate change and air quality changes through the years. Scientists can assess the amount of air pollution in the atmosphere by studying the saturation of sunsets in paintings, says Lindsay Konkel observing that Artists' sunsets have gotten redder the past 150 years. 
Film-Festival-on-Art-and-Artists-started-in-Bhubaneswar-HotnHitNews-10512012014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The National Film Festival on Art and Artists began in Odisha's Bhubaneswar with screening of a six minute short film ‘Pankha: Alekh Baba’ by Jatin Das, Chairman of the host Organisation JDCA, who too has a vast collection of rare handmade fans. Inaugural day of the festival also featured short films made by Meghnath, Goutam Ghose and other eminent filmmakers.
Bansuri-Guru-A-humble-tribute-of-a-son-to-his-father-HotnHitNews-17314042013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
While tracing Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia's early life in Allahabad, the documentary 'Bansuri Guru' has captured his rise as a musician at Odisha's filigree city Cuttack where he joined the All India Radio as an artist in the 1950’s on a handsome salary of Rs. 160 per month in those days. Pandit Chaurasia virtually made Cuttack his home and was instrumental in providing the classical Odissi dance the push it needed in collaboration of Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra and Bhubaneswar Mishra
Book-Release-Radical-thinker-Nagbhushan-Patnaiks-poems-of-prison-released-in-Bhubaneswar-Hotnhitnews-India-11527082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Radical thinker Nagabhushan Patnaiks Poems of Prison released in Bhubaneswar: A book titled 'Poems of Prison' comprising of poems written by Odisha's noted radical thinker Nagbhushan Patnaik has been released in Bhubaneswar on August 26, 2012. The poems were written during the prison days of Nagbhushan Patnaik in different jails of India. HNF Correspondent, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
Puppetry_in_Orissa_got_its_true_hues_in_Badakodanda_Village_Gurbir_Singh_002_090021 / / Orissa's only Issue based News Feature Portal
Badakodanda village is believed to be ‘The Motherland of Puppetry’ in Orissa. Puppetry theatre in Orissa, more particularly in the southern region of the state, had its origin in this village, and because it evidently had flourished here as a great art form. From here, it spread to different parts of the state.
Another_Gandhi_Biswanath_Pattanayak_by_Subrat_Swain_HNF_09019 / / Orissa's only Issue based News Feature Portal
Religiously following the footsteps of Gandhiji, Biswanath Pattanayak of Koraput, Orissa is called the Gandhiji of Orissa
Abandoned_Cannon_Worshipped_as_God_in_Orissa_HNF_09018 / / Orissa's only Issue based News Feature Portal
Tribal people of Gajapati and Rayagada of Orissa are worshipping a cannon as their god, HotnHitNews, HotnHit NewsFeatures
Orissa_Governor_in_Maryland_US_HNF_Bureau / / Issue based News Portal from Hotnhit Newsfeatures
Orissa Governor visited Maryland, USA to celebrate Rathyatra, HotnHit NewsFeatures
Media_in_Propagating_the_Cult_of_Lord_Jagannath_HNF_Bureau / / Orissa's only Issue based News Feature Portal
TV and Internet Media taking a role in disseminating Rath Yatra - Car Festival - and propagating the Cult of Lord Jagannath, Puri, Orissa, India, HotnHitNews, HotnHit NewsFeatures
Pallibani_A_taste_of_Orissa_in_New_Delhi / / Issue based News Feature Portal from Orissa
Noted Journalists and Literary Personalities awarded with Pallibani Smman in New Delhi, HotnHitNews
Manash_Jena_the_artist_from_Orissa_famous_for_Art_series_Pratiksha / / Analytical News Feature Portal from Orissa, India
A Young Artist from Orissa Manash Jena strives to excell as an artist with a difference
Dolls_for_Adults_by_Artist_Writer_Suresh_Balabantaray / / Analytical News Portal by Basudev Mahapatra, Hotnhit Newsfeatures, Orissa, India
Artist Writer Dramatist Suresh Balabantaray came up with his unique creations in the name of Dolls for Adults, HotnHit Newsfeatures, Orissa, India
Raghurajpur_Heritage_on_Sale / / Issue based analytical news portal from Orissa, India
The Artists of Raghurajpur are used to earn revenue for the state in the name of cultural tourism, but the artists are always neglected by the government of Orissa, India
Monsoon-hiatus-spelled-end-of-Indus-Valley-Civilisation-HotnHitNews-12305032014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The apprehension that climate change at an extreme stage may collapse civilisations has become evident from the fact that lack of monsoon did spell the end of the Indus Valley civilization in the Indian Sub-continent.
Naveen-Government-not-serious-about-the-Relics-of-Biju-Patnaik-Heroism-HotnHitNews-17209042013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
A perspective about the ruling party of Odisha, led by the Son of late Biju Patnaik, has developed in the mind of historians and many intellectuals of Odisha in view of the neglected aircrafts used by Biju Patnaik to get away Indonesian President Sukarno from the clutches of the Dutch
History_N_Myths_Regular_Mans_Channel_to_Truth_903_90041 / / Issue based Analytical News Portal from Orissa, India
History and myths as inspirations have always shaped the destiny of common man in all cultures and lands. But when they are organized for presentation at later dates, the casualty is always they who live regular lives. On the face of an all-encompassing, all engrossing, demonic and dangerously opinionated times in the global society, where psychological evolution is rather in the reverse direction, things can be only more wrong
The_first_military_assult_on_Tibet_by_Dr_Nachiketa_Das_and_Shizuka_Imamoto_001_09012 / / Analytical Issue based Investigative News Portal from Orissa, India
It's since the British Rule in India that Tibet has been a target of British and other forces for military aggression, HotnHit NewsFeatures
Hiroshima_Day_Contemporary_perspective_of_History_by_Dr_Nachiketa_Das_and_Shizuka_Imamoto / / Analytical Issue based Investigative News Portal from Orissa, India
Bombing on Hiroshima indicates the attitude of Western Countries towards Japan and Asia, Celebration of Hiroshima day has greater relevance for rest of the world, HotnHit NewsFeatures
Racial_equality_bill_1919_and_Massacre_at_Jallianwala_bagh_by_Dr_Nachiketa_Das_and_Shizuka_Imamoto / / Analytical Issue based Investigative News Portal from Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India
Racial Equality Bill of 1919 and Massacre at Jallianwala Bagh by British in India, HotnHit NewsFeatures
History_of_Tricolour_Indian_National_Flag / / News_Portal_from_Orissa_and_Eastern_India
Evolution of Tricolour Indian National Flag, HotnHit NewsFeature
Tribals kept out of public hearing: Vedanta showed its anti-people face once again/
By Basudev Mahapatra | The recently conducted public hearing of July 30, 2014, in Odisha’s Lanjigarh on the six-fold expansion of the alumina refinery operated by a subsidiary of the UK-based Vedanta Resources not only attempted to get things done while keeping affected tribal people in dark but it also “breached national and international standards,” said Amnesty International.
Big-Dams-may-spell-more-Disasters-for-India-HotnHitNews-12816032014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
India is in the midst of a massive hydro electric dam building programme on the plea that the project is necessary to fuel the energy needs of its fast growing economy. Here is the report by Kieran Cooke, one of the editors of the Climate News Network, that brings out some of the realities about India's energy plans to match its economic growth.
Odisha-to-get-$153-Million-WB-credit-support-for-disaster-recovery-HotnHitNews-11422022014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
World Bank Board of Executive Directors has approved a $153 million credit to the state of Odisha in India to help the State build disaster resilient houses as well as strengthen its capacity for disaster risk management, following the severe cyclonic storm Phailin that hit Odisha coast last year.
Cities-need-tailored-strategies-to-mitigate-heat-HotnHitNews-11218022014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Since last few years, most of the cities of Odisha have experienced increasing heat. The state capital city of Bhubaneswar turns into a boiling pot for its dwellers. While atmospheric temperature in the industrial hub Jharsuguda crosses 46 degree Celsius, temperature in non-industrial towns of Odisha like Bolangir, Titlagarh etc. goes beyond 47 degree Celsius.
UN-human-rights-experts-urge-POSCO-Mega-Steel-Project-in-Odisha-be-halted-HotnHitNews-18701102013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
While India has the primary duty to protect the rights of those whose homes and livelihoods are threatened by the project in Odisha, POSCO also has a responsibility to respect human rights, and the Republic of Korea, where POSCO is based, should also take measures to ensure that businesses based in its territory do not adversely impact human rights when operating abroad.
Revoke-in-principle-approval-to-POSCO-SEZ-NAPM-HotnHitNews-17719072013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The Central and State governments have connived with POSCO by modifying rules to continually extend its in-principle approval as multi-product SEZ and violating the requirement that there will be no forcible acquisition of land for SEZs.
Odisha-Naveen-reviewed-actions-taken-on-issues-raised-before-union-ministries-HotnHitNews-16631032013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik, reviewed the action taken on important issues discussed in his meetings with the Union Ministers during the year of 2012 at Odisha Bhawan in New Delhi on March 30, 2012. The review focused on the progress achieved since the last review undertaken by the CM on 29th October, 2012
Odisha-may-start-intra-city-rail-connectivity-Project-under-PPP-HotnHitNews-11408012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha government has decided to take up Road, Power and Rail infrastructure projects under Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode through the Odisha PPP Technical Society. The decision was taken in a meeting of the society on January 7, 2013
Odisha-to-link-grass-root-level-institutions-for-effective-community-development-HotnHitNews-11004012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In order achieve the goals set by Odisha Livelihood Mission, a plan has been developed by Odisha government where the grass-root level institutions and Self help Groups (SHG) are to be linked up for better resource allotment and proper functioning which in result is expected to ensure desired development at the community level in Odisha
Odisha-to-focus-on-rural-employment-and-Public-Service-Delivery-HotnHitNews-106003012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha government has set a target of training 170000 youth in the current year out of which State Employment Mission is to train 60,000 youth and the rest is to be trained by other departments. Accordingly, Mission has grounded the activities from September, 2012. In the mean while, 14 Training Partners have been put to job and 62 training centers have been set up in different districts
Turn-Down-the-Heat-World-Bank-Report-warns-global-Indian-Leaders-to-restrict-warming-at-2-Degree-Celsius-HotnHitNews-241019112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Came at a time when 200 nations are going to meet at Doha, the findings of the World Bank report on climate change, Turn Down the Heat, are of bigger concern for the poor and the developing world that includes the Indian subcontinent and most of Africa as it describes that all regions of the world would suffer – some more than others – but the poor will suffer the most
Odisha-National-Horticulture-Mission-to-cover-whole-State-HotnHitNews-209030102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In the review meeting of October 29, held at Odisha Bhawan, New Delhi, Chief Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik was apprised that instead of State’s proposal to include six new districts under the National Horticulture Mission, Government of India has approved to cover whole of Odisha under the Programme
Bangalore-Karnataka-High-Court-stays-tree-felling-for-road-widening-HotnHitNews-183003102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Bangalore: While felling trees for roads in forest and hilly regions is seen as a major scam in India amounting to hundreds of crores of rupees by the nexus between contractors and forest department officials, its environmental impacts have never got adequate importance. However, the recent orders by Karnataka High Court that stayed felling of trees for road widening is certainly a ray of hope for the concerned environmentalists
Odisha-government-to-resubmit-proposals-for-inclusion-of-Communities-as-Scheduled-Tribe-Hotnhitnews-161022092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik apprised the Union Minister for Panchayati Raj and Tribal Affairs, V. Kishore Chandra S. Deo in New Delhi on a host of measures that have been taken by the government of Odisha during recent years in order to empower the tribal communities
Forest-Rights-Projects-cannot-get-forest-land-without-certificate-consent-of-affected-villages-Odisha-India-Hotnhitnews-02326042012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Projects cannot get Forest Land without consent of affected Villages: Under the Forest Rights Act (FRA), forest dwellers have rights over individual and community lands, minor forest produce, water bodies, grazing areas, and so on. They also have the legal right and power to protect and manage forests. Despite this being a clear provision of law, the Ministry of Environment and Forests in India has been granting forest clearance (i.e., permission for handing over forest land) to hundreds of projects as if people's rights do not exist. This is far worse than the much-discussed issue of land acquisition in India, for in that case there is at least some legal process of issuing notifications, hearing objections, paying compensation, etc. In forest land, people are simply being driven out like animals without any process at all. HotnhitNews, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Technology-for-good-governance-Orissa-Konark-hosts-first-digital-panchayat-by-N-A-Shah-Ansari-31032011010 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Technology for good governance - Konark hosts Orissa's first digital Panchayat: Digital Panchayat is a flagship project of DEF and it is being implemented in 15 states in India with at least 50 Panchayats in each state to empower the Panchayats and its functionaries for a better and objective based functioning. In Odisha, Puri District has been identified to do the pilot Digital Panchayat center in Gop Block. By N A Shah Ansari, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Jairam-Ramesh-Misled-Rajya-Sabha-to-give-a-push-to-Polavaram-Project-Bibhuti-Pati-060311007 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
A short-time green crusader Jairam Ramesh is perhaps coming to his own colours. One of the key persons who advocated for economic liberalisation in India, Jairam became the green terror for a while by putting a halt to the projects of Vedanta, POSCO, JSPL in Orissa and many other projects in other parts. But his sudden turn to uphold the interests of TATA, POSCO, Jindal Steel and Powers in Orissa and a few other corporate houses in other parts has given him the image of a green traitor. Recently, his presentation of facts about Polavaram Project in the upper house of Indian Parliament has come as another blame for misleading the house. Bibhuti Pati, HotnHit Newsfeatures
European_Union_delegate_in_controversy_over_discriminating_between_media_971_090041 / / Issue based analytical News Portal from Orissa, India
A delegation of European Union to look into the situation in Kandhamal in Orissa where violence reigned for months in 2008 has been accused of discriminating between media representatives in Orissa. While the state media and representative of national media have been quite in a positive impression about the visit of European Union Delegate, a seriously discriminatory treatment to the media representatives has raised doubt over the intension of the delegation and their nations behind the tour. Basudev Mahapatra, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Orissa_soon_to_be_the_experiment_ground_for_M-governance_963_090030 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
InterraIT and Tatwa are working on a concept of M governance involving mobile applications in specialized fields. InterraIT’s strengths of long and varied experience of world class project delivery for Fortune 500 companies worldwide in wide spectrum of verticals and domains and exposure to the highest end technologies will now combine with Tatwa’s service experience in domestic market and their expertise and network in BPO, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Orissa_gears_up_to_become_an_IT_hub_HNF_Bureau_090028 / / Issue based News Feature Portal from Orissa, India
The Government of Orissa in association with the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) organized ‘Destination Bhubaneswar’ to showcase the phenomenal progress made by Orissa in general and Bhubaneswar in particular, in creating excellent IT and urban infrastructure, which would act as a catalyst to social and economic growth in the state
Anti_Vedanta_Activists_Losing_Ground_in_Lanjigarh_09017 / / Issue based news features from Orissa, India
Anti Vedanta activists are allegedly losing ground in Lanjigarh as vedanta believes tribals are gradually coming on its side
RTI_A_novel_way_to_fight_for_Rights_by_N_A_Shah_Ansari / / Issue Based News Portal by Hotnhit Newsfeatures, Orissa, India
Right to Information (RTI) is used as a tool to fight for the Rights
PMGSY_Road_to_Poverty_and_Misery_by_Basudev_Mahapatra / / Issue Based News Portal by Hotnhit Newsfeatures, Orissa, India
Land of Marginal Farmers in Banpur Block of Orissa are grabbed for PMGSY Road without paying any Compensation, Government Officials acted like government sponsored Gunda, Orissa, India, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Development_Versus_Anti_Development_Campaign_by_Dr_Nachiketa_Das / / Issue based News Portal from Hotnhit Newsfeatures
Anti-Development Campaigns put Orissa Projects in halt - Hotnhit News Features
Posco_India_project_in_trouble_water / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Strong protest in the project area has pushed Posco project into uncertainty, Orissa, India, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Posco_bagged_environment_clearance_by_Basudev_Mahapatra / / Analytical Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Posco India Steel Plant Project got the Environment Clearance, Mining PL - Prospecting Licence and Forest Diversion Clearance in Pipeline, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Joda_Badbil_Orissa's_Mining_hub_changing_into_a_death_trap / / News Portal to highlight Issues and Problems of Common People in Orissa, India
Illegal open cast mining in Orissa's Joda Barbil causes hazards to the local people and the wildlife
Bhubaneswar_Cuttack_Urban_Complex_Orissa_Vision_2030 / / Issue based News portal from Orissa, India
Orissa Vision 2030, Bhubaneswar Cuttack Urban Complex
Paradip_Port_town_in_Transformation / / Issue based news Portal from HNF, Orissa, India
Looking at the changing world economy, Paradip Port in Orissa is changing itself, HotnHit Newsfeatures
MIFF-in-Odisha-A-hope-for-aspiring-documentary-filmmakers-HotnHitNews-14910022013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Showcasing some of the best cinematic works, MIFF in Odisha becomes the platform to come close to world cinema and understand how stories are told through short films and documentaries. It certainly bears a lot of hope for filmmakers aspiring to become a documentary filmmakers
Besotted-balladeer-A-birthday-tribute-to-Rajesh-Khanna-HotnHitNews-276029122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In 1969, when Shakti Samanta’s Aradhana and Raj Khosla’s Do Raaste released within a span of few months, then a new chapter was added to Hindi film history. Rajesh Khanna’s emergence as the first ever superstar on the Eastman color horizon of Hindi films, at the turn of a decade was very symbolic
Odisha-born-Indian-Filmmaker-makes-Hollywood-Debut-HotnHitNews-245023112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha has made a step ahead into Hollywood movie world with an Odisha born US based Producer - Writer Solila Parida making her Hollywood debut with her film ‘Desires of the Heart’ - a story of reincarnation and love between two hearts living world apart
Maverick-Minstrel-A-tribute-to-Kishore-Kumar-on-his-25th-death-anniversary-Hotnhitnews-193013102012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Kishore Kumar was a great fan of legendary actor-singer, Kundan Lal Saigal. But S.D.Burman advised him to stop copying Saigal and develop his own style. Perhaps the bonding of Kishore Kumar with S.D.Burman was pre-destined. Because, many songs which immortalize Kishore Kumar today have been composed by Senior Burman only
Priyadarshans-Kamaal-Dhamaal-Malamaal-to-hit-screens-in-September-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-09814082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Priyadarshan's 'Kamaal Dhamall Malamaal' to hit screens in September: Looking at the screen success of comedy drama and Priyadarshan’s stronghold in the particular segment, Percept Pictures comes with ‘Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal’. The film with a Priyadarshan touch is expected to be a family entertainer. HNF Correspondent, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
The_last_man_standing_A_tribute_to_Dev_Anand_By_Arup_Ghosh_04122011041 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa or Odisha, India
The last man standing - A tribute to Dev Anand: Born in Gurdaspur of undivided Punjab to a well-to-do advocate Pishorimal Anand on September 26, 1923, Dharamdev Pishorimal Anand - popularly called Dev Anand - graduated in English literature from the Government Law College in Lahore. His brothers were eminent film personalities Chetan Anand and Vijay Anand. His sister Sheel Kanta Kapur is the mother of director Shekhar Kapur. By Arup Ghosh, Network1 Media, HotnHit Newsfeatures, India
Cinema_India_Once_there_used_to_be_Film_Critics_by_Pankaj_Shukla_20042011017 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Cinema India: Once there used to be Film Critics: Nowadays in the time of celebration of corrupts in India, Film reviews too have fallen in the hands of marketing people in the dailies of most of the newspapers in India. Any person who dares to judge a film by his or her gut is sure to be crucified with so called Gangs of Marketing Men. They are modern Men In Black who are out to write the new rules of journalism and their over enthusiasm to milk producers have taken a heavy toll on ethical film journalism. Like Indian Journalism, Film appreciation or criticism seems to have fallen victim of too much commercially guided resultin in ethical dilution. Pankaj Shukla, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Motion_picture_Cameraman_by_V_N_Jatla / / Issue based News Portal from Hotnhit Newsfeatures
Work of Motion Picture Cameraman
Jai_Hind-feature_on_patriotic_songs_in_Hindi_Films_by_Tulsidas_Mishra / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa
Jai Hind - feature on Patriotic Songs in Hindi Films by Tulsidas Mishra
Monsoon_melodies_celebrating_rainy_seasons_by_Tulsidas_Mishra / / Analytical News Feature Portal from Orissa, India
Monsoon Melodies - celebrating drizzling days with Hindi Film Songs, HotnHit Newsfeatures
The_Second_Coming_by_Tulsidas_Mishra / / News Feature Portal by Basudev Mahapatra, Hotnhit Newsfeatures, Orissa, India
Second Coming - a creative piece of writing by Tulsidas Mishra, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Charlton_Heston_Hollywood_Hero_by_V_N_Jatla / / Issue based News Portal from Hotnhit Newsfeatures
A Tribute from HNF to the Hero of Hollywood Charlton Heston
In_defence_of_Darkness_by_Tulsidas_Mishra / / News Feature Portal from Orissa, India
seeing darkness from different points of view and different perspectives, darkness explained in literary works and visual narratives
Style_and_Stylisation_of_Cinema_by_V_N_Jatla / / Analytical News Feature Portal from Orissa, India
V N Jatla on Style and Stylisation of Cinema, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Pavement_Poetry_Footpath_Songs_in_Hindi_Cinema_by_Tulsidas_Mishra / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa
Footpath songs in Hindi Films by Tulsidas Mishra, Feature on Hindi Film Music
Aesthetics_of_cinema_by_V_N_Jatla / / Issue based News Portal from Hotnhit Newsfeatures
Study of Aesthetics of Art and Cinema - Part 2
Kalyanji_Anandji_harbinger_of_new_age_bollywood_masala_Music_by_Tulsidas_Mishra / / News Feature Portal from Hotnhit Newsfeatures, Bhubaneswar, India
Kalyanji Anandji are the pioneer of new age bollywood masala music in hindi film industry of India - analysis by Tulsidas Mishra, HotnHit Newsfeatures
In_the_frames_of_bergman_by_V_N_Jatla / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
A Tribute from HNF to Ingmar Bergman by V N Jatla
Subas_Das_Filmmaker_concerned_about_faulty_education_system / / Analytical News Portal from Orissa, India
Film Director Producer Subas Das' Aw Aakare Aaa exposes the flaws in Indian Elementary Education System, Orissa, India
MoEF-suppresses-Report-on-Ganga-to-promote-Power-Projects-Sarad Yadav
By Hotnhitnews Desk | On one hand the Prime minister of India speaks about Ganga Rejuvenation, promises cleaning of the Ganga and restoring her to her natural glory. But on the other hand, India's environment ministry is encouraging activities that are threatening the very existence of the Ganga!.
Australian coal mine deal of Adani faces strong criticism/
By Basudev Mahapatra | While the India based Adani Mining's the new mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin would take 297 billion litres of water from underground aquifers and cause a drop in water table levels on which local farmers rely, it would also destroy a significant proportion of the remaining habitat of the endangered black-throated finch.
Odisha-OFSDP-achieved-beyond-target-HotnHitNews-19320062014 |
By HNF Correspondent | Odisha Forest Sector Development Project (OFSDP) was initially for seven years till 2012-13. Counting on the progress and considering the necessity for consolidation, the project that aims at restoration of degraded forests and improving livelihood opportunities for the villagers through sustainable forest management in JFM (Joint Forest Management) mode has been extended up to 2014-15.
Issues-of-Climate-refugees-need-urgent-attention-HotnHitNews-18613062014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By HNF Correspondent | Human mobility in relation to climate change impacts is a reality today. In coming years, migration, displacement and planned relocation will demand larger scale operational planning and action. In response to this need, leading scholars, practitioners and professionals call on countries to feature human mobility in National Adaptation Plans (NAPs).
Global-Warming-Emission-cutting-is-the-best-option-HotnHitNews-18007062014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Tim Radford, Climate News Network | Societies have no real option but to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to limit global warming and contain climate change, says a new research. There might be additional useful steps that nations could take, but nothing will be as effective as simply not burning fossil fuels.
Decrease-in-plankton-threatens-marine-food-chain-HotnHitNews-17328052014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Alex Kirby | Marine fish population may decrease remarkably in some parts of the world as as climate change threatens to cause severe reduction of plankton – the key source of nutrients − in some ocean regions by the end of the century. 
Does-Wednesday-earthquake-in-India-have-a-link-with-the-predicted-El-Nino-HotnHitNews-16922052014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Basudev Mahapatra | Though the reason behind the earthquake occurred 40 km off India's Paradip coast in Odisha is yet to be studied and revealed, it may have a relation with the El Nino phenomenon that is predicted to develop this year in the Indian Ocean, as some observations suggest. 
Scientists-sense-severe-threats-from-moving-Hurricanes-HotnHitNews-16820052014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Tim Radford | As per a new study, tropical cyclones are moving out of the tropics and more toward the poles, likely because of global warming. By tracking where tropical cyclones hit at their strongest point, called peak intensity, the scientists discovered that storms are heading north and south. 
Solar-Power-round-the-clock-Hope-for-green-energy-revolution-HotnHitNews-15629042014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Paul Brown | Developed with the help of some clever engineering, this new model of solar power technology bears a new hope for green energy revolution and, on replication, is certainly going to help in bringing down carbon emission across the globe. 
Low-precipitation-and-rising-temperature-threaten-Congo-rainforest-HotnHitNews-15426042014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Tim Radford | The Congo – one of the world’s greatest rainforests – is getting steadily less green. The slow change in colour during this century, recorded by a series of US satellites, has been matched by a rise in temperature and lower precipitation. And, researchers think, it could reflect a forest’s response to climate change. 
Eastern-Mediterranean-faces-prolonged-drought-situation-HotnHitNews-14919042014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Kieran Cooke | Thousands have died and millions have been displaced by the conflict in Syria. Severe drought, part of what many believe is an ongoing climate change related dry period, in most of the Eastern Mediterranean region is heaping added misery on people. 
Odisha-In-depth-Olive-Ridley-sea-turtles-may-skip-nesting-at-Gahirmatha-HotnHitNews-14513042014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Basudev Mahapatra | The largest known rookery of Olive Ridley sea turtles, the Gahirmatha beach in Odisha, still waits for the marine species to visit en-masse, cover the beach for their nesting activities to offer with the spectacular view of arribada, a Spanish word describing the arrival of turtles, as it happened in the past years. During 20012-13 season, more than two lakh turtles visited the Gahirmatha beach in a single night for nesting. 
Nuclear-power-shrinks-despite-Uranium-sufficiency-HotnHitNews-14411042014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Paul Brown | The growth in projects in some countries, notably China, Russia and India, does not offset the fact that many more nuclear power stations will reach retirement age over the next 15-20 years than will be constructed. The Fukushima accident in Japan has accelerated the trend away from nuclear power. 
Forget-the-cost-tackle-climate-anyway-Researchers-HotnHitNews-13903042014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Alex Kirby | In a densely-argued analysis of the long-term economics of mitigating climate change, the researchers say, various kinds of uncertainties raise serious questions about whether or not the net costs and benefits of mitigation over periods as long as 50 years or a century can be known accurately enough to be useful to policymakers and citizens. 
Warmer-freshwater-emits-more-GHG-HotnHitNews-13220032014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Scientists think the amount of methane emitted to the atmosphere from freshwater ecosystems will increase as the climate warms, triggering further warming. 
India-Himalayan-glacier-faces-brunt-of-city-air-pollution-HotnHitNews-12406032014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
India’s economic growth has increased pollution as well. While in Kolkata recently, Kieran Cooke, one of the editors of Climate News Network, found that the city, one of India's biggest and most polluted population centres, has not only turned harmful to its citizens but it’s also a likely contributor to climate change taking place in the Himalayan region.
Coastal-flooding-may-badly-hit-World-Economy-HotnHitNews-11113022014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Events of coastal flooding may become more frequent across the globe because of constant rise in sea levels, increase in population and investment. In such a case, world economy would be tremendously pressured. Many economies would be badly affected. Developing countries like India would see bigger economic crisis while dealing with frequent floods. Debt burden of poor nations would go up drastically.
Warming-to-continue-for-generations-to-come-HotnHitNews-10906022014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Global temperature for the year 2013 is consistent with the long-term warming trend, said World Meteorological Organization Secretary-General Michel Jarraud adding that the rate of warming is not uniform but the underlying trend is undeniable. Given the record amounts of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, global temperatures will continue to rise for generations to come.
Changing-Climate-East-Asia-may-see-Worst-Cyclones-HotnHitNews-10616012014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Researchers found that increasing sea surface temperatures likely due to climate change, together with changes in atmospheric circulation patterns, have led to a significant increase in the intensity of tropical cyclones hitting the east Asia region over the 30-year period.
Demand-to-free-Arctic-30-echoed-in-Odisha-HotnHitNews-19608112013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Civil society members from Odisha and members of Greenpeace India, non-government body working on environmental issues, gathered today in Odisha’s capital city of Bhubaneswar to discuss India’s possible role in promoting peace and science in the Arctic region and extend solidarity to the ‘Arctic 30’, who have been arrested following a peaceful protest at Gazprom’s oil rig to stop drilling in the Arctic.
If-the-world-goes-arid-Climate-News-HotnHitNews-19201112013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
As the world’s population grows, people will increasingly rely on marginal lands – particularly drylands – for production of food, wood and biofuels. But these ecosystems will be severely affected by imbalances in the cycle of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus
Climate-concern-US-nuclear-closures-could-raise-emissions-HotnHitNews-19116102013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
US emissions have gone down because many electricity producers have switched from coal power plants to cheaper gas. Using gas reduces by about a third the amount of carbon dioxide produced for the same amount of electric power
Warmer-Seas-pose-bigger-public-health-risks-HotnHitNews-18906102013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Fish in warmer water ate more but grew less and had higher methylmercury levels in their tissues, suggesting that increases in their metabolic rate caused the increased mercury uptake.
Centre-raps-Odisha-for-nod-to-Bhushan-Steel-plant-HotnHitNews-18805102013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) has asked Odisha government to furnish a comprehensive report indicating the reasons and circumstances under which the Bhushan Steel company was allowed to work even before the final approval for diversion was granted.
Odisha-Green-Crusader-Ranjan-Panda-designated-Mahanadi-Waterkeeper-HotnHitNews-18628092013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The works of Ranjan Panda, Odisha’s noted green crusader and pioneer of water rights and conservation movements, have got international recognition as one of India’s leading voices of water. The Waterkeeper Alliance Board of Directors has designated Ranjan as “Mahanadi River Waterkeeper
Good-News-Oil-spills-can-be-cleaned-by-Magnetic-Extraction-Hotnhitnews-India-150016092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a new technique for magnetically separating oil and water that could be used to clean up oil spills. If comes out to be successful, the new technique will improve efficiency, as the method will allow oil to be collected and sent to a refinery to be reprocessed. HotnHit Newsfeatures Correspondent, Bhubaneswar
American-Lakes-and-Aquatic-species-threatened-by-Asian-Carps-Hotnhitnews-Odisha-India-07814072012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
American lakes and Aquatic Species threatened by Asian Carps: The major ecological consequence resulting from the establishment and spread of Asian carp into the Great Lakes would likely be an overall decline in certain native fish species, including some commercially and recreationally important ones. Such declines could occur because Asian carp would compete with prey fish that primarily eat plankton. By HNF Bureau, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Orissa_Paradeep_port_town_the_next_Victim_of_Coastal_Erosion_906_90043 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
The sunken Mongolian Vessel Black Rose triggered concern among fishermen, environmentalists and marine scientists. The sunken ship had an estimated 924.4 tonnes of furnace oil and 48 tonnes of diesel. The 24,000 metric tonnes of iron ore inside the Black Rose would lead to a great ecological disaster for the marine flora and fauna. Oil spill apart, iron ore in Black Rose poses a serious threat to Pradip beach
Pacific_ocean_threats_and_solutions_Lisbeth_Fog_Scidev_001_HNF_090025 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Widely applicable solutions include capacity building in ocean management, efforts to adapt to climate change and reduce overfishing, and using information technologies to monitor and share information, says Noah Idechong, a COS researcher from the Pacific Island of Palau. All should be high priority
Technology-Open-API-framework-for-better-web-content-management-HotnHitNews-108004012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
With minimal code required to customise Decibel, development is more accurate and significantly faster, reducing the cost of the development over the life of a website. Rather than wasting significant time preparing and debugging systems to make them fit for purpose, like typical systems, developers can use Decibel straight out of the box, providing more valuable value-add development time and making it a more enjoyable working experience
Women_make_it_big_Three_women_astronauts_aboard_Discovery_Space_Shuttle_one_in_ISS_Mohan_Sanjeevan_980_10050 / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
Space has no more remained a male domain. Women have also stepped to conquer the space as Discovery Shuttle carries three women astronauts this time and one is already aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Mohan Sanjeevan, hotnhitnews, hotnhit newsfeatures.
480_Million_Year's_Machaeridian_Fossil / / Issue based News Feature Portal from Hotnhit Newsfeatures, Orissa, India
Discovery of Machaeridian Fossil reveals the missing links of evolution
Galaxy_may_hold_hundreds_of_Rogue_Black_Holes / / Analytical News Portal from Orissa, India
Findings of a Research conducted by American Astronomical Society say that Galaxy may hold hundred Black Holes, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Nanotechnology_Revolution_in_Science / / Analytical News Portal from Orissa, India
Nanotechnology is the latest development in science that can be used to enhance quality of life and solve most problems, HotnHit Newsfeatures
Pakistan-Team-housed-in-Stadium-Club-House-for-security-reasons-OCA-HotnHitNews-14330012013 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
With all promises from the Odisha government about the safety of visiting cricket teams and a good response from general public, OCA, BCCI and ICC are quite confident that the series of matches would be held peacefully in Odisha
AFC-UEFA-agreement-bolsters-hope-for-the-troubled-Asian-soccer-body-HotnHitNews-263010122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The AFC’s memorandum of understanding (MoU) with UEFA is part of a reformist effort to put an end to what at best can be described as mismanagement within the Asian group that has been progressing on the Leninist principle of two steps forward, one step backwards
AFC-Asian-Football-Confederation-Reforms-delayed-Election-in-focus-HotnHitNews-255001122012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
In the battle to obstruct reforms that would have tackled the Asian soccer body’s troubled governance structure and helped improve its tarnished image, the executive committee deferred decisions on an internal audit conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers that raised serious questions about a $1 billion master rights agreement (MRA) negotiated under Mr. Bin Hammam’s supervision with Singapore-based World Sports Group
FIFA-probes-into-AFC-mismanagement-sweeping-reforms-in-card-to-root-out-corruption-HotnHitNews-250026112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
FIFA investigation, which besides the AFC also involves charges of bribery in the Caribbean against Mr. Bin Hammam, was certain to lead to the demise of the Qatari national, who has been suspended as both AFC president and FIFA vice-president pending the outcome of the inquiry. Mr. Bin Hammam has repeatedly denied all wrong doing and charged that the accusations against him of bribery, corruption and financial mismanagement were a conspiracy by FIFA president Sepp Blatter to destroy him
Obituary-TNIE-Sports-Editor-Siddhartha-Mishra-passed-away-HotnHitNews-2130311002012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Born in a family of literary fame in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, Siddhartha worked as Senior Assistant Editor in the Sports bureau of English language News Channel NewX from January to March 2007 and worked with the Times of India from 1996 to 2007 before he switched to The New Indian Express as Sports Editor. The last position Siddharth held in Times of India was Deputy Editor, Sports
Kurds-monitor-upcoming-FIFA-decision-on-Kosovo-Hotnhitnews-164023092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
FIFA’s embrace of Kosovo will nevertheless make Kurdistan and others all the more determined to achieve equal soccer status. A statement by Iraqi Kurdish president Massoud Barzani equating sports to politics as a way of achieving recognition adorns Iraqi Kurdistan’s three major stadiums and virtually all of its sports centers and institutions.
Iran-World-Sport-Group-accused-of-overpricing-in-breach-of-rules-Hotnhitnews-162022092012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
The recent controversy over Iranian State Television's broadcast rights of 2014 World Cup qualifiers, which has brought the Iranian TV and World Sport Group (WSG) face to face, has again brought the issue of transparency in the Rights business. From Football to Cricket and international sports events like Olympic games, the business of broadcasting sports events has grown heavily across the world. In the wake of such controversies what the business desperately needs is strong codes to keep the business run within ethical limits
World_Cricket_Race_for_the_crown_Aussies_on_the_do_or_die_mark_Swayam_003_09007 / / Issue based News portal from Orissa, India
Australia's Kangaroo Team under pressure to retain the position of world champion, Hotnhit Newsfeatures
BCCI_Needs_a_Strategy_for_Talent_Hunt_by_Swayam_Prakash_Mahapatra / / Issue based News portal from Orissa, India
BCCI Needs a strategy for talent hunt
Cricket_India_Youngsters_are_Ready_to_Catch_by_Swayam_Prakash_Mahapatra / / Issue based News portal from Orissa, India
Youngsters making a place in Indian Cricket Team
Child_Marathoner_Budhia_Singh_of_Orissa_India / / Issue based News portal from Orissa, India
Orissa's Child Marathoner Budhia Singh featured in Limca Book of Records
Odisha-Government-directs-departments-to-protect-Olive-Ridley-Sea-Turtles-HotnHitNews-230007112012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
An official release from the Odisha Government says that Odishan coasts get about 50% of the world population of Olive Ridley turtles, making about 90% of the marine turtle population in India, during the annual mating and nesting season. The release also says that the estimated population of Olive Ridley turtles visiting the coasts of Odisha during the breeding season shows constant growth over the last decade
Jane_Goodall_named_2009_Year_of_the_Gorilla_Patron_release_08002 / / Issue based analytical News Feature portal from Orissa, India
Dr. Jane Goodall named the patron of 2009 year of the Gorilla in the Rome UN wildlife conference
Birthday of White Tiger Cubs Celebrated in Nandankanan Zoo / / Issue based analytical News Feature portal from Orissa, India
Nandan Kanan Celebrated birthday of White Tiger Cubs to spread awareness about tiger conservation
Wild_Boar_trading_rampant_in_Kandhamal_Orissa / / Issue based News Portal from Orissa, India
inspite of the wildlife protection act of India in execution, wild pigs or Boars are being domesticated, sold, killed, slaughtered by the people of Kandhamal in Orissa, HotnHit Newsfeatures, India
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Odisha-OPGC-authorities-banged-for-not-sharing-information-with-the-Government-Hotnhitnews-India-11024082012 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
Odisha: OPGC authorities banged for not sharing information with the Government: In a letter signed by B. S. Panda, Additional Secretary, Energy Department, Odisha, Government has expressed serious concern over the kind of reply made by the MD, OPGC in response to the departmental letter dated 18.05.2012 that required certain information about projects lying incomplete as on 31.03.2012. HNF Bureau, HotnhitNews, Bhubaneswar
India-not-equipped-to-offset-natural-calamities-HotnHitNews-18917062014 | | Issue based News Portal from Odisha, India
By Apresh Mishra | With over a third of India falling under the seismic zones IV and V, an earthquake could strike in not too distant future. Some of major cities like Guwahati, Srinagar, New Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai are located in high seismic zones. A recent study by Swiss RE declares Kolkata as the world’s 7th riskiest city when it comes to being under threat from all types of natural disasters.
Aesthetics_of_cinema_II_by_V_N_Jatla / / Issue based News Portal from Hotnhit Newsfeatures
Study of Aesthetics of Art and Cinema