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One more starvation death alleged in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: the city of encroachers and bad quality dwellers!

Witchcraft beliefs trigger target hunting of Albinos

UN expert applauds US decision guaranteeing Net Neutrality

Mother tongue education essential to bolster multilingualism: UN

Shocking: Odisha minister attempted to physically assault journalists

SLAPP: Arm of India Inc. to silence watchdogs

Antibiotics in Chickens make Indians antibiotic-resistant: CSE Study

Art application: Using puppetry to help rural India speak out

Insurgency growing in Assam

Journalism safety: A year in review

After power seizure, Thai military targeted press freedom

Christians in India sceptical about religious freedom during BJP rule

Change makers of Odisha: Women took lead to get water in the village

Tsundur Massacre: Journey for justice seems to go longer

Reduce meat in your diet for a greener earth

Delhi HC asks for detailed response on junk foods in schools

1984 Riots: designed to teach Sikhs a lesson?

India second to Brazil in homicide count

Ethical medical practice a challenge in India

Enemies of the Internet 2014

Shubhranshu Choudhary of India wins Digital Activism Award

Odisha: anti-corruption crusader beaten up, hospitalised

Fragile safety of women in Odisha

Religion and Conflict: What is neutral space?

BIG resolves to hold Pledge Festival in Odisha

FTII students beaten up: Action against ABVP demanded

Odisha: Manual Scavengers yet to make a clean start

AFSPA in India: A nation surrenders before the desires of its Army!

Odisha: Poor sanitation brings misery to Cuttack Slums

2012: Year of rising role of Social Media in South Asia

Verma Committee Report: A tribute to all sexual assault victims of India

Daringbadi: Police Behaviour is further Unlawful than Outlawed Naxals

Global Capitalist Culture of Rape and the Seismic Fault Line

Effect changes this year in Odisha to secure our daughters

Punish Kailash Vijayvargiya for crossing his limits - By Dr T N seema

Violence against women: India needs uniform mechanism

Rape, Violence and Movies: India needs more responsible cinema

Odisha: CM Naveen in flatter controversy

India ashamed of Delhi Rape Case: Bollywood demands quick justice to the Victim

Odisha: Administrative apathy adds to misery of sexually assaulted girls

Odisha: CRPF to probe into physical assault on government employees

J&K needs policy to end plight of scavenging community

Vanniyar-Dalit conflict of Dharmapuri: Fallout of caste-based politics in Tamil Nadu

Indian Church must ensure equal treatment to dalit Christians

Feminist Movements hold key to stop violence against Women, Says global study

Nothing big to India's credit in hanging Kasab and remembering 26/11 Victims

India needs to promote responsible use of social media

Odisha Children demand Safe water Bodies as Childhood Right

On Indian city roads and the fate-less pedestrians

Odisha: After Maharathi, it's Damodar Rout now in target of National SC Commission

Odisha aims at inculcating principle of zero tolerance towards corruption: CM Naveen Patnaik

Junk the Junk Food: Celebrities support campaign to shun Junk Food in Schools

Forced child marriage can't be justified on any ground

New face of Indian Motherhood: Baby boy sold by Mother for jeans and mobile phone set

Odisha brings out the first community newspaper 'Namaskar'

India's elite police into serious violation of Law, says JTSA report

Singapore court orders journalist to reveal sources

Odisha: MUFP delegation met DGP on harassment of media persons by Police

'Rumi'nation: A birthday tribute to the medieval mystic

Odisha: Status of women in society is a major cause of concern, said Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik

Odisha: NCW Team concerned over no arrest in Policewoman assault case

Odisha: Crazy and inhuman acts by people become frequent

India: Climate Change perspective of Assam Violence and its future

Corporate Personhood and the CSR Myth

Assam Violence: Concerned Citizens Group appealed to uphold the composite fabric of Indian Society

Odisha under US Scanner for delaying justice to the victims of kandhamal violence

PIL drags Odisha orphanage under HC scanner for alleged wrongdoings

Battle for Paternity: Ripples of Delhi HC Verdict felt in Odisha

Mangalore Talibanised !

Trial by Indian Media is violation of Human Rights, allege rights organisations of Andhra Pradesh

India needs to uphold values to combat violence

NAPM urges that SC and Chhattisgarh Governor should take Suo Motto in killing of 17 Adivasis

An ode to 'lesser' people's death in India

Be committed to Public Health, Stop importing White Asbestos

India: over 14000 farmers committed suicide in 2011

Evil in West: A Culture plagued by caste prejudice

Odisha doubts if justice be bestowed upon the soul of Babina

Odisha sees protests since death of Pipili rape victim, June 28 to be observed as Black Day

True story based Novel brings to light evils in Indian Church System

Odisha Gana Samaj resolves to carry on mass campaign to uphold rights of Pipili gang rape victim

Drop FIR against Civil Society Members, make CBI probe of Pipili gang rape case

Contemporary Indian Woman and 'Sita' as her role model

Children abused in Orphanage of Odisha: Chief Minister's intervention sought by Activists through open letter

Growing women atrocities in Odisha: Issue of women safety needs to be seen from social perspective

Mobile technology plays a role in empowering people of India

MUFP ridicules Bhushan Steel's act of vengeance against media persons

Women contribute maximum to Indian Economy, but are still neglected

Odisha Dalit Girl Gang Rape Case: Three of the four accused arrested

Odisha Civil Society demands CBI Probe into the Pipili Gang Rape Case, seeks review of all rape cases by independent agency

Imprisoned by Profit

Bring all children to school to address the issue of child labour

Documentary films are telling the uncomfortable truth

Srimad Bhagavat Gita torched and Srivas Angan temple complex destroyed by fanatic Islamists in Bangladesh

It's Project Brahmanism

Why is Anna Hazare's fast important

Societal Contempt is the answer to Corruption

Killing a leopard and killing the Adivasis - One is beastly, other is a victory!

The Politics of fake Encounter

Oriyas Unite: Fight the abject poverty, not each other

People keep dying; Rayagada's killer Diarrhoea becomes a political agenda in Orissa

Success Un-Usual: Microfinance to a visually impaired Couple

Life between Cry and Agony - Facts from the Red Corridor

Between tradition and modernity - India struggles to stem rise in 'Honour Killings'

Bhopal Gas Mishap - A Tragedy of Errors

MUFP plans to seek people's support for safety of Media Persons

MUFP demands judicial probe into the assault on journalists in SIT Campus

Journalism education undermined by commercialism

Orissa journalists declare forum to ensure press freedom

US Lawmakers urge action against perpetrators of violence in Orissa's Kandhamal

A day with the odds and Marvel of Mahendra Giri in Orissa

India needs its dynamic youth hold the baton

A Teacher not allowed into the School - Another sign of medieval caste system

Probing Orissa Health System Development Project Scam - an attempt to fool the public

Female Foeticide - Orissa still into evil practices

In Television, one has to be a jack of all trades and master of (at least) one

Turning our back to Urban Sanitation

Kaya Yoga - Road to happiness, health and longevity

Fat is no longer feminine

Pills for Death - Orissa’s Health Administration in question

Orissa – Making itself a Specialist Healthcare Hub

Oriyas Unite: Fight the abject poverty, not each other

Story of Sita - Dalit scenario in India after 60 years of Freedom

Female Foeticide in India: Medieval mindset rules over Indian Society

Orissa plagued with highest Infant Mortality

Shopping – The new age fun

Ramaleela - The determined woman, a different Mother

It’s the age of Youth

Rural India: Primary education in a mess

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