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Are you worried for Marriage/ Child Birth/ Chronic Disease/ Legal Battle/ Business or Employment???

Could be A Star Impact!

For a detail analysis of your horoscope and suggestions for remedy,


Bhubaneswar (Orissa) based Astrologer

Trinandan Mishra




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A day with the odds and Marvel of Mahendra Giri in Orissa: The nauseating decline of 5,000 feet, the overlooking stretch of vast valleys across the distant township of Manjusha and Badua of Andhra Pradesh, the scores of mountain ranges which stood at a lower height from us gave us a nice vantage point to observe the celestial marvel of nature. One felt at the top of the world to be there in the first place, doing one’s job that brought smiles over thousands of people’s faces at the same time was like a silver lining in the cloud - the bounty of nature explored by Gurbir Singh >>> Read More

Orissa Tourism – Long way ahead to touch the mark: Goa has made amazing progress marking the highest in the tourism sector. The government deserves applause for the way it has turned its natural assets into commercial endeavour, thus making huge revenues for the state. On the contrary, although Orissa has every potential to be a world-class tourist destination, the state stands nowhere among preferred sightseeing spots in the country. Lisa Pradhan >>> Read More

Tourism Fuels More Investment into Orissa: Known worldwide as a huge base of natural resources, dense and diverse vegetation on vast mountain ranges habited by a variety of wild lives, an endless strip of calm casuarinas fringed coastline, Orissa is equally rich with a cultural history marked by the holy shrines and monuments across the landscape explaining the development of monumental art and many traditions of performing as well as visual art forms. HNF Bureau >>> Read More

Sun Temple at Konark - Heritage in Freezes: Built during the rule of Langula Narasimha Dev, this 13th century AD monumental edifice would, probably, be a memoriam of one of his victory although many legends are there to justify the construction of the temple that is exquisitely designed to resemble a gigantic chariot with seven horses harnessed in the front of the entrance hall to carry the Sun God “Surya” across the Sky. Sujata Mahapatra >>> Read More

Raghurajpur Craft Village - Heritage on Sale: All (the developments) are meant for the comfort of the tourists visiting the village. As they contribute to the revenue earning, Government is more concerned for them instead of the villagers who have made this village famous and a major tourist attraction. HNF Bureau >>> Read More


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