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Battle over IOCL: Green activist's open letter to PM of India and CM of Odisha

For OCA's Ashirbad, Gavaskar is just a commentator in Indian Cricket

Myth of Onion

How economic inequality is widening in India

BJP may have to pay in Bihar for Dharmendra’s Odisha dreams

Rail Budget 2015: A Preview

Narendra Modi and the future of Indian Politics

Ideas to convert Clean India Campaign into Mission Achieved

Modi should work to build a lawful India

Arrest of Sabyasachi Panda a planned game!

Chariot Ascending Row: scriptural references clash with business interests

Who are the Educated?

Tax on Income: the root cause of inflation in India

Modi Factor: Possibilities about India's Foreign Policy

Christians in India sceptical about religious freedom during BJP rule

Navin keeps his card secret till results come!

Indian Maoists' incursion of southern states

Is China on the path of imperialism?

Tsundur Massacre: Journey for justice seems to go longer

Let Sabyasachi and Nachika return to mainstream

Politics of Identity: biggest danger to democratic governance

Odisha buys development against militarization and threatened sovereignty

Odisha Urban Poll Results: A call for introspection

Save IB from becoming India's ISI

Two manifestations of tribal development: An Odisha Case

Odisha: Pyari BJP Equation in the build-up

The Pension Bill: Robbing workers to enrich the Capitalist

Reform criminal justice system to stop crime against women: AHRC

India: PMO asks Ministries to compromise with Laws of the Land

Effect changes this year in Odisha to secure our daughters

Punish Kailash Vijayvargiya for crossing his limits - By Dr T N seema

Odisha: Interlocutor writes to CM for impartial inquiry into Son's arrest

Gujarat Election 2012: Civil society seeks regulation to make Elected Representatives accountable

Odisha Right to Public Services Bill 2012: Cluster of Loopholes

Odisha needs to sign MoU with its farmers

Odisha: Transparency in Bureaucracy holds key to make Decentralised Planning a reality

Conflict in Odisha: Revenge angle gives twist to the encounter story

Odisha: Naveen's silence raises more questions about illegal mining

Stop siphoning off money meant for poor people of Odisha

Odisha: Pyari ridiculed Naveen as Incapable, Corrupt and a Despot

India: Role of MHA and Media Reporting questioned in Fasih Mehmood deportation case

Madhya Pradesh government failed in improving irrigation capacity, SJP claims quoting CAG Report

Odisha headed by a non-warranted non-notified Governor !

Parade of Communism in America: Lack of teaching on other side of Bolshevik Revolution held responsible

Let Us live as Citizens with Dignity

WSG decision to sue Football Journalist condemned by elite sports media circle

Between Corruption and Street War: Egypt struggles to shape its future

Indian Politics: Power Play with Corporate Money

Assam must be proactive to stop violence

Pune series blast of 01/08 and the ongoing caste war in Maharashtra

Grid failure in India: Power generation configuration needs to be changed

Time for transition from Violence to Non-Violence

Odisha Politics: JB can still be a factor

Trial by Indian Media is violation of Human Rights, allege rights organisations of Andhra Pradesh

India needs to uphold values to combat violence

India's Blood-Stained Democracy

Congressional Elections are Fixed in America

To be, or Not To be: possibilities of suicidal 'nuclear power race'

Contemporary Indian Woman and 'Sita' as her role model

Indian Media: Symptom and perpetrator of a rotten democracy

NPCIL plays Hide and Seek with People

Caught between the Devil and Deep Sea

Politics through food habits

Marriage Law Amendment Bill must be put up for open debate

Illegal and anti-people provisions of Odisha RTI Rules, 2005

The novelty of street board bulletin 'Nichhak' must be protected

India: Dishonesty threats Stability

Taking clues from two mediations between Maoists and the Government of Odisha

A fatal investigation by the highest investigating agency of India 'CBI'

CPI ML difference with the Maoist Trend - Genesis and present contradictions

Uttar Pradesh Elections: A shocker in the making

Indian Home Ministry and UIDAI misleading State Governments and Citizens of the Country

Imprisoned by Profit

The changing face of News

Hina Rabbani Khar's India Visit: Pakistan's soft face offered no hope for resolution of 'Kashmir' Issue

Nothing poetic about death - A report from ground zero at the site of ambush in Narayanpur

Implementation of the Agreement between mediators and Orissa Government essential to address the stalemate

It's Project Brahmanism

Why is Anna Hazare's fast important

India: A Democracy on the road of Kleptocracy

Living in Cynical Times

Challenges multiplied after release of the Collector

Killing a leopard and killing the Adivasis - One is beastly, other is a victory!

Working Journalists of India should have greater access to quality training - Sam Miller

The Politics of fake Encounter

Bhopal Gas Mishap - A Tragedy of Errors

A stitch in time saves nine - Lesson from the judgement in Kandhamal Riot Case

India - A Republic at Sixty

Maoist Naxalites grow in India for the double standard leadership

Pen experiences Pain as Journalists are strategically targeted in Orissa

Demolish the walls of hate; Feel Gandhiji in a million smiles

Orissa Maoists divided on Communal Lines

Does National Flag need celebrity links in controversies to establish its dignity?

Oriyas Unite: Fight the abject poverty, not each other

Industrialisation of Orissa – Politics of Disinvestments, De-industrialisation and Re-Industrialisation

Crime Reporting in India - Publicising criminals than condemning crime

May Day Musing - A May Special

Television Journalism in India - Money and Sensationalism overpower ethics and principles

It’s the age of Youth

Naveen’s Orissa:A journey along Neo-Development Politics - 1

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